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But of all the reasons you expound of why we can’t be together, none are of the heart. I have to fight every instinct I have pulling me toward you. When I’m near you, I am aware of every breath you take. And when I’m away, even the wind in the trees reminds me of you. You will be the death of me. And I of you.

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Not to interrupt your compliment game but I was wondering what your thoughts on reblogs are? A lot of writers get mostly likes. I know you have lots of stories posted so I thought I would ask.

Hi! I’m gonna talk about this under the cut because it’s going to get long and messy, and I don’t think many people would be interested in reading my opinion on this anyways!

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I’ve been sitting here trying to figure out why I’m not upset, or more than just a little sad, about tonight being the “almost” end of Captain Swan. And I think that’s because for me, it’s just the end of Captain Swan on our television screens (or laptops or wherever you watch the show). So much of the fandom that I’ve been so happy to be a part of has existed in the space between, taking what we’ve been given by A&E and Colin and JMO and giving it additional life in fic, visual art, gifs, meta, videos, random rambling liveblogging, and all of the other creative mediums this fandom has found to express itself. So, while we will see Emma and Killian get their “Happy Ending” tonight in some form or another, I still expect to come back here next week and over the summer and read all new stories and see new art and hopefully contribute a bit of it myself.

So, while I’m gonna miss the hell out of JMO and Colin giving us new pieces of Emma and Killian’s love story every Sunday, I’m not mourning a loss of anything. Not really. 

It just feels like a different chapter, one that we get to write ourselves.

(but who am I kidding, not having any new CS kisses (yes, I have a tag for their kisses) to drool over is gonna be a major bummer) So, here’s a kiss gif just to end this on an good note, lol.

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Hey guys! First off thanks so much to the people who expressed interest! 💕 I’ve always wanted to get into illustration for work eventually, and this sounds like a good place to start!

Lol I know I said next week, but things are gonna get a bit hectic, and I’ll be out to a place with bad net over the weekend, so this head start would be good!

Note to followers: I will still complete requests and take them when my list gets short, so don’t worry about me hiding behind a paywall lol. My commissions will just involve the harder, time-consuming type of work (gifs for example), or open up complicated versions of my usual styles.

I’ll just start off with three (3) slots this week to ease myself in and get used to the commission process 😁 If there happen to be more, I’ll put you guys on a waitlist. (I’m looking to make this every week/every 2 weeks if there’s enough demand.)

Here’s a preview of one of three styles I’m currently offering:

Interested? Head on over to my commission page (mobile doesn’t link this right sorry) for all the info, art samples, and instructions :)

If you can’t commission me, a reblog to signal boost is GREATLY APPRECIATED I WILL LOVE YOU FOREVER <3


Our overall view on this album is that it lacks cohesiveness, it often contradicts Fifth Harmony’s feminist views, the solo distribution is disgusting in many of the songs and Camila’s screechy voice is very prevalent. All in all, I was expecting so much better. Oh well. Overall this album gets ⭐️⭐️⭐️ (3 stars). 

TRACK 1: That’s My Girl

L - A catchy, upbeat song, not my favourite but amazing that it’s on the Rio Olympics ad. 4/10

V - Very upbeat, I like the whole message. Not much I can say about this song other than its one of my favorites. 8/10

TRACK 2: Work From Home ft. Ty Dolla $ign

L - Why does Camila over do her runs in every live performance? I skip this every time I hear it.. not great. It’s repetitive and boring. The music video is fire tho. 3/10

V - So overplayed. But definitely a step up from worth it. 5/10.

TRACK 3: The Life

L - An okay song but don’t make it a single! Camila sings basically every verse in this song, so it sucks overall. Lyrically, it’s okay. 2/10

V - Very underrated. Only people with high intelligence would understand this song, overlooking the fact that Camila leads, 15/10.

