this is gonna get deleted in like an hour

hey im probably gonna delete this soon bc i have anxiety and stuff and if i dont get an immediate mostly positive response i will think im the worst human being alive but: how do yall feel about me posting more personal stuff on this blog like? idk? but i also have very bad anxiety, where i think if i change anything about the blog ill lose all my followers, and this blog is the biggest thing thats ever happened to me in a long time…idk….i just?? want a more personal relationship with u guys?? i want to do more?? lol pls idk what to do…..

They seriously waited literally like 24 fucking hours to squash the hype

literally 24 fucking hours

Honestly, I’m fucking mad as hell. If it was just a fucking anniversary rerelease for black parade, they should’ve said something A LOT FUCKING EARLIER. Like literally 2 hours afterwards or something.

I’m mad, but more like fucking appalled that they let people get so fucking hyped up and didn’t clarify before it got like this. They know exactly what they did. So fucking shady and manipulative. Like yeah, it’s not that deep and no one cares and it ain’t even worth getting mad about, but how’re you gonna delete the break up tweet, do a fucking video teaser, pick a symbol that means resurrection, and then say “lol nah, it’s just black parade rerelease”

Their fucking marketing team can fuck the hell right off

Update; suing for emotional damages so I can get me some of that rerelease money