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Your art looks so soft and lovely, I’m so glad I found your blog ❤️

Thank you so much!! Have a Todoroki and Midoriya helping out after school, tidying and cleaning up a place, after a villain attack. Probably a granny’s house. Soft bois are kind bois!

He says robotic hands aren’t good for tying ties. Hinata doesn’t believe him, but he does it for him every morning anyways.

Stiles and Derek share glances from across the bar for the past hour.

“Either I’ve got a real chance with Monsieur Eyebrows there, or I’m on his hit list…,” Stiles mutters to Scott as he bites his lip, debating.

“I’ll take the risk, hold my beer.”

“Wait, what?!” Scott flails, grabbing his glass and sending out an SOS group text with the guy’s picture and description, just in case.


3 years later


“Everyone please raise your glasses in honor of Mieczyslaw,” Scott covers the mic, “sorry Stiles I had to,”

“and Derek.  Who knew that three years ago you were both destined to converge on the same path in life and become one in heart and soul. Stiles took a gamble, he thought Derek was either the man of his dreams or a serial killer.”

Cora snorts loudly as Laura intones, “He still calls me to come get rid of spiders in his home!”

Derek flushes, but Stiles grabs his hand and kisses his cheek, “Spiders are evil incarnate, Der.”

John chuckles and whispers to Melissa, “Stiles found out about Derek’s arachnophobia and tried to create a spell to protect their house. Nearly lost his eyebrows when it backfired.”

“Hey, HEY! This is a joyous occasion, people! Back to our love story.” Stiles fixes his jacket and sits down with a huff.

“You looked sexy even with half an eyebrow,” Derek murmurs, delighting in following Stiles’ blush as it  travel from the top of his eyes below his collar with his lips.

“As you can see,” Scott gestures to the couple in question, “It seems the only thing Derek killed was the chance of anyone else being able to lovingly cradle and protect Stiles’ heart. Cheers to the Stilinski-Hales!”


Pennywise watching you as a baby.

You have yet to learn how to speak at the time, mostly just gurguled babbling. One day he coaxes you towards him waving a plush toy with a jingle bell inside of it. “Come on little one~ Come see your pal ol’ Pennywise!” He says smiling. You waddle towards him eyes fixed on the jingling toy in his cloved hand as he sits cross legged on the floor. As you inch closer, his eyes turn to a burning amber. Once you get to him you take the toy from his hand and examin it instensly. Pennywise opens his mouth just a little. Exposing his fangs when suddenly you discard the toy that caught your attention just moments ago. Pennywises face drops in disapointment of not getting his meal… then to surprise. You climb awkwardly on his lap and outstretch your arms. “Mm!” You whine through your pacifier. Pennywise stares at you bewildered at your request but smiles seeing his victory is upon him. Plucking you up, he holds you under your shoulders in mid air smiling at you. His eyes burning into you. You stare back at him expressionless and garble something he couldnt catch. “Whats that little one?” He teases setting you down infront if his white face. Spitting out your saliva covered pacifier you place your small hands on his face. Gripping his red nose at first (which he has become accoustumed to) only to peer up at his amber coyote eyes. A smile formed on your face immeditaley. “Pe..Peh..” You attempt to speak. Pennywise giggles. “Pe..Peeeeh?” He mocks in amusement. “Penny!” You say gleefully. Clutching his red nose again.

Pennywise stared at you in surprise. Shocked he heard you just say your first word. A warm.. almost burning feeling eased his hunger. His instinct had vanished. A big smile appeared on his face anyway.

“Thats right! Penny! Look at you little one! Youre growing up so fast!”

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I see it as more emotionally linear then 100% literal. The first half her rep is her getting crucified, she’s trying to fight back against that, and it finally climaxes into LWYMMD where she realizes she can’t stop it. After LWYMMD she seems more at peace with her reputation, and is focusing more on love/herself. There is less anxst and anger as the album goes on because she’s slowly letting go of having lost her good reputation and simultaneously falling in love. By the end she’s happy


This is my part of our colaboration with @staubengel​  !! It was really great exprerience and the effect are amazing! I had a looot of fun coloring this one !! Also we decided for ineffable husbands!! It really couldnt be better! :D  Here you can see the orginal lines -> LINK


*Insert OC/Reader/Fav Char here*

You return to the motel and find Ignis passed out on your bed, what you do?