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Anti slowly taking over Jack’s body then killing him off.

i watched this so many times i dont even know if its good at all or makes any sense or what 

@anti-support-group i hope it’s okay that i’m tagging you guys in it!


Won't let go (Simon Request)

~~~Simon’s POV~~~
‘It was strange to have a girlfriend at first. For the boys as well as me. It all started at-’
I stopped and threw the piece of paper into the basket bin that I had now moved to beside the desk.
This was fucking difficult. Who ever came up with the idea of saying vows? The problem was, I bet she knew exactly what to say. Within the simplest words or the longest explanations, she could do it perfectly.
There was already a pile of scrunched paper balls in the bin now and my hair had become a shocking mess from how much my hands had ran through it.
“So how’s the life of a groom to be going?” JJ, aka one of my six best men, questions.
“Absolutely shit” I groan, “Why is this so difficult?”
“Can’t you just say what you think and all that shit?” He shrugs, leaning his shoulder against the wall to face me.
“Its more difficult than that. Everyone’s gonna expect something good and cute”
“Who gives a fuck?” He comments.
“I do! (Y/n) will! I want this to be something she’ll remember. To prove that no matter how many times I tell her I love her, this is exactly how I feel,” I explain.
“Simon, my man” He walks over and clasps my shoulder, “Take a deep breath and say whatever the fuck comes from that heart of yours. You love that girl more than anything and that’s enough to her. Say whatever you want and she’ll love it. Believe me”
I sigh and he heads out before I can even thank him
For once, I’m gonna say that Jide was right.
It was just a question of where to begin?
“Come on (y/n) let’s go this way!” I laughed as she stumbled against my side.
“Sshh someone might hear us” She giggled, both of us now slurring and loud with the alcohol intake.
I tripped and fell up the stairs and it made her laugh hysterically, much to the annoyance of the rest of the tower residents on this floor at 5:30am.
She eventually got us to her apartment and unlocked the door with fumbling hands.
“Oooh” She starts, holding the wall to keep her up.
“What is it?” I stumble, falling against her arm.
“I’m gonna be-” She starts but before she finishes, she darts across to the bathroom.
“Shit” I mutter and follow her in to only see her throwing up into the bowl.
Upon instinct, I lift her hair from her face and crouch beside her even if I did stumble in my movement.
“Thanks Simon” She looks up, her face pale but the light smile on her lips being all I needed to snap sober.
“Of course beautiful” I replied, tucking a few strands of hair behind her small ears.
“Are you staying here tonight?” She questions.
I chuckle, “No (y/n), like I said before I’ve got editing and filming to do with the guys tomorrow”
“Right, I remember that” She says though I know its evidently not true.
“Get some rest okay? I’ll let you know when in home”
~~~Real Time~~~
“How’s the vows going now?” Josh questions, walking into the room and flopping onto the bed.
“I’ve got the first bit I guess” I nod, looking down at my scrawled handwriting on the page, “There’s so much to write and yet I can’t do any of it right”
“Just think back to the most significant times in your relationship. Don’t think about the things other people want to hear, think about (y/n). On your wedding day that’s all that’s gonna matter” He comments.
“Thanks Josh” I smile.
“You up for recording later?”
“I’ll try my best” I chuckle and he heads out.
“Look Simon if you have a problem with me then fucking say it because I’d rather know than spend my time questioning why you act like such a dick around me” She had clicked now.
It wasn’t likely that she could know what was going on inside my head and my actions had hardly shown that. I figured out I loved her when we spent that party next to each other. And it scared me because I shouldn’t do. She was best friends with all of us and now I had fallen for her. And to ‘stop myself’, I had acted like an asshole for the past few weeks.
“I don’t have a problem with you” I sigh.
“Then what’s happened? Because for the past few weeks it seems like I’ve lost one of my best friends” She admits and her voice cracks slightly but enough to absolutely kill me.
“You haven’t lost me” I reassure her.
