this is gonna be one of the posts that i look at later and go okay but why was that important and then delete it

BASIC GIF TUTORIAL + How to put text on GIFS

So bruhtography asked me to teach him how to make GIFs and I’ve gotten this question a lot so I decided to make a tutorial showing my process.

I kinda taught myself how to GIF on a whim this past summer so I used a lot of tutorials myself and I thought it’s be good to put all the stuff I learned in one post for everyone if they want it.

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I'm not ready to make nice.

Fortunately, I slept on all the thoughts swirling around in my brain in the wake of the recent NR shipping poll tweet and the various conversations that followed it. The saddest and most embarrassing moment (for me personally) was when I actually considered not putting this post up because I realize I’ll probably lose a lot of followers over it. And then I was like, “Seriously, Shana? SERIOUSLY? You’re going to let concern about whether people like you override your need to say something that’s super important to you re: feminism and fandom politics?”

Yeah, no. That’s not who I am. So, in any case. Please do not click this read more if all you desire from your tumblr experience is sunshine, rainbows, and worship of a certain actor, because that’s not what you’ll find behind it. The management thanks you for your consideration.

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