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nowiwannaseehimfly requested: my favorite boys (John Boyega, Aaron Tveit, Dev Patel, and Oscar Isaac) + their sunshine smiles ✨✨✨



GOT7 (x)





also, i recommend that you check the kpop scenarios tag if the masterlist isn’t newly updated. // july 25, 17

Beep beep! Folks, we have an official Darkiplier sighting!

…Or, well, at least we think it is. All evidence is pointing to that, anyway

For those who may be confused, in Mark’s video “FILE.exe” at 3:26 the first jumpscare occurs and it is FAR more severe than the rest (EDIT: it’s been confirmed that everything that changed onscreen was edited in by Mark). Mark’s camera goes dark, with only the outline of his headphones and EVIDENT BLOODY TEARS edited in for a split second (this is hard to see if your brightness is low, his cam is in the lower left). He also says the following: “Aye! Fuck you! And me! That was me, but fuck me– you! …Alright then…(clearly shook) just gonna carry on like that DIDNT happen…” Which could either be referring to Dark or just Mark babbling after a jumpscare.

In addition, Mark says a few things about Dark in the video itself, casual throwing about of his name as things get creepier and creepier.

At about 3:00, an NPC (that is, perhaps coincidentally, noted to look like Mark; example “Oh, is that me?”) says “How did I get here?” To which Mark responds, “I don’t know, maybe Darkiplier got you!” In a clearly joking tone.

At about 4:30, the same NPC asks “Seriously, how did I get here?” Mark responds with “Once again, I must reiterate… probably Darkiplier.”

At a bit before 7:00, the NPC says “What is going on?” Mark’s retort here is “Again, you know, with Darkiplier, you never know what’s gonna happen.”

These so far have just been casual mentions of him. Nothing out of the ordinary or even creepy– but it’s a bit unorthodox to have Mark fully embracing the idea of Dark and mentioning him several times in a video.

There’s one final thing that stood out to me as well– at the very end of the video. Instead of saying something along the lines of ‘if you find any secrets or have any suggestions let me know in the comments below,’ he says “…If there’s other secrets to be told, tell your fellow viewer what that’s all about! Yeah– oh yeah! There’s a lot of people watching this! So tell ‘em! (cut) If you’ve got secrets… share 'em with the class.” Mark seems oddly sincere here, in my humble opinion– almost concerned.

But honestly, I could dissect every single word Mark said in this video and find “ehmahgerd dark confirmd!!!!!” but here are a few basic points to think/talk about.

-The content of the video and the nature of the characters FILE.exe and Darkiplier
-The implication, though perhaps not serious, that Dark can trap you in a game or just in general
-The connection between the NPC that looks like Mark and the dialogue about Dark
-The timing of the “Dark” appearance (after he’s been mentioned once)
-Mark’s dialogue and expressions after the “Dark” appearance

Just food for thought.

Anyway, here’s hoping for more things like this in the future!

Late Night Antics

Pairing: Spencer Reid x Reader (Criminal Minds)

Summary: [requested by @mrscurtis4life]: #9 from my most recent prompt list, “i’m fully aware it’s one o’clock in the morning

Word Count: 591

Warnings: a little smut ;)

Other Notes: i’m so sorry this is so late, my internet was shitty these last few days. :| also, i haven’t written smut or anything even close in a while, meaning i’m very rusty, so go easy on me :))

i’m gonna get like 4 other requests up today as well!

Spencer snuck quietly into the dark house, setting his keys and bag down on the coffee table. “Y/N?” he whispered into the darkness. When he received no reply, he figured you were sleeping, which was unusual since you always insisted on staying up to wait for him.

But Spencer knew it was late, even by the BAU’s standards. They were planning to leave the small Missouri town they were in for a case the next morning, but since a storm had been predicted to hit then, they had decided to get the jump on it.

Spencer turned on the hall light, trying his best not to wake up but also allow himself to see. He silently walked into your bedroom. You stirred when you heard the door creak.

“Spencer?” you sleepily called.

He gave up on trying to be quiet, “Hey, Y/N,” he bent down to kiss your sleeping form on the cheek. You smile with your eyes still closed.

You rolled over to face him as he was undoing his tie. “I thought you were coming home tomorrow.”

“We did too,” he slipped off his shirt and changed into a pair of pajama bottoms, “Had a change of plans.”

“Right.” He slipped into bed next to you, running a hand gently through your hair that was strewn across the pillows. He kissed you again, this time on your neck. You giggled as he began to nibble gently.

