this is gonna get deleted in like an hour

Important rant about hate mail

Deleting shitty/hateful messages is the most satisfying feeling man.
Cause like ya know lots of us have that immediate urge to get defensive, or be rude back, or try to make the person look bad, BUT LET ME TELL Y'ALL,
knowing someone who sent you some dumb shit is probably scrolling your blog for some period over hours, or even days hoping to get their little trollsy fix from your response that they’re never actually gonna get, I SWEAR it’s like the ultimate petty move, which lets be honest, being subtly petty as hell usually feels a bit better than getting all hyped up and making yourself look silly and reactive.
Not to mention, once you hit that delete button, *poof* and the message is gone forever, so you don’t have to deal with it and can totally just forget it exists, and even if your petty vibes come back around, it’s gone and you just accept it and then it’s over - no blog drama, no back and forth with stupid heads, nothing, it’s just gone, like magic.
I’m just thankful, that’s all.

i need to take a step back cause this vile old man just PMed me and is liking my selfies and like

i am angry. angrier than i ever get.

and i know if i dont back off i will say awful, awful things to him. things he deserves to hear but things that i promised myself ill never say.

ive gotta come off tumblr for a while guys. only a couple of hours but yeah. ill be fine and safe i just cant be on here or im gonna do something that could get my tumblr deleted.

I need someone’s opinion and most people I know are asleep. So there’s this guy I’ve known for 7 months. We’ve talked pretty much every day and hung out quite a bit. Quite a bit of flirting and shit. Hooked up and talked about dating.

However, about a month ago, I told him I had feelings for him, mostly because I was actually trying to end things since I don’t hook up with guys unless it’s a dating situation. He said that he was really interested in dating me but was hesitant cause he’s never dated anyone. That we could keep hanging out and see where things go. I said I try it for awhile, lower my expectations of what hanging out with him means.

Well a month goes by, he gets a lot less flirty and we don’t really see much of each other. So I begin to assume he just wants to be friends. I begin to get over him. Last day of the semester he asks to hang out, so we go to the movies. I literally sit as far away from him as possible so there’s no mistake its just platonic.

But then about 10-15 min in he moves the arm rest and puts his head on my chest so we could cuddle. We pretty much cuddle for the rest of the movie. Then walking out of the theater he asks if I want a blow job. I tell him I don’t really want one, and also that I couldn’t anyways since I have a curfew at my dorm. But he kept being relatively flirty until he dropped me off.

So anyways, I’m thinking that maybe he’s actually showing signs of wanting to date. We even start flirting again in our texts. However tonight this guy posts two snaps about how gay dating sucks since a guy will be interested in you but be dating someone the next week. And then posted to facebook about how he is always ruining possible relationships. So obviously he was interested in someone and they hurt him.

So I guess my question is, am I right to be pissed af? Cause I am, mostly cause I feel like he played with my emotions and led me on. Like he was just keeping me as a back up. Also what should I do? Just ignore his texts? Cause I don’t wanna start drama or confront him again

I’m actually such a terrible studyblr lmao like everyone’s like

“studying for ten hours today!!!”
“just revised 12 chapters of [subject] and I might take a break soon!”
“just ticked 20 things off of my to-do list!!!”

And I’m here struggling to get out of bed before 3pm most days and struggling even HARDER to stay out of bed and awake and when I do get down to work I give up after about an hour max? and end up procrastinating for another three hours before getting back to the task I was previously doing and going to be at like 11pm having achieved nothing and it’s almost laughable how incredibly unproductive I am compared to every other studyblr :)

anonymous asked:

can you uh.. write a scenario based on that wonwoo baby imagine you wrote? PLSSSSS - Waewon anon

Word Count: 1080 Whyarethestuffiwritealwayssolongwtf

Genre: Fluff

“(Y/n)!” Wonwoo yelled as he walked up the steps of your condo. “(Y/n)! Are you ready to go? Come on we gotta hit the road! Joshua’s waiting in the car!” Jumping out of your house, you threw your duffel bag at Wonwoo and turned to lock your front door.

