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We knew this day would come
We knew it all along 
How did it come so fast 
This is our last night
But it’s late and I’m tryin’ not to sleep

And when the daylight comes you’ll have to go
But, tonight we’re ‘gonna hold you so close
‘Cuz in the daylight, we’ll be on our own
But, tonight we need to hold you so close

Here I am starring
At your perfection in our lives; so beautiful
The sky is getting bright
The stars are burnin’ out
Somebody slow it down
This is way too hard
‘Cuz we know when the sun comes up you will leave
This is our last glance that will soon be memories

And when the daylight comes you’ll have to go
But, tonight we’re ‘gonna hold you so close
‘Cuz in the daylight, we’ll be on our own
But, tonight we need to hold you so close

We never wanted to stop
Beause we don’t want to start all over
Start all over
We was afraid of the dark
But now it’s all that we want
All that we want

And when the daylight comes you’ll have to go
But, tonight we’re ‘gonna hold you so close
‘Cuz in the daylight, we’ll be on our own
But, tonight we need to hold you so close

And when the daylight comes you’ll have to go
But, tonight we’re ‘gonna hold you so close
‘Cuz in the daylight, we’ll be on our own
But, tonight we need to hold you so close

We Love You and We’ll Miss You President Obama, First Lady Michelle, Obama Family, Biden Family and all of the Obama Administration! 


who you should fight: mystic messenger edition
  • zen: is that a joke? lol he'll kick your ass and look sexy doing it. then he'll take a selfie next to your bruised and battered body so you can feel even worse. if you were looking for humiliation go ahead.
  • yoosung: you can fight yoosung. you'll win. boy can't win shit, he's not even number one on the shooting star server in lolol. but are you gonna feel good about it?? probably not. too easy.
  • jaehee: no. literally do not fight jaehee kang unless you have a fucking death wish. she earned a black belt in judo "for funsies" and is strong enough to withstand the daily abuse of an evil corporate man. do. not. fight. jaehee.
  • jumin: yes, fight jumin. he'll call security on you but you can get in a few good hits before they arrive. then you can always brag about that time you beat up the c&r chairman's son.
  • 707: lololol why would you though?? but i mean i guess. he's actually a better fighter than he looks because he has to be prepared to escape if he's caught breaking in somewhere, but since his only nourishment comes from chips and soda his body might just stop and you'll luck out. you have a chance.
  • unknown: listen he's the type to bring a gun to a fistfight just don't fucking do it.
  • rika: no. you could easily kick her ass, but she's got an occult following and they'll destroy you and spread your entrails on a shrine before her.
  • v: you're gonna fight a blind guy?? really?? like, you'd win, obviously. but really???
  • elizabeth 3rd: what the FUCK is wrong with you she is a CAT. and you know what, you look at her the wrong way and jumin's already hired a hitman to take you out. think again mother fucker.

girlfriend!hyuna x boyfriend!ravi instagram accounts


“Chibi Kenma is a clever, psychic setter. It can easily pick up on other Pokemon’s movements and just as quickly decipher a new play of attack with its sharp eyes and even sharper mind. However, this Pokemon is weak when it comes to video games because it loves to play.”

Pokemon Trainer Kenma and Chibi Kenma!
↳ Happy Birthday Marissa @kenmasan(〜^∇^)〜

↳ happy birthday, ever!

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“I’m enjoying working right now and if you’re working, you should make the most of it. I’m enjoying being in the studio and doing this movie and I’m not too bothered about going on vacation. I feel pretty lucky right now. I feel good about everything that happened with the band, I have no complaints or regrets.”