“Really? Because that’s not the impression I get”
“You wanna know why I’ve barely spoken to you?” I question, “Its because every single time I see you I realise that there’s nothing stopping me from falling more and more in love with you and I shouldn’t because all of the boys look at you like a sister and I should too but-”
Before I even knew what was happening, her lips were on mine. Our first kiss. Breaking the annoyance in our words. Stopping the conflict. We’d never argued since then. We never found a reason to.
~~~Real Time~~~
I hadn’t realised that I’d been working in the spare room for hours now and (y/n) would probably be waking up. I’d been doing this through the night.
I opted to make some toast and tea for her before heading upstairs.
“Morning babygirl” I smiled when I saw her stretch to a wake.
“Morning gorgeous” She yawns, “Where were you last night?”
“I realised writing vows takes longer than I thought” I admit and sit on the edge of the bed.
“Babe you don’t need to worry about them so much” She chuckles and props herself up in bed.
“I’m almost there now” I reassure, “Tea and toast for the princess?”
“Thanks babe!” She grins, “Treating me like your wife already I see”
“I figured I’d get a head start” I chuckle and kiss her forehead.
In that moment, I could imagine our future. Exactly like this but with a pair of waddling feet to disrupt the serenity. A child. Ready for school with a rucksack too big and those crazy light up shoes. A big grin that replicated that of their mums. Hopefully they’d look more like her than me. Just as long as they’re as funny as their dad.
I could imagine even past that. Me and her old and grey. The children off to cease the day. They’d go and do whatever they wanted. And we’d forget that we were old because we’d remember exactly how we met. A combination of too much alcohol and way too much dancing. And we’d continue to trend. Forgetting our age for those moments when it was just us.
And as for the moment when our lungs did give out, I still won’t let go…
(Different style of imagine today but enjoy)

Lay Me Down [M]

Jimin x Reader
Word Count: 7,600
{Requests Filled}

I combined these two requests since they were SO similar. Sorry for the wait, thank you for being understanding. I hope you like it!

Jimin is so cute in this gif why? like, can you NOT kill me with your smile?

“Park Fucking Jimin, open your door!” I yelled, while continuously knocking on the door to their dorm.

The door opened a second later and I barged in to see a particularly naked from the waist up Jin standing in the doorway, only a pink apron slung haphazardly around his neck and loosely tied behind him.

“Well hello there, (Y/N), how are you doing—“

“Not now Jin, where is Jimin?” I asked, shoving his face away as he tried for the hundredth time to flirt with me, pretty face and broad shoulders looming in my vision.

He swatted at my hand but I had already dropped it looking around the living area for the familiar boy I had been best friends with for years.

“Ugh, fine. He’s in his room probably still sleeping.” Jin pointed with his spatula, the aroma of food cooking finally tickling my nose.

“But if you find he’s not what you really want, then I’m always here…” he continued with a suggestive smirk and eyebrow twitch.

“Good to know, don’t take it personally if that never happens.” I said with a sweet smile that leaked artificial venom.

To anyone else, this would look like an exchange between a fuck boy and the girl that hated him, but this was just our dynamic.I didn’t hate Jin actually. When he wasn’t being a flirty jerk, he was very nice and caring, and his unique laugh always made me break into a fit of giggles. Not to mention I could always count on him to cook for me.

“Thanks Jin oppa!” I said as I rushed to where I knew him, Taehyung, and Hoseok shared a large room.

“Anytime.” He responded as he walked back to his position at the stove, muscles flexing under the smooth skin of his wide back.

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Request: You Are My Sunshine

Request: Hello wonderful lady! Love it fics! Do you think you could do one where they are on a hunt and Dean gets critically wounded and the reader is cradling his head singing you are my sunshine as he dies. And the reader never got the chance to tell him she loves him and it goes through some memories they had where she thought he might know and well after going into an angry state where she kills tons dean comes back to life to see her so changed and saying he knew she loved him? Sorry! But ILY SOMUCH

Hey okay so I was the one who requested the you are my sunshine one and well I was gonna wait but today was my birthday and no one remembered and I’m feeling pretty bummed

Word Count: 1,207

I hope you like it, ily too<3 That really sucks, happy birthday for whenever it was<3 Have an awesome day:)

“Y/N!” Dean yells out, effectively warning you of the monster charging in your direction. You swing, the silver blade going with you, and you slice your way into its throat without a second thought.

