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man it still makes me really sad seeing doctor who not make as much notes here as it used to. if you gave up on it because of moffat, the new season/series is gonna have a new showrunner, and if you’ve never watched it, I recommend starting at Series 10 it was a really good and solid season and a good starting point I think. honestly just forget superwholock existed if that’s what turns you off from it and plus that died years ago. but yeah I really hope the amount of fans grows soon seeing as how good the show has been lately and how diverse it just keeps getting

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(to get your mind off of that nasty anon) Do you think there are any toons in Sammy's cult? How many people are in the cult, like is it less or more than a 100?

(Gonna answer this before I log off to push that other answer down juuuust a touch haha.

Man I never considered the idea of there being toons in The Flock… I have no clue. There could be a few I guess, but they certainly wouldn’t play the same roles as the humans in the cult. They’d be a lot less expendable. If there are toons there’s probably only a very, very small handful at most, and only one or two at least. They’d probably play very specialized roles, I think Sammy would make them feel very welcome and push them up through the ranks very quickly… Not even to use them just because he genuinely values their input.

Sammy’s a lot more intelligent than I think it seems like he is? He knows that toons, while made from the Ink (”Miracle” Ink), are not actually a source of it or anything, so he doesn’t discriminate, he just sees them as people with very distinct abilities, and he’s right. Any toons that joined The Flock would definitely be held in high regard (in a way) but also it would be pretty creepy for them, because the creative properties of the Ink are one of the most major reasons for its worship; and they are some of those creations. It’s really hard to say what it would be like, it could be worth exploring!

It’s definitely more than 100! I think people even move to LB specifically to join. The thing is, it’s not like a super exclusive thing - pretty much anyone can join, you can be a very casual member and just contribute very little, but the more you contribute the more trust and power you’re afforded. So there are some members who spend all day with Sammy and know the inner workings of the cult and probably have special titles, but there are also members who are just normal people who secretly send them resources or money in exchange for membership. You don’t have to pay for membership, but you have to give something, like, that’s just being part of any team - for most people that’s their time; but if you can’t afford to give your time to the cult and attend meetings much, you can make up for it in a number of ways.

Not all of the cult members are crazy; a lot of the really crazy ones have broken off into their own sects. Ones who are even more into Bendy (not that anyone can out-Bendy Sammy, but the Ink as focus comes first for the main group) or toons in general, who have more extreme beliefs if you can buy that! Sammy still considers them members of The Flock and his responsibility as “The Shepherd”, so he hasn’t disowned them even if they’ve essentially turned on the main group, but the large central cult itself run by Sammy doesn’t actually do wanton damage, their damage is pretty controlled and typically for significant reasons. They’re still dangerous, and normal people who are members definitely don’t advertise it, but the power of the Ink isn’t exactly a crazy choice of things to worship. -HG)


“Hercules! Mon ami!” 

Lafayette stumbled drunk into Hercules arms, squeezing him in a tight hug. He pulled back, kissing him on both cheeks before turning to you, “And (y/n), mon cher!” He pulled you in a tight hug, nearly squeezing the life out of you.

“Good god Laf,” You said patting his arm, “You’re gonna break me.” 

Hercules laughed, “Easy man, wouldn’t want you breaking the poor girl.” 

Lafayette released you, kissing your cheeks, “Of course, who would replace our dear friend (y/n).” 

You rubbed your arms, laughing at him, “Jesus Laf, how are you already this drunk? The sun just went down an hour ago.” 

“It is Halloween (y/n),” Lafayette said, looking at you incredulously, “It is time to embrace the night and dance with the dead. Tonight we are free!” 

You and Hercules exchanged a look, “That sounds great Laf. And I see your costume reflects that sentiment beautifully. I’m guessing you’re a witch” 

Lafayette was decked head to toe in sparkly black, with an inky black cloak and pointed hat to match. 

“Yes mon cher! Very good. And you are a vampire non?” 

“Not just any vampire,” You said smoothing your jacket, “I am Lestat De Lioncourt, infamous French vampire. And meet my companion,” You made an exaggerated motion toward Hercules, “Louis de Pointe du Lac.”

“Interview with a Vampire!” Lafayette exclaimed, “My countrymen!” 

You and Hercules nodded, laughing at his enthusiasm.

“Well, come come,” Lafayette said, grabbing both of your hands, “Laurens and mon petite lion have discovered a delightful drinking game. I am technically  losing, but I believe that just means I’m having more fun.” 

Dat good shit

I was so worried about this RoR. Last year disappointed me, the past few fests haven’t been my jam but OH MAN. MAN OH MAN. I’ve already blown through the currency I saved, all the tokens I’ve hoarded, and I’m gonna grind the whole darn fest. I’m GIDDY.