“Spence, we’re not doing this right now,” you told him, laughing, “Do you know what time it is.”

“I’m fully aware it’s one o’clock in the morning,” he stared straight in your eyes from above you, “But I thought you were always up for our late night…antics.”

“I am,” you grinned as he closed the distance, and his lips were now directly on yours. He moved his right arm on the side of your body, bending down so he was supported on his elbows.

He pulled away from your lips, leaving you antsy until you felt him begin lightly sucking at your neck. He moved upwards to your jaw, and was now planting kisses so gently you hardly felt them, but you knew exactly what he doing.

It was a favorite thing of his to do. Start out at your shoulder, moving in the direction of your inner collarbone, the touch of his across your skin making you let out a small moan. You could feel his smile against your skin as the natural sound came out of your mouth.

He then liked to kiss every area around your sweet spot, except for the sweet spot itself. He would do that for as long as he wanted, until you groaned his name in pleasure. He put his plump lips on your sweet spot, on the side of your neck.

His fingers had been playing with the hem of your tank top, and he sensually pulled it over your head, taking his time in trailing his warm hands up your bare chest. That left you in nothing but your panties. You leveled the playing field, taking off his pajama pants, and promptly throwing them in a random direction.

His hands were in a firm grip on your waist now, and he pulled you closer to him. You could feel each hot breath he took on your neck as he held you.

As he was about to start again at your lips, you stopped him, “Next time, let’s do this before midnight,” you joked.

“Well,” he grinned slyly, “Looks like I’ve gotta get home early.”

A list of shit that I’m never gonna get over:

  • Perceptor raising a finger at Megatron, a bigger, taller, former-warlord who’s killed countless, and telling him that he best sit the fuck down and shut the fuck up if he knows what’s good for him.
  • Perceptor hanging upside-down out of a ship by his legs and sniping a fucking jet out of the sky.
  • The like….3-4 times that Perceptor has smiled in the entirety of MTMTE.
  • On another note…
  • That one time I was reading MTMTE and found out that, even though most of the characters Milne-style have big feet…


Has just the most wee little footers..

Just look at them. 

  • just…
  • mmmmmMMMMMMM
  • Perceptor.
  • yeah…

OK GUYS!! i recently reached my first thousand followers and wanted to thank you all by doing a promo!! i was gonna do one like 500 followers ago but i got lazy lmao

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HAVE FUN and please get this to at least 30 notes!!! or i’ll cry and delete this post  this will probably end on or by july 4 (tba)

anarchistredeemed  asked:

How would you go about getting your art noticed in the tags and such? Are there any specific tips you have for garnering notes and reblogs -or just plain getting noticed? I've been struggling with this for months :(

Before I say anything, I just want to say that worrying about note count is surefire way to make art Not Fun. Yes, validation is nice, but sometimes you can get more than enough of that from a small-scale, tight-knit group of mutuals.

1. Remember that more notes don’t necessarily mean something is “better”. Popular art can be sameface anime-titty women. Popular art can shitty memes drawn in 10 minutes. Popular art can be art that would have much fewer notes if it was for a smaller fandom.

2. There are a lot of factors that impact a post’s notes, one being time. I’ve found tumblr is most active around 2pm-6pm (pacific time). This might vary from person to person. How long a post has been up can also affect how much time it’s had to circulate.

3. Don’t be afraid to reblog a post multiple times. Time zones exist. Some people follow more people than others. Don’t worry about being annoying reblogging once or twice; probably more than 95% of your followers won’t even notice.

4. Don’t cross-tag. That’s obnoxious. (ex. tagging a ship or fandom that the post has nothing to do with)

5. Reblogs vs Likes vs Replies. Each are worth one note, but reblogs are the ones that are more likely to get you MORE notes. You can’t control which one other people will do, so you just kinda have to hope people are going to reblog your work rather than just like it.

6. Be nice. If you’re rude, people are gonna realize, and they’re gonna recognize your url and specifically not reblog from you.

There are A Lot more factors, especially ones you can’t control. Which is especially why you shouldn’t determine your art’s value in how many notes it has.

