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Things I learned you’ll actually need for your dorm after one year of college that you probably won’t see on pinterest

So, I recently finished my first year at college (which was definitely an adventure, and probably one of the best years of my life so far) and I’ve made a few mistakes, but none that couldn’t be fixed. For example, I really didn’t do adequate research as to what I’ll actually need for my dorm room because I was too busy fantasizing how I was gonna diy decorate my dorm room into a pinterest masterpiece. Anyway, I quickly learned my lesson.

Basically, your dorm room isn’t just for display. You live there. It’s gonna get messy, it’s gonna have to store a lot of stuff, and you’re not always going to have time to keep it in pristine condition because life gets crazy. But you can deal with it, I promise, and for all the new freshman prepping for their first dorm experience, I want to give some advice on how you can be prepared for what college life actually hits you with.

Alright, so I actually ended up being in a triple (so I had two roommates) which meant I had even less space than the average broom-closet sized dorm room and I had two people I had to get along with. Thankfully, we all ended up being really close and very considerate of each other, and I am incredibly grateful for it. We learned our lessons together, and this is the list of stuff we came up with:

1. Vacuum: Get a real vacuum, maybe a cheap one (not like a crazy dyson), but a real one. Not just a handheld one (like we had) because it won’t be enough. Girls shed hair. A lot. (especially three long haired girls like us) People might accidentally spill a bag of powdered sugar on your rug, or you might rip open a bag of cereal a little too vigorously, or, more seriously, you might break something like glass and you don’t want anyone cutting open their foot on a shard. 

2. Swiffer: If your floor was linoleum like ours (that’s why we needed a rug, which I’ll mention later), then it will get dusty and dirty. Having a swiffer is just nice to have because once you vacuum your rug clean, you don’t want the dirt on the linoleum getting on the rug. Plus, it’s gonna a rain and there’s gonna be mud. It’s gross.

3. Brita filter: So my dorm was actually the absolute best freshman dorm not just because the people were amazing, but because we had sinks. IN OUR ROOMS. It is just so CONVENIENT. Anyway, I am fully aware that not everyone is as lucky as us and the only sinks will be in the bathroom. A Brita filter pitcher is nice to keep in your fridge because you can have fresh clean in your room at any given moment.

4. Trash can: We had three in our room for each person but they kinda ended up being shared based on location in the room, but yeah. You need somewhere to throw away stuff.

5. Plastic bags or just garbage bags: And not only do you need a place to throw away stuff, you need plastic bags or garbage bags for clean disposal. And trash piles up real fast in your tiny room, so you’ll need to replenish these bags very often. I learned from my mom that you always have a place to store your plastic bags, and so we had a designated plastic bag drawer where we kept all the bags from our local campus convenience store, or the drug store, or wherever. Trust me, it’s saved lives. (as in, barf bags)

6. Command hooks: So we had to bunk two beds and loft another to have enough room and it’s kind of a pain in the ass to constantly climb down to throw something out so we had a trash bag hanging from a command hook on my roommate’s lofted bed and yeah. That bag has saved lives. (same situation as above) Plus, you can hang hats, bags, towels, little caddies for your toothbrush off of these hooks and it’s just so nice because you don’t lose things.

7. Clorox wipes: Again, stuff gets gross, and you’ll unfortunately need to clean things (ie your mom doesn’t clean everything for you anymore). Have two packs stored because you never know.

8. Dish soap: Real dishes need to be washed well, or else you’ll get sick.

9. Sponges: For the dish soap. And the dishes.

10. Windex: For our mirror, which we wrote on with washable marker, and I killed ants with it too. 

11. Storage for food: Something airtight so bugs can’t get to it, like a trunk. We also had mice sometimes go into our vents. And then into people’s rooms. They’re looking for a warm place to hide, and food. Don’t leave food out is the lesson. But also have food in your room! Our room was well known to always have food and its really nice when you’re staying up late and everything is closed.

12. Tissues: Freshman plague is so real. You will most certainly get it, and probably several times too. 

13. Vitamins and medicine: Your immune system is gonna get a work out in college. Help it out with some vitamin C tablets. Have some tylenol or advil for headaches and aches and pains. And side note, if you’re really sick, just go to the health center, you don’t have to suffer through it.

