this is gonna be sooooo sick!

29 May 2107

[Outside the Mill with Robert, Aaron and Victoria]

ROBERT: *Sighs* I really don’t need this Vic. I’m so tired of this storyline and I don’t want to talk about it anymore.

VICTORIA: Baby. I was worried about you. Baby.


VICTORIA: Baby. You’re gonna be a dad. Baby. We must talk about this. Baby.

ROBERT: I really don’t want to talk about it. (Fandom: Let him not talk about it. No one wants to hear about it.)

VICTORIA: Baby. Of course there is. Baby.

ROBERT: I don’t want to be involved in this storyline. Rebecca doesn’t want me involved. I’m not sure she wants to be involved either considering how wishy washy the Plot has made her about it.

VICTORIA: Baby. Aaron, please talk some sense into him. Baby. I mean I know he cheated on you and you only just found out about that and the pregnancy but clearly you care more about this potential Baby than anything else. Have I mentioned that there’s a Baby? Because…Baby.

AARON: *laughs* (Fandom: Hey Aaron, looking good in that new but slightly different black hoodie you’re wearing. We’re laughing at all this too.)

VICTORIA: Baby. What? That’s all you’ve got? Baby.

*Aaron stares off into the distance, wishing he had never learned about the Plot*

ROBERT: Happy now? Stop upsetting my #BeautifulHusband. I’m doing that enough for everyone right now. Just let me get on with it. So…now if everyone is done telling me how I should be feeling…

AARON: That’s not what I was doing… (Fandom: Wait…what?)


ROBERT: NO! I’m not wasting anymore of my life or screen time on this!

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~Karamel Appreciation Week~

Day 2: favorite quotes

Wow. I really wasn’t planning to choose this many quotes. My initial plan was four, because I knew choosing ONE would be completely impossible, but when I started thinking about the episodes I ended up with about 15 quotes that I liked, and reducing them to 8 was hard. Karamel has such great scenes with such great quotes that it’s impossible to say I like one of them more than the other, because I like all of them for different reasons. But these are the 8 that made me feel the most giddy, that brought a huge smile on my face, that I watched so many times that I memorized the quotes, sooooo here we go :)

I wanna help you keep the world spinning. To prove that i was spared for a reason. (2x09)

I was sick and alone. and you were leaning over me. and you must’ve been sad or something, because your eyes were insanely blue. I mean, they always are, but they were like comets. And I’d never seen anyone so stunning. And I kissed you. And it was okay that I was gonna die because I’d gotten to kiss you. (2x10)

Last year, I thought I could have it all, and then I thought I couldn’t. Then I had to pick. So I chose being Supergirl over having a relationship. And then you came along, and I thought you were thoughtless and selfish. And I kept writing you off, and you kept proving me wrong. And it just got me thinking, maybe I can have it all. (2x12)

You are my kryptonite. My feelings for you. I’ve never felt anything like this about anyone in my life. I didn’t know there were this many feelings to even be had. (2x13)

And I love you. With everything that I have, I love you. (2x16)

You’ve changed. You’ve become someone incredible and unselfish. (2x17)

I’m not going to forget the way you sacrificed yourself for me. Ever. (2x17)

“I’m just happy. Like dopey grin, butterflies in my stomach happy.”  
“I’m happy you’re happy.” (2x15)

Maybe being Supergirl and having you is enough. (2x15)

Maybe there’s a hero in you after all. (2x07)

Sooooo uhhhh my sister gifted me Overwatch for an early birthday present.

I’m probs gonna get SUPER motion sick when I play and be horrible but if anyone wants to add me I’m pettyartist#1940 on Blizzard!  :>

aknolan  asked:

When I read the title of sols my first thought was 'there's a song with that name'. My second thought was 'is that on purpose?'. And apparently it is so that's amazing! I'm still very worried about how it's gonna end though. Right now it looks like 'everyone dies' would be a merciful ending.