We Got Married (show)! Ong Seongwoo


this is short, it’s past 4 AM, I got four hours of sleep, I’m sry

note: ok I know it’s short but I am gonna upload a boyfriend Omg Seongwoo soon because I didn’t want to make it too much like that if it makes sense? Anyways I hope you enjoy and if you want to get more into the more boyfriend-ish part then the actual boyfriend Ong will be up soon

Originally posted by produced101

  • first off i think being in a WGM relationship with ong would make WGM history
  • perfect mix of Henry x Yewon, Joy x Sungjae, and Kim So Eun x Song Jae Rim
  • cries i miss them
  • first meeting would be SO memorable even if there’s no surprise
  • (like joy’s to sungjae)
  • WGM would set up an actual blind date
  • as in first date but blindfolded
  • yay both of you are about to introduce yourselves
  • but accidentally try to at the same time
  • then the two of you are trying to discover the other’s name first
  • slowly giving hints of your
  • company, story, features
  • “wow our foods here, IM HUnGrY~~”
  • then you’re all like duh wanna one
  • goes on about who you know from there
  • eventually say you know taehyun’s shape of you, seongwoo’s sorry sorry, and jihoon + moonbok from nayana
  • both of you decide to call the name of who u think it is
  • (obviously both guess correctly)
  • blindfolds off, relationship unravels
  • would see a different side of one during interviews
  • obviously because he is talking about u
  • when u watch the episode air (and see the interviews) can’t help but get butterflies from what he says about u
  • and he feels the same about watching your interview in ep 1
  • eventually one of the realest couples from WGM
  • probably internally screaming but having natural skinship for the couple photoshoot
  • if you had an on air wedding he would perform for u
  • also would have such a funny speech for u
  • feelings would always been genuine
  • NEVER have to act like you’re having fun because he makes it fun
  • acting tsundere-ish towards him sometimes
  • (but u can’t turn down his sweetness)
  • mission cards super fun
  • you’d cry when you get the card that says it’s over
  • he’d kinda tear up but focus on comforting you 
  • would end on a good note (as joy and sungjae did)
  • would definitely keep in touch once it ended


I love u guys so much feel free to ask, request, or tell me anything u think of my ask box is open! I’m down for requests, dumb questions, or if u just wanna talk

(if u want a private answer just send it with anon switched off and specify by putting a P in parenthesis or something)


→ none of these pictures and gifs are mine! Credits to the owners (everything found on google; if I took your picture without credits by mistake, or you didn’t want it edited, let me know so I can fix it). Please don’t remove the captions.

• fat fiction series | masterpost | raising the standards mini mastelist

Tags: nsfw / +18 / bdsm: slight sub and dom, spanking and choking / smut  / reader’s pov (fat woman) / Fat Fiction Series / lawyer au
Featuring: Kim Junmyeon (Suho, EXO)
Writer: CL
Word count: 2,4k words
Comments: Kim Junmyeon JD is a muse character by @chanyeolspout and used with her permission. | Raising the Standards Mini Masterlist I know I’m taking forever with the updates, so I thank you from the bottom of my heart if you’re still here with me. I hope you like this chapter, next one I’m gonna be rocking things a bit and with luck I can finish chapter 4 by next week. Please tell me what you think, I love getting feedback *bats eye and pouts cutely*

ATTENTION, PLEASE READ: This is a fictional story. Any similarities to real people are unintentional. This story contains mature themes. By reading this story you agree that you are 18 years or older. The author does not authorize the reproduction, reposting, editing or any alteration of this material, fully or partially.

Disclaimer: Please note that the stories on the Fat Fiction Series tag are NOT about non-fat people, even those with body dysmorphia. Everybody is welcome to read them, but these stories are ultimately about and for physically fat people, people who have been through actual prejudice and suffer from fatphobia.

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things that could happen in ‘dragon’s den’ 

  • ramses turns out to be juno’s father/grandfather/uncle/family friend/etc
  • ramses has juno do something that crosses a moral line and indicates that he’s gonna be the big bad by the end of the season
  • ramses’ worst enemy is named and set up as the big bad and the person behind the timing motif of the last two cases
  • we learn more about either 1) ben steel 2) juno’s mom 3) juno’s ex 4) juno’s old job at the HCPD (note: none of these are very likely, tho we might get another tiny tiny snippet in passing)
  • peter appears to help juno OR peter appears to hinder juno OR peter’s name is finally mentioned / his current location is indicated, but he doesn’t appear in person OR peter is only vaguely hinted about and compared to ramses again
  • juno leaves mars because ramses was originally from somewhere else? (earth??) 
  • more information is revealed about the thea spectrum and whether it’s a good idea for juno to keep using it?
  • someone mentions how far away the election actually is so we have a sense of an impending deadline?
  • lesbians??? women who aren’t evil? more women who are evil? 

things that will probably happen

  • something i am not expecting, even a little bit, that will raise at least four more significant questions and possibly halfway answer one
  • i will cry
Finding Home (3)

Summary: Avengers High School AU. Gender neutral reader-insert. You, the new kid, just want to be left alone. But instead, you get the Avengers gang – and maybe, a new home too.