14. Slippers: Get a comfy, cheap pair (because sometimes dorm hallways are gross, especially on the weekends) that you can wear all around your building and still be comfy.

15. Power strip: So much stuff needs to be plugged in and you definitely won’t have enough outlets between you and your roommate(s).

16. Printer: Okay, this seems a little unreasonable, but we were lucky because my one roommate had a spare one at home (how though??) and I have frequently said it is my favorite thing in our room. It has come in clutch so many times. But if you have a campus printer near you, or if its too expensive, it’s fine not to have one. But if you do get one, I would recommend getting one that is NOT wireless. University wifi doesn’t like you using other wifi (ie it won’t work). Get a printer that has a cable.

17. Plastic plates and forks: We have real dishes and silverware too, but plastic stuff is just easier clean up.

18. Rug: I almost forgot about this one.The floor gets cold and a rug also makes a room feel homier. You and your friends are gonna sit there and bond all that fun stuff, and someone might even sleepover on it (if they have a sleeping bag).

19. Chairs: So we actually didn’t have any other chairs other than the ones that university gave us for our desks and those are okay and everything, but some of our friends had these amazing, foldable, springy chairs that were so comfortable and also a lot of fun, and I am definitely getting one for my room next year. 

Other things you might need but might forget (maybe?):



Rain boots

Rain coat

Extra towels

Contact solution

Favorite mug



Make up wipes



Of course, this is not an exhaustive list, you’ll definitely need other things (like a fridge, microwave, sheets, pillows, decorations, etc), or see that you really don’t need some of the things I’ve mentioned. Honestly, do what you feel is best and good luck! I loved my first year at college! Like basically everyone, I had some trouble adjusting at first. I felt pretty lonely in the beginning too, but once you start going, things start to fall into place. I met some great people, had some great classes, and honestly, I’m going to miss my first year–even with all the excitement of being an upperclassman next semester.

I hope this helped and that you have just as great of an experience in your first year as I did–actually, even better!

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(1/2) Hi! I read your character study on Keith and a lot of things you pointed out gave me a strange sense of deja vu, like abandon issues, brain!Shiro using language manipulation to make Keith think he's selfish etc, etc... then it hit me- Keith was abused, probably not physically but mentally becouse it's the exact same world perception as mine. His father must have negleted him or manipulated him into beliving he doesn't deserve anything, that him being a child is actually him being selfish

(2/2) so many things screamed at me while watching Volttron that something is wrong but I just couldn’t put my fingers on it, y'know? I’m also pretty sure that Keith’s father told him al least once a week that he doesn’t have a mom because she thought that she was too special to stay with them (is that making any sense?) In other words, I’m more then sure that Keith’s father blamed him for his mother’s disappearance (death?). Speaking from experience, it’s something abusive parent would do.

Yeah that “as usual” does stand out, doesn’t it?

Just look at his face when he hears that line

You can see that hit a very sensitive spot there.

And you know, I think alot of people can identify with what you said, since alot of parents do use that kind of shit all the time trying to control their kids. Like this whole convo really reminds me of a child trying to explain their parent something that’s extremely meaningful to them and their parent just shutting them down because they think they know better and also blaming the kid for ruining the family or something.

But I wouldn’t be too fast to call Keith’s dad a bad guy.. Since just like this Shiro that Keith’s mind creates has nothing to do with how real Shiro is, it’s very possible Keith’s dream dad is very far from how things really are. (maybe like VERY very far, like that not even being his dad) This just shows us how Keith sees things.

And it’s interesting to note this line comes from Shiro and not his dad, while his dad is the one that actually wants and encourages him to be selfish.

(And also that Keith kinda acted the same way with Pidge not so long ago.. which seems to me like it actually really bothers him people are being selfish and then brain!Shiro just reflects that at him. )

So this can go many many ways..

Like consider maybe Keith’s mom “died” in childbirth, and seeing how broken his dad was over it all his life, Keith blamed himself, even though his dad never did.

Or what if Keith somehow was responsible for the death of both his parents? Or feels like he was?

What if Keith did something real bad and selfish in the past and as a result alot of people got hurt? Or just saw someone do something like that?

Also his response to that line is interesting. 