It flops to the ground, blood pooling around your feet. It’s the first of many, but you think you should have a brief reprieve before more come. A colony of shifters, something you’ve never seen before- but they’re here, and between the two of you, you’re going to kill them all.

At least, that’s the aim of the game.

“Y/N.” Dean whispers from across the room. As you turn your head to see him, you can’t help but gasp out loud at the bloody stain across his abdomen. You dart over to him.

“It’s not yours, right?” You try to assure yourself, but his hands over the wound tell you otherwise. He takes a rattling gasp, legs buckling beneath him as he falls to the floor.

You catch him just before he hits the ground, stopping him from cracking his head on the concrete.

“Dean?” You whisper, but he shakes his head.

“Sorry.” He whispers, smiling. He coughs, and crimson blood stains his lips. You take a terrified, shuddering breath.

“Don’t be sorry. You’re going to be just fine.” You tell him, “You just hold on there, okay? Y-You’re going to be oka-“ Your voice fails you, and a sob escapes. You can’t lose him. You never got the chance to tell him.

“Y/N?” He whispers, beckoning you closer. You move your head closer to him, and he whispers a request into your ear. “Sing something?” He breathes.

You stare at him, wide eyed. “S-Sing? Uh… yeah, sure. Sing. Okay.”

He smiles, revealing grotesquely crimson teeth. You pull him close to you, cradling his head in the crook of your arm as you see him shaking. It isn’t exactly warm in here.

“Uh… okay.” You clear your throat, and begin. The first notes are cold and thin, but as your voice warms up, the lyrics slip out smoothly, comfortingly. It’s something that was always sung to you when you were little, but it does little to calm the tears falling from your eyes.

You are my sunshine,

My only sunshine,”

You watch as he smiles slightly, eyes closing. He looks almost peaceful, despite his breath gasping, rattling.

“You make me happy,

When skies are grey,”

The breathing slows, and you swallow.

“You’ll never know, dear,

How much I love you,”

Is he gone? You can’t tell. You don’t think he’s breathing. But you have to finish.

“So please don’t take

My sunshine,


You finish, hiccupping, tears blocking your vision and screaming their way down your cheeks like lightning. He isn’t breathing, eyes closed, face pale. Too pale. You press shaking fingers to his jugular, and, feeling no pulse, you let out another sob, grief wrapping you in a tight chain, pulling harder and harder.

“I’m so sorry.” You whisper, “I love you so much.”

You never got to tell him. Not while he was alive. God, there were times when you thought he’d click on, sure.

“Hey, Y/N?” There’s a knock on your bedroom door- the only problem being that you’re not in there. You’d just stepped out the shower, still wrapped in a towel. “Y/N? You in there? I need to ask you something!”

“I’m here! Just a sec!” The towel secured beneath your arms, you open the door, “What’s up?”

“I- uh-“ He scratches the back of his neck, “I wanted to ask you something.”

“Anything.” You try to hide the blush that’s creeping up your face.

“Would you- uh…” He fumbles, and your heart does a flip, “Would you mind making pancakes? Sam’s are a disaster, and you know I always burn them.”

Your heart hits your feet, but you laugh anyway, “Sure I will. Give me ten minutes to get ready.”

You’d genuinely thought that he was going to ask you something different. It hadn’t been the only time, though- just the other week.

“Oi, Y/N!” Dean chases after you. You laugh, vaulting over a table.

You’d been researching for far too long, you decided, and had just made a runner with Dean’s book, trying to distract him. He’s laughing, choosing to go around the table instead of over, like you.

You  duck under a bar and make for the door, but he grabs you from behind, pulling you to him so your back is flush to his chest. He snags the book from your hands, but he lingers where he is for a long second.

