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Waterbender!Wonwoo as Your Boyfriend

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  • You forgot your umbrella on the way to school and after your classes end it is legit POURING like who made nature this sad to MAKE IT CRY SO MUCH
  • It didn’t seem to lighten up so you were kinda just stuck standing underneath an overhang while all the other students had umbrellas
  • You literally waited for an hour and a half and like you were so close to just running back home but then someone tapped your shoulder and you were like omg a person like me!!!! <3
  • It wasn’t though, it was Wonwoo aka the school’s fifth best waterbender and most attractive boi on the planet
  • “Do you not have an umbrella?”
  • “I kinda forgot it.”
  • “Oh, that’s good.” And you were like how is that good? I can’t go home 
  • BuT THen Wonwoo put his arm around your shoulder and !!!!! he started to walk out into the rain with you and you were like !!! wait we’re gonna drown but you guys DIDN’T 
  • He deflected the raindrops!!! Like every single raindrop just avoided you like there was some bubble around you but it was basically just Wonwoo doin his thing and it was SO COOL
  • aLSO in the midst of it all he smoothly just asked you out as he walked you back home and you were like but we barely know each other
  • well too bad it’s now been seven months and he asked you out again and you said yes!
  • Y’all are couple goals i mean y’all don’t even need umbrellas
  • not surprising but Wonwoo is extremely lazy
  • like when you come over to his apartment, he sometimes doesn’t shower in the shower; he kinda just puts shampoo in his hair and waterbends it around and like he just does it while doing normal things like eating cereal and stuff
  • not saying that he does that all the time cause his whole body smells like really good 
  • likes to play with your hair
  • he does the shampoo thing but not with shampoo and he waterbends the body of water to make your hair do weird shapes 
  • don’t worry about it getting wet after cause he takes every single drop out plus his close friend and next-door neighbor Hoshi is an airbender and Hoshi’s always around to help dry hair when Wonwoo’s lazy
  • just a normal thing but he loves to hold your hand (don’t you dare call your hand ugly!! it’s beautiful and you’re beautiful and Wonwoo thinks so too!)
  • also likes to cuddle but like not for long periods of time cause the last time you guys did that, you fell asleep and that turned from cuddle session to you sleeping on a pouty wonwoo so he was just a little :(
  • nose crinkles 24/7 cause you constantly make him happy 
  • very minimal PDA but like of course he’ll give u lots of hugs when you guys are alone
//6 months//

Anon - “ hey, can I get a jack Maynard imagine ??? You are dating for like a while and everything is amazing and then you bump into your ex and you go out for a lunch or something and when jack finds out he gets super protective bc your ex is an asshole and kinda jealous but you assure him you love only him????? Omg I hope this makes sense, thank you in advance and have a lovely Christmas I love you ”

| Thankyou so much honey, hope you like it! Love you too & Merry Christmas ♡ |

Readers p.o.v
So today is Jack and I’s 6 month anniversary, before meeting him I went through heartbreaks and I had a really bad stereotype in my head that all guys are the same and there is no point being in another relationship because I’m just gonna get fucked over again and again. Don’t get me wrong when Jack came along I still stuck to my stereotypes and beliefs that all guys are “the same” but he was determined to win me over, which he did. He changed my whole perspective on relationships and guys in general, he made me believe that there are actually good people out there who know how to treat a girl like a princess.

To celebrate our 6 month anniversary we decided to go to our favorite local café to grab a coffee and bite to eat. We were walking along the sidewalk, hand in hand..on our way to lunch when a familiar figure bumped into me, making me stumble back a bit. I looked up all of a sudden becoming face to face with the person who put me through hell and back, my ex.
“Long time no see!” He said to me with a surprised look on his face,
“Yeah it has been, I’d stay and talk but I don’t want to and also we’re on a date! Bye now” I said rudely to him and continued my walk to the café with my boyfriend. I could see Jack give me a weird look in the corner of my eye, I know for a fact he is going to bring this up during lunch.

After we ordered and sat down at our table Jack decided to speak up about the situation that occurred 5 minutes ago, just like I thought he would.  
“Y/N…why were you so rude to him? I wouldn’t of minded if you wanted to chat to your old friend for a bit?” I looked up, our eyes coming into contact with each other, I sat there not wanting to mention it was my ex because I didn’t wanna ruin our date but I had to say something.  
“Jack he isn’t a friend, that’s my ex” his faced changed from confusion to anger within a matter of seconds.  
“Y/N why didn’t you tell me that was your ex?! I would’ve knocked him out right then and there! The prick!” He said as he crossed his arms like a 5 year old having a strop. I gave Jack a small smile and replied by saying “That is exactly why I didn’t tell you, I don’t want you to get hurt I genuinely love you so much and wouldn’t want anything bad happening to you..” I thought that by me saying that, it would’ve ended the whole dilemma but it just brought up a whole nother petty argument.  
“What are you trying to say? You think he’s stronger than me or someth-” Jack got interrupted by the waitress bringing us our meal and coffee, we both thanked the waitress and as soon as she walked away, Jack started again…
“Do you think just because his arms are a little bit bigger than mine that he can conquer the world or something? If you think he’s so bloody fantastic, go to lunch with him then” Jack said as he started to stand up from his chair about to leave me alone on our 6 month anniversary.  
“Jack wait! Sit down and let me explain something.” He reluctlenley sat back down to listen to what I had to say, “Jack, my ex is an ex for a reason and you know that. You had to fight for me for almost 3 months before I built up the courage to even say that I liked you. He put me through so much emotional damage that I luckily can forget because you’ve helped me heal those awful wounds that he put there! Jack I love you and only you, just because someone has bigger arms than you doesn’t mean anything to me… I know that when people fight each other they both get injured and I didn’t want to sit at home looking at someone who is the love of my life all bruised up. Okay? I love you not anyone else” Jack stared at me tears brimming his eyes, he blinked as fast as he could to make the tears disappear, once he composed himself he looked up at me and gave me a little smirk,
“I’m sorry that I over reacted and I love you so much, I honestly don’t know what I’d do without in my life” shortly after he said that he lent across the table and gave me a quick peck on my lips.
“Oh jesus! Now you’re gonna make me cry!” I laughed, he laughed along with me at my response. The rest of the day was filled of love, laughter and affection. I don’t know how I got so lucky.