He’s obviously hurt, but then its

“yes, I’m thinking of myself, and i’m gonna do what I want to do”

Just like his bio says, Keith is determined to carve his own path. He is not someone who gets emotionally manipulated easily. (And I really wonder what’s behind this, since people usually become like that when they are denied freedom in one way or another.)

And with how much he cares about Shiro, and Shiro’s opinion of him, he’s still there saying “I will do what I want even if it makes you think lowly of me”

He totally chooses the knife over Shiro here. (but I kinda feel like it’s partially because he never let himself get too attached to Shiro because he believed Shiro wouldn’t stay with him, like in a “I always knew the day you would give up on me would come” way.)

And ye he runs after him after Shiro says he will be alone. So maybe losing Shiro<being alone? Although these two things are kinda connected I guess.

Anyway, yeah, it was very interesting to get a glimpse of Keith’s mind. But it didn’t really give us much about his actual past I think. We still got alot to learn about it.

why pippa soo is an actual cinnamon roll

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  • left ham for amelie
  • can count to 10 in french, will help her in her next role
  • the cutest freckles
  • SMOL
  • loves emojis
  • weirded out by facebook live
  • basically raised to be a star
  • cheekbones r goals
  • gardens
  • rides bike in nyc
  • ???? so eco friendly
  • groff is officiating her wedding 
  • won a grammy 
  • eyeliner always looks a+
  • has pretty hair


The Schuyler Sisters

  • walks onstage dragging peggy
  • cringe bc peggy 

Originally posted by theaterswift

  • excited for the revolution
  • supports tf out of angelica
  • rushing around the stage and being cute
  • doesn’t like burr
  • starts act 1 as a happy cinnamon roll


  • i thought she was singing what do i do instead of i do in the recording until i saw lins annotations on genius
  • not dancing with anyone bbut angelica
  • basically stays on the right side of the stage
  • actually hates angelica for wanting a harem
  • does a cute dance with her skirt and high fives her girls
  • looks like a lil nervous kid witha crush when ham makes his little speech
  • puts hams letters in a box so she can burn the later lol
  • actually looks adorable in her eliza veil

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  • starts out with her toast and they’re like stuffed in the corner ok
  • her rewinding part is so cool
  • pip’s part is really cool like not as renees but yo
  • the way she goes into kissing him in the toast is cool
  • rhis song is just really great idk

That Would Be Enough

  • sad song prepare yaself
  • pregnancy dress yo its cool
  • excite eliza
  • unapologetically excited to be a mom but also her husband is annoying
  • literally imagine pippa as a mom she’d be so great
  • shes so cute she sounds great in this
  • “let me be a part of the narrative” oh sis
  • ok on another note i hate hearing the notes from its quiet uptown bc foreshadowing

i’m not gonna talk about what she does in the laurens interlude but it makes me wanna die because my heart crumples thx pippa and anthony YALL R THE WORST

Act Two


  • literally just wants her husband to chill and settle down

Take a Break

  • honestly i feel offended when she counts with anthony
  • she looks so mad i love her
  • also mad at her husband
  • i wish my mom could beatbox like pippa
  • ok but if thomas jefferson can chill in france for like 80 years why csn’t alexander spend like 2 seconds with his fam
  • her scream when she sees angelica and hugs her aw
  • acting like she loves alex but irl wants to choke him me 2

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Schuyler Defeated

  • i like how pippa looks concerned and anthony literally looks like he could kill someone
  • also looks concerned because her husband is reckless and could kill someone


  • literally not even a break up anthem its a divorce anthen
  • sorry i hate myself for that
  • looks so broken
  • sounds like she might cry but would probably kill a man before crying
  • i honestly love this song so much because pip is so amazing 10/10
  • literally pippa’s face in this song makes me tear up this song makes me tear up
  • now she isn’t a part of the narrative ok ow
  • one time i burned a tag from some shirt and didn’t think of how to put it out and i didn’t want to get up and i blew on it life was scary and my room smelled like burnt paper
  • this song is so powerful i will never be the same after hearing this like it shook me

Stay Alive

  • hearing the opening notes makes me tear up
  • also screw you for changing the melody
  • now is not the time to count ma
  • her scream is so gut wrenching
  • would make a frat boy cry if burn didn’t already