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tbh most of my top ten posts based of tumblr would be my CC, because thats what ya’ll really care about to reblog xD, but I didn’t wanna do that. So I just picked images of mine that weren’t cropped at weird sizes, and mashed them together lol

I have plans to improve my editing style in areas I feel that I personally lacked in. Also in 2017, all my models aren’t gonna be unemotionally bitch-faced lmao. My Salim and Grace sim edits, was an attempt to move away from that xD and I liked how it came out a lot. Anyways, I hope all of you achieve your sim/simblr goals this year! (and your irl goals too)

(edit: I cropped some of the images off, so it wouldn’t look as blurry)


commonwealth minutemen | preston garvey

in a world full of horrid people, be a preston garvey ;)


Game Aesthetics: Nick (Left 4 Dead 2)

It’s the thought that counts

So, a while ago I asked @space-marauder if they would be okay with me making a one-shot based on their thread “it’s the thought that counts”,and THEY SAID YES *screams*

Here is the original thread, it’s  A M A Z I N G so be sure to check it out!

And because I am lazy and because I have been working a lot I didn’t finish editing it for a long while as it just sat there in my documents waiting to be edited and published. Also I know it’s waaaay too late for most people to be in the holiday spirit, BUT I FINALLY got around to edit it, and with some help along the way from the wonderful @catsandladyluck (thank you thank you thank you) I’ve finally decided I’m gonna publish this Drarry Christmas one-shot.

SO, without further ado, this is how it turned out, I hope you like it, and sorry for taking so long


Harry is casually sitting on the bedroom floor, wrapping Christmas presents and making small cards as Draco rushes past the open door.

“Harry, what in Merlin’s name are you doing?” Draco asks as his pace comes to a sudden stop. He grabs at the doorframe, slowly taking a few steps backwards to admire Harry’s quick movements as he pulls a scissor along a white straight ribbon, making it curl several times.

“Wrapping presents,” Harry says, smiling and picking up the gift he just wrapped. The ribbon on the top now forms a beautiful curl.

“… The muggle way?” Draco asks, his face pulling together in a weird way, almost as if confused.

“Yeah,” Harry shrugs, fidgeting with the neatly wrapped present. “I guess it just seems a bit more personal when someone takes the time to wrap a gift by hand, you know?” He flashes a small smile in Draco’s direction, making Draco’s heart flutter.

“Alright,” Draco mumbles thoughtfully while watching from afar.

Even before leaving the bedroom, Draco decides that he should try wrapping presents the muggle way this year. At least the one for Harry.

- Later that day -

Cutting the paper was no problem. Neither was ripping off the bits of tape from that little plastic-thing. But the rest was just one big mess. Harry always had a way of making Draco do stupid, weird, impulsive things; technically, he still does. But wrapping presents the muggle way must be the most idiot thing Draco has ever thought of doing. Harry made it seem so easy, but this was not easy at all. It was rather difficult, and frankly, it made Draco exasperated. How in Merlin’s beard did Harry manage to wrap the presents nicely without magic?

Tired, annoyed, and frequently mumbling curses under his breath, Draco places the gift for Harry at the middle of the already cut paper. Draco looks at it, then sighs, and he turns the paper to better position to the fit of the gift. Another moment of staring, then he flips the gift around. Then the paper. Draco does this several more times, wondering where he should even begin.

“By Merlin’s beard, Harry, how is this supposed to work?” He mutters to himself, annoyed with how little he knows about wrapping gifts the muggle way, or basically any other muggle activity that could be done with the use of magic.  

After turning the wrapping paper and the gift a few more times, and misplacing several pieces of tape, Draco finally places a red ribbon on the top of Harry’s present. With a loud sigh he looks at the wrapped-up present. It’s not neatly wrapped like the one Harry had done earlier that day, but it has been done the muggle way. Harry’s words ran through Draco’s mind again: ‘I guess it just seems a bit more personal when someone takes the time to wrap a gift by hand, you know?’ Those were Harry’s exact words. Draco looks at the present for a long while before shrugging and pushing it away. After all, it’s the thought that counts.

With the present wrapped, Draco gets ready to make a card to attach to it. Rummaging through some boxes to find paper and a pen, Draco smiles. This is a more familiar activity, and as soon as the card is done, Draco is ready to exchange gifts with Harry.

