this is gonna be epic i can tell you

One little thing about the banquet reveal that left me unsure whether to laugh or weep

I know the fandom’s collectively lose their minds over poor Victor for crushing on a guy who doesn’t remember grinding him, but has anyone talked about Victor’s face right before Yuuri revealed that he forgot the whole thing?

because here he is, thinking that’s Yuuri’s gonna talk about how he made Victor falls head-over-heels with his superb dance moves invited five-time-consecutive world champion Victor Nikiforov to be his coach.

yea tell them babe tell them how you make me yours with your half-naked eros *bashfully lowering my gaze*

preparing to hear bae narrate the beginning of our epic love story then we can announce our engagement, my memory of the night I first saw bae half-naked is very fond -


Poor Victor lol I feel so sorry for the gorgeous Russian man T_T



Yo never in my life have I thought ever I’d reach the day when I’d reach 1k followers. I know everyone says this but just thinking about it just blows my mind and I couldn’t be happier QWQ

Even though I’m still processing all this and accepting the fact I have 1,000 people following me, I can’t help but feel like that I don’t deserve it but I want to do something to thank all of you for putting through all my crap ^o^)/

Anyways, I just wanted to make this to thank you all! I will be choosing the winners randomly so please don’t get mad if you don’t win. If I reach 2k followers, I’ll probably host another raffle :3


  • 1 like = 1 entry
  • 1 reblog = 1 entry
  • Must be a follower (and please just don’t unfollow me afterward if you win or lose, that’s just plain rude)
  • Anyone can participate
  • Have fun and be paient! :D


1st Place Winner wins:

A fanfic that is 3,000+ words long

2nd Place Winner wins:

A fanfic that is 2,000+ words long

3rd Place Winner wins:

A fanfic that is 1,000+ words long

Additional info: (!Important!)

The fanfic can be about anything; angst, fluff, I’ll even do sin if you wanted. If you don’t have a story planned in mind, then you have the option to let me choose in which what happens, but you’ll have to let me know what theme you want. In addition, the fanfic could be about a ship or even OC’s. If it’s about OC’s, you’ll have to give me a thorough explanation of their looks, personality, etc. If it’s a ship that I’m not familiar with, you’ll have to do the same.

You can also choose what will happen in the fic, why it happens, the ending, how it starts, the setting, etc. In this case, you’ll be telling me what you want to happen and what the scene will be like and I’ll be writing it. If you want to kill someone, go for it. If you want a happy ending, tell me.

In short, you’ll be responsible for what happens to the characters. You can choose what happens to them and why. Keep in mind in how long your fic is. For 3rd place, I could only write so much unlike for 1st place, I could add more.

Or maybe I’m just putting too much thought into this XD

Deadline: June 1st 

when school’s over hehe


glass-closet  asked:

I am here to take your virginity! Well, your ass.. ask virginity. Right. I have an actual question, too: what were your three favourite J2 moments of 2016?

Oh, my Dear @seraphyde666, I couldn’t have asked for a better person to take my TumblrCherry!!

And girl, is this thing painful… Only three best moments? You’re killing me here, I’m a terrible lister, I never do them because the moment I’m done with them I know I’ll remember something better than what I’d picked. But, hell, I’m not gonna be a virgin forever, no, siree, I refuse! So here goes cheating….

1. JIB 2016

For all that JIB 2015 killed us with sorrow, JIB 2016 redeemed us with quite a few memorable moments. I’ll tell you three of my favorites:

The Epic Hug

There’s not much you can say about that, especially not now, everything has been said and we all kinda have an idea of how important that entire moment was: from Jared choking up to Jensen fiercely pulling Jared to him—and the pats on the head.


The Blushing Bride

This is a moment that not many talked about but I loved for so many reasons. Look at Jared self-conscious at hearing his friend Jason tell him and the world how much Jensen was smitten when he met Jared. It’s such a sweet moment.

“The one that changes everything”

“Smitten” was actually the word Jason used to describe how gone Jensen was, form day one; it’s a pity that I can’t seem to find were I read that, back in the day.


The Non-stop Looks (Jailbreak)

Here we have Jensen once again serenading his husband. Through all the songs he sang he found a way to sneak a peek to his Jared.


And it all culminated with this…


2. Hiatus Bliss

J2 roaming the Arrow Stages and their awesome caps.

My boy

A post shared by Jensen Ackles (@jensenackles) on Aug 8, 2016 at 3:44pm PDT

J2 reenacting some of our fanfics…

This very significant moment…

And this… I have no words…

3. The Last Hurray

When I saw this picture my heart legit skipped a couple of beats. This picture SCREAMS couple so much that I had to change the captions for Jared's sake

Unfortunately, that was the last time J2 willingly let us know they were having a Date Night.