It’s Quiet Uptown

  • she looks so dead honestly her face is stone cold
  • ouch
  • i hate everything about act 2 oh my god


Best of Wives and Best of Women

  • this song mkaes my heart hurt a lot
  • i like how sleepy she sounds
  • “i have an early meeting out of town” everything is legal in new jersey
  • “why do you write like you’re running out of town” leave a note for your next of kin
  • its cute but ow
  • “i’ll be back before you know i’m gone” 
  • “this meetings at dawn” duel b4 the sun is in the sky
  • her little smile when he kisses her hand breaks my heart

burr couldn’t let ham make his daughter an orphan but he made his wife a widow and his kids fatherless

Who Lives Who Dies

  • eliza
  • the fact that she made something of herself after he died and went on to do amazing things omg
  • i’m not crying you’re crying
  • she did so much i can’t handle myself
  • she told the stories of soldiers
  • she made sense of his damn writing
  • she got help from angelica aw
  • she stands so strong and chris just backs away when she mentions slavery i’m sobbing now
  • the orphanage
  • the way pippa acts during this song is so powerful like her mannerisms ow
  • lmm will tell your story
  • i spoke too soon i forgot the gasp boy am i crying 

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this has been fun guys 

literally pippa is the cutest cinnamon roll (see the deleted john adams rap) and like she looks great 500% of the time and shes always rlly happy (unless she’s leaving the show bc this was sad)

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Way of the World- part 5

Fandom: Supernatural

Word count: 1860

Characters: Dean x soulmate!reader, Sam

Warnings: hints at violence

Summary: The reader meets up with Sam and Dean, gets some answers, and makes a decision.  Part 1 Part 2  Part 3 Part 4 Part 6  Part 7  Part 8  Part 9  Part 10  Part 11  Part 12  Part 13  Part 14  Part 15  Part 16

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You had to admit, you weren’t really expecting Dean to be there when you showed up at the café.

Even after you made the call, you spent most of that day debating whether or not to go. You had already done more than enough to lose your job, and you really should be staying away from more trouble.

You weren’t going to, though.

And as uncomfortable as it made you to think it, you weren’t just going because you wanted answers, either. Your craving to see Dean again was getting almost unbearable. It may have been just a stupid biological impulse, but it was impossible to ignore, even if you tried. Which you had.

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Chris' interview with Urban Ink Magazine

Chris Brown got his first tattoo when he was just 13-years-old. It’s a portrait of Jesus Christ with musical notes to represent his God-given gift to sing. Thirteen years later, that gift has allowed the Grammy-winning singer to become one of the most dominant forces in music.

Today, these two worlds, tattoos and music, continue to be an important part of his life, but there’s even more to celebrate. Now he’s a father to Royalty, whom he named his latest album after. He calls her “an amazing plus” in his life and beams when he talks about her. He’s also got a newly launched clothing line, Black Pyramid, an upcoming documentary, “Welcome to My Life,” and he’s balancing all of this while being one of the most-talked-about celebs in the game.

In the middle of his busy schedule, CB sat down with Urban Ink to talk about his love for Royalty, music, ink, art and fashion. He also discussed his fearlessness, his upbringing, and how he maintains a youthful spirit, thanks to his creativity.

Urban Ink: Art is a really important part of your life. Can you tell us about some of your early influences?

Chris Brown: As a kid, your imagination is very fertile. So, growing up in the early ‘90s, I was influenced by everything from “The [Big Bad] Beetleborgs,” “Biker Mice from Mars,” “Street Sharks,” Animorphs books and Harry Potter books. All that had an effect on my creativity, my music, my art, even down to what I wear. For me, it’s more about just having fun and living with an adolescent vibe.

You talk about how creativity influences not only your tattoos and your art, but also your fashion. You got the Black Pyramid [clothing] line going. What inspired that concept?

I was always one of those kids that equated fashion with the first day of school or Christmas or the last day of school. Looking at the Eastbay [catalog], I always wanted to be one of those kids that liked ‘90s urban hip-hop culture. Admittedly, I’ve always been a fan of that. I think, with my clothing line, I tried to grasp that kind of concept, but also give my fans and my core audience a chance to see what type of clothes I like, the type of stuff that I’m into and clothing that’s actually affordable. My price range is like H&M and Zara prices, so I’m not trying to crush my consumers. I want them to be able to build the brand with me. Slowly roll out pieces and hopefully some small collabs will come out. I’m just getting my feet wet in the fashion industry. I want them to be able to see that I’m actually authentic and genuine about it. Not just trying to do it because it looks nice.