TRACK 4: Write On Me

L - I liked this song when I first heard it but really? Camila acted like this was lyrically the strongest song on the album when in reality, I have no idea why I’d want someone to write on me. The music video was very pretty and visually appealing, nothing special tho. 2/10

V - Cute song, but boring and makes no sense. It has a shitty metaphor, or wasn’t delivered properly. -10/10.

TRACK 5: I Lied

L - Everything about this song is pretty amazing. MAKE IT A SINGLE PLEASE. 10/10

V - Normani did a high note. Enough said. 20/10.

TRACK 6: All In My Head (Flex) ft. Fetty Wap 

L - I liked the live performance at the BBMA’s of this song and I’m happy that it’s lead by Dinah, but it’s nothing special or outstanding. 6/10

V - This song is shit without fetty wap. Lauren saves it with the pre chorus. 9/10.

TRACK 7: Squeeze

L - I love the message of this song, it’s catchy and cute, but every time I hear the word “squeeze” I cant help but feel like theyre talking about squeezing (choking) me to death, lol. 9/10

V - Okay. Its average, nothing special but I kind of liked it. 7/10.

TRACK 8: Gonna Get Better

L - Beautiful song, well done fifth harmony! And Ally slayed on this track. 11/10

V - I was pleasantly surprised by this song. Not bad. Dinah lifted this song up to the heavens after effortlessly singing her high note at the end. 10/10.

TRACK 9: Scared Of Happy

L - The beat in the song is lit, but the message of the song is dumb, lol, lyrically it makes 0 sense. 3/10

V - This song makes no sense. How the fuck can you be scared of happy??? Next. -10/10.

TRACK 10: Not That Kinda Girl ft. Missy Elliot

L - This track sucks. 0/10

V - This is the slightly better version of “NO” except it sucks because it slut shames. Even the title suggests the misogynistic phrase “Not like the other girls” like bitch please. -100/10.

TRACK 11: Dope

L - Probably one of the best songs on this album, in my opinion. I don’t know what else to say but this song is pretty fucking dope. (pun intended) 10/10

V - Best song off of this god forsaken album. My ears healed hearing this after all the other songs. The chorus is fucking everything. 100/10.

TRACK 12: No Way

L - I vibed quite well with this song and I don’t skip it. Lyrically it is good, the tune is okay, but I can’t see this song getting big.. 8/10

V - Couldn’t find myself getting into it, sorry. 2/10.

TRACK 13: Worth It - No Rap

L - So they obviously wanted to revel in their most successful song and were unable to let it go. I feel as if including Worth It on their new album was a sign of weakness, perhaps an indication that they thought that their new songs wouldn’t reach the success that Worth It attained. -1/10

V - Can’t believe the girls had the DISRESPECT to bring this repetitive ass song and its horrible ass memories along with it. -20/10.

BONUS TRACK: 1000 Hands

This song should have definitely been on the actual album. Lyrically very good although I dont get why’d you want 1000 hands on you…. 

BONUS TRACK: Big Bad Wolf 

Again, should have been on the album, although it’s slightly misogynistic and cringe worthy. A catchy tune, nonetheless.

The Animal Inside - werewolf!Calum pt. 3

Author’s Note: Sorry I’m like three days late on posting this. I’m horrible, ugh, I’m sorry. Anyway, there’s a little bit of a plot twist and I know it’s still really early into the story but it’s gonna have a lot of influence on what happens next! Basically what happens in this chapter shapes the entire plot. Also, sorry about the shitty edit lol. It’s also about a page shorter than the other parts but it gets the job done (I think)

Rating: PG

Part One / Part Two

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some advice for high schoolers returning back to school

someone asked me for advice so i thought i would share the same info to other people too 

1) rewrite your notes. when i take notes the first time, they end up MESSY. i just write so much in such little time so my notes ended up being really messy until i rewrote them. in a way, you’re studying but don’t let this be your only way of studying.

1.5) so try to invest in some extra paper and pens. but since school is starting soon you can buy a lot of things in bulk and still not spend a lot. don’t try to emulate the pretty notes u see on tumblr, its just gonna take too long lol.