Warnings: Cursing. Family drama. :( A bit of angst.

Author’s Note: Hello there! I’m sorry this took a while too. Had trouble who was gonna show up here, but I think I like how it came out. (: Enjoy! Lemme hear your thoughts. ❤️

Finding Home: Part #1: beginning. Part #2: accusation. Part #3: restless. Part #4: coin. Part #5: haze.

3: restless

adj. uneasy / nervous

You will not go to Tony’s party. Nope, nope, nope. That’s what you’ve decided on the moment you slept, and the moment you woke up, and the moment you left the house, and the moment you entered school. Because if you did go, you know where it will lead to, and where it will end. How it will end. And it won’t be good.

Wait by my locker. Just gotta finish something, Natasha said in her text. You clicked it, saw the time when it arrived: 12:23PM.

Leaning against her locker, you shoved one hand deep inside the pockets of your jacket, fingers pulling on its fabric, and glanced over to the wall clock above the heads of the rushing students. 12:32PM. What’s taking her so long?

“Hey, uh, Aeropostale? H&M? Levi’s?”

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for all the honest world to feel (trixya) (4/8) - dare

“You always get so scandalized when I’m the one to bring up sex,” said Brian, amused. 

“Scandalized is one word you could use for it.” Katya sounded flustered; Brian covered his mouth with one hand, like someone might catch his grin in the empty room.

(AN: finally! this chapter is once again absurdly long and i’m not gonna apologize for it. also, do take note of the extra little tag at the bottom – this chapter is NOT pg13. as always, i mainly use “he” for brian & katya and “she” for adore. we’re picking up speed! i know this fic is like the slowest of slow burns in terms of plot but i promise pieces are starting to move into place. and in the meantime – more bad jokes! so many more. i really outdid myself here tbh.

this week on “honest world”: brian has found himself a new normal. adore prepares to host a pageant for seattle’s local weirdos. brian and katya make things uncomfortable for whichever NSA agent is listening in on their conversations.)

ch. 1 | ch. 2 | ch. 3 |

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- ̗̀  Q&A blogrates + plants that remind me of you  ̖́-

so i thought that when i reach 9k followers i would do a q&a!! and to do that i need questions so ??? :0 so basically i’ll just rate your blog and tell you what kind of flower you look like !


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  • if this gets less than 20 notes lets just forget this ever happened agfhdjs
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the blogrates are gonna look like this:

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Stay Alive

Originally posted by plumpark

Genre: Angst/Some Fluff There’s barely any but it’s there 

Word Count: 2,083

Pairing: Jungkook x Reader

“No stop, don’t you dare close your eyes okay? I’m going to get you out of here alive. Stay with me please.” 

Masterlist ♥︎


A/N: Made this cause the Jungkook feels for me rn are just not okay I’m trying not to admit that he’s most likely my bias now. I still love you yoongi, you just can’t ignore him, it’s impossible. so get ready for some feels I’m not sorry. And warning there’s mention of blood and stuff..

 (on another note I will be posting betrayed part 4 soon ^.^ I’m sorry for the long wait idk why but my writing skills just gave out so it’s gonna take a little bit longer)

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you ever get really emo bc youre thinking about nct dream and how theyre all gonna grow up together and become adults together one day and through everything, they’ve done it together and i mean they got their first win together and what other feats are they gonna accomplish together next?? like !!! binch !!!!! nct dream created youth and friendship!!!!!!!!


30/4/17 || Physics paper 1 revision

Anything from the first year of the course could be tested + mechanics from this year

I’m gonna go through all the topics but all the knowledge from last year feels like it’s still in my head because I revised so much for the AS exam. My A2 grade this year replaces that qualification so I hope I get that A*

Happy ending to an awful mess

I submitted last night (4/7) about the lady who wanted special treatment for being related to a manager (like I said in that I did do some things wrong, could have handled it better) but today, I go sooooooo lucky. My manager (J) took the call when she called in to complain. And J took that call after I had already told her about it because I was hyperventilating thinking I was gonna get fired. Well J told the lady she’d handle it and then just told me that the lady called and reiterated what my csm told me last night.

On a side note, of further luck, they decided not to walk and check our zone because all our floor people were on register all day.