Then, as he pulls away, his eyes dart down to your lips for a long, long moment. Is he going to kiss you?

He doesn’t, however, letting you go. You fold your arms, but you’re both laughing too hard to care.

You didn’t notice the grief being replaced with anger. But it’s there, bubbling up high, boiling over. You let out an involuntary cry of rage, yanking the blade from the sheath resting on your hip.

“Come and get it, assholes!” You yell.

The shifters appear- there’s probably a dozen of them, but you don’t care. You launch yourself at them, slashing and cutting, everything in a huge blur of redness- whether it be the blood or the anger, you don’t know, but in less than a minute, they’re all lying on the grey floor beneath you, dead. Gone.

Just like Dean.

You’re shaking, staring at the corpses on the floor. The tears aren’t coming, though. And the anger is gone. You just don’t understand.


Dean. What? How?

You must have missed one.

You spin, and go running at it. It’s not Dean. Not Dean. Not Dean.

It grabs your wrists with enough force to make you drop the knife, though, staring intently into your eyes.

“Woah, woah. It’s me. It’s me.” He says, “It’s me! You got them all. I swear!”

Your eyes widen and you take a shuddering breath.

“It can’t be. You’re-“

“I know. I know. I was.” He smiles for a half-second. “What happened here?”

 “I- uh… went a little crazy?” You offer. The anger has gone, and so has the grief. You don’t know what’s going on, all of the swirling emotions that were trapped inside you just moments ago seem to have dissipated and… just… gone.

He raises an eyebrow, “I can tell.”

“How the hell are you back?” You whisper. “This doesn’t happen in real life.”

“Welcome to our lives.” He says, only now releasing your wrists. You run a bloodied hand through your hair and offer a small smile.

“I wanted to- I want to- can I tell you something?” You fumble. He nods.

“You love me?” He asks. Taken aback, you can only nod.

“How did you-?”

He shrugs, “When a person’s looking for signs, they spot the more easily.”

“What does that mean?” You ask. He chuckles, shrugging. Instead of answering, however, he steps close to you, close enough so you feel the heat radiating from his body, and presses his lips to yours.

He pulls away pretty quickly, smiling lopsidedly.

“So that’s what you meant.” You remark. He merely laughs, then nods.


“Do that again?”

“I’d love to, sunshine.”


April challenge part 2

What happens in Florida

fluff, 4.2k

a/n: this was supposed to be a drabbles challenge, and this is pretty much a complete one shot fic, and also it really isn’t that much related to water which was the theme of day two because i’m awful. I thought about not posting this and trying to write a normal drabble, but the point of this challenge is just to write often and fight off writer’s block, and the themes of the day are meant to be an inspiration, not a restriction, so i decided to just post this. The next day’s fic most likely won’t be this long, in fact i have no idea how long or short they will be. We’ll se I guess. sorry for the long a/n

yesterday’s challenge written by barbie


Florida was warm. Very warm. And humid. As soon as he stepped out of the plane, Dan was hit with a wall of still and warm air that immediately weighed on him like a heavy blanket.

Dan had turned to Louise, who was walking out of the plane right behind him, to complain with an exaggerated wipe to his forehead:

« Bloody hell! »

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seriously im thinking about it and this has easily been the best year of my life and i can only hope i say the same thing again next year :)


Hanging out with God was exhausting

And God was like any one of them, with a name and a voice that all amounted to something no more, and no less, than any of the others were. Yet his was an endlessly burning energy that lived on a sliding scale of impressive to obnoxious.

“You heard about God’s new thing yet?”

“Hmm? No I don’t think so.”

“Yeah well, I dunno it’s not a lot. It’s a new war, right now, I think. But he’s really excited about this Churchill character.” 

“Yeah. Hmm. Yeah he said something.”

And the conversation petered out, dissipating like fog under the hot rising sun. Not that there was much in the likes of fog, or sun, or spatial existence between the two of them. They resumed being, quietly. Because quiet being was the nicest thing to do.