2)  you should give yourself a break from studying from time to time. hang out with friends! try to avoid binge watching shows. i’ve drifted and lost many friendships because my sole focus was on school and spent free time watching tv. when times get hard, you’re going to need someone to talk to.

3) even though classical music is scientifically proven to help you when you study, just listen to music you like but nothing TOO poppin. what i mean, don’t play a song that makes you wanna drop everything and dance. i tend to listen to tv/movie soundtracks and r&b and some alternative when i study.  

4) START LOOKING AT COLLEGES NOW. dont listen to people when they say, “oh its too early, do it later.” i’ve always got this from my classmates but i never listened to them. because by the time i reach senior year, i’ll be almost 95% sure about what colleges and schools i want to go to.

4.5) try your best to look at colleges as in like go to the school and go to the school tours. BUT ONLY DO IT IF YOU CAN AFFORD IT. the tours are free but you have to factor in the travel expenses and FOOD.

5) have a sense of what you want to do in college. you don’t have to pick a major immediately but know what kind of focus you want (ex. engineering, history, social sciences, business, etc.)

5.5) atmosphere > academics. atmosphere includes what kind of kids are there, location,

6) strength of a program >>> school name. so my cousin went to northeastern for pharmacy and she ended up with SOOOO much debt and practiced pharmacy in nyc. but there’s a college in nyc, st johns university, that is renowned for its pharmacy program. sooo yeah.

7) don’t rule out community college!!!! you spend SUCH little money for two years of community colleges vs. two years of private university. after your two years, you can transfer to a more prestigious school.

8) AP CLASSES! take take take take. at the maximum, i would take 3 this year. if you don’t have as many ap classes as you would like, then i would speak to a guidance counselor or some type of counselor about taking community college classes offered to high school students.

9) use planners/bullet journals!! stay organized af. i would suggest buying a pretty one so that you’ll be more likely to use it.

1.1.2016 11.12PM • im glad i bought these notebooks from Miniso 💗 theyre simple but it’ll do! they were very cheap, therefore i had to get them LOL ;_; they were only like 3 dollars for a packet!!! (each packet has 2 notebooks btw)😳😎 anyways im gonna continue doing up notes on chemistry and probably complete some left over homeworks tomorrow!😴 btw, HAPPY NEW YEAR EVERYONE 🎉


So I drew some sans tonight for stress relief and then I had this rush of energy to do some work on my pearl? It was obviously very inspired by my friend posting their gemsona/pearlsona today ( @junket ) which is the little short haired cutie you see above haha

mm.. almost got my pearl figured out, just wanna lock down gem placement and mess with a “color” scheme. She’s gonna be a black pearl, this whole thing I planned out might get inverted in the end I dunno


we’ll see how she looks when all is said and done and I’ll give you guys her backstory/personality and all the fun stuff later

gruvia drabble

prompt: ok i made this one up. to those of u that watch friends, do u remember that episode where monica realllyyy wants these expensive boots & chandler’s like “no ur wasting ur money” but monica gets them anyway but the boots end up being hella painful but she cant tell chandler bc hes gonna be all “i told u so” ok well that’s what this drabble is lol.

pairing: gruvia/gray x juvia

type: one-shot, au

rating: k

author’s note: ok 1, this was 99.9999% dialogue & im sorry. 2, i dont remember exactly how this episode of friends went down, but it was something along these lines lol. 3, the ending terrible but its really late & i wanted to finish this asap & i didnt know how to end it soo… there u go!!!!! enjoy!(:


Those boots were practically shouting Juvia’s name through the viewing glass as she walked down the street with her boyfriend. They were beautiful, pitch-black, knee-high boots with a two-inch stiletto heel. In one word, they were gorgeous.

“Gray-sama!” Juvia tugged on the sleeve of Gray’s jacket.

“What?” Gray stepped back and stood beside Juvia.

“Look at these boots! They’re beautiful!” Juvia awed at the shoes, practically pressing her face up against the glass of the window where the boots first caught her attention.

