this is gonna be like bad guy all over again

//6 months//

Anon - “ hey, can I get a jack Maynard imagine ??? You are dating for like a while and everything is amazing and then you bump into your ex and you go out for a lunch or something and when jack finds out he gets super protective bc your ex is an asshole and kinda jealous but you assure him you love only him????? Omg I hope this makes sense, thank you in advance and have a lovely Christmas I love you ”

| Thankyou so much honey, hope you like it! Love you too & Merry Christmas ♡ |

Readers p.o.v
So today is Jack and I’s 6 month anniversary, before meeting him I went through heartbreaks and I had a really bad stereotype in my head that all guys are the same and there is no point being in another relationship because I’m just gonna get fucked over again and again. Don’t get me wrong when Jack came along I still stuck to my stereotypes and beliefs that all guys are “the same” but he was determined to win me over, which he did. He changed my whole perspective on relationships and guys in general, he made me believe that there are actually good people out there who know how to treat a girl like a princess.

To celebrate our 6 month anniversary we decided to go to our favorite local café to grab a coffee and bite to eat. We were walking along the sidewalk, hand in hand..on our way to lunch when a familiar figure bumped into me, making me stumble back a bit. I looked up all of a sudden becoming face to face with the person who put me through hell and back, my ex.
“Long time no see!” He said to me with a surprised look on his face,
“Yeah it has been, I’d stay and talk but I don’t want to and also we’re on a date! Bye now” I said rudely to him and continued my walk to the café with my boyfriend. I could see Jack give me a weird look in the corner of my eye, I know for a fact he is going to bring this up during lunch.

After we ordered and sat down at our table Jack decided to speak up about the situation that occurred 5 minutes ago, just like I thought he would.  
“Y/N…why were you so rude to him? I wouldn’t of minded if you wanted to chat to your old friend for a bit?” I looked up, our eyes coming into contact with each other, I sat there not wanting to mention it was my ex because I didn’t wanna ruin our date but I had to say something.  
“Jack he isn’t a friend, that’s my ex” his faced changed from confusion to anger within a matter of seconds.  
“Y/N why didn’t you tell me that was your ex?! I would’ve knocked him out right then and there! The prick!” He said as he crossed his arms like a 5 year old having a strop. I gave Jack a small smile and replied by saying “That is exactly why I didn’t tell you, I don’t want you to get hurt I genuinely love you so much and wouldn’t want anything bad happening to you..” I thought that by me saying that, it would’ve ended the whole dilemma but it just brought up a whole nother petty argument.  
“What are you trying to say? You think he’s stronger than me or someth-” Jack got interrupted by the waitress bringing us our meal and coffee, we both thanked the waitress and as soon as she walked away, Jack started again…
“Do you think just because his arms are a little bit bigger than mine that he can conquer the world or something? If you think he’s so bloody fantastic, go to lunch with him then” Jack said as he started to stand up from his chair about to leave me alone on our 6 month anniversary.  
“Jack wait! Sit down and let me explain something.” He reluctlenley sat back down to listen to what I had to say, “Jack, my ex is an ex for a reason and you know that. You had to fight for me for almost 3 months before I built up the courage to even say that I liked you. He put me through so much emotional damage that I luckily can forget because you’ve helped me heal those awful wounds that he put there! Jack I love you and only you, just because someone has bigger arms than you doesn’t mean anything to me… I know that when people fight each other they both get injured and I didn’t want to sit at home looking at someone who is the love of my life all bruised up. Okay? I love you not anyone else” Jack stared at me tears brimming his eyes, he blinked as fast as he could to make the tears disappear, once he composed himself he looked up at me and gave me a little smirk,
“I’m sorry that I over reacted and I love you so much, I honestly don’t know what I’d do without in my life” shortly after he said that he lent across the table and gave me a quick peck on my lips.
“Oh jesus! Now you’re gonna make me cry!” I laughed, he laughed along with me at my response. The rest of the day was filled of love, laughter and affection. I don’t know how I got so lucky.

“ Regardless of whatever happens I’m gonna support ATL” … you guys act like something bad is about to happen. Calm down. Worst thing that’s gonna happen is you get an album you don’t like.

This fandom always takes things way too far. We had this exact same shit with Future Hearts, go back on my blog it’s still there.

It’s just a record label change it happens all the time. Clearly it’s what ATL think is gonna help them to move forward with the music THEY want to make instead of doing the same thing over and over again until they lose the passion for it. They are in this business for over 10 years now, they know what they’re doing and where they wanna go (something they didn’t when they switched labels for dirty work). 

Have some faith in our guys, fucks sake.