this is gonna be the only tat i get though

happy birthday, sunshine kid

hey joshua. happy birthday. actually i started writing this like three weeks before your birthday so i could fit everything i wanted to say in here, and i’m probably gonna procrastinate a lot during this so yeah it took three weeks. (update: k i’m two weeks in and i’m literally taking 3-day breaks between each paragraph because i guess i’d rather eat raspberries and gawk over space than write a letter to my role model, wow)

just wanted to drop by and tell you that i think you’re really really cool, and don’t you dare say nor think otherwise because iT iS faCt oKAy??¿? you’re super cool. the coolest. and i’m gonna tell you why you’re super cool now, so prepare for love and adoration-filled words and paragraphs because wow you’re cool, man.

okay, first) i love your hair. it honestly looks good in any color. except for when it was orange, orange washes you out. sorry, my mom’s a makeup artist and my best friend’s mom is a cosmetologist so i know stuff about hair and what colors work with what. (for your eye and skin color, stick with pastel purples, blues, and pinks, but if you want a more bold color, keep yellow or go for that shade of red right before it’s considered pink. like a raspberry or something. natural brown also looks great with hazel eyes, but you probably don’t want brown hair again so yeah)

i really love how energetic you are while playing the drums. you’re bouncy and aggressive and i love to dance to it. i kind of want a track where it’s only drums so i can just sit back and listen to some good ol drummin’. please don’t take this in a creepy way but i like watching videos of you drumming and i like to watch your hands while you’re drumming because i find it calming to match your movements with the beats and the noises and stuff. except lane boy, that scares me. i fell asleep watching a video of you drumming doubt or message man or something like that, i can’t remember but it had kind of a chill vibe to it and i dozed off for a good hour or so and i woke up and it was 2:00 in the afternoon and i was wondering what the heck i was doing with my life.

okay, next, i adore how brave you are. i’ve got anxiety, like you, and i can hardly order my quesalupa at taco bell without stuttering even a little. but you – YOU stand on stage in front of thousands of people and go absolutely nuts on your drums and it’s pretty freaky and it scares me a little but it’s still so cool to watch.

i also love how you look super tough and hardcore with all your tattoos (which are beautiful, by the way) and piercings (also beautiful) but you’re actually a really nice, chill dude with a passion for drums.

i like that instead of being loud verbally, you’re loud physically. there’s nothing that stands out in a crowd more than sleeve tats, nose rings, bright yellow hair, and a beautiful smile paired with some sweet dimples, bringing together a great guy named joshua dun. ya ‘mazin’.

i love that you’re so passionate about what you do. i’ve NEVER seen a more wild (wilder? i think it’s wilder. let’s go with wilder) drummer than you. it is FRICKING. AWESOME. no other drummer can make me headbang ‘til i’m dizzy and can’t walk straight for a few minutes. (coughFAIRLYLOCALcough)

i love that, even though you’re quiet, you’re so introspective. you’ve got an outerspace-filled mind and you don’t see the night sky as simply black, you see it as purple and blue and red and green and whatever the heck else you can imagine. you’re so brilliant. your brain is so amazing. it’s like half of the universe decided to plant itself in there because you are one introspective boy that sees everything in so many colors; so many, you decided to take those colors and spread them over your body in the form of tattoos and hair dye.

you’ve also inspired me to get tattoos. my grandfather passed away a few years ago and i’ve always wanted something to honor him, but i didn’t know what, until i was really looking at your’s and tyler’s tats, and i thought, “oh, that’s it! i’ll get a tattoo!” so i’m gonna get a moon on my wrist because he always used to say 'i love you to the moon and back’ and he’s the main reason i love space so much. so thanks for giving me the idea, and tell tyler i said thanks too.

oh, i’ve got synesthesia too and you. are. so. COLORFUL! you change colors everyday! you’re the only person i’ve EVER seen that can do that! it’s so amazing! your “natural” color (the color you are the most) is pink-red though. and when you’re onstage, your color changes completely. during the vessel era, you were always serene blues and purples and during blurryface, you’re bright red and you flash like a strobe light. you are so, so beautifully colorful.

one last thing; you’re human and that’s so incredible. you’re gonna mess up, you’re gonna make mistakes, but that’s okay. you’re not a god, you’re not perfect. you’ve got your flaws. you are simply human and that is one of the most respectable things you could ever possess (that’s a lot of S’s).

if you can’t tell already, i really adore you. i don’t mean “you’re adorable,” i mean you’re my fricking hero, my role model, the kind of person i want to be. you’re everything that i try to be (except a man. i’m just fine as a female, thank you). i want the kind of strength it takes to stand on a stage and overcome my anxiety. i want to be able to express myself physically without people telling me not to and holding me back. i want to have my name out there. i want to feel the overwhelming joy of listening to crowd of people sing YOUR songs (well, my songs i guess). buuuuut i can’t be you because there’s only one you and you fill that role perfectly, but i’ll work my way up to being at least semi-similar to you. i want to get up to being able to preform onstage. that’s my goal right now. stand on a stage without freaking out. let’s do this.

congrats on another year on this earth. glad you’re alive. wouldn’t be the same without you. happy birthday!

evangeline (or eve, whichever you want)


So that’s 12 piercings and 5 tattoo’s in total…👌🏾😌

Got off work a bit earlier today so I went to get my henna tattoo done! I was planning on only doing one hand but I couldn’t resist doing the other 😂😅 I’m so in love with them though😍😍 Also got 2 new piercings done! (The roses might be a hint as to where 😬😬 & @bourbon-creamss I believe it’s your turn 👀 👀  lmao). 

Got the chance to book my flight to NY too!! Gonna be there by Thursday morning hopefully! 🤔

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i definitely believe the order is going to be death valley, rat a tat, miss missing you, then save rock and roll. i know pete's probably gonna die in miss missing you, i'm not sure if andy's gonna die in death valley or rat a tat though. and patrick will be all sad in sr&r bc "how'd it get to be only me" but idk what the hell will happen in that one

You guys put so much thought into this.