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Was Chara at all inspired by GLaDOS from the Portal franchise? I mean GLaDOS offers cake to Chell, then tries to murder her. Chara gives Frisk a slice of pie and then tries to murder them. They both seem like the all high and mighty type. Chara made Frisk solve deadly puzzles and GLaDOS made Chell complete deadly puzzles. Then they both act like Frisk and Chell were thr bad guys by acting as if there a threat.

The two do seem very much alike, don’t they? GLaDOS was actually not an inspiration for Chara, but the parallels were not lost on us after the fact. There’s also the fact that Chara (not so) helpfully guided Frisk and feigned support when Frisk did well. However, that’s about where the similarities end. Chara and GLaDOS have similar composure, but their motivations and goals are very different…

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How bad is it that I kinda really want a DC/Marvel crossover just so I can see a fic about Diana standing taller then Tony (amazon) and pinning him down with one hand as she pegs him?

No, it’s not bad at all, in fact it is a GOOD THING, A VERY GOOD THING. 



in cheerier news

our adulting this weekend included a betta! (The husband was thinking of bringing him to work, but has apparently decided he’s going to hang out at home instead)

His name is Clark and he is very pretty and also only wants to eat his treats, not his food. We’re working on it.

PLL 7x15 In The Eye Abides The Heart - Thoughts (long, as per usual, sorry!)

- Not one answer, like I expected. But you know what’s weird… I still really liked the episode. That goes to show that PLL can still be entertaining 7 years later… if they pace the episode fast. Every scene was relevant. No wonder they did the 2 week break last week, after 714. If we had to wait 2 weeks now for the next episode… we’d go crazy. The plethora of answers from 714 lasted us, but this would never last us 2 weeks. Good planning Freeform. Not calling the episode bad! Because again, it was very entertaining. That was 42 minutes of fun! Genuinely, I appreciated every scene to be honest.

- I don’t understand the title. I was expecting Mona to sing the song again, or something like that!?

- Troain did an amazing job directing! Actually, even if I didn’t know that Troian directed this, I still would’ve left the episode thinking that it was a new director. It did feel very fresh; different to the usual. Troain clearly experimented with meaningful camera shots and my gosh did she play to the girls’ strengths. This was some of the best acting we’ve seen in a while. Shay, who I personally think is the weakest of the group, gave some of her best performances to date. 

- I haven’t seen anyone’s thoughts yet but I’m expecting that almost everyone is saying that that was Paige talking to Aria on FaceTime. We could clearly hear Lindsey’s voice coming through. The demeanour, expressions, intonation, voice… everything was Lindsey. Paige is probably in on AD’s game, which will make sense because we saw Paige’s exact hair (length and colour) coming off the person who gave Jenna the book at the end of 711. I’ll be quite mad if the producers got lazy by using Lindsey to film the FaceTime scenes, but it actually isn’t Paige. If Lindsey acted in the FaceTime scenes, which I’m 95% sure she did, it should be her character, Paige, on the other end too. Lindsey shouldn’t be playing AD if she isn’t AD/a helper.

- Paige and Ali’s scene brought a tear to my eye. All I could think about, the whole way through, was “Pig Skin”, “I own you now” and Ali threatening to expose Paige’s sexuality before Paige was ready to talk. Yet, Paige had completely forgiven Ali, which I thought was beautiful. It was an emotional nod to season 3A and I absolutely adored this character development on behalf of both of them.

- Marlene said that Ali verbalises her sexuality in 715. She started to, which was great, but I wanted a bit more. Just another line or two. 

- I’m loving how they’re handling the situation with Emison. I did find it odd however that Emily kept saying the decision was Ali’s. I don’t know why Emily felt she had a smaller say. I’m glad she eventually realised her say is important too.

- Again, like I said above, I haven’t seen anyone’s comments yet, but I’m assuming most of us are theorising that Spencer’s twin was talking to Wren? Why would Spencer be arguing with Wren? She had a good cover up though - that Wren authorised Charlotte passes to visit Mona! But, the fact she told Ezra to keep it a secret that he saw her… it came across as exactly that; a cover up. The AD reveal may not be AD voluntarily revealing themselves like Charlotte did. Ezra may piece it together! “When I saw you with Wren at the airport” … “I was never at the airport with Wren?” says Spencer. Bam, AD is revealed!

- We actually don’t see Wren again until the finale, where we see him in a very surprising interaction with someone as part of the ultimate final twist (writer confirmed that). We’ll see him again with Spencer’s twin??