“So, where are we going?” You asked as you walked down the steps of your front porch, walking towards Wonwoo with open arms, he welcomed you into his arms and smiled.

“Hey babe,” he greeted, leaning down to peck you on the lips. “You ready to go? Packed everything?” He asked, looking around as if a missing something would pop up. Hugging you once more, he wrapped his arms around your lower waist before he put his hands in your back pockets, making you jump in surprise.

“Wonwoo, Joshua is right there,” you whispered shyly in his ear as he grabbed your butt.

“And? What, he can’t see how we are together?” He asked innocently, you grabbed his arms and pulled them from your pockets. Shaking your head no, he pouted and crossed his arms over his chest in defeat.

“Are you guys like not going?” Joshua yelled from inside the car. “Hurry up we can’t get caught in traffic.” Wonwoo turned to the older boy and nodded his head, pushing you towards the car, you climbed into the backseat and he got in after you.

You sat in the back seat comfortably, your legs propped up on the chair in front of you, your headphones plugged in as you listened to whatever was on your playlist. “Babe,” Wonwoo called, leaning on you annoyingly as you ignored him. “Babe~” he whined, poking at your sensitive spots before you gave in and asked what he wanted. “Babe, Josh said he’s gonna stop at a place for gas, so I need money.”

“Money for what?” You asked loudly, taking out your earbuds to stare him down.  Wonwoo gave a nervous smile as he sank in his seat, ignoring your question.

“I-I just forgot, I have my wallet on me.” He laughed nervously, living up his wallet to show it to you. You turned back to your window calmly, reading quickly as the signs flew by. Wonwoo gave you a peck on the cheek, causing you to turn your head in surprise. “I love you,” he stated, pecking you on the lips he turned away and sank back down in his seat, embarrassed at how red he had gotten.

“Wonwoo are you blushing?” You asked as you leaned over, he hid his face in his jacket and you laughed. “Why are you trying to be cute?” You asked, laying your head down on his lap you looked straight up at him and smiled. “Why are you so red?” you asked, completely dumbfounded. “Do I have something on my face?” You asked, reaching for your phone to take a look with the camera.

“You got a lot of things on your face,” he responded. He gave you a cheesy smile and you knew what was coming. “It’s called ‘beauty’,” you could hear the noises of disgust coming from the cheesy compliment king in the driver’s seat and smiled.

“Wonwoo, I need Joshua to not die of cheesiness before we reach our destination, please refrain from being extra cheesy today.” You joked around, sitting up, you grabbed Wonwoo’s face and brought him closer to you, giving him a chaste kiss you returned to your seat and pretended nothing had happened.

An hour into your car ride, you feel Wonwoo lay down on your lap, his soft hair tickling your thighs. Looking down, you saw the love of your life and smiled, he smiled back at you as he grabbed your arm gently, playing with your fingers as you looked back up and out the window.

“Wonwoo! Wonwoo! Get up! It’s the water! Look at how blue it is!” You yelled excitedly, lifting him off your lap so you could stretch over to the other side of the car and peek out the window. You admired the blues of the water as they hit the cliff, water splashing against the pointed rocks. “Wonwoo look at how pretty it is,” you gasped, admiring the scene for as long as you could.

“Why admire it for now when you can take a picture?” He asked, “they do last longer.” You turned around to face Wonwoo, greeting a camera as he held it up. The flash went off as soon as you grasped what he was doing, but it was too late, he had taken the picture, and it probably came out bad.

You whined for him to show you, but he just wouldn’t budge. “Wonwoo please? I want to see the photo!” You yelled, tickling him to get the camera.

“No, (Y/n) stop!” He yelled, pushing you as far away as he could. “(Y/n)! Stop!” He pressed himself against the car door and held you back with his foot, making sure the doors were locked he reached his arm over the front passenger seat and smacked the button. “(Y/n), if you don’t stop I’m going to transfer this photo to my phone and post it online for everyone to see!” He threatened, you pulled away from him and glared.

