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If this is acceptable, team rwby reacting to their s/o recently having their limb cut off in battle then proceeding to grow a new one homunculus style. Revealing it's their semblance in effect.

Team RWBY reacting to their s/o recently having their limb cut off in battle then proceeding to grow a new one homunculus style. Revealing it’s their semblance in effect.



⦁ After the initial shock of seeing a fricking Grimm bite off their leg below the knee and fling them away she attacks it and kills it quick. She turns to her s/o almost crying and sees that their ok. Standing perfectly fine on both legs and smiling slightly.

⦁ ‘What? You lost a leg!’

⦁ She so confused even after the explanation. It’s weird to see a semblance like that. She’s kinda grossed out and can’t eat for a while.

⦁ ‘EWW, I just thought about it again.’

⦁ She’s got questions of course

⦁ 'Like a starfish?’ 'Yeah, like a starfish.’ 'THAT’S SO COOL’

⦁ 'What if, hypothetically, your were cut in half vertically, would both pieces regrow and make two of you? Hypothetically of course…’


⦁ She saw their arm go flying away from their body and froze. She panicked when seeing that was indeed her s/o’s arm but was surprised to see they were still fighting with both arms present.

⦁ 'Wha-How di-Did that ju-That’s not….what?!’

⦁ After the fight her s/o just acts like nothing happened

⦁ She can’t get out a full sentence for the next 5 minutes so she definitely won’t be able to comprehend and explanation until she calms down.

⦁ Is kind of afraid to ask how they discovered it. Discovering a semblance isn’t always fun…

⦁ If s/o says it’s ok to ask about their semblance then she will. She’s so curious. She doesn’t see many semblances that directly affect a person like s/o’s

⦁ 'How did you find out? Does it hurt when a limb regrows? How long does it take to grow back? What’s the worst injury you’ve gotten? What about sickness, diseases?’

⦁ She doesn’t say it aloud but she thinks its pretty cool  but also gross, very gross

⦁ She asks that s/o be more careful because she really  doesn’t like to see them get hurt.


⦁ She heard them let out a cry and turned to see them hit the floor and their arm land a few feet away. She stared at the arm, trying to proces what just happened.

⦁ But then s/o is pushing themselves up with both arms and going back to fighting the Ursa

⦁ S/o sees that she is still shocked and explains sheepishly that it’s their semblance.

⦁ ’…Ew….but I guess that’s useful.’

⦁ Is curious about it. Can it heal and regrow any part of you? Even your heart? Or would that be the only way to kill you?

⦁ Understands that its your semblance but is very paranoid that it won’t work one day and s/o will be reckless and lose an arm or leg or anything really

⦁ 'Just…be careful.’



⦁ She needs to be calmed down and assured that s/o is ok first, then they can talk about their semblance.

⦁ She doesn’t know what to say at first.

⦁ 'Well…that’s a thing’

⦁ She asks how they found out about it. Was it in an accident? Did they think they just had a really strong aura at first?

⦁ After the questioning comes the puns, so many puns

⦁ 'That’s what happens when you try to take them all on single handedly’

⦁ 'That’s pretty nice semblance. I bet that it’s..pretty handy to have, right………get it?’ 'Yeah, I get it, Yang.’

⦁ Any time s/o loses a hand or arm, Yang has a pun ready

⦁ 'Need a hand?’ 'Oh no! You’ve been disarmed!' 

⦁ 'I swear Karma’s’ gonna get you for all those terrible puns, Yang.’ 'Why? They’re 'armless (harmless)’

if you think you might get kicked out

if you think you’re gonna get kicked out of your house when you come out to your parents, here’s a list of things to do/make sure you have.

  1. a bag packed and hidden outside your house, somewhere you can access if you get kicked out without warning.
  2. at least 3 pairs of pants.
  3. twice as many shirts.
  4. all the undergarments you can get.
  5. any and all socks, even if they’re too big. they will come in handy as mitts, scarves, and you honestly have no idea how many socks you go through.
  6. some warm sweaters. hoodies are good.
  7. a warm coat. like, not a thin, good-looking coat, I’m talking puffy, so-hot-its-almost-uncomfortable warm, and preferably with a hood.
  8. a hat and warm mitts/gloves.
  9. toothbrush and toothpaste.
  10. a hairbrush if you have long hair.
  11. a pillowcase. they’re very useful.
  12. if possible, a small pillow or cushion.
  13. a blanket, at least a peice of cloth you can use as one.
  14. courage
  15. you can do this
  16. I believe in you