I already know the ending btw of my fic and yeah I love Dodie’s songs sooooo much and sick of losing soulmates is like in the top 5. I always wanted to make an angst fic around soulmates with the title cause it’s such an interesting title and yeah

I just called in sick, and when I was talking to one of our new managers saying I wasn’t going to come in he was like. “Come ooon. I think you can make.”
I didn’t really know how to respond to that. I mean I’m not backing out at that point, yuh know? I’ve called in, I’ve waited on the line for five minutes, I’m not just gonna be like “you know what? F*ck it, you’re right. I’ll see you at 3.”

There was a pause
I said “yeah, I’m really not feeling well.”
New Manager: …..Sooooo you’re not coming in?
Me: Yeah *that’s the whole point of the conversation dude*

You know what? I worked 10’s all week and didn’t even get Thanksgiving off. I’m tired, I don’t feel well, so help me God I’m getting today.

anonymous asked:

I know you're a huge Musket fan, but how do you think the Hoof compares?? Seems like a pretty safe assumption that it's less versatile. Hell, what do you think of the Cloven Hoof??

In recent days I’ve honestly been really into the Magick Fuzz from Magic Pedals for my muff tones. Decent amounts of flexibility and nails lower gain tones a bit better. Musket is bae, but that Magick Fuzz is KILLER. 

I always liked the Hoof but when I had my last one I found that it did the rock Muff thing better than a sludgey muff thing. The Cloven Hoof seems to get a tad gnarlier to my ear. Haven’t had enough personal time with it though. 

Honestly Fuzzes are interesting because they are gonna be very different through different amps and when used with varying guitars of different output. 

Just gotta try them. The Hooves are still sick fuzzes, there are just SOOOOO many muff variants that people seem to find what they like about them and stick to it. 

Heavily considering going on Danevbie break until September and the weather gets better. It’s been sooooo muggy here I’ve been sick every single day. Usually just a low grade headache but too often a migraine or sick to my stomach. It is so hard to breathe outside half the time. Not saying I will go on hiatus for sure but it is kinda tempting right now. I wanna get Apollo’s gen done though so I dunno. Hopefully today isn’t too hot but since it’s 630 am and so foggy I can’t see the house next door I highly doubt it is gonna be a pleasant day :(

@jadepandacub321, @inner-panda160, @i-am-loco, @mika-hime, @another-wided-eyed-girl, @yellowpandapaws29, @wolfchalk, and ANYONE else who needs some cheering up, here is my offering to you in an attempt to do such.

Forgive the grammar, the lack of flow, the needless repetition, etc. I literally threw this together in under an hour, on account that this was an emergency. I can go back and edit it all later if y’all would like.

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taylorswift HEY HEY HEY! Just think, while you’ve been rocking out on your world tour, we’ve been making this SICK VIDEO. 

We’re gonna be at the Edmonton show on August 5th. Our seats are Section 203, Row 32, Seats 1-4. And we’re gonna look like this: 

We’re SOOOOO STOKED to see you! We’ve loved you from the very first day ;) and have been waiting since the Red tour to see you again. Whenever we’ve been down you and your music has always been able to cheer us up, and has taught us to shake things off. Through this past year we’ve all gone through tremendous transitions in our lives– from leaving home to losing friends, and 1989 came at the perfect time to take our minds off of our worries. Since you’ve always been there for us, we needed to come show our support for you BECAUSE WE LOVE YOU. Look for our sick signs at the concert! Can’t wait to see you <3 

anonymous asked:

Have you met Simon? How was that experience if you did? Love your blog!