You watched as he pressed a couple of buttons on the high-tech camera and put it away. “What did you just do?” You picked up the camera from on top of his backpack and turned it on, going through the gallery, you found nothing but photos of your previous dates. Assuming he had deleted it, you set the camera back down and sat back down in your seat, eyeing your conspicuously giggly boyfriend.


He shushed you and laid back down on your lap, holding up a finger to your lips as he got comfortable. “Let’s just sleep until we get there, we’ve got another hour to go (Y/n),” he moved around on your lap until he got into a comfortable position. He grabbed your hand like before and played with your fingers lovingly, looking up to smile at you once in awhile.

“Sleep well love, you’re not gonna be getting much when we get to the beach. We’re gonna be running around, playing in the water,” he yawned, “building sand castles,” he yawned once more before turning on his side, falling asleep faster than you thought he would’ve.

“Sleep well love, sleep well.”

  • Someone: Wow, whatever camera you took this on is complete trash. I spent four hours developing these pictures, couldn't get them in a better resolution than four by five stills, and they're still blurry. I don't get why you need them so badly anyways. Not like they're gonna fire you for not having photos with your write up.
  • Shiro, tired, and just wanting his photos so he can report back in: If only you'd spent four hours developing a personality, but thank you for developing these for me.

cheater157  asked:

Who is your favorite OC? Pls share their backstory I must know👀

to be honest it’s totally Devon. I’ve had him sinceee about the 6th grade, and he’s been concrete since about 7th grade (I’m almost a junior!). He’s so important to me :’). Whenever I feel sad I just work on him or write about him and it cheers me up real fast. 

haha his backstory is a loooong, complicated mess. I literally went on an 1.5-2 hour rant about his backstory at a sleepover once, it was ridiculous how long it took for me to talk about him. I actually wrote a response for this ask yesterday, but it got deleted I hate my life. It was soooo long because I wrote it in the way I speak. You’re probably getting a lot more than you bargained for :’). I’ll put it below the cut so everyone else doesn’t suffer. 

Keep reading

moonsparks  asked:

Top 10 favorite songs? ☺️

I’ve tried for an hour to pick 10 and I can’t so you’re just getting the highlights of my faves, here you can see just how much I can’t pick favourites

  • landslide by fleetwood mac (bonus for dreams)
  • babe I’m gonna leave you by led zeppelin 
  • fix you by coldplay
  • kissing you by des’ree
  • home by one direction (bonus for what a feeling and walking in the wind, actually basically all of mitam and hs1)
  • gathering dust by david gray (not even a great song, just personal)
  • tupelo honey by van morrison 
  • the box by damien rice 
  • iron sky by paolo nutini 
  • bloodstream by stateless
  • partition by beyonce
  • come away with me by norah jones
  • running up that hill by kate bush
  • in common by alicia keys
  • your love is king by sade 
  • fastlove by george michael (or careless whisper, I can’t decide)
  • changes by david bowie 
  • glory by john legend and common
  • lovesong by the cure
  • heaven by troye sivan
  • time by pink floyd
  • wait for it by leslie odom jr (from hamilton)

ask me my favourite of anything

I’m gonna get the Pancakes ready for a Parenthood test play. Though it’s ridiculous that I have to wait until the evening… it’s been the 30th for like 17 hours. (I have time now and I wanna play it now lol)

Dating the Dropout - Calum

Anon Asked: Can you make a preference where you are dating calum, an older confident high school drop out that comes to pick up the shy girl for lunchtime? Thanks a lot, idk if that’s kinda confusing^^ sorry

I Said: Don’t be sorry, I’m the sorry one for ruining this ^_^

Your POV

I scanned the outside tables and searched for someone to sit with, but no one held close enough to my standards. Anyone I ever sat with made me feel more alone than I already was and with my best friend being out sick, I truly did not even want to be there. I threw my food in the garbage before taking a seat at an empty table and pulling out my phone to dial Calum. When he picked up, the sound of boys giggling overpowered his greeting. I heard someone sing a note and Calum repeated it, in a better way, for that sound was made exactly for him.

“Y/N?” He cleared his throat. “You there?”

“I’m here,” I chew my bottom lip and scan the premises, everyone laughing and giggling as if they’re having a good time.