- That was a bit too short though. Wren should’ve had a few more lines, and one more scene. But I guess it was supposed to be short because he was talking (supposedly) with Spencer’s twin… if that scene went on any longer and we heard any of the conversation, we’d know too much too soon.

- Marco made a good point, that someone was trying to make it look like Archer is alive (by using his credit cards) yet now they’re making it look like he’s dead. He made a good point that maybe there’s more than one person pulling the strings here. 

- Spencer using Archer’s credit card… ahhhh we were right. 

- Marco will end his relationship with Spencer because he’ll feel like Spencer only got close to him so that she can destroy any evidence and also eavesdrop on the case. Which, isn’t true. But it definitely looks that way. Spencer = sad, Toby = sad, Spoby comes back.

- I loved the absence of Toby and Caleb. Not a hater of them, but it was a breath of fresh air from the romance.

- “Can I go?” … “I can’t stop you”. I dunno why, but I loved that. Marco is obeying the law and remaining professional whilst also showing his love for Spencer by letting her go prepare a defence so to speak.

- I didn’t like the ending! They were building up to a big dramatic Riverdale cliffhanger! (Literally, a Cliff Hanger… if you know what I mean.) I thought the note was hinting that Mary committed suicide, and the camera would pan over to a dramatic reveal. The directing was amazing… the feels!!! But, I was expecting one more scene before it faded out.

- Ezria scenes were great! I liked the argument about going vs staying. I could see Troain’s directing in that. She told them to crank up the heat. I saw sparks in Ezra and Aria’s eyes that we haven’t seen in both of them in a while. There was genuine frustration at the situation from both of them.

- Aria betraying the girls was so cool. But, I wish they took it a step further like Aria actually doing something to physically hurt the girls rather than just give AD info. Writers, you have permission to break my heart. Test the friendship as much as possible. But, it’s not over. Maybe they’ll go there next week.

- Mona, Mona, Mona. Please, don’t disappear on us like that again. 5 left… please be in all 5! And omg, her admiration of the game had me smiling. That was the best reaction. Whoever wrote the ep, good choice. Her loving the evilness in the game (”it’s brilliant, I wish I did it” etc) makes me question her current loyalties however…

- I wanted Spencer to find Mary. I didn’t like the constant teasing through the bottles (cool concept!) only to end up that she won’t find her this episode. 

- The Lucas and Charles story was cool. And it seems the girls are all suspecting what we fans are… that Lucas’ apartment is bugged with cameras and microphones everywhere. Cant wait to see where this story goes, particularly with the dollhouse reference in the comic.

- NEXT WEEK’S PROMO!! Episode looks amazing! Of course, promos always look better than the actual episode but… “that’s why you were tortured” says Lucas (or something like that). Watch that be extremely anticlimactic, we won’t find out AD’s motive or anything!

- Overall, 8/10! I did enjoy it. A few tiny tiny things I disagreed with, and an overall lack of answers. But, the fast pace of it did make it feel like a love-letter to the fans. It just doesn’t compare to the shit-storm that was season 6! This is good.

what the actual fuck tumblr?

isak was literally talking about the PM squad, he says they’re fake bc he was fake before even and he knows when someone else is. he wasn’t talking about all girls, as if sana would’ve let him get away with being misogynistic, shut the fuck up and stop trying to seem woke, you are very very desperate and manhatred isn’t a good color on you. you can’t say that saying all girls are fake is bad but saying all girls are nice and supportive is ok, because it’s not, in skam we’ve seen girls backstabbing each other and shittalking each other but we’ve never seen the guys do something like that, the girls are being awful and should get called out, y’all can’t kiss their asses and claim to be good feminists or whatever.

and last but not least, go fuck yourself

Submission: Summing Up Snape

First, I want to apologise for the length. It turns out that, even though I don’t really care for Harry Potter in general, I have thoughts on Snape as a deliberately morally complex person and character.

I think the best way to sum of Severus Snape is to quote Alan Rickman: “I don’t play bad guys, I play very interesting people.”