Honorable Mentions


Sentence Meme: 51 Logan Echolls Quotes
Some will be more easily applicable than others.
  • That’s funny. It sounds a lot like my essay.
  • Wow Sugarpuss, you’ve certainly been a busy little bee.
  • Nice car. Wow, it must have been a huge cereal box.
  • I’m sorry, did that hurt your feeling?
  • As a rule, I like to start every school day with a hot blonde waiting for me in the parking lot.
  • You mean, like, if there were total silence? Let’s try to imagine it.
  • Not the ones made for walking? God, I love those boots.
  • I can’t take that I hurt you when all I want to do is protect you.
  • Oh, god. You know, when I dreamed of this moment, ‘I’ve Had the Time of My Life’ was always playing. Oh, what can you do?
  • Heads up, chests out, big smiles, ready? Ok.
  • I can’t tell you ok? But you have to trust me. He’s innocent.
  • Ask not what [name] can do for you. Ask what you can do for [name].
  • I thought our story was epic, you know. You and me. Spanning years and continents. Lives ruined and blood shed. Epic.
  • Annoy tiny blonde one, annoy like the wind.
  • I’m not going to see you for a week. That’s, like, a month.
  • Oh, this is gonna be good.
  • I’ve let her draw finger hearts on my upper thigh for the last 10 minutes, so, yeah, I get the stakes.
  • I am beyond tardy for my Physics class. And if I remember right, time travel is not yet possible.
  • Guess who I saw on campus today?
  • Saving the world one pointless act at a time.
  • Wrong answer. Would you care to guess again?
  • I don’t know. Maybe it’s like Brigadoon. Come back in a hundred years and it’ll be right back in this spot.
  • Get out of my house. You have a problem with [name], you leave. Actually, you have a problem with [name], you’re pretty much dead to me, so just, like, evaporate or something, I don’t know.
  • Frankly my dear… you know the rest.
  • Will I be returned in my current pristine condition?
  • Go ahead, screw your brains out.
  • O-kay… No more college for you.
  • Well, if she’s on the TV, she must be telling the truth.
  • You’re cute when you’re jealous.
  • Frankly, my dear… you know the rest.
  • Never underestimate the size of my cojones.
  • Just not like I loved her. It’s okay. No, you know, it kinda lets me off the hook, you know. I don’t know, I don’t have to feel guilty anymore.
  • Ah, you have that 'I’d rather be making out with a broken bottle’ look. Which if history serves, means you’re about to say something awkward.
  • Well, the joke’s on her: she came to borrow my video camera. The girl does love a snappy exit line.
  • Tu casa es mi casa.
  • My day is complete. [name] has accused me of evil.
  • You’re going to have to take my word for it.
  • I’m sorry it causes you so much pain. I’m sorry it happened, and I really love you, [name].
  • FYI, if the cuddling is the best part, he didn’t do it right.
  • I got it. No calling you Bobcat, no talk of milky thighs.
  • Ah, he’s a master debater.
  • Best thing about two days in jail? Two days worth of Ellen on the TiVo. That sweet feeling.
  • Come on, I’ll drive you home on the back streets.
  • Look, [name], can you, just once, save my ass without comment?
  • Sometimes I’m up all night, just thinkin’ about myself.
  • Well first, I’d just like to say the other, uh, nominees are all such wonderfully gifted criminals. And I wanna thank my agent and my publicist for always shooting me from the left side.
  • I tried calling you “Chuckles”, but it didn’t stick.
  • That’s what the female praying mantis says before she bites the male’s head off.
  • What, are we breaking up now? Do you want your best friend charm back?
  • Are we here to surf or swap hairdo secrets?
  • She was blonde, petite. Smelled of marshmallows and promises.
It Begins...

Alright here we go!

Nostalgia right off the bat. (geez it really has been ages…) (Ok think about it. 2011. 6 years ago. I would’ve been 13.)


Sup Juniper, long time no see. (Stilltheonlyfemaleprofessor2017rip)

Aww look at that cutie little mincinno that we won’t even have the opportunity to catch til way later in the game :D

Uh a girl, last time I checked. (Side note: I forgot how the fem avatar had like the shortest booty shorts to have ever been shorted. Still rocks it tho)

Ya know, one thing I never liked about this game either is how you don’t get to name your riva- I’M SORRY FRIENDS. So… Imma call you Cher.

And you…

Waste of space. 

(I’m sorry to fans of Bianca…)

this-is-andavs  asked:

Over 1k, fuck yeah! My prompt word is sleep. Because sleepy and peaceful Sterek is very important to me.

“Sleep” for my 1k prompt event!

“Sleep bad,” Stiles insists, stumbling on his feet and clumsily yanking at his tie. “Sex good!”

“Sleep good, too,” Derek counters, shoving Stiles gently back onto the hotel bed and kneeling to strip his shoes, dress pants and socks off. Well, at least they’re on the same page about getting naked.

But when Stiles finally struggles out of his shirt and makes a grab for Derek’s boxers, he is rudely diverted by the covers being tugged up around him, and then Derek is tucking them both in.

“It’s been a long day,” he coaxes. “We’re both exhausted. It’s okay, let’s just sleep.”

Stiles pouts. “No-o, we can’t! I had plans! Was gonna be-” he has to break off to yawn. The sheets and puffy white mountains of comforter feel warm and nice… really nice, like… clouds or something… only, no. None of that! He forces his eyes back open, because he can almost feel Derek’s ‘I was right’ smirk. “Epic! It was - is going to be epic.”