“Yeah, they’re nice.” Gray took a step forward to get a closer look. Suddenly, the price tag slapped him right across the face. “$500?!”

“No! They’re only $499.” Juvia defensively said.

“Oh, right. My mistake.” He sarcastically replied.

Juvia leaned forward to read the tag. “And they’re limited edition!”

“They just say that so people will buy them.” Gray grumbled.

“Juvia’s going to get them.” She giddly exclaimed without a second thought. Just as she dashed to the door of the shop, Gray got ahold of her wrist.

“Whoa, whoa, whoa, wait a sec.” He reasoned. “Don’t you think $500 is a little expensive?”

“Juvia would sell her soul if it meant getting those boots.” She sounded completely serious.

“Alright, that’s a little much.” He grumbled. “Still, maybe you should pass on these.”


“I’m sure you can find boots that look just like that for half that price.”


“Just sleep on it, okay?” Gray’s voice was remaining clam, yet stern.

“O-kay.” Juvia muttered as she sullked.


Gray reached for his phone again and checked the time. It was now 10:45 P.M, and Juvia was still not back from work. She typically got home around 9:00, so ever since they moved in together, Gray liked to wait for her to get home before going to bed. Juvia would refer to it as “incredibly sweet” to which Gray would probably roll his eyes and go to bed.

Even when Juvia was going to be home late, she always texted him first. This time, he didn’t receive a text. He even texted her. Twice. At this point, he was starting to get nervous.

Just as he was about to send out a third text, he heard the door to their apartment opening. He attentively sat up on the couch, thinking about what to say to her. Something along the lines of “where the hell were you” or “you could’ve at least answered my texts” would suffice.

Sure enough, it was his girlfriend who was slowly opening the door (most likely to avoid creaks). Once she saw the lights were still on and Gray was sitting down on their couch, she opened it with normal force.

“Oh, Gray-sama is still up.” She said a bit suspiciously.

“So, where were you?” Gray decided to take a calmer approach.

“Just, uh, you know… walkin’ around.” Juvia forced a chuckle which got a curious eyebrow raise from Gray. He then noticed she was hiding a bag behind her back. Juvia’s attempt to hide the bag was a lost cause, since it was practically twice Juvia’s width.

“Walking around?”

“Eh… yes.” It seemed that even Juvia saw the weakness of her own lie.

“What do you have behind your back?” He pried.


“Juvia-” He was close to getting up and seeing what was in the bag himself.

“It’s nothing!” She took a step back.

“It’s obviously something.” He stood up and began to approach her.

“Okay, okay. But Gray-sama can’t be mad.” She sheepishly said.

“Juvia, I swear to god if there’s a dog in that bag I will-” To be honest, Gray was prepared for the worst, and Gray remembered their argument just a couple weeks ago about getting a dog.

“It’s not a dog.” Juvia stopped him before he could continue. “It’s… the boots.”

“Boots? As in the boots we just saw today? The boots that you wanted to impulsively buy that I told you to reconsider? The $500 boots?” He felt his irritation level rising.

“… They were $499.”

“Juvia!” He scolded.

“Juvia’s sorry! They were just too pretty!” She defended.

“Not $500 worth of pretty!”

“I beg to differ!” She tightly held onto the bag as if they were her children.

“Whatever.” Gray flooped back down onto the couch, feeling defeated. “It’s your money, anyway. You can waste it on as many ridiculously overpriced pairs of boots as you want.”

“It’s not like Juvia isn’t going to wear them! They go with practically everything. Trust me, they’ll go to good use.” She sat beside Gray.

“I guess you’re right.” He sighed and gave a tired smile to his girlfriend.

She had a smug look on her face as she cuddled up beside Gray. “Mhm.”


It had been two weeks or so since Juvia first bought the boots. She kept her word and was wearing them everywhere. She wore them to work, to go shopping, when she went out, and she even thought about wearing them to the gym.