Simple question: Is Snape a bad guy? IN the broadest sense of the terms ‘bad guy’ and ‘good guy’ he’s a good guy because he’s fighting against the Big Bad Evil.
Not-so-simple question: Is he a good person? NO. Or maybe yes?
Let’s break down 'bad’ into Petty/Small Bad and Really Bad. Severus Snape practically personifies Petty Bad; he’s abusively sarcastic to young students who can’t handle him. Having had a Snape-lite teacher myself as an older teen (16+) it’s possible he would be better teaching older students, but that doesn’t excuse the fact that he could alter his teaching methods for young students, especially as he’s had around a decade of teaching prior to HP 1.
It can be argued that Snape acts this way because he’s undercover and because the story’s from Harry’s POV so it’ll look worse because Snape doesn’t like Harry and has to actively dislike him. I have seen it argued that away from Harry’s POV Snape could have a nicer personality, especially with the teacher’s as they seem to have a good relationship with him. We will ignore all of this because it’s hypothetical. And also because the whole school agrees he’s mean and so on.
Is he Really Bad? In the past (taken as pre-HP 1) he was. Undoubtedly. He was a Death Eater and the chances of him being a Death Eater and not having taken part in a raid or something is really small. Did he intend to put the Potter’s and Longbottom’s in danger when he overheard the prophecy? Not them specifically, but he knew it would be a person (and possibly a child? I forget the pophecy’s exact wording) and so he still deliberately risked that person’s life. 

But then he did change sides. Was it for a selfish reason? Yes. But does the reason matter as long as he still changes sides and risks his life?
I don’t know. That’s an ethical decision that everyone needs to decide for themselves.
Does having been a good guy from then on (in the terms of Big Good as he’s definitely not a Small GOod person) excuse the bad things he did before?
I don’t know. That’s a decision everyone needs to make for themselves.

From a strictly legal/judicial point of view, does his actions spying for the Light Side excuse his actions as a Death Eater?
Possibly. As a spy/undercover agent, any act he does to maintain his cover is pardoned/excused. It’s also possible that, had he lived, his actions as a spy might have been used to legally pardon the acts he committed before changing sides. Or it was later hashed out that, to remain a free person, he would have to be a spy in the future.
So legally, yes, his acts spying on the Death Eaters could make up for his time as an actual Death Eater.

He’s still not a nice person. Using D&D terms I would say he’s True Neutral or Neutral Good at best (doing good things for personal reasons). But he’s a Very Interesting Character because you could argue back and forth over his morality, his actions and so on for ages. In children’s lit and quite a lot of media you have the Good Guys, the Bad Guys and little in between. But those Grey Guys, the morally grey ones are/were rarer and tend to be fun to discuss.

And then we have Terry Pratchett and Granny Weatherwax and Sam Vimes. They are good people; not just good, but Good. They are Not Nice, but they are definitely Good. In fact, these two know how Bad they could be and are sometimes shown fighting to impulse to do bad things, especially given VImes and his Inner Watchman.
Or the Doctor from Doctor Who. He’s Good, but can condemn being to eternal torture, wipe out entire species and more in the name of Good/the Greater Good. When he’s angry, he’s terrifying.

Like Snape, you can argue their actions back and forth over the Good/Not Good side of things; there are strong hints that Granny’s angry over the fact that she has to be Good because her sister chose to be Bad. Does being reluctantly (and sometimes angrily) Good make her less than one who is Good even though she also chose to be Good (as Snape did)? Likewise, there are hints that Vimes is trying to make up for inactions from before Guards! Guards! or is at least terrified of what he could do. The Doctor is trying to atone. They all have done bad things (or bad things for good reasons) or want to do them.

Or Hell, why not Zuko? He chased the Gaang for around a year attempting to capture them and bring them to the Fire Nation where they’d be imprisoned at best and executed at worst. He hired an assassin to kill Aang (and possibly the Gaang by extension). In Ba Sing Se he ended up joining his sister after kind-of agreeing to side with Katara and thus his actions and choices helped lead to Aang’s death.
His actions in season three are him atoning for bad choices; from helping the Gaang to fighting Azula and helping everyone with their Life Changing Field Trips it all came from a place of guilt and the decision to do what’s right comes from a selfish place.
So he and Snape both did stupid things as teenagers and were eventually motivated to change sides from self reasons.
Does that make Zuko less Good?

I don’t know because, get this: we get to see quite a lot of Zuko’s backstory and his actual reasoning and choices leading up to his defection. When he changed sides we knew it was because he knew it was the right, good choice regardless of personal motivation. We don’t see this for Snape, so I have no idea. We see a bit of his possibly abusive home, we see/hear of a few select childhood memories including a couple horrific ones where the bullies should have been expelled. We know he was a Death Eater, but don’t know his actual crimes. We know he selfishly changed sides. And nothing after that aside from his borderline to actually abusive teaching methods. And we only observe those memories, we never get to hear his POV. Ever.
He could now be genuinely believing the Light Side’s cause and sincerely regretting all his actions, he could only regret the one that lead to Lily’s death and still be a closet racist. Anything in between.

