this is gonna get ugly isn't it

At the queer cafe
  • Me: hey yeah I'll get a medium "Turbo Virgin" siv oo play
  • The skinny girl with ugly glasses next to me: ummm barista? Op isn't ace and just used an ace slur?
  • Me: but it's on the men-
  • The barista: *pulls out a gun and points it at me* ma'am I'm gonna need you to prove ur an asexy before I can give u this drink, now answer honestly and I'll know if you're lying, have you ever done the frickle-frackle?
  • Me: ya know what there's a puddle outside I'll just slurp some of that up to quench my thirst
  • Everyone in the cafe simultaneously: that's valid

where does gokudera live lmao

i hc that he took a shit ton of money before running away and now he lives in  a nice apartment + now that’s he’s a guardian, the vongola gives him money

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like isn't henrik holm dating a minor? and his agency said they want him for a trans woman role, like trans actresses don't exist? i dont see anyone dragging his ass for that shit, but i forgot he's white, prolly won't ever happen

mate ….. its gonna get real ugly real fast if we’re gonna start keeping score of everytime the actors fuck up and use it against them, against one another.

i love the cast, i love them all, the boys and the girls. the older ones and the younger ones. they’re still kids, and they’ve still got a shit tonne to learn. at 21, i’ve still got so much to learn, so these teenagers? man, they’ve still got the world to see and experiences still to live yet, some which will be hella ugly, through which they’ll learn.

they are not their characters that i can project my anger on. they are not fiction. they are real life people just like i am, just like you are. they do good stuff, they do bad stuff. they make good choices, they make bad choices. when it comes to their personal lives and choices, i don’t care too much bc that’s THEIR life. not mine. they make those choices, not me.

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I HC that Nova isn't always gonna be happy being nonbinary, especially when the other kids at school point out that they are "different". But they don't want to upset their moms, so they pretend to be happy going to school. But then the teasing turns to bullying and Nova's grades start slipping. Moms are being supportive but don't know what's wrong since they won't say. (1/2)

oh man, a part of me just wants to protect Nova from the world, but I of all people should know they are going to face some ugliness in their life </3

Actual Solangelo feelings first time they met at camp at Gaea war.
  • Will: *looks at some guy's back and before he says anything he realizes that guy was Nico di Angelo his "ex" crush and gets REALLY surprised cause NICO HASN'T BEEN AT CAMP SINCE A LOOOOONG TIME AGO* Nico?
  • Nico: *turns to see who in Hades name was calling now*
  • Will: *OMGS HE'S EVEN HOTTER THAN HE WAS THREE YEARS AGO I'M GONNA DIE LOOK AT THAT FACE I LOVE Y... wait, is that a hawaiian t-shirt what the hell* what are you doing here?
  • Nico: *wow this dude isn't ugly at all* what are you doing here you wanna get killed?
  • Will: *I ASKED FIRST ANSWER MY QUESTION* we are spying, we took precautions.
  • Nico: *... not ugly AT ALL* you are wearing black when the sun is raising, you pinted your face but didn't covered that blond hair of yours. It would be easier to simply hang a red flag guys.
  • Will: *did he just noticed my blond hair I AM DEFINITELY GOING TO DIE RIGHT NOW* *blushes* well...

i honestly get so mad and defensive when people make fun of michael… like seriously what do you get out of calling him ugly? or fat? or bad? what satisfaction does that give you? none. and it hurts him and his fans so please kindly stfu

Gray's selfie tutorial
  • Gray: If you take it from the bottom, everyone turns out ugly...
  • Gray: Never take it against the sun, use the light.
  • Zion.T: ...
  • Gray: Get to know your face and angles. 90% of my pictures show the right side of my face.
  • Zion.T: Oh~ I see now... So there are certain angles that suit each of us?
  • Gray: Holding it from above is better than the from the bottom.
  • Zion.T: Okay, you really sound like a teacher.
  • Gray: 1. Direction. 2. Lightening. 3. Face.
  • Gray: It's also important that you take it many times.
  • Gray: But that isn't complete yet! Now we're gonna use the instagram app in order to put a filter on that. You are really getting a lot out of this today. So many filters. Luxurious.

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Sexual dimorphism is a cheap way of perpetuating a cliche where women are drawn traditionally attractive to appeal to make gamers. :T I'm not hating on your comment because both genders in a species can look different - but, seriously, name a female in a video game that isn't traditionally pretty. Now name ten of them. This is a trend that devalues not so pretty women by pretending they don't exist while shoving ugly guys in our faces. Don't you agree that's a problem?

No I don’t because there are so many damn issues that are leagues above this petty, insecurity-driven, censorship-calling whining.

And I’m sure you’ll find plenty of “non traditionally pretty” female characters if you could actually be arsed into fucking looking for them instead of blindly believing whatever Anita and tumblr tell you to swallow.

  • what she says: i'm fine
  • what she means: i fucking hate this band i have no choice it's like i don't even have control about my actions anymore and not buying it isn't even an option but i'm also anxious as FUCK what if i'm not gonna get one of those pink ugly ass deluxe album boxes that i saved all the money i have for, didn't buy food, basically not sleep and live in constant anxiety for? Sometimes i wonder what my life would be like without The 1975... healthier, calm and relaxed i guess