definitely plaid

[so, i finally got around to promptfilling! the first of many, hopefully. i have… prompts that are even older than this one, embarassingly. yeah, so this is a ficlet, so it’s unbetaed and stuff, but. yeah. wordcount: 1,118]


Tucker pulls the phone away from his ear and blinks at it. Yep. The call name confirms it. He is in fact talking to sexy humorless asshole, a name he’s still so glad Wash has not found out about.

“York.” Wash says again, and pauses. “I need to talk to you.”

Tucker bits his lip. “Uh, dude. I’m not–”

“Shut up, dickface, I’m not. Talking to you. That’s not true. I am talking to you.” Wash hums for a second. “Right now, actually.” Then he falls silent, and Tucker gets the odd feeling that he’s missing something pretty fucking central to understanding this conversation.

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A chronicle of me watching the film "white chicks"

The following is my unedited reaction typed as I watched the Movie. I did this not only for entertainment, but as a reminder to prevent society from doing something like this again. If you can correctly guess where the film broke me you get a prize.

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In theme of Mara Jade in your MWUTT AU - even if she always was Jedi, I think she would be still considered the most terrifing person most of Jedi ever met. So her dating actual-human-sunshine!Luke would be met with "??? Sorcery". (Skywalkers and Mace, on the other hand, know very well that Luke, despite his sunshiness, is the most terrifing motherfucker in family, so Mace would take one glance on them and be like "I approve. I APPROVE SO MUCH. Go and terrorize everyone together"

Luke’s sunshine-ness is what MAKES him the most terrifying motherfucker in this family. At least Anakin and Leia people see coming, and EVERYBODY knows better than to fuck with Padmé goddamn Amidala. Luke just shows up like “aw it’s okay lemme help. oh. you don’t want help. you want to hurt people. okay then.” Cue screaming and chaos and screaming chaos, and then when it’s all over all the bad guys are either in literal pieces or swearing life-long fealty to Luke Naberrie and everything he stands for. Probably he takes the survivors for space ice cream. 

Mara Jade is in LOVE. “Master, how do Jedi engagements work again?” 

Mace at least semi-approves, but also is NEVER gonna convince the Council he was only adapting his teaching style to fit the Chosen One now, forcedammit. 

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yam tell me your oihina canons



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Dude at rtx it seemed like the booth was a bit too much for the guys. Like i saw a few videos of this one girl who kept talking to James over and over again and they said he even told them to go away (its not cute to annoy them btw, they are people too). The guys were basically trapped and everyone knew where they were at all times. In some posts (like what natnay said) people said Jordan seemed really tired and over whelmed. So for future reference don’t be so obsessive over them. there is other things at that convention to see not just the guys, give them a break, don’t go through the line at the booth 10 times an hour because its annoying and they probably want to meet everyone not just the same 20 people over and over and over again

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A lot of people seem concerned about you. I know crying is healthy, but crying ALL the time, not necessarily so. It seems like that's kinda headed in the direction of depression, no?

No depression is numbness, like not feeling anything. At least I think? Idk but I’m pretty sure I was depressed as a teen and I haven’t felt that way in a long time. I’ve been sad a lot but that’s not depression. Guys let me say this again, it’s GOOD to be in touch with your emotions. Bad things happen all the time, you don’t have to pretend like everything’s great and easy if it’s not! It’s NOT good to hang on to your sadness and let it take over your life. You have to know in your core that everything’s gonna work out. But if you’re going through tough times or even just something small went wrong and made you upset, let those feelings come! Let yourself mourn the loss of joy in that moment so you can RELEASE it and move on. I truly believe that ANY sadness you bury inside throughout the day because you don’t wanna feel it will stay inside you forever until you release it. I think it’s better to just let it out as it comes than just bottle it all up and then explode one day and do something crazy because you can’t handle your emotions. At the end of pain is joy. Every time I release my sadness I feel happy again!! And every time I push my emotions down cuz I don’t wanna be sad, I feel worse. So no that’s not a good method. And ps when I say I cry all the time, I mean like during movies and songs and commercials and stuff too. Not just like I cry every day because my life is so hard haha I’m just saying I have very active tear ducts + I don’t fight the tears usually so they just flow and they flow often. Haha

Dear you, 

All of you out there who think they’ll never get over him/her. Believe me, you will. It may take a month, it may take two years, but eventually you’re gonna get over him. Please, just be strong, you know you can do it. I think, once you survived that, no guy/girl can break your heart as bad as the first one, ever again. And, in addition, you learn so much about yourself and what you want/don’t want in a relationship. Once you’re free, you’re gonna have a great life, full of opportunities and nice people. Guys, just believe me. You will make it through this phase, even if you feel like dying. We’ve all been there. 
Don’t give up!