“Hmm,” Derek says incredulously. “I don’t know about you, but I am not up for epic anything right now.”

Stiles sighs. “This is why they tell you to fuck beforehand, isn’t it?”

“Which we did,” Derek reminds him wryly, clicking the lights off.

“Well, yeah,” Stiles admits. “But I wouldn’t-” he muffles another yawn- “wouldn’t mind a second round.” He rubs up against Derek’s side, crotch first, and it’s supposed to be hot and sexy… but from Derek’s chuckle, it reads more as adorable, puppy-puddle cuddling.

“How about tomorrow before the brunch?” Derek offers. He noses into the side of Stiles’ neck, scenting him. God, Stiles loves it when he does that, the hint of instinctual possessiveness that he’s more often so careful to hide.

Not that Stiles doesn’t love that too, how he’s usually so thoughtful and thorough, like when he goes down on Stiles and seems to catalog each reaction for future use, looking up through his dark lashes to make eye contact as he does that one thing with his lips…

“Nooowww,” Stiles whines, wriggling against Derek’s thigh. “It’s bad luck if we don’t! You have werewolf stamina, you can do the work. I’ll just lay here and enjoy. We can put a pillow under my hips or something.”

“Ah yes, you make it sound so appealing,” Derek says, but he strokes Stiles’ side as if he’s considering.

“Haha, jokes on you,” Stiles says, letting his heavy eyelids droop closed as he enjoys the lazy contact. “Sex with me is always appealing. Or is bed death already setting in?”

“Don’t think a lack of passion is gonna be our problem,” Derek says into Stiles ear, his hot breath sending a shiver down Stiles spine even before he nips his earlobe. Stiles’ breath catches, and he turns into Derek’s mouth for a sloppy, awkwardly angled kiss.

And then, just as he’s getting into it, he’s manhandled onto his side and his back is snugged firmly against Derek’s tummy and chest.

“Sleep,” Derek insists again.

“Fine,” Stiles says, or tries to. It comes out as another huge yawn. His limbs feel pleasantly heavy from all the dancing, his head muzzy with the buzz from all the champagne toasts.

“Wake you up with a blowjob tomorrow,” Derek offers, sounding moments from dozing off himself.

“Yeah,” Stiles sighs happily, rubbing his face into the downy pillow. Sleep, actually, good after all. He threads his fingers through Derek’s to pull his arm tighter around his chest, and the last thing he notices as he sinks into dreams is the unfamiliar feeling of their new rings pressing into each other.

jim kirk/leonard mccoy + the first time leonard takes care of jim’s injuries [ part two of the mckirk first series ]

ao3 link

words: 796

tagging: @mckirkish @mckirk @fuckyeahkirk-mccoy

Leonard isn’t supposed to be awake at well god-only-knows what hour when Jim stumbles into their shared dorm room smelling of alcohol and stained with fresh blood. But, of course, the contrary bastard is awake, his face dimly illuminated by his PADD. And when he speaks, it almost scares Jim out of his skin. It’s loud, more so than it is shocking, and it makes Jim’s head pound.

“God damn it, Jim!”

Jim’s beginning to realize that he’s way too sober for one of Leonard’s “what the hell were you thinking?” speeches that’s sure to include southern metaphors that make no damn sense, and Jim’s rather relieved when it doesn’t come. Leonard simply tosses his PADD onto his bed and moves towards the bathroom, returning with his medkit clutched in hand.

“Sit,” Leonard grumbles, propping his medkit open on the table beside Jim’s bed.

Jim sits without protest. He doesn’t even bother to pull off his boots, his knuckles are cracked open and aching, so he just watches Leonard rummage through the kit instead.

“You look like hell in a handbasket, kid,” Leonard says.

Jim breathes out a laugh - he can’t help himself - and asks, “What? That’s it?”

“You wanted sympathy, ya should’a gone to the damn clinic,”  Leonard drawls, leveling Jim with a glare that would make any other man cringe, but of course, Jim’s smirk just widens.

“Why would I go there when I’ve got my own personal doctor in my dorm?” Jim asks.

Leonard shakes his head, pulling out a small bottle of peroxide to clean Jim’s split lip and hopefully get rid of that shit-eating grin as well. “Well what was the genius plan gonna be if I weren’t awake?” he asks.

Jim shrugs and answers, “Probably just pass out.”

Leonard rolls his eyes. He doesn’t want to encourage Jim with a sarcastic remark, so he focuses instead on Jim’s lip and biting his own tongue. He feels a sick kind of satisfaction when Jim winces, but it quickly fades into annoyance once again when Jim whines and slaps Leonard’s hand away.

“Stop,” he mumbles pathetically, “That hurts, Bones.”

“S’not supposed to feel good, kid,” Leonard retorts. “Now shut up. ‘M tryin’ to help you.”

Jim’s eyebrows furrow, but he doesn’t fight it when Leonard moves to clean his lip again.

