this is gonna be my tbt tomorrow

#TBT: Feeling quite nostalgic for Normily from 3 years ago when Norman Reedus and Emily Kinney were the king and queen cutiepies of San Diego Comic Con 2014. 💑
I begin my 3 day stint of working at SDCC later today… ushering for panels. And like I was able to last year, I’m gonna definitely have entry into Hall H for ‘The Walking Dead’ panel tomorrow! STOKED!!! 😁
I’m soooo excited to see the cast live in person and watch the world premiere of TWD’s Season 8 trailer! 😃
Hoping for some surprises as spectacular as Andy and Norman’s hilarious glitterbombing incident from last year’s panel! 💖
I wish with all my heart that it could be a “Normily Con” like it was back in 2014… during that beautiful “Summer of Bethyl.” 😔
But at least looking at these adorable photos of Emmy and Normy gives me happy Normily feels that outweigh the melancholy ones. But just by a smidgeon through… I miss these two so effing much!!! 😭

just a heads up! my wifi is currently down (even tho they just set it up yesterday 🙄) so i’m probably just gonna chill out tonight instead of running my phone bill up. feel free to message me memes or send some starters over that i will definitely get to tomorrow. also reminder that i love George and my Fargo fam ❤