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Done Chapter 2: Chin up

Alright its time for chapter two! Thank you to everyone who has liked, reblogged, commented and given kudos to this fic. I read all of your tags and comments and it gave me so much joy and inspiration to get this chapter completed. Anyways I know the last chapter was really short even for a sort of prologue, but this chapter is much longer which hopefully you’ll enjoy.

Also a quick shout out to c00kieneko who is the whole reason I started writing in the first place, mostly because we started throwing head canons at each other. Go look at her art! she’d so good! 

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Chapter 1/Prologue / Chapter 3

Lance woke up clutching his pillow in a tight grip hours earlier than he intended to. Closing his eyes again tightly he attempted to force himself back into unconsciousness, but he knew it wasn’t going to happen. Giving up the losing battle for sleep he rolled onto has back and tried his best not to think.

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How to learn a language

Tips from a language major:

•When learning new vocabulary write the meaning in your language once and the new word at least three times

•If you are learning a new writing style (I.e. Hanzi, kanji, Sanskrit, etc.) write the character at least three times, the meaning and the pronunciation once.
-do not write the pronunciation above the character, write it to the side, otherwise you won’t even try to read it.
-Learn! Stroke! Order!

•when reviewing vocab try to use the word in a sentence.

•do not pay attention to the technicalities of the grammar. Do not attempt to compare it to your own language. This will seriously mess you up for 80 years. Just pay attention to the sentence structure and make similar sentences.

•if you are learning a tonal language (I.e Chinese) or language that has sounds that don’t exist in your language watch videos of people pronouncing things and try to match their mouth movements.

•if all else fails on your tones just speak quickly.

•watch TV shows in that language and yes watch them with subtitles. But please be aware that may not be how people speak in real life (I’m looking at you, Japanese/Chinese/Korean learners)

•DO NOT BE AFRIAD TO MAKE MISTAKES of you mess up during a sentence just correct yourself and keep going.

•flash cards, flash cards, flash cards. Real and digital.

•spend at least an hour a day on it (OUTSIDE of class), if you’re trying to learn on your own you’re gonna need more time.

•talk to yourself in that language, take notes in it, set your phone to it. You probably look crazy but that is a-ok.

•listen to music in that language, while it probably won’t do much for your ability in the beginning it will help you distinguish sounds once you get pretty good.

•and lastly, don’t give up. It took you like ten years to grasp your own language it’s gonna take awhile to grasp another.

-How I learned 2 ½ languages at once.

Hello, people! The time has come: I will teach you the secret to study for three days and remember everything for your test. This is a hardcore studying session so I would recommend to only do it when you are truly freaking the fuck out. Now, I must tell you: It’s gonna involve some hard work, so sit comfortably because we’re about to start:




  1. First reading of your main textbook
  2. Second reading + highlighting 
  3. Research more about the topic (internet, other books, talk to your friends, etc)
  4. Resume everything (notes)
  5. Do a mind map of main points 
  6. If what you’re studying needs something to be memorized “word by word” (such as: meanings, processes, references, chemical reactions, etc), write it down and put it on your wall. You’re gonna read it several times during the day. 
  7. Write down the topics and key words on a reference paper (you’re gonna take this paper everywhere, forcing your memory to expand from those simple key words) 
  8. Review your notes 
  9. Do ten exercises (questions)
  10. Review your notes + exercises 
  11. Watch a video class 
  12. You’re done for today. Good job. Now rest, tomorrow is a new day. 


  1. Review your notes
  2. Read them out loud
  3. Read them again, but this time record yourself
  4. Listen to it. Twice. 
  5. Review your notes before bed


  1. Review your notes + listen to your recordings from yesterday
  2. Do 30 exercises (questions)
  3. Review notes + exercises 
  4. Listen to your recordings again
  5. Review your notes one more time.
  6. FANTASTIC JOB! Now it’s your time to rest. If you’re feeling like it, read your notes one more time before bed. 

One more time, this is a heavy studying session, and not supposed to be done all the time. Remember to take care of your health and take several breaks during the day. If you don’t need, there is no need to do everything listed here. 

Good luck!!! 

This is why I got kicked out of the bard college

Context: after saving a town from a bad water to wine curse, we got invited to a fancy party filled with vampires. While my party, consisting of a human ranger, a barbarian vampire child, a half elf Druid, and a human fighter, was being lured places by hypnotic vampires, my halfling bard decided to see what the band was up to.