To Jim’s surprise, Leonard treats him with utter professionalism - well as much as he can before another bitter remark pushes its way through. He doesn’t ask questions because he simply doesn’t need to know the answers in order to attend to Jim’s injuries. And at first, Jim was relieved to realize that, but he comes to find that he can’t handle the silence, not when he’s so used to Leonard’s angry ramblings about one thing or the other.

“Not even gonna ask about the guy I gave an epic ass-kicking?” Jim asks finally.

Leonard’s glare flicks up from Jim’s lips to Jim’s eyes. “Didn’t I tell you to shut up?” he asks.

(Okay, so maybe not utter professionalism.)

Jim ignores him, of course. “Some dick at the bar - I don’t know what bar but that’s not important anyways - was all over this guy, wouldn’t leave him alone, ya know? Just bein’ a horny fuckin’ ass who refused to take no for an answer, so I - being a nice guy and all - I gotta say somethin’ -”

“Jim,” Leonard interrupts the story. “You’re wasted, and ‘m tired, so let me clean you up and you can tell me this tomorrow when we’ve both had some damn sleep.”

Jim hesitates but reluctantly mumbles, “Alright.”

Leonard does look tired, even Jim can see that in his drunken stupor, so he shuts up and just watches Leonard work. He watches how Leonard’s hands move the regenerator over his busted lip, never shaking, never hesitating, and how his brow furrows in concentration, and he just watches until Leonard stands packing everything back into his medkit.

Jim’s a little disappointed if he’s being honest. Some part of him wanted Leonard to nag him about this, maybe something about Jim having “no damn sense”, anything really, but it never came.

“Get some sleep,” Leonard tells him, leaving his medkit on the table and moving to sit on his own bed. And Jim thinks that’s it as he watches Leonard tuck his forgotten PADD into a drawer in his desk, shut the lights off, and crawl under the sheets of his bed, until Leonard speaks into the darkness, voice low and rough. “I don’t know about epic ass-kicking, but ‘m sure you did the right thing, kid. Just call me next time, alright? - before you do somethin’ real stupid.”

Jim smiles, and this time there’s no pain as his lip splits open a fraction wider. “Sure thing, Bones,” he answers.

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Man I wonder how Haggar'll interact with Lotor's squad.

ME TOOOOOOOOOOO! Especially since the red one has teleportation, so makes you wonder. Also they all seem to be friendly with her cat, and I would be beyond pleased if she treats them better than she does Lotor. I need them to interact and have loyalty to her as well. Sorry i’m not being cohesive I’m just still shaking because Im watching the epic version that isn’t released and the part where the ladies are being badass sync so well with the awesome music and I die.

NaNoWriMo 2015: A D&D Adventure

Just a reminder, ladies and gentlemen that, November is National Novel Writing Month! Last year I tried to write a story based on my first D&D Adventure, and this year I’m gonna finish it! And hopefully throughout this journey I can level up my writing and storytelling skills!

So, I present to you: “The Silent Ones: A Dungeons and Dragons Adventure!”

“Many years ago, a group of nerds convened to tell a tale of heroism, betrayal, and adventure in a perilous fantasy world. It was an arduous journey filled with passion, epic battles, and questionable decisions. but it all combined to form the most memorable gaming experience I have ever been involved with. Join me as I retell the tale of an unqualified, unlikely, and uncooperative heroes in their tumultuous quest to survive, adapt, and overcome the odds in the world of Dungeons and Dragons! Learn the epic tale of Karus, the Longtooth Shifter Shaman; Uriko, the Razorclaw Shifter Druid; Grelos, the Dragonborn Swordmage; Chrovan, the Human Warlord; and Abner, the Half-Elf Rogue and how they uncovered the strength and courage within themselves in order to save the world.”

So, if you’ve got time to kill, and aren’t above enjoying a hastily written and dorky fantasy adventure, please take a look! I will be updating daily this month. Any literary and grammatical critiques are highly encouraged and welcomed! ^_^

Chapter 1 - Battle in the Kobold Cave - Chrovan is searching for an mysterious ancient artifact when he encounters a pair of unscrupulous characters. They reluctantly band together in order to survive a deadly encounter with some local cultists.

anonymous asked:

Oh please don't go on the I don't but totally do remember route, please? It's just too similar to to what happened with burnt sugar in Medusa and I think it'd be nice to distance ourselves as much as possible from that. I am so so so so very excited to read this story, I think I'm gonna have to take a day off when it comes out so I can properly fangirl. I can already tell it's going to be epic.

Oh they definitely don’t DO anything while they’re drunk, I think it’ll be more of a ‘I almost figured out I love you and it threatens the edge of my consciousness but I can’t quite put my finger on it’ kind of thing! Because the reveal (both of them) is pretty planned out! And I think y’all will like it! (I hope at least)

And it always surprises me to hear how excited y’all are about this fic! I love it!! I mean I’m pretty pumped, but even more so when I hear from you guys!! I’ve never done anything like this before, so I hope it lives up to expectations!!