And it’s unisex, too. Why was that an important point for you?

You never can count anybody out. I believe much of my success has been female-based. Recently I’ve started getting more male fans. I wanted to do a clothing line that everybody could wear. I tell people all the time, I’m not running for president. Just like when I do my albums, it’s a choice. So if you want it, you can have it.

Talking about Eastbay took me back to when I would look at it. We’d imagine, “If we can pick one shoe from every page…” What was the shoe for you that took sneakers to the next level?

When we were coming up, we were poor, so we only had two pairs of shoes. You would get either high top or low top, a white Air Force 1 and a pair of Timbs, wheat or black, or vice versa. And they were your shoes for the year and, hopefully, your moms made a little money so you could get some basketball shoes and just maybe you could customize them on Eastbay to be your school colors. I might have done that once. So the shoes for me were basic. You would get some regular Vans or Chuck Taylors and trash them and then go to school every day and be cool. We kind of made everything work for us.

Yeah. It took me back, too. You’d get that one shoe growing up. However, later in your (young) life when you can pretty much buy any sneaker you want is there a shoe you still are looking for? A holy grail of a sneaker?

I’m not really looking for a holy grail of a sneaker. I have always believed “fresh” is you either got it or you don’t. I don’t wake up in the morning and say, “Cool. I can wear blue denims with this ripped up shirt.” That’s overthinking. Whatever you feel like emotionally, that’s the clothes you’re gonna wear. You wear the clothes; you can’t let the clothes wear you.

The big white T’s?

Yeah, the six-X. Everybody went through a phase in his or her culture. White T’s for our era is like bell-bottoms for people in the ‘70s. So you get to this phase and now you’re seeing everybody start to be more creative and figuring out their own kind of sense of fashion and style or even just trying shit out. Fuck it.

Today we were obviously listening to a lot of your music. You’ve got some straight R&B and some rhymin’. That’s something that’s evolved throughout your career. Can you tell us how you approach those tracks differently, from a traditional R&B song to a Hip-Hop track?

Well, it’s easy: fearlessness. It’s not arrogance; it’s fearlessness. People dog themselves before they give themselves an opportunity to fail. So I think they let other people’s insecurities bring their doubts down. I don’t let that stop anything I’m doing. It’s never worked out for me in the past, so I think that listening to myself and focusing on what I needed to do puts me in that category. So if I wanted to rap or if I wanted to yodel, I think I would have just done it anyway with the confidence of me saying, “I’m gonna do it.” People usually have a lack of confidence due to insecurities. Once again, it’s not arrogance. It’s just being very aware and fearless of doing things or willing to try.

You’ve turned some of your own art into tattoos. Can you take us through how that usually works for you, from conception to finish.

Usually, it just comes from us partying or being in some exciting environment. Mostly it’s just having fun. For me, I don’t try to focus too much on particulars when getting a tattoo. Granted sometimes it has a deep meaning, like a milestone, and sometimes it’s just a stepping-stone in my life. I’ll look at a tattoo and say, “Oh, I remember where I was at when I got this tattoo.” Those moments are captured within the tattoos. I believe overthinking is probably what most people do, so I just try to let it flow. I use that same philosophy when I am getting my own artwork tattooed on me. I give my tattoo artist a lot of freedom.

Is there one [tattoo] in particular that you remember getting when you look at it?

Everyone always remembers their first tattoo. My first tattoo was a Jesus with musical notes. Basically signifying that God gave me the gift to sing. I was 13, but my mom didn’t know I got it. When she saw it, she went crazy, like, “What are you doing?” I showed her. I said, “It’s Jesus, mama, look.” So she kind of cooled down, but I still got in trouble.

What’s the latest ink you’ve got?

The latest ink I’ve got is probably my head.

That was big news, but based on this interview you strike us as someone who just got it spur-of-the-moment.