“What’s up?”

“Can you…maybe come and pick me up? Uh, I mean if you can’t that’s okay, I just thought maybe we could go and grab lunch or something and spend the whole day doing nothing.”

“Of course,” he snorts, “I can always pick you up, you know that. Stop being so shy when you want things from me, we’ve discussed this,” his voice is husky as he tells me for the hundredth time, but the thing was, he always meant it. He’d never let me down. “I’ve always got you baby, where are you?”

“In school?” My eyebrows arch and I wish he could see the face I was making, so he could know how dumb his question was.

“I knew that,” he chuckles and I hear a bit of shuffling on his line, along with the sound of keys jingling. “I’m on my way, text you when I get there.”

“Okay, bye, I love you.”

“Love you too,” he speaks like he means it before hanging up and my cheeks become warm, the blushing must’ve been obvious because the freshmen wouldn’t stop staring at me. I pretended not to see them as I scrolled through Tumblr to pass the time.

My phone went off with a message in what felt like only a few minutes and I peered up to see Calum’s expensive car, standing and trying to keep my cool as I made my way over. I knew many eyes were watching me as I approached because he got out of the car, Green Day blasting shamelessly on the stereo. He walked around to the passenger side door and blocked my entrance, crossing his buff and tattooed biceps with a huge ass smile on his face.

“What’s the password?”

“Password?” I whispered, my peripherals wondering what everyone who was watching us thought. Especially those in my senior class who didn’t think much of my presence, what was on their mind?

“Yeah, password,” he brings his voice a little lower, reaching out a hand to touch my face and lift my chin. “Stop hiding your face, princess,” he says solemnly. “You embarrassed to be with me?”


“Then give me a kiss.”

“Is that the password?“

“Yep,” he pops the ‘p’ and grabs my waist with his big hands, pulling me close to him and pouting out his plump lips. I roll my eyes and get on my tippie toes, moving in for a kiss on the cheek but giggling when he turns his head and kisses my lips. “Now you may enter,” he steps aside and holds the door open for me, guiding me in and closing it. I look out the window and smirk, loving the reaction of the girls who were swooning over his looks. Too bad they didn’t get to run their fingers through his blonde highlights or watch his band practices or lay on his couch and receive CD mixtapes that he worked hours on because he wanted everything to be just right. They didn’t get to have him sing them to sleep under the stars either.

He turns down the music a bit and refuses to buckle his seat belt as he backs out, one hand on the steering wheel and the other behind the headrest of my seat. “What do you want to eat?”

They seriously waited literally like 24 fucking hours to squash the hype

literally 24 fucking hours

Honestly, I’m fucking mad as hell. If it was just a fucking anniversary rerelease for black parade, they should’ve said something A LOT FUCKING EARLIER. Like literally 2 hours afterwards or something.

I’m mad, but more like fucking appalled that they let people get so fucking hyped up and didn’t clarify before it got like this. They know exactly what they did. So fucking shady and manipulative. Like yeah, it’s not that deep and no one cares and it ain’t even worth getting mad about, but how’re you gonna delete the break up tweet, do a fucking video teaser, pick a symbol that means resurrection, and then say “lol nah, it’s just black parade rerelease”

Their fucking marketing team can fuck the hell right off

Update; suing for emotional damages so I can get me some of that rerelease money
One Direction’s Niall Horan and Louis Tomlinson forced to change phone numbers bombarded with disgusting messages
ONE Direction stars Niall Horan and Louis Tomlinson have been forced to change their phone numbers after being inundated with ‘disgusting’ messages.

The boys took to Twitter to complain about their invasion of privacy in a series of angry messages – before joking about challenging the perpetrators to a rap battle to ‘destroy’ them.

An exasperated Louis tweeted: “Time to change my number .. Getting some disgusting stuff on what’s app… Losers !”

His bandmate Niall quickly responded saying: “Me too mate. Horrific some of the things people are saying.”

Despite clearly being upset about the situation, dad-of-one Louis jokingly tweeted: “Maybe we should challenge them to a rap battle and destroy them in 64 bars?”