Epic! Chara/Frisk (Spoilers)

This is Epic!
Both Frisk and Chara,
And I’ll never die
Because of a fool like you
I’m just so much better
And everything tells me to “Now, go kill him”

Demons like me aren’t gonna follow your rules
Come on, try and kill me with your fancy tools
Let’s go, just one on two
Let’s go, the Demon v. You

Go ahead and just hit me once you’re able
Can’t you see that my existence here is stable?
I can see you hate the way I interrupt,
Though I think you’re just scared cause I’m corrupt!

You’re not gonna save who we killed together
Chara is gonna stay like this forever
You can’t break me apart, I am that much newer
And I’ll always be thrice as strong as you are!

I exist, thanks to
Oh oh oh

This is what Chara became
This is which Frisk I am
And if you think you can stop me
Then you need to think again

Because I am a demon
And I will be your end
You can not protect your city
You can not even protect your friends

Go ahead and just hit me once you’re able
Can’t you see that my existence here is stable?
I know that I’m something you’re afraid of
Cause you think that you know who I’m made of

But do you see these six SOULs in my hands?
All of them together make me what I am
I am their power
I am their might
And you are the one that I will smite

I exist, thanks to
Oh oh oh oh oh
And I’m more OP than you
Oh oh oh oh oh
Oh oh oh oh oh
Oh oh oh oh oh
I’m so much more OP than you
Oh oh oh oh oh
Oh oh oh oh oh
Oh oh oh oh oooh

((This is a Epic! Frisk/Chara version of “Stronger Than You” from Steven  Universe. @yugogeer12‘s comic Epic!Tale is awesome and, since I can’t draw anything to save my life, I thought of another way to make something for them. It kinda contains spoilers, which I know because of a theory I made, so beware?))

thegollux replied to your post:Working on Exclusive Pt II: The Buckying

I confused “exclusive” with “exquisite” because both of them feature Peters. I really wasn’t sure where you were gonna go with a Peter Burke / Bucky Barnes story but I was HERE FOR ITTTT

HAHAHA oh god can you imagine, Peter and Neal are assigned to track down Bucky Barnes as part of an FBI counterterrorism unit.

Neal finds Bucky in like, ten minutes, moves him into the loft, doesn’t tell Peter.

Neal and Bucky have EPIC ADVENTURES trying to find a way to clear Bucky’s name, Mozzie JOYOUSLY FREAKS OUT at all the conspiracy stuff, Neal cop-blocks Peter at every turn, Bucky is just like “the fuck is my life” and it all culminates in a showdown in a warehouse full of Hydra records that everyone gets to at the same time and just when Neal thinks Peter is FOR SURE going to find Bucky, Steve Rogers and Sam Wilson show up and are like AGENT BURKE, A MOMENT OF YOUR TIME allowing Bucky to get away until the FBI can go through the Hydra records and declare Bucky Not A Terrorist.

It would be glorious. Neal and Bucky arguing about guns alone would be worth the price of admission.

wolfballz  asked:

Hey Midnight! For your headcannon requests, could I get some djwifi please? I've always wanted to find out what happened after Ladybug shut Alya and Nino in the cage during the animan epsiode, how she got him in on adrienette etc! *makes kitten eyes*

Alya is fed up.

It’s bad enough that she’s locked in a freaking cage, but she’s also missing the action, and won’t have anything to record for the Ladyblog.

She’s frantic, searching for any nook or cranny which she could use to escape.

When Nino places a comforting hand on her shoulder, she almost decks him.


“It’s ok, I know how much that blog means to you. I’d be bummed too.”


Alya is touched, and surprised at his sympathy. Her arms drop limply at her sides. Nino uses this as an opportunity to guide her to the centre of the enclosure.

Ever the optimist, he tries to raise her spirits.

“At least we’re not out there being chased by hungry wolves or whatever!”

Despite herself, Alya laughs, before she remembers Nino’s earlier confession to Marinette. He likes her… Nino Lahiffe likes her.

She doesn’t want him to.

He’s a goof.

He’s too laid back.

He’s a good friend, that’s all. Just a friend.

He’s… kind of cute.

Wait WHAT? No, no, no. Nope. Bad. Don’t think that. Bad, baaad thoughts. Not gonna happen. Cut it out Alya.

“Oh SHIT!” his yelp jolts her out of her worrisome thoughts and she jumps, looking at his wide, fearful eyes. “ADRIEN IS OUT THERE!”

Alya squints, journalist instincts tingling.

“Thought Adrien wasn’t here yet?”

Nervous Nino laughter.


Who can resist Alya’s warning tone? Lol Nino you’re fucked.

Cue big confession. Cue epic Alya facepalm.

“You’re telling me the guy Marinette loves was trying to set her up with his best friend?! God damn-”

“Woah hold on there- Marinette loves Adrien? That- that actually makes so much sense.”

Oops. Alya you done goofed. She wilts, hoping she didn’t hurt Nino’s feelings.

“Well I’m not gonna stand in the way of that! They’d make a good couple once Adrien gets over his dumb Ladybug crush.”