Me, ooc: I tap the flute player on the leg and see if I can give it a go.
DM: okay roll to see if he believes that you actually have training for the flute.
Me, ooc: I rolled a 17.
DM: okay he hands you the flute, roll to see how well you play
Me, ooc: okay btw I’m gonna play “Run Away With Me” by Carly Rae Jepsen and I’m gonna play the flute with my nose
*i roll a 2*
DM: the flute player rips his flute out of your grasp after hearing you play a single note with your nose. He wipes the mouthpiece of his flute on his shirt and looks really disgusted about having to continue playing. You get kicked off the stage.
Me: I guess there was a reason they kicked me out of the bards college.

heello! i recently ordered from acorn press and still have a couple chillypig charms still in my possession so i thought it’d be a good opportunity to do a comparison/review! all the charms are 2″ clear acrylics

this’ll mostly be for people scoping out new companies, or for people who’re interested in making charms for the first time!

NOTE: in all the pictures, charms with a phone strap are chillypig and without are acorn press

i’ll be fairly nit-picky about everything and be as in depth as i can to provide max info, but please keep in mind this is all from personal experience! it’s not the end all be all

this is gonna get pretty long so under the cut we goo

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how can I glo up

That is the key. How are you gonna be a bad bitch if you’re not sure that you’re a bad bitch. Believe that you’re the baddest and people will notice that you’re the baddest. Don’t believe in yourself and people will take note of that.

Drink plenty of water and stay healthy. Don’t skip meals and try not to over indulge. Eat clean in order to get clear skin. Got homework? Do it. Got bills to pay? Pay em. Take care of yourself before you worry about anyone else.

Whenever you go out, try to look your best. This doesn’t mean that you have to always dress the best and be all high maintenance. Hell, if you wanna go out in sweats then do it. You need to carry yourself in a positive light. Walk with proper posture and try not to slouch. Trust me that makes a world of difference on how people will see you.

These are all I have for now. I hope these help!

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on a sweet note, what if the game ended with boris and the others getting through to bendy and he just melts into this little tiny bendy self as his friends give him hugs, and then when henry's about to leave, bendy runs and hugs his leg, and the game ends with you picking him up and just saying. 'You're okay now're okay.'


PICNIC links (updated)

in case y'all didn’t get the memo, i uploaded Picnic onto dropbox last night, when i realized some of the links that people were uploading were buggy/had malware (my computer almost crashed from one of the bad links). 

when i uploaded the vids onto drop box it was fine and dandy until like 200 of you guys started downloading/viewing it lol. soooo dropbox banned me. 

but, i put them into a google drive account. you can access them here:

part 1:

part 2:

if you’re gonna watch/download the vids, please like/reblog this post. i’m not trying to get a bunch of notes, i need to know how many people are viewing and downloading the videos so google doesn’t flag me and ban me. i have a lot of college papers i’m working on, currently saved on my gdrive, and it would suck to lose them. so yeah, thanks guys! enjoy ;) (also, credit goes to jade_starlight for the original vids…or at least, I think she was the OP?) 

Alright it’s 2am but I can’t turn my brain off about theorizing VnC xD so I have a theory on Vanitas’s backstory which probably isn’t true and feel free to disagree did I mention it’s 2am so I’m probably overlooking a bunch, but here goes:

I think we might be wrong about the order of events in Vanitas childhood.  More specifically, who Vanitas of the Blue Moon was talking Vanitas from.

It might not have been the chasseurs; it might be his parents.

There’s been quite a few instances to suggest that Vanitas is different.  Both Jeanne and Noe have commented on how his blood smells, and especially considering that Noe can see things in someone’s blood, I think he doesn’t mean it as lightly as finding the smell appetizing.  And just in this recent chapter, when Noe asked if Vanitas hates vampires, his response mentions both humans and vampires.

He didn’t include himself in either group; he phrased both as being separate from him.

Now, let’s say a vampire did kill his parents.  I’m wondering if the intention was cruel - if it was a rescue.

We’ve now seen scars on Vanitas 3 times.  Two of those he intentionally showed - the marks from Bloom Vanitas on his right arm and from Jeanne on his neck.

Neither of which seemed to be a challenge to show; in Jeanne’s case he al let seemed proud.  But we saw very different scars on his left arm, and showing them didn’t seem intentional.  It seemed to be an accident of his sleeve rolling up, which he likely didn’t notice because he was kissing Jeanne.

They didn’t look like scars from a vampire, or even neat scars from, perhaps, the experimentation he may have undergone.

What if they came from his parents, or some other adult?

And in that case, what is Bloom Vanitas killed them to rescue him from abuse?
Like I said, this might not be the timeline, and I’m most likely very off.  But seeing all this, a series of events in my mind look like this:

Vanitas was noticeably different from a young age.  He’s not human, or vampire.  His parents or some other guardian may have used this as a reason to mistreat and abuse him, and possibly the other child we saw Bloom Vanitas carrying.