These boots and Juvia were like a married couple. They were all over each other for their “honeymoon phase.” Juvia was hardly ever seen without the boots. She loved them more than words could describe. Then, things slowly got worse and worse.

After the first few days with the boots, she began noticing a couple blisters, but didn’t think much of it. Then, there was a a bit of pain every now and then when she walked in them for too long: no big deal. But then, the soreness kicked in. The poor girl wanted to shed a tear with each step she took in those things. It felt like walking on a field of legos, barefoot.

Of course, she couldn’t tell Gray this. Then she would get the whole “I told you so” talk which she was far too familiar with. She just had to suck it up and be a big girl. After all, beauty was pain.

But when Gray suddenly sprung on her one Saturday night that they would be walking to their friend, Natsu’s, house for a party, she almost puked.

“We’re, uh, we’re walking?” She barely choked out.

“Yeah? We always walk to Natsu’s house. It’s only six blocks.” Suddenly, six blocks sounded like six miles.

“B-but, it’s kinda’ chilly outside.”

“Chilly? It’s 60 degrees. Plus, you love the cold.”

“Ah, right.” She was so glad she had a boyfriend who knew these things about her.

“Just put on your boots and we’ll get going.” He began walking to the door.

“Th-the boots. Of course.” She felt her knees begin to buckle just at the thought of those torture devices.

They hadn’t even stepped out of the apartment complex yet and Juvia felt like her feet would shatter at any moment. This was going to be the longest six blocks of her entire life.

Gray noticed her awkward way of walking just after the first block. “You okay?”

“Me? Yeah, Juvia’s fine!” She forced herself to stand up as normally as possible while pushing a smile.

“Uh, okay… If you say so.” He continued walking.

Juvia lasted one more block of walking like a newborn deer before she finally burst.

“Juvia can’t!” She cried out, grasping for whatever was nearest to her for support. In this case, it was a post box.

“Can’t what?”

“Juvia can’t walk anymore! It’s too painful!” She felt tears stinging her eyes.

“What?” Gray still seemed to be lost.

“These boots are terrible! My feet ache, I have blisters, and they’re starting to give Juvia bunions, Gray-sama! Bunions!”

“I thought you loved the boots!”

“So did Juvia, until Juvia actually wore them.” She groaned. She knew the “I told you so” was sure to come.

Gray began to step closer to Juvia. She was ready for it. She was ready for the earful of nagging she was about to get. Still, nothing could’ve been worse than taking another step in those godforsaken boots.

But instead, she was approached by Gray’s back. He even bent down so he was closer to her height. “Get on.”


“Get on.” He repeated.

“B-but aren’t you going to give Juvia the whole “i told you so” spiel?“ She was almost in shock.

“Nah. I think your bunions do the talking for me.” He chuckled.

There was a moment of silence before Gray looked back to Juvia. “Are you gonna’ get on, or do you wanna’ limp the rest of the way?”

With that, Juvia quickly pulled off the boots in record time and placed them beside her. She then placed one hand on each of Gray’s shoulders and hopped onto his back. He wrapped his arms under her thighs to get a tighter hold as Juvia put her arms around Gray’s neck.



“Juvia’s sorry… she should’ve listened to you.” She admitted.

“Yeah, you should’ve.” He chuckled and spun his head around to peck her on the cheek which put her at ease, but she was still pouting.

“You good?” He asked.

He felt her nod and began the rest of the walk. Juvia was feeling embarrassed, to say the least. For one, Gray had to carry her around everywhere for the rest of the night, and second, he was right all along.

“I guess…” She said under her breath.

“Well that doesn’t sound so good to me.”

“It’s nothing.” Juvia said before blowing a piece of her hair out of her face.

“I could always drop you, ya’ know.” He turned his head slightly so she could see the smirk on his face.

Juvia took a breath. “It’s just… Juvia really liked those boots.” She whined as she remembered the happy times she had with her boots, even though those moments were very brief.

“I know.” He sighed.

“There’s $500 down the drain.” She gave a pout and turned her head to press her cheek against Gray’s shoulder.