Confused.png take 2- Electric boogaloo.

“I thought you liked Marinette?”

“Well yeah, she’s cute and all. But I don’t love her. If Marinette loves Adrien, I don’t want to get in the way of all that. There are other cute girls, girls who will like me back I guess. Besides, maybe I can help? I love my bro, but he can be super oblivious at times. I guess that comes from being homeschooled and stuff.” Nino shrugs shooting Alya a hopeful grin.


There it is.

Love arrow straight to the heart.

Alya looks down at her lap, fighting a sudden wave of shyness.

“That’s- that’s pretty cool of you Nino.”

*internal screaming*

anonymous asked:

what's epic mafia?? im totally down for a game

Ok Im gonna make the instructions post now:

Epic Mafia is an online game that you have to make an account to play
Basically everyone gets a role: Doctor, Cop, Mafia, ect. There are two sides, villagers and Mafia and the goal is to figure out who the mafia is and lynch them. Uhh thats the basics but here is a tutorial that probably explains everything better than I can

Also the main thing I like about epic mafia is that you can play as dangan ronpa characters (theres actually tons of decks so if mafia wins we are gonna hold another vote for a deck)

Yhwach and Yamamoto live tweet their fight

As requested by anon. :)

In this live tweet list, Yhwach and Yamamoto are going to take turns live tweeting their fight. A fight that I don’t, um, exactly remember the details of. *cough* But that’s not going to stop me!

[Want more live tweets?]

1. Yamamoto tweets: Guess who just killed the Quincy leader?

#hint: someone who looks awesome shirtless  #hint: great beard  #hint: rockin’ abs  #suck it Ichigo

2. Yhwach tweets:
@Yamamoto: orly?


3. Yamamoto tweets:
@Shunsui, please tell me that somebody has Yhwach’s phone

#also does anyone know where ichigo is?  #just in case?

4. Yhwach tweets:
@Yamamoto: turn around for a cool surprise


5. Yamamoto tweets: Well, dammit.

#I knew it was too early in the plot to kill that guy

6. Yamamoto tweets:

#plz tell me sasakibe blew up a boiler again  #and somebody check the basement  #for…reasons

7. Yhwach tweets:
Just incinerated Lloyd’s body. Gonna get a nice meal tonight, am I right?

#crispy  #also check out that sweet-ass explosion

8. Yamamoto tweets: Are you going to eat your dead subordinate?

#weirdo  #cannibalism tw?

9. Yhwach tweets:
doesn’t matter to you. you’re about to die.

#trash talk  #of epic proportions  #bazz-b training at work

10. Yamamoto tweets:
if you’re so cool, then why have you been absent from the fighting this whole time?

#what kind of leader stands back from the fighting  #…  #without super good reasons?

11. Yhwach tweets: oh i was just off visiting my dear friend aizen [attached picture: bondage_Aizen]

#you can tell we’re friends b/c he smirked for the picture  #smug bastard

12. Yamamoto tweets:
@Yhwach How humiliating it must be when you’re so odious that even a man in prison spits on your offer of help.

#rejected by aizen  #aizen’s all: Bondage chair > Yhwach

13. Yhwach tweets:
sorry i can’t hear you over the sound of you not having an arm because aizen cut it off


14. Yamamoto tweets: Are we going to fight or are you going to just continue being bad at trash talk?

#your trash talk is so bad the garbageman won’t touch it on garbage day

15. Yhwach tweets:

#just plz no bankai  #a bankai is cheating  #your bankai is so strong  #i totally couldn’t handle your bankai  #oh plz sweet cheese let him not use his bankai

16. Yamamoto: Everyone, get ready for some dry air and some power padding! ‘Cause I’m going into BANKAI

#this feels like a really good idea 

17. Yhwach tweets:

18. Yhwach tweets: *yoink* = the sound of a man’s bankai being unceremoniously taken away

19. Yhwach tweets: I totally have your bankai, dude

20. Yamamoto tweets:
Yeah, I got it. Jerk.

21. Yhwach tweets: @everyone: quick poll: should I (a) use his bankai to summon dead shinigami to attack Yamamoto, (b) let Yamamoto go or © do a chicken dance?

#listening to subordinates = mark of a great leader  #losing your bankai = mark of a sucky leader

22. Yamamoto tweets:
I’ve always won w/out my banki in the past. Don’t worry everyone. I can do this.

#but ichigo  #you could still come  #if you wanted  #just to um watch me beat yhwach

23. Yhwach tweets: Actually, let’s go with option (d): CUT THE FUCKER IN HALF

#think yamaoto wants the (d), guys?  #i think he does

24. Yamamoto: no this is okay. nothing duct tape won’t fix

#i’m actually excited that i’m short now  #always wanted to try platform shoes  #i can still win this

25. Yhwach tweets: And that’s how you do it, people! No fuss! Just a simple bisection!

#@Aizen  #you moron  # convoluted plans < bisection  #shinigami < Quincy  #you < me

26. Yamamoto: wait i have a plan!

#a really good one  #unless the blood loss is talking

27. Yhwach tweets:
oh no he grabbed my arm whatever will i do

#Tosen, any ideas?