Is Snape good or bad? I don’t know. But I can say that all the characters I mentioned are Very Interesting Characters. But as a person, I would prefer Zuko, Granny Weatherwax, Vimes or the Doctor any time. And, personally, he’s the least Good of all the characters I mentioned on both a Small Good and Big Good scale. He’s … simply Very Interesting. And a bastard. I do find him an interesting character, but all the other ones I mentioned are meatier because we get to hear from them personally and see more about them. I absolutely would not have him teaching anyone under fourteen at a minimum even in the country I currently call home where it’s not unusual for a teacher to make a student cry every day or so.

Again, sorry for the length and the rambling. I honestly should have just submitted the first paragraph about him being “interesting” because you can discuss him for ages. Ethics, morality, comparisons and so on.

Dr. Flug: Sir, I think this is a bad idea. 

Black Hat: Yes, a very wickedly bad idea for the greater good of bad!

Dr. Flug: But I’m saying it’s the kind of bad that… Okay, you might think this is good from your bad perception, but from a good perception… it’s just plain bad.

Black Hat: Oh, you don’t know what’s good for bad!

(source: Megamind) 

i think one of the many problems with the political compass model is how it conflates the authoritarian/libertarian axis with the presence or absence of a state, which automatically conflates any non-state based proposal for social organization with anti-authoritarianism. which doesn’t really work for me, since i’m very interested in the idea of a stateless non-hierarchical model of society, but i’m growing less and less interested in the sort of edgy pUnK RaWk No Rules No Bedtimes sort of politics which seems to inevitably result from placing “anti-authoritarianism” at the center of one’s ideology. i mean, excessive authoritarianism is bad, but i think excessive anti-authoritarianism can also be a bad thing as well, especially once it gets to the point of rejecting the very concept of any sort of social guidelines or morality, and also wow it’s just occurring to me that the terminology used by the chart is kinda leading.

anyways, my main point is that i think statelessness and abolition of hierarchy is a good concept but that rules and structure (though of course they can still potentially be excessive or poorly conceived) are necessary for a society to function, and the political chart as it exists doesn’t really map this position very well.

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the best thing of it all is how Phil managed to (maybe even illegaly according to Dan's story) just get in the country by being charming as always because he probably made some dorky remark that the inmigration guy loved


No offense to Phil but I think it was more likely the guy was having a really good day, or the woman Dan got was just having a very bad day. 

(Also, Dan sweating copiously and acting super nervous, and possibly over-explaining himself might have raised some suspicions.)

bad connection for two people with a very good connection

two things worth noting:
yes, your smile is infectious
you miss me but you aren’t going to explicitly state that, but that’s okay because I miss you too but I won’t say it (out loud) either

after two weeks, your voice sounds the same, but just a little happier to hear mine. it must be because I’m 10/11 cool.

yes, full immersion for a month meant we were going to need a break. holy shit, did we need a break, and hell, we might still need a break. I love to know that we can still function independently, but that we’re still bragging about each other from opposite sides of the world.

(still my favorite word to hear you say. I might even like it better now.)

(missed call 8:37 am u.s./11:37 pm h.k.)

incredibly happy to discover that your cargo pants unzip at the knee.
& to know that you’re eating well.
to know that you’re with the two people who matter the most (and some other people who matter, too) and that they’re getting to enjoy your presence, even if for just a little while.
to learn that you are learning.
to hear that you’re getting better at imagining me.
& happy to tell you that you don’t have to—I’m right here whenever you want to talk and I’m still here when you don’t.
happy you’re happy.
see you (not so) soon.



Marichat May: I owe you one



If you ask Felix, he personally would say that he puts up with a lot. And he stresses on a lot. Not only did he suddenly have a father that went AWOL on him, he’s also dealing with a curse of constant bad luck, a lazy good for nothing kwami that’s making him smell like stinky cheese, and now a responsibility of helping Ladybug save Paris (which he didn’t really want to do but it was one of two ways he could escape this curse); dealing with akumas, and a sassy annoyance named Marinette that stresses him out more than he likes to acknowledge is also on this list.

Very recent additions.

Or at least, Marinette was a very recent addition to this list.

Akumas he sort of just, factored into saving the day with Ladybug.

“What is wrong with you? You should’ve ran away a long time ago!” he growled out as he settled beside the huffing Marinette. Not looking for an answer, he turned, peeking out, eyeing the akuma.

“Well sorry,” Marinette sassed beside him. “But not everyone was able to get out—”

“So you thought it was a great idea to punch the akuma in the face.”

“I was limited on options!”

Chat rolled his eyes and sighed.

He was tired.

So very tired now.

Not hearing the akuma, Chat moved to sit up, peek out to see if the coast was clear.