Their good mate and One Direction video director Ben Winston also got involved – promoting his new show Rap Battle by tweeting: “Good idea. Then we can put it on Drop the Mic.”

The news comes just hours after pop singer Justin Bieber deleted his Instagram account after falling out with his fans.

Yesterday he warned his fans that he would make his Instagram private if they continued to post cruel comments about his new girlfriend Sofia Richie.

He wrote: “I’m gonna make my Instagram private if you guys don’t stop the hate this is getting out of hand, if you guys are really fans you wouldn’t be so mean to people that I like.”

His ex-girlfriend Selena Gomez then stepped in to offer fans her support and said: “If you can’t handle the hate then stop posting pictures of your girlfriend lol -it should be special between you two only.

“Don’t be mad at your fans. They love you. They were there for you before anyone.”

The pair then became embroiled in a public row – which included Justin appearing to accuse Selena of cheating on him with Zayn Malik.

It’s also not the first time One Direction have had issues with overzealous fans – just last month Niall hit out after a fan took a picture of him while he was sleeping on a plane.

After the image appeared online, he tweeted: “I think this s**t is unreal. I mean if you can’t sleep on a plane without people taking photos of you,what can u do (sic).”


ok so recently someone reposted my art.. okay.. im a bit upset but its not a big deal… at least not for me :// ok but when you react negatively thats when you’re gonna get your laptop shoved up your ass

for me, its TOTALLY OKAY if you repost my art somewhere just AS LONG AS YOU GIVE ME CREDIT AND ASK ME FIRST honestly its that simple!!

anyway, i got the posts deleted but this persons reaction was just uNACCEPTABLE

example 1: 

(note: i wont even bother blacking out the user i mean like shes reposted a few other peoples art as well :// plus she might gain a few more followers from this so.. but im furious as hell)

“Its just a picture.. Everyone was posting it" 

yeh its just a picture.. tHAT I SPENT HOURS WORKING ON. I post it for my followers who requested for it and for them to enjoy it. noT FOR YOU TO JUST REPOST. 

and just because everyone was posting it, it doesnt mean that you can do it to. remember that reposting without credit is a crime. ITS STEALING. ITS PLAGIARISM. i might be wrong, but im pretty sure that if you use info/pictures without credit and stuff in college, you’re gonna fail or like get expelled. this doesnt only go for art, but for edits, pictures, information.. eVERYTHING. YOU HAVE TO SOURCE IT. YOUVE BEEN TOLD THIS AT SCHOOL, WHY DONT YOU JUST LISTEN.

example 2: 

lets just focus on the "logic” part. 

what the fuck.

didnt you see my watermark? whats even more confusing is that sHE MAKES HER OWN ART AS WELL?? (it seems like it idk tho) WOULDN’T SHE BE MAD IF SOMEONE STOLE HER ART??? ISNT THAT FUCKING LOGIC??



FUCK YOU INSTAGRAM USER “THEFEELSFACTOR” HOW WOULD YOU LIKE IT IF I STABBED YOUR EYES OUT AND RIPPED YOUR LIMBS OFF?? how does that feel? ok that was a bit harsh. i wasnt really mad at the fact that you stole my art, but i was really mad at your reaction to me getting people to ask you to delete it

examples 3 and 4:

i dont get why shes so upset?? honestly she got herself into this. its nOT EVEN A SERIOUS PROBLEM. SHE POSTED 4 FUCKING PICTURES OBVIOUSLY SHOWING THAT SHE WAS UPSET. 


so the point of this whole rant is dont stEAL. dont say that its okay because everyone is posting it or because you just found it on google. aND DONT GET FUCKING UPSET. IF SOMEONE SHOULD BE UPSET, ITS US - THE ARTISTS OR WHOEVER MADE THE THING THAT WAS STOLEN.

yeh SO DONT STEAL. its so much easier to ask me if you can repost it first and credit me because we both end up happy :)) its literally that easy. 

and if you havent learnt your lesson, and you’re just gonna keep stealing, then fuck you. you’re probs gonna get something shoved down your throat :/

you is kind, you is smart, you is not gonna delete the text 

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