28. Yamamoto tweets:


29. Yhwach tweets:
Dude…how are you tweeting with no arms?




31. Yhwach tweets: oops, gotta go. have fun dying. btw, this is why you’re not a war potential. b/c you suck

#yhwach out

32. Yamamoto tweets: this could have gone better

#oh look i turned the capslock o

Fic: Grab A Boy

Junior Cheerio captain Blaine falls hard for cute freshman cheerio Kurt. Hell yeah.

~2000 words, PG-13, fluff.

“I think my eyes are about to start bleeding from how incredibly awful that was. In the future, you’re not even allowed to look in my general direction or else I will end up vomiting all over your outdated haircut. Next!”

Blaine silently watched the freshman girl with the truly unfortunate shag leave in tears after Coach’s critique, praying that whoever was next had at least a shred of rhythm. Usually Cheerios tryouts weren’t quite this painful, but apparently this year’s crop of recruits were all born with two left feet and no lung power. Getting to Nationals this year was looking like more work than he’d originally thought.

“Oh dear God, it’s like a Precious Moments figurine come to life,” Coach muttered as the next kid walked in, prompting Blaine to look up from his notepad.

His pencil slipped from his fingers.

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A Very Revealing Conversation With Rihanna

The author and filmmaker Miranda July asks the pop superstar what turns her on, how she handles the pressure of public scrutiny and why she’s been Googling childbirth. (Then they become best friends.)

I DRESSED VERY CAREFULLY for her, the way I would for a good friend, thinking hard about what she likes. What I think she likes. I ordered Uber Black — the highest level of Uber I’ve ridden. The driver said it would be about an hour and a half to Malibu, a long time to resist telling him where I was going.

‘‘I’m going to meet Rihanna,’’ I finally yelled over the radio.

He turned the radio down.

‘‘Rihanna. I’m going to meet her, to interview her. That’s where we’re going.’’

‘‘You kidding? That’s my girl,’’ he said. ‘‘I love her. She’s so down-to-earth. She always keep it cool with her friend and her family. Her and Melissa, I think they are the best celebrity friends. I always say that.’’

‘‘Melissa Forde,’’ I said, to show that I knew who he meant.

‘‘I took a picture with her! Look!’’ He handed back his phone and I took it skeptically. But there he was, in a tux, with his arm around Rihanna. She was smiling. ‘‘She hear my accent and ask me where I’m from. She’s so nice. I knew she would be.’’

‘‘Where are you from?’’

‘‘West Africa, Niger. I come to play soccer for University of Idaho. Oh, that’s the other thing I love about Rihanna — she love soccer.’’

Over the next two hours I interviewed Oumarou Idrissa about how he survived during his first five years in Los Angeles after his student visa had fallen through. He slept in laundromats, sending tiny sums of money back to Niger where his 25 brothers and sisters were starving. This took us through the beach traffic; we grew quiet as the SUV zipped along beach cliffs above blue water. I think we both suddenly remembered Rihanna.

Do you want me to ask her anything for you?’’ I said.

Oumarou thought seriously about this for a long time. ‘‘Yeah. Here’s my question: When she going to West Africa? Many celebrity don’t like going there because we’re so poor. But I know she have a good heart and I think Rihanna would be the one to open the door to all of them. Also if she needs a driver, or security. Or French teacher.’’

‘‘Or soccer teacher,’’ I said, as we pulled up to Geoffrey’s, a fancy Malibu restaurant. I warned Oumarou that I might be a long time, but he wanted to pick me up when I was done with the interview. He wanted to hear her answer to his question.

‘‘Don’t be nervous,’’ Oumarou called out as I hopped out of the car. ‘‘She’s really nice.’’

I SPENT THE NEXT HOUR and a half with Jennifer Rosales, Rihanna’s ‘‘24/7’’ assistant. We ordered drinks and discussed Jennifer’s reproductive future. Each time I realized I was getting drunk I nibbled some bread, and when I felt my head becoming too clear I drank more. It was hard work maintaining a light buzz for so long, but it paid off. When Rihanna’s manager, Jay Brown, appeared to tell me that this was one of her first interviews in years I just laughed. And then choked. Because here she was.

Her lips were bright red, her long nails were pale iridescent lavender, her mascara was both white and black in a way I didn’t really understand. A rhinestone necklace against her chest read ‘‘FENTY,’’ her last name. Oumarou wasn’t the only person I had grilled about what makes Rihanna great. A lesbian art history professor told me that she’s ‘‘the real deal.’’ Others used the words ‘‘magic’’ and ‘‘epic.’’ But when I tried to get anyone to pinpoint things she had said or done — particular interviews or incidents — everyone became lost in inarticulacy. Yet another friend, referencing an episode of ‘‘Style Wars’’ that Rihanna had appeared on, concluded, ‘‘You could just tell she’s a good person.’’ None of this was all that helpful.