It’s just whatever. People want shock value. If I went outside butt-naked tomorrow, it would be headline news. But for me, the bull symbolizes the Taurus I am and the Aphrodite, the Goddess of all women. My stubbornness always makes me attracted to those types of females. So that’s me (the bull) chasing Aphrodite.

At some point, are you going get your back done? That’s a spot where you’ve got some space.

Yeah, I’ll probably get my back done. I’ve got a couple artists that I’m looking at. I’m gonna put my daughter on my back, her whole body. I’m trying to make some ill portrait shit.

Do you have a favorite artist?

Nah, man. Art is what you make it. I can appreciate everybody’s art. Tattoo artists are like fine artists and there’s no first place in the art world to me. Everybody has his or her own unique style. It’s almost like there’s no first place in music. You may get a number-one record, but everybody’s got a shot at the next number one spot.
That holds true for all types of artists, too. I travel a lot. I’ll roll into a city and see a strike-up and it was done by some regular local guy. Yet its got so much can control and the execution is done so ill that you’ll be like, “I like that more than what I just saw in the gallery down the street that had an $80,000 price tag on it.” For me it’s all about expression, man. If I can feel the energy through the painting, then I’m fucking with it. It doesn’t matter whether it’s on some back alley wall or a posh Fifth Avenue gallery.

You have the reputation of a rebel. What would you say to your fans about that?

I would just say that I would rather be an inspiration and not a role model. Make your own decisions. You don’t have to rebel just to rebel. You don’t have to accept just to accept. If you want to get a tattoo, if you think that’s your thing, then that’s cool. I personally think that now, not having a tattoo is kind of like a statement in itself. Our generation is gonna be old, tatted, and we’re gonna look so dope. So, it’s a choice. When my fans can say, “I want to get tatted or I don’t want to get tatted.” I don’t look at them any differently.

Now that you’re a dad, we know a lot of fathers who say you’re just never the same after you see your baby. What has Royalty taught you?

When I look at her, I see myself. I see a better version of myself. I just see her future. There’s no need to go backwards. At the end of the day, you learn that life is all about choices. Life is about responsibility and, actually, life is about love. Seeing my daughter embodies everything that I need to feel a sense of fulfillment and believe in myself. Being able to have her in my life, it’s just been amazing.

How I lost my baby toe

Disclaimer: I still have 10 toes 

So back in October I bought myself a bus ticket to go from Tampa to Miami and visit my older brother for the weekend. There was a big football game that Saturday and then later that evening him and his housemates were throwing a party regardless of the outcome of the game because why tf not? 

Now here is some key info about the party:

Start time: 10:00 pm   Theme: Hippies v.s. Hicks   Date: Eve of Ma’s birthday

Now this weekend was doomed from the start, my trip was supposed to be 7hrs which is already longer than it takes to go from Tampa to Miami, but it was a greyhound bus so there were multiple stops. Except it turned into an 11hr trip & the bus broke down twice in the middle of bumfuck Florida. I also lied to my parents traveling with a friend so they wouldn’t worry about me being alone so that was horrifying. I ended up arriving at 1am, the driver also dropped me off at the wrong location, a relatively abandoned bus stop, so i had to wait 30 min for my brother to drive to the other stop to pick me up. In that 30 min I was almost jumped twice while a rat was j chillin on the bench next to me. Finally at 1:30am my brother and his 6 friends show up clown car style. At this point the phrase “what could possibly go wrong” became my brother’s friend’s catchphrase for the weekend

Fast forward 4.5 hours 

It was an early kick off so all running on 3 hours of sleep we got up early to tailgate, watched our team get slaughtered, then went home to start prepping the house to become a party environment. 

At 9:50pm Saturday night 

my brother and his guy friends are dressed as hicks while all their girlfriends a I were dressed as hippies. (as seen below) This is a key part to my ER adventure 

note: I am braless bc free the nipple

So were all dressed and ready to go now that the house is clean and the party starts in a few min


Now remember that friend who I mentioned earlier? The one who picked up “What could possibly go wrong?!” as his catch phrase? at 9:58pm he asked me to take a pic of him and his friend, I do, and then I walk to the other side of them room immediately after and open up a marble cabinet door to put some things away so that random party goers don’t take them. —— However, neither my brother nor the other 3 guys who live in that house thought to tell me that this door’s hinges were broken. Now the door opens like how an oven door opens– down. But when my unsuspecting ass walked up to it with like 3 things in my had and opened it, the door just fell off. Keep in mind that this door was heavy, so it fell fast. I wasn’t quick enough and it ended up landing corner first onto my toe. 