Marinette checked too, leaning out to see.

She saw the attack before he did.

With lightning reflexes, she whipped around towards him, grabbed him by the bell, and pulled him down, saving Chat from that blow where his head would’ve been earlier.

The cat instinctively tensed, surprised from the near hit, and the factor that Marinette grabbed his bell, in a very Ladybug-like fashion, but had also saved him.

His ears went down on his head, a flustered blush on his cheeks.

“Thanks,” he muttered. “I owe you one.”

“Consider us even,” she declared as she released him.


Oh hey, Felix cameo ;3


Here’s my second attempt at my making my own hairstyle! I’ve called it “Aza” after one of my first Oblivion characters, though it also looks like my hair a bit. 

It took quite a few hours and is still very simple with some problems, but I think it’s not too bad for only my second attempt. I have no idea how some hair modders manage to make their styles so smooth and clean 😫. Hopefully with more practice I’ll come up with a system that works just as good for me 

yall just dont seem to understand that subtle harm, just like obvious harm, can still be harmful. obviously creating and sending ppl literal child porn is fucking gross and bad!!! no shit!!! ppl who do that should die!!!! but yall act like artists and writers who create child porn aren’t dangerous either, like the content they create is in a void or smth. what those artists and writers do is make pedophilia look more inviting; softer and more agreeable. they see some pics or read a fic or two of their favorite characters in a relationship together and “oh thats not so bad!!! they’re only holding hands, maybe kissing!!!” but all of you know damn good and well theres fucking drawn and written child porn thats very easily accessible, not only to kids, whose minds are very impressionable (fuck, im 16 and my mind and most of my peers are still impressionable), but to pedophiles as well. also, guess what guys, CSA survivors exist!!! and some of them get triggered by the content created!! dont act like the content they create is in a void.

Hey, while we’re at it, I have a slight issue with this?

Maybe this is an entirely semantic issue and I’m just being picky, but I don’t think Shou is necessarily “bad at being calm” like it says in his profile. 

To me, someone like Serizawa is bad at staying calm, but Shou? Shou seems to be usually very self assured and fairly good at reigning in his emotions. 

I mean… he looks pretty calm for somebody who’s got a sword at his neck????

I mean I guess it could refer to his generally energetic personality, but… Idk

Anyway… judging by the interesting decisions this boy makes over the course of the story, I think a better translation might have been something like “rash” or “impulsive”. Shou makes a number of risky decisions, seemingly on the fly or out of desperation (his crazy plans to provoke Mob’s emotions, trying to take on Touichiro by himself, also his freaking catchphrase “attack is the best defense”…) Anyway I don’t speak Japanese lol I might be wrong here 

I’m not critiquing anybody, the translator least of all… but I feel like perhaps the fandom’s view of him has been a little distorted by this particular character profile…. maybe that’s just my interpretation though. Hmm. 

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please share your cluster eurovision headcanons !!

Riley is the one who really is Into It TM because she remembers watching it with her father when she was little and they were equally making fun of the bad performances and gushing over the good ones. She’s more than a tiny bit bitter that Iceland never won, but the last time they ever went close to winning was in 2009 and nobody could have won against Fairytale so she just shrugs it off.

Wolfgang very much isn’t into it, thank you very much. Not even watching it ironically with Felix while getting drunk. The getting drunk part is the only good part about watching Eurovision and if he laughs or has fun, it’s only because of the beers and Felix’s running commentary through the night. Nothing else.

Lito remembers his Spanish father was talking about it. He’s more than delighted when Riley properly introduces him back to it, and even more delighted at! all! the! gay!

Which, as it turns out, also is the reason why Nomi and Amanita take to it really quickly when they do a cluster Eurovision night, because it’s just really fun and a lot of glitter, and like celebrating Pride twice a year, only with more bad music.

Capheus, as while many things when it comes down to western culture, is mostly confused. It’s not that it’s bad or good, just that he doesn’t really understand what the fuss is about. But he will agree that it’s good fun, and will laugh at how competitive and fierce Riley suddenly becomes, and will always agree to spending quality time with his siblings and not so quality music.

Kala just makes fun of Wolfgang all night long because he’s trying really really hard not to follow Capheus’ footsteps in the “having fun” department. It’s boring! He hates it! Stop laughing, Kala! Don’t even start, Lito!

Will and Sun really much are team I Don’t Get It TM. But the others are having fun and it’s contagious, so they have a good time. Ish. They really don’t get it though, and don’t understand why it’s entertaining, only that it is. (Sun will agree that making fun of Wolfie is the best part.)