Bloom Vanitas offered to take him away.  Maybe that meant to safety, but a scared child might think that meant killing him as well.  And the chasseurs could interpret the same, therefore rescuing Vanitas as well.  Where, in their world, Moreau took interest in him, noticing he was different, and wanted to research him.

Bloom Vanitas could have realized this too, and therefore tried to rescue him once more.  Maybe this is where he inflicted the mark on Vanitas’s right arm.  And, if Vanitas was still young at the time, probably messed with his mind greatly.  It seems to this point he’s been hurt a lot, and now he’s kin to the vampire who killed his parents and took him from Moreau.  Not only that, left him with the book of Vanitas and a legacy to either kill or protect vampires.

Even if this timeline is correct, I know it’s clashing with a lot of what Vanitas has said.  For example, introducing himself as a human.  But we’ve seen again and again how inconsistent he is.  He wants Noe to be his shield, but gets angry when he does it on his own accord.

Maybe that’s due to how much goes wrong when others step in to protect him?

And he’s shown he won’t shy away from lying and hiding information.  Even when telling Noe his parents were killed by a vampire, he offers very little information, or emotion.  Even Noe notes he’s saying it as though it happened to someone else.  

If he’s been able to detach himself from his past, his legacy, its messing with him when it comes back to him.  He gets angry.  He gets depressed and distant.  It’s much easier to ignore it all together to make his own story and destiny.
After all, if he isn’t human or vampire, why not separate from all of that as well?

All right, theory over.  It’s nearly 2:30 and I’m gonna go have some cereal.  Thanks for reading.

Swing, Swing (Hamiltots Lams Fanfic)

Laurens sighed as he sat on the swing by himself fiddling with the Ring Pop in his pocket. He was going to give the Caramel Apple Ring Pop to Alexander, because his papa said that’s what people do when they love someone. He heard someone sit on the swing that was next to him and they spoke

“Hai John! What are you doing all by yourself!?” A powerful but sweet voice asked him. He knew the owner of the voice by heart

“Hi Peggy! I’m just… W-Well, it’s Com-pli-cat-ed” John said to his small-statured best friend (Besides Alex and the Blue Shirts, of course!) as he looked down and a small blush crept across his face. He knew he didn’t like Peggy, he was gay and so was Peggy! He was just embarrassed for stuttering

“What’s wrong John? Your face is all red!” Peggy asked energetically, noticing John’s red face despite him looking down

“I-I’m going to give this to Alex” John whispered to Peggy and pulled out the Ring Pop, making sure no one else could see it

“Woah…” Peggy gasped and stared starry-eyed at the best and rarest flavored Ring Pop, since they only came out a Halloween “Where’d you get that!?”

“My dad still had a few bags from Halloween, so he gave me some! I’m super excited to give this to Alex!” John whispered back excitedly as he shoved the Ring Pop back in to his pocket hastily

“Well, I wish you luck, John!” Peggy said as she ran back to Angelica and Eliza “I won’t tell a soul!”

“Okay!” John yelled back, exasperatedly.

“Alright, Kids! Back inside! Time for arts and crafts!” G.Wash yelled from the doorway. All of the kids lined up and went back inside

During Arts and Crafts, the children were assigned to make something for someone. John sat with Alex, Herc, and Laf as Alex made a Get Well Card for his mom, Herc made outfits out of cut out pieces of paper and a paper mannequin for Angelica, Laf made a pretty English to French translation guide for Peggy, and John made a card for Alexander. At the end of arts and crafts the children got up to give their gifts. When it was Johns turn, he got up and spoke.

“I made this card for A-Alex…” he said quietly as he held up an exceptional green card in the shape of a star. Alex got up and stood in front of John as John gave his card to Alex

“And…” John got down on one knee, in which he was pretty short, and pulled out the Caramel Apple Ring Pop. All of the children gasped at the rarity and beauty of the amazing Ring Pop before them.

“Alexander, do you wanna date me?” John asked, his face fully red now. Alex gasped and held the ring pop in his hand. He pulled John off of the floor and gave him a HUGE hug

“Of course, John!” Alex said and John smiled as everyone clapped

“I told you they were Gay” G.Wash whispered to Martha, who was sitting next to him

“I like you, Alex.” John whispered to Alexander

“I like you too, John” Alex whispered back and smiled.


Awe, is it bad that I fangirled at my own fanfic!?

1) is there even such thing as a Caramel Apple Ring Pop?

2) probs gonna post this on wattpad

3) Hamoltots created by @hamil-tots, I love their work and their blog!


Edit: HOLY CRAP!!! I did NOT expect such amazing feedback! Thank you all! I never thought it would get 75 notes, jeez!