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Do you think your Nerevarine will ever meet the Dragonborn? I can imagine an experience hero that went through a bunch of shit, talking to a new hero and being like "Haha good luck...Totally not stressful."

Oh man I was gonna draw a response to this one too, but I’m still not 100% positive on my canon Dragonborn. Someday!

Suffice it to say the answer is yes, absolutely. Tev’s in Skyrim around that time, trying to mop up Daedric shenanigans, so it’s inevitable they’d cross paths. And…god would she be relieved to know there’s another savior dealing with shit there. You kids handle it and all that.

Watching SJ returns today… Made realize Eunhyuk’s conversation with Shimkung is me with my bias-wrecker (?)

Okay but really, it was quite funny seeing each member falling in love with Teuk’s dog, it was adorable! That’s the power of animals, y'all.

Seeing Donghae actually return to recording because he wasn’t satisfied made so freaking proud. He’s so, so hardworking but he’s always doing all that just in the background, I love him <3

Heechul’s trip to become prettier XD This man is such a diva (?) he wouldn’t stop complaining at every little thing I’m dead XD and him playing Twins, those days of the debut era… *has flashbacks of the hairstyles* Yeah… the song was good (?)

Honestly this is a great way of starting the week, not gonna lie, can’t wait for tomorrow.

You think you can check out a Real Man in the locker room, faggot? 

I’m gonna teach you a good lesson. Im gonna tie you to a bench, sodomize your fag ass with a baseball bat before throwing your naked bitch ass out into the gym.

drew some scrappy and very very late to the game designs for those adventure boys

i am in love with art school graffiti tracer
(there’s a colour breakdown of this piece on my patreon!)

The Kingsman x FFXV AU you never asked for! Agents Prompto Argentum and Lunafreya Fleuret are suited up now! Quick little sketch for my love @sailor-mochi! We had a Kingsman night and welp, obviously we decided to talk about an AU with our babies in it!

The Luna to my Prompto <3

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Hey correct me if I'm wrong bc it's been literal years since reading the PJO books, but didn't Grover fall asleep for like a year before the titan war? And if so, then WHY did no-one write a fic about him and Percy bonding over losing an entire year of their lives? AND their mental bond? And what is Grover even doing these days as Lord of the Wild? I just need more Grover in my life tbh.

he did! everyone was wondering where he was and he was asleep in a tree 

………..what a good question

  • as soon as the titan war is over and percy and annabeth have sorted their feelings out, grover and percy sit out in the strawberry fields and grover makes percy tell him everything
    • “grover you really don’t need to know how many hours of video games i played” 
      “yes i do” 
  • they find that grover is still garbage at panflute, without the monsters percy’s life is relatively boring, and that they really don’t just sit and talk enough 
  • grover also does a serious interrogation about sally and paul 
  • it ends with percy bringing grover back to see sally and she hugs him hard and then proceeds to try to feed him like two dozen batches of cookies
  • grover offers to sever the mental bond a few more times but every time he does, percy pretends not to hear
  • they get a lot better at controlling it because percy still stays away from as much technology as possible
    • sometimes percy will send weird and random thoughts to grover in the middle of class and grover is just like “dude wtf pay attention” 
    • percy once tried to use it to cheat on a test and was like “hey grover ask annabeth something” and annabeth showed up at the apartment to yell at percy and then offer studying tips/advice and a study buddy if he ever needed one
    • things get like super weird when it’s two am and neither of them can sleep and they just send back strange and sometimes deeply philosophical thoughts
      • they wake up the next morning like “all i remember is peanut butter and napoleon what happened” 
    • after tartarus, grover checks in on percy all the time. to make sure he’s eating and sleeping and taking care of himself. and to ask if he’s ok, because percy doesn’t lie as well over the mental bond
  • grover has a lot of duties as lord of the wild that percy doesn’t always understand but he always listens to grover rant about
    • he’ll latch onto the little things he knows and make commentary on that and grover is like “thank you for understanding” 
  • percy once asks grover if being lord of the wild makes him a god or what and grover just lays down on the ground for a little while because thinking about being considered a god stresses him out 
    • percy lays down with him and starts talking about the new book his mom is working on 
  • most of grover’s duties have to do with protecting animals and the environment, so percy helps him set up time with rachel so he can reach out to the mortal world as well
    • percy sits with them and tries to pay attention but sometimes he falls asleep and sometimes he doodles with whatever rachel hands him 
  • it takes a while, but eventually percy knows a lot about what grover does!!! and he’s really proud of his best friend!!!
  • one time, grover is going on and on about this problem he’s having and struggling with, and percy offers up a really informed and good suggestion and grover just stares at him for a moment and was like “how did you remember that?” 
    • percy shrugs and says “i pay attention?” 
    • grover hugs him and almost starts crying and percy is so confused