- The next day -

It’s Christmas Eve, and Draco and Harry sit down at one of the couches in the living room, facing each other. Harry pulls up his feet and sits cross legged, while Draco curles his feet elegantly at his side. They look at each other, both excited about the gift exchange. With a shrug, Draco hands Harry the rather poorly wrapped present. Draco’s face is clearly revealing how dissatisfied he is with his own work. He’s rolling his eyes, his mouth slightly hung open, his tongue tracing the row of perfectly straight teeth as he hands the present to Harry.

“Did you wrap this yourself?” Harry asks, smiling excitedly looking at the present Draco has just handed to him.

“Obviously,” Draco states, scratching at his neck with his left hand while shrugging insecurely.

Harry looks at the present again, still admiring Draco’s work. “It’s wonderful,” he says, smiling giddily as he looks at Draco and slightly shaking his head as those few words leave his lips.

“Well,” Draco scoffs cooly, a smirk forming on his lips. He runs his fingers through his hair and straightens his back proudly. “Of course it is.”

Harry’s smile grows larger, and Draco looks away, biting his lip in attempt to suppress his own grin. He pushes his hand back through his hair, and when he looks back at Harry, he fails.


Thank you to both @space-marauder and @catsandladyluck for allowing me to write based on your thread and for helping me edit, thank you for inspiring me to write, you are both wonderful <3


“I can’t remember what band I saw, maybe it was MewithoutYou. Taylor ended up being there. He was like ‘Hey, do you wanna go get coffee after this?’ And I was just 'Oh God, he’s gonna tell me that he’s splitting too, and now we’re really up a creek. Now we’ve lost the majority of the band.’ We sit down at Café Coco in Nashville, and we’re having coffee and I’m all nervous, speaking really fast. And he was like 'I’m not done with the band. I just don’t see any reason that I would ever want to stop.’ I remember I saved up all the mushy gushy stuff until I got into the car by myself and I just started bawling all the way home.” - Hayley Williams

Modern Newt

Imma gonna write this as if Newt doesn’t have magic cause that’s what I want to do. But magic does exist, my hogwarts letter is just 6 years late. Also, it’s in NYC.

  • Newt always wearing a pair of scuffed and stain high top navy converse. Partly because he loves them and partly because he always seems too busy to buy a new pair. 
  • Newt always deciding that he would rather walk all over the city then take the loud and cluttered subway.
  • Newt being a bestselling author in the muggle world (as well as the wizarding world) but he never really lets the fame go to his head. Although he did buy a huge penthouse overlooking Central Park. 
  • Him having like 2 cats and 2 dogs in his penthouse along with several birds, several fish, and a hamster. They all seem to get along though. 
  • The cats, Robert and William (because they are fancy ass gentleman), like to sleep on Newt’s feet at night. 
  • The dogs, both weird Lab Mixes the Newt adopted, are named Dorthea and Rosa. Newt takes them on walks around Central Park once, sometimes twice, a day. They especially like it when it snows. Newt often has snow fights with them. 
  • Newt’s home is also filled with plants. They are pretty much everywhere. Small ones growing in the window, tall ones next to or on every piece of furniture. 
  • Sometimes when Newt has visitors they won’t be able to find Newt because there are so many tall plants. 
  • Newt can often be found walking around his home with several birds nesting in his hair. They like it because it is very fluffy. Newt doesn’t seem to notice them until they start to poke his scalp looking for food. 
  • Newt waking up early every morning to run out and get tea. 
  • He’s always half scattered with bed hair, a rumpled t-shirt, and skinny jeans. 
  • Him spending the next few hours writing as various animals wander around him. 
  • After all the animals have been cared for Newt goes out on an adventure. Often times he just sits on a bench with a sandwich, a crossword puzzle, and people watches. 
  • Sometimes he will find a hurt animal which he takes home to nurse back to health. 
  • Then he pretty much adopts them because they are too pure and he can’s send them back into the wild.