Aww thanks for the love~  :)  I have and they were the most precious moments of my life 😭 😭 😭 😍 

In 2014, I had meet and greet at AOMG LA so I stood next to him and said “Simon D!” and then he made fun of me and kept saying, “Ssam D Ssam D” in a really high-pitched voice rofl  😑   He put his arm around me with his cheek n chin restin on the side of my head so I was like oh my dear lord….  My mind was going blank so I didn’t ask him to sign my SNL League album because I was busy giving AOMG my gifts but before I could give it to them, Simon D decided to muddafuckin outta the blue say: “Oh you, you Youngkae!” 😭 😭 😭  (perhaps he recognized my Tekken bag via IG idk how he knew) but anyways I had another mental breakdown while I was scrambling/handing my gifts to them in the order they were standing (Pumkin, Loco, Jay, Simon, Gray).  But I skipped Simon D because I had a special gift for him and it was hella cute because when I jumped from Jay to Gray, Simon D had already placed out his hands ready to receive my gift like a child  😂  When I said that he had a special gift he said, “oh special special, thank you” (*random* so every time I hear him say “special,” I think of our “convo” and because I don’t think Ssamthing Special was officially established back then).  He was so sweet and kept saying thank you and my bad I didn’t ask but I just went for it and I gave him a little hug and in return he gave me biggest warmest bear hug squeeze that seemed to last forever I thought I was gonna die he was sooooo sweet and cute 😭 😭 😭 ❤️‍

I saw him again at AOMG SF 2016 but it was very rushed and Simon D was super sick during the whole tour so I wasn’t expecting much.   I just straight up said Hi I’m Kellie cuz of snapchat and that I got him another special gift for him and then he said “ah Kellie, thank you” while looking straight deep into my eyes and soul I was so taken aback I almost said “whoa” out loud he can swoon anyone I swear it’s crazy  😳   We weren’t allowed to give hugs but I didddd 😏 and he hugged me back!!  😭  And I didn’t get kicked out of the venue so thank the lords.   Hi-touch was whatever but his hands were nice and warm lol.  

He also gave me super super good fanservice at the concert!!!  He looked at my camera so many times and he even took my phone for a selfie vid of himself during “Success Crazed” before his part  😭 😍 😍 😍  I know he’s so good at pleasing his fans but I think he really liked AOMG SF though because SIVA kept pushing him to get off the stage but all he wanted to do was bow and wave at us even when all of the lights turned off.  I was so happy when AOMG came back for their encore (My Last) and then Simon D came out with their camera to record the fans and he walked towards me to record and zoom in on my sign I was so happy!!  😭 😭 😭  

When the concert was over, my friends and I saw AOMG leave in their Benz…. however………. one of my friends and I decided to run after their car because they stopped at a red light and we did (surprisingly[?] no one else did lol) 😂  Simon D was sitting in the front seat so I waved and he waved backkkk at me!!!  And then I ran into a parked car mirror so I probably gave AOMG some laughs too hahaha 🙈

Morale of story:  Simon D is a real sweetheart and I love him so much and I hope you do too! 😍

Have you guys met him too?  Tell me about it, I wanna know!!


Can’t explain how much I loved this back in 2008, when Sarah Palin had JUST been announced as John McCain’s running mate just days before and the political world EXPLODED (because people either LOVED that choice or HATED it!  And she just totally overshadowed John McCain.)  And with Obama in the race, this election was SO exciting!  This was the first time I EVER heard Tegan talk about being political (which I really am) and I LOVED it!  SOOOOO FUCKING AMAZING.