Juvia eventually noticed all the funny looks she and Gray were getting from people they passed on the street. She couldn’t help but laugh.

“At least Juvia has an excuse for Gray-sama to give her a piggyback ride.” She giggled and tightened her grasp on Gray.

Juvia didn’t even have to see him to now he had a grumpy little pout on his face with pink cheeks.

"By the way,” She changed the subject. “Where are you holding the boots?”


“The boots. You’re holding them, right?”

Gray stopped walking. “I thought you were holding them.” His voice went dry.

“W-wait, so, you don’t have the boots?”


“Juvia must’ve left them back there when she got in Gray-sama’s back!” She mentally face-palmed.

“Well they’re gonna’ stay there, cause’ I’m not walking all the way back there just to get some boots you aren’t going to wear again.” And with that, he continued walking.


“Do you wanna walk back and get ‘em?” He interrupted before she could finish her (most likely) weak argument.

Juvia paused. “No…” She let out a sigh.

“Then they’re staying.”

“Okay…” They then continued their walk to Natsu’s

“Gray-sama…” She whined.


“Can you give Juvia a foot massage later?” Her voice sounded so cute Gray couldn’t seem to utter the word “no”.

“…Yeah.” He breathed out, and Juvia gave him a peck on his neck.

“You’re the best boyfriend ever.” She hummed in his ear.

“I know.” Gray replied and continued to piggyback her the rest of the way with no complaints.

based on this post by @snarkycaptainswan4. and also because they still haven’t had a peaceful ily!!!

Emma sighs as soon as she struts inside, the exhaustion of doing her Saviour and Sheriff duties all day taking a toll on her. She smiles tiredly as she slumps down on the couch beside where Killian is currently reading a book.

Her head falls on his shoulder as her hand grabs his hook, pulling it to her lap as she curls around him.

“Tired, love?”

“Hmm.” Emma shuts her eyes, sighing loudly and burrowing more into his neck. 

“Would you like a hot chocolate?” He asks her, shutting his book and throwing it on the table.

“No.” Emma tightens her hold on him once he starts to move, “Just you.”

“Well, you have me.” He turns, resting his back on the arm of the couch and turning Emma so she’s cradled between his legs, her cheek resting against his chest, as his arms wrap around her shoulders.

“Is Belle okay?” she murmurs.

Killian smiles, shaking his head slightly. Even after spending the entire day running around town trying to find any clues, find Hyde, the Evil Queen – anyone – she’s still worried about Belle. But this is what drew him to her – not just her fierce and badass (as Henry calls it) exterior, but her kindness and unfailing worry about others. Living up to her title quite perfectly.

Emma looks up at him once he doesn’t reply, “Why are you smiling stupidly?”

 “What?” He looks down at her, the smile still etched on his lips. He tends to do that a lot he notices, despite all the upheaval in their lives – he’s never been quite this happy.

 “Why are you smiling stupidly?” She repeats, her hand cupping his cheek, her thumb making small circles.

 He grabs her hand and presses a kiss to her palm, “Nothing, love. I just really love you.” He whispers, offering her a sweet smile as his gaze runs all over her face, still in awe that this absolute perfection of a woman somehow loves him too.

 Emma smiles, biting her lip from not smiling too widely. She knows he loves her more than anything but hearing the words still make her heart flutter and a stupid grin spread across her face.

“I love you too.”

He smiles brightly, the tiny creases beside his eyes deepening as his eyes light up. Emma moves her hand to clutch the collar of his shirt, pulling him to her, their teeth clanking as they can’t help but grin widely from all the happiness and giddiness as their lips move against each other’s lazily.


In the morning when Emma has to leave to meet her dad at Granny’s for a promised father-daughter pancake breakfast, she brushes a kiss at a barely awake Killian’s cheek. “See you soon. Love you.”

 She blushes profusely as she descends the stairs, his hoarse and loud, I love you too Swan. Have a great day! still loud and clear.