God had heard the conversation, of course, but he didn’t much mind it. He didn’t much mind anything that preferred to be, and not do. And he did. And he did lots. And he got himself giddy at the stubbly chin hairs he threaded through his newest creation. This would be a mover, a shaker, one of those plot-stirrers who out-strove and out-did and out-achieved most of his other few billion creations. God had a fondness for those above all others. And he made this one a Buddhist for the Hell of it.

“The next one…I’m going to give the next one about 40 years,” God spoke to the Be-ers. They grunted out a lazy noise of acknowledgement. “He’s going to grow up always just a little hungry and dream about large buildings until he realizes how cold they feel and instead live in a small hut with a wife who makes two sons for him while he writes a book about the merits of simple living that he mostly believes and dies in his sleep from a stroke at 40.”

“Yeah,” one of the Be-ers said.

“Make some too,” God said.

“Nah,” the same, or maybe the other Be-er said. It flopped its consciousness in a high-frequency ting, adjusting.

“I’m going to make some characters that are like you guys,” said God.

“Yeah, okay.”

“Do you want to hear about them? They’re in this next part. This next part of the story has nuclear energy. I’ve been thinking about this for a long time now. I’m gonna introduce nuclear energy as a plot point.”

“Tell us more about Mussolini.” A third Be-er had wandered in, a touch more empathetic toward God than the first two.

God’s face soured. “No. I’m tired of him. He’s on his way out.”

“Okay. I like Churchill.”

God nodded, pleased, and content again. “He’s a good character. Sometimes as a writer, you just need to throw in some real wit to keep a piece moving. That’s always what I’m concerned about. If the piece is exciting enough. I feel like the humans were stagnating. Did you feel like the humans were stagnating?”

“No,” the empathetic Be-er answered, who hadn’t paid much of any mind to God’s stories since he put those favorited apes of his up on two legs.

“Okay good. That makes me feel better. I was worried about that, you know? But I also didn’t want to make too much happen. It wouldn’t feel natural. I’m getting rid of Mussolini, you know? Spoilers. But yeah. I’m trying out this new plot line where the potency of humans is explored more subtly. Not everywhere. But some places. Want to hear about this new character?”

“No thank you.”

“She’s like you.”

“No thank you.”

“You can name her.”

“Will she die?”


“Then why am I naming her?”

“It’s more potent this way!” God insisted with an exasperated flick of his energy. “There’s so many of them I have to cycle through, but they all connect. It’s about the potency of the human condition.”

“Uh huh.”

“They’re about to have nuclear energy.”

The third Be-er had joined the first two, awash. It flickered to relax. Stretched its tendrils and indulged in the softness of being. God grunted. He didn’t hate the Be-ers—he was one after all—he just found them dull.

The Be-ers all fell to the same frequency of flicker. One of them thought about Churchill and lost its synchronization. It fixed that quickly. And no, it didn’t hate God—it was one, after all—it just found God exhausting.


“Okay, so,” Elmore flopped on the little bed and shifted about to get comfy. “To celebrate our reunion, I’m gonna let you pick the movie. Yes, even if you want a horror flick,” he informed her oh so graciously.

He’d missed Sidon and was, obviously, very happy when they crossed paths again. After catching up at a diner, they’d gone back to his place for a movie with their leftovers (Elmore’s at least… Sidon was a bottomless pit as usual). Just a little dinner and a movie between friends is all.

Second Chance Part 3 - Requested (Ashton)

Hello, so you guys seemed to like the first two and i had a couple of requests for a part three from these lovely people independenthemmings 5sos-is-lifexoxo smalltownfavourites pernillemarkvart so thanks for that, if you havent read the other parts then do!! Part 1 and Part 2, ENJOY!!!!

You look up hearing the bell above the door ring and smile as soon as you see Ashton’s mop of curls, walking in followed by the others, he smiles giving you a small wave before sitting at a booth by the window. You notice Henry pick up a pen when he sees them.