As all of this happens, the friend i just took a picture for had stepped outside to take a phone call or something as he was oblivious to the whole situation. The situation being me sitting on the kitchen table while my brother and his friends pressure wrapped my foot for the bleeding and then carried me to the car and drove me to the ER. While in the car he posts the photo on facebook with the ever so perfect caption “what could possibly go wrong?” to which my brother comments back “I think we found out what could go wrong” 


Right right so here were are at the ER. I’m in booty shorts and not wearing a bra as I hop into the waiting room to sign in while my brother and his friend get visitor passes while dressed like complete rednecks. Oh boy the looks we were getting. Not only were we dressed ridiculous, but we were all just casually laughing while waiting around since i literally had no feeling in my foot yet so I was very calm as my toe was dangling (gross sorry) 

My doctor thought I was being a smart ass when he asked for a rough time as to when it happened and I said 9:58pm. So we explained how we were getting ready for a party hence the attire and it was funny how it happened literally two minutes before.

which then lead to a 20 minute conversation explaining how we promise that there was no alcohol involved. The whole 2 hours we were there, we were just laughing with the nurses and playing music in the ER room. I’m probably the most easy going patient you’ll have. 

 I ended up getting roughly 9 anesthesia injections and 11 stitches in my little pinky toe but I still got it. I literally saw my bone and tendon which was CRAZY. When leaving the hospital finally, I called my father and told him what happened after everything was taken care of. You’d think he’d tell my mom right? just wait.

Long story short, we ended up showing up to our own party 2 hours late while the other two guys who lived there held down the fort while we were gone. When we got there 50 people who i had never met before were like “YOOOO ITS MIKE’s SISTERRRRR GIRL YOURE A CHAMP LIKE DAMN HOW ARE YOU, COME HERE LETS TAKE SHOTS TOGETHER” and I literally knew none of them, and couldn’t drink on the multiple medications I was on. I changed into some Pajamas and then walked around the party getting introduced to all his friends.

So here is my toe the following morning

All was going great an it was just kinda sore. Haha BUT then around 2 in the morning the anesthesia wore off and man oh man. I was supposed to catch a bus at 7 am to go back to Tampa and I realized that i was not about to be sitting there with this foot for another 8 hours and I had to call my parents non stop at 2 in the morning until they answered. Remember that key info from earlier? I woke my 62 year old mother up at 2 in the morning on her birthday and I feel awful. When they picked up the phone i was sobbing like “MA I CANT DO IT, IM SORRY I KNOW ITS GONNA COST A LOT OF MONEY TO BOOK A FLIGHT LAST MIN BUT I CANNOT GET ON THAT BUS, I NEED TO FLY HOME” meanwhile she was all like “Katherine calm down what are you talking about” my father didn’t tell my mom what had happened earlier that night because he was gonna make her breakfast in the morning and tell her in a calm environment.

I ended up flying back to school 3 days later than planned and had to email my professors who all emailed back sarcastically as if i was lying to them about my injury until they all 1 by 1 saw me in person and flipped out when i waddled into class like: 

basically it has been about 2 and a half months now and I finally have started to be able to wear closed toed shoes this week and do light work outs.

2 weeks after the incident

Day before stitch removal

stitch removal I started to cry this day because when my nurse walked into the room, the first thing she said was “wow thats so interesting, I’ve never seen stitches like this before” (if your medically curious, it was a lock-stich suture i believe) and then she sees me tearing up and asks why and I was like “what do you mean why, you’re the one about to remove these and you don’t even know how they went in” she then just started laughing and was like sweetie no no no the doctor will be here in a second, I’m his assistant. But then my doctor said the same thing to make me laugh and then he saw my face and was like “HAHAH I’m kidding, I wanted to make you laugh to keep it a happy environment in here” 

He was kidding, it was a painless removal :)

A Month

And this is where I’m at currently

So thats my very long (and filtered believe it or not) story of how I fucked up and severed my toe :)