T.Q.: “I’m so obsessed with your election, it’s sick.  Like, I don’t know what I’m gonna do.  I might get television… cause I wanna watch it so bad.”
A.B.: “You’re gonna break down and get it?”
T.Q.: “I don’t know!  I just like, really don’t want to miss anything, you know what I mean?  Like I know there’s the whole internet and stuff, but…”
A.B.: “It’s crazy…”
T.Q.: “Um, like, wow… like, I watched this Congresswoman… person… today?  And she… not Sarah… but someone else.  I really love that her name is Sarah, too, because I constantly use it as if she’s my sister.”
A.B.: “Who?”
T.Q.: “Sarah Palin!  Like…”
A.B.: “Oh, I see.”
T.Q.: “Hellloooo!  …Sarah!”
A.B.: “I didn’t even know there was a hurricane until like yesterday.”
T.Q.: “I know, I didn’t know that either, no, I told you I didn’t know anything about that, but I have been obsessed with this whole thing, and I love that I don’t have to even SAY her last name because everyone has got it on their brain right now, so I’m just like, ‘Can you BELIEVE Sarah’s kids.’ And they’re all like, 'I know!’  Did you see Sarah Palin’s daughter like LICK the baby’s head? … It’s so weird!  Like can you imagine, you just lean over and lick their head??  Not endearing!”
A.B.: “I know… I mean, a head-licker in the office seems like it would get us killed!”
T.Q.: “It’s totally weird.  The whole family, it’s just psychotic… but in a weird way, I’m captivated.  I didn’t want her to go away!  I’m not saying I want her to win… but doesn’t it feel like SHE’S running for president?!  I mean, in Canada, we have a conservative government too, so I’m not just like…”
A.B.: “She’s BORN for that platform.  She’s riveting.”
T.Q.: “Right?”
A.B.: “Riveting.”
T.Q.: “She is AMAZING.”
A.B.: “She’s riveting.”
T.Q.: “Like when she was like, 'When he’s done pushing back the waters and saving the earth,’ I was all like, 'Oh my GOD!’”
A.B.: “That’s what I was thinking… who?  I was thinking, who was she talking about?  Who?”
T.Q.: “Obama!”
A.B.: “No, I know…”
T.Q.: “Oh, but you thought…”
A.B.: “But you’re just so into her, and she’s just… she’s…”
T.Q.: “Oh, all right, you were thinking about the speech, and I was just thinking, 'I love you!!’”
A.B.: “Exactly.”
T.Q.: “Probably it’s too much to tell her I like her?  Probably too much.”
A.B.: “Send her, um, send her a dozen dozen roses.”
T.Q.: “You think so?”
A.B.: “Yeah, on a cloud of tissue paper, just covered with…”
T.Q.: “I think it would be misconstrued.  Anyway… I’m totally… totally being sarcastic right now, and um… in case that’s not clear… But I am still really obsessed, I am really obsessed, and I think you guys are gonna do the right thing, but I just don’t trust you.  Only because you’ve proven to me time and time again that you make bad decisions, when it comes to leaders and things, you should just let Canada vote, and then just take what we give you.”
A.B.: “That’s great.”
T.Q.: “I know, right??”
A.B.: “That would be so funny.  Where’s mandatory, where’s mandatory votes, who was telling me that…”
Audience: “Australia.”
A.B.: “That’s it, that’s it, I think that makes so much sense.


T.Q.: "What if she likes my band??  Oh my god, can you imagine if she liked our band?? …she hates our band.”
A.B.: “Why??”
T.Q.: *rolls eyes* “We’re gays!”

Dear HxH Fans:

So, its that time again. Hiatus x Hiatus.

The new stuff was really great, we’ve got big happenings and some character deaths and big, big things on the horizon.

Some people have been talking about Togashi and his Hiatus’ with a tone that can best be described as…hm. Entitled? I don’t like that word when it comes to media, to be honest, but the idea that it is more important to people that HxH gets pushed out by whatever means necessary than for Togashi to take his time with his art is a little, well, juvenile.

Some people might roll their eyes when I call this manga Art, but the fact of the matter is HxH is so good because it is the product of an Artist who is particular about it. Its not perfect, but the reason it is sooooo good is because of one guy who literally puts his whole heart on the page.

You do not want this in other hands. (Except Naoko Takeuchi. If he HAD to pass it off I wouldn’t mind if she started working on it) Other people would not treat it the same way. Trust me, you DON’T want HxH ‘by any means necessary’. 

Hiatus is fine. Hiatus means that a creative person is gonna take the time and really mull it over. Or he’s sick of doing it and wants a break. Either way, as far as I’m concerned he has earned it. HxH is the best damn Manga I’ve ever read, and the main reason is the sincerity of the piece, which I am convinced comes straight from him.

Either way, patience is a virtue! In the long view, it is best this way. I would much prefer this to what eventually happened to Yu Yu Hakusho.