‘I got this one’ you tell him as you pick up the pad and take the pen from his hand, he nods.

'Hey guys’ you smile at the four boys and they all smile up to you, Luke’s eye quickly falling back in his phone.

'Hello, how’s it going?’ Ashton asks.

'It’s good, I really like it’ you explain 'do you guys have much planned for today?’

'We gotta go work but that’s about all’ Calum tells you, you nod. 'So what do you want?’ You ask, scribbling the table number at the top even though you would remember who it’s for. They don’t take long in deciding and you jot it down. 'Okay’ you spin in your heel.

'Actually could I change?’ Michael calls; you turn again and smile biding as you scribble out his order. And wrote his new one down only he can’t decide and keeps saying things then changing his mind.

'Michael if you don’t pick, you will be the reason for me getting fired in my first day’ you smile sweetly through the half joke threat and you notice Ashton, Calum and Luke smirking as Michaels eyes widen and he closes the menu 'okay I will take what I ask for first’ he nods and you scrunch your face trying to be a little sweet as you turn. You pass the slip through the kitchen hatch.

'You get half an hour break now’ Henry tells you, 'Oh great, I’m okay to take it out here right?’ You asks and he nods 'Yep take it where ever you like’ he throws you a quick wink over his shoulder as he makes a pot of coffee. You turn and start to walk over to the guys 'Wait up are you not eating?’ Henry asks, turning to you fully this time. 'I didn’t bring anything’ you put as you tell him and he laughs, but uses his finger to wiggle you closer.

'Someone hasn’t been told of the extras you get working here’ he tells you, changing his voice to sound a little more mysterious. 'When you’re working you can get anything for lunch, breakfast or whatever’ he explains 'so, what can I get you?’ He asks. You tell him what you want and head over to the boys who already have their food, another waiter must have delivered it while you were talking.

'I’m on break mine if I join?’ You ask, they shake their heads and you slide in next to Calum. 'You’re living with Ashton you can have lunch with us’ Calum jokes and you smile a little. 'Yeah I guess’.

'So I was thinking, by the end of the week I will have the money to stay in a B&B or something, so I will be able to get out of your hair’ you explain to Ashton, he puts his wrap in the plate and just stares at you as he chews, his eyes soft as they lock with yours.

'You don’t have to do that; I like you staying with me.’ He tells you then looking over to the boys and shaking his head a little 'it’s nice to have someone around that isn’t these idiots’ he jokes and you smile.

'As long as you’re sure, I promise I will be out of your way soon’ you explain but he shakes his head. 'No rush’ he tells you and you can’t stop the smile that breaks across your face.

'Shit lads we’re late, John is calling’ Luke suddenly speaks up, Ashton shoves the last of his wrap in his mouth, Calum doing the same and Michael takes his in his hand, you stand up to let them out. 'Do you all work together?’ You ask and Ashton nods. 'Yeah, erm see you later yeah, have a good first day’ he tells you waving before rushing out following the others.

A girl slides into the booth seat opposite you and smiles 'How do you know them?’ She asks making you frown a little 'Who? Ashton?’ You ask as she nods quickly 'Oh erm’ you don’t want to tell her you’re a homeless stranger that Ashton picked up off the street. 'Ashton, yeah erm Ash is an old friend, I’m staying with him for a couple of weeks’ you tell him, her eyes widen even more. 'Weird never see you before’ she mutters more to herself which confuses you a little 'Your one lucky girl’ she tells you 'I have to call Jess’ she squeals rushing out if the booth and nearly knocking the plate out of Henry’s hand, he shakes his head and rolls his eyes as he watches her rush out without a apology.


'Hey (Y/N), I’m back, just wondering how long your gonna be’ you just about hear Ashton’s voice over the shower; you turn it off and step out grabbing a towel and opening the door. 'All done’ you smile.

'Oh shit, no, you didn’t have to get out, I didn’t mean that’ he rushes, eyes wide and you laugh sliding past him. 'No I was about to get out anyway, how was your day?’ You ask him when he follows you into the kitchen, you flick on the kettle.

'Erm yeah it was good you know, same old I guess’ he explains.

'Oh Ash, a girl asks how I knew you and the guys, I told her I’m an old friends staying with you for a while, I hope that’s okay, I didn’t want to tell them everything you know’ you explain, he nods taking two mugs from the cupboard.

'Yeah that’s fine, I better let my mum know though, just encase’ he speaks out but it’s more to himself. 'Your mum? Why?’ You asks.

'Erm it’s nothing, I’m gonna jump in the shower’ he tells you 'Okay, erm Ash could a lend your laptop?’ You ask and he nods punting to his laptop in the coffee table. 'Help yourself, what’s mine is yours’ he tells you before disappearing into the bathroom.


'Whatcha looking at?’ Ashton sings as he flops into the sofa next to you, you smile and a little as you continue to read and turn the screen for him to see. 'College courses? Accounting and business?’ He asks and you nod but close the laptop down when he doesn’t really respond. 'Doesn’t matter, it was a stupid idea’ you mutter putting the laptop in the coffee table and tucking your knees under your chin watching the TV.

'Hey, no, no it’s not a stupid idea, I meant yeah it’s gonna be hard work but if it’s what you want I’m sure you will tough through it’ he tries to reassure you, 'You don’t strike me as the type of person to give up, I’m guessing you don’t have any qualifications, but that doesn’t matter you can always do them now and then do the business course, I will support you one hundred percent’ he tells you, his hand rubbing your knee slightly as his soft eyes meet yours.

'Now come in smile, I’m feeling pizza, what do you think?’ He asks and cheeky smile growling across his lips and you laugh a little. 'I’ll eat whatever you get’ you tell him, 'BBQ Chicken or Pepperoni?’ He asks wiggling his eyebrows and you shrug 'I honestly don’t mind’ you tell him, he nods jumping up 'I’ll get both’ and you laugh as he skips over to the kitchen and pulls out his phone.


’(Y/N)?’ Ashton’s hushed tone pulls you from your flaming into sleep state, your eyes open a little to see his figure in your door way, you push yourself up a little. 'Yeah’ your voice is groggy and you do a small cough to clear your throat. 'Did I wake you?’ He asks still standing in the door. 'No, what’s up?’ You lye not wanting him to feel bad, 'Can’t sleep, just fancied a chat’ he tells you , you lift the covers on the empty side of the bed as you flop back down and you hear the door closeting and Ashton’s feet shuffling against the floor before the bed dips.

'Your such a liar, I woke you didn’t I?’ He is so close when he speaks you can feel his breath against your cheek, you open your eyes to see him facing you, you smile tiredly at him. 'Its fine, I don’t mind’ you tell him and he nods a little, and you both fall silent.

'Can I say something? It’s a little weird’ he asks, you nod opening your eyes, he only looks at you for a second before lying in his back and staring up at the ceiling and you take the opportunity to look over his features.

'I know we haven’t known each other for long, but I think meeting you was the best thing that’s has happened to me. I don’t want you to think I’ve come in here to get sex for helping you because that’s not it, that’s not it at all. I don’t know what it is about you but there is something, I dunno, I sound crazy.’ He rambles; you can tell he is getting embarrassed.

'It’s okay, I know what you’re saying…I mean I don’t know what you’re saying but I do cause I feel like that too but it makes no sense right? I dunno but I get it, and I don’t think your weird or trying to get sex’ you explain? He shuffles into his side and smile brightly at you. 'Yeah?’ He asks and you nod a little 'Yeah’ he takes a second before nodding and throwing the covers off himself and sliding his legs out if the bed.

'Wait Ash’ you sit up as he goes to leave the bed 'Stay…please’ you asks, he nods slowly and lies back down, you turn your back to him like the night before and he wraps his arms around you, holding you to his chest, your fingers entwining with his as you let your eyes close. He quickly moves up and presses his lips to your cheek, 'Good Night’ he whispers as he moves back to the previous position. And you sigh before falling asleep in his safe, warm arms.

Part 4

From Chelsea