Rihanna hugged me hello and we sat down in front of two glasses of white wine. ‘‘Your eyes are amazing,’’ she told me, pulling her chair closer. ‘‘I’m staring at you and I feel like my eyes are gonna blur because all I can see are those tiny dots.’’

‘‘Well, it’s mutual,’’ I said stiffly. ‘‘Trust me.’’ It was probably the weakest compliment she’d ever received but praising her seemed like a slippery slope. I glanced down at my carefully typed-up questions, looking for an easy opener.

‘‘Do you search the Internet?’’ I asked, ‘‘And if so, what do you look up?’’

‘‘Oh, random things. Like I will be sitting around Googling childbirth.’’

‘‘Could be more random than childbirth.’’

‘‘Childbirth is putting it the not-gross way. I was searching the size of certain things, and how much they expand, and then what happens after. …’’

‘‘It’s gonna be fine,’’ I said from experience. Also, I wanted to add, ‘‘You have a special body. Nothing you can Google applies to you.’’ I asked her what kind of apps she had on her phone and she mentioned something called Squaready.

‘‘It helps you put an image with any dimensions in the square box on Instagram.’’

‘‘So you do your Instagram yourself?’’

‘‘Yeah, yeah. That’s the only way it’ll actually work. My fans can sniff the BS from very far away. I cannot trick them.’’

On her Instagram Rihanna is often wearing bikini-type outfits — once while cuddling a baby monkey — and she looks great. Never lewd, just alive. I suggested that a body as perfect as hers can never really be naked or vulnerable. She tried to describe what makes a great photo: ‘‘There’s no rule about whether you have to be clothed or not. I want to see a naked woman who isn’t even aware of her nakedness.’’

‘‘Right,’’ I said. ‘‘Just the pure joy of the body.’’

‘‘Yeah. And men are gonna do what they do — and I am gonna do what I do.’’

Suddenly Rihanna threw her hand into the air, making a peace sign. I whipped my head around and saw an older white man trying to sneak a photo of her by taking a selfie — a selfie that was in fact an otherie. She was smiling but I felt annoyed on her behalf and held up my middle finger. That’ll show ’em. ‘‘I’m so sorry,’’ the man said. His whole table of people eating shrimp cocktail looked mortified. ‘‘I’ve never done anything like that.’’

‘‘It’s O.K.’’, she reassured him. ‘‘You’re lucky I wasn’t eating, ’cause that would have been an ugly picture.’’

Made self-aware, we straightened ourselves. I smoothed my blouse.

‘‘Can I ask you what this is?’’ she said, gesturing to my outfit.

‘‘Yves Saint Laurent, vintage.’’

‘‘Your taste — I mean, I can’t even talk to you.’’

‘‘Thank you,’’ I said. ‘‘I dressed for you.’’ Witnessing Rihanna’s profound enjoyment of fashion is one of the great vicarious pleasures of this era. We all detonated the Met Ball in that giant yellow cape. We were all the first black face of Dior. We were all punk enough to wear the silk-screened jeans of SonyA Sombreuil. Being Rihanna just feels good, at least from the outside.

‘‘Can you describe what it’s like in your head?’’

‘‘You’re a ‘next-moment’ person,’’ she surmised. ‘‘Not an ‘in-the-moment’ person.’’

‘‘Yeah,’’ I admitted, knowing that this is the wrong kind of person to be.

‘‘I’m the same way. Only now are things hitting me, like I’m feeling them emotionally. I used to feel unsafe right in the moment of an accomplishment — I felt the ground fall from under my feet because this could be the end. And even now, while everyone is celebrating, I’m on to the next thing. I don’t want to get lost in this big cushion of success.’’

And this is how you go from being a child with a good voice to selling 54 million albums in just 10 years. Don’t believe the pictures — in between each poolside party photo is an untaken one in which she’s simply working. Almost every night, when you’re asleep, Rihanna is in the studio. She was headed there after our meeting and Jennifer said she’d be there until morning. At that very moment the sound engineer was waiting for her, just as I had been waiting earlier. Rihanna doesn’t have time for extracurriculars right now, and this includes dating.

‘‘Guys need attention,’’ she explained. ‘‘They need that nourishment, that little stroke of the ego that gets them by every now and then. I’ll give it to my family, I’ll give it to my work — but I will not give it to a man right now.’’

I said that it took me a long time to find a guy who wasn’t threatened by my power, and Rihanna quietly replied, ‘‘I’m still in that time.’’

Looking at her, I was reminded that thousands of people search ‘‘Rihanna’s eyes’’ every year. And there they were: a pair of dizzying hazel-green starbursts. I took another gulp of wine. ‘‘What turns you on?’’

She thought about it seriously, running her fingers through her golden lion’s mane. ‘‘I’m turned on by guys who are cultured. That’ll keep me intrigued. They don’t have to have a single degree, but they should speak other languages or know things about other parts of the world or history or certain artists or musicians. I like to be taught. I like to sit on that side of the table,’’ she said, motioning for me to move my chair next to hers and out of the sun, and I did. Now that we were side by side, I felt I could clarify something. ‘‘Hey, you’re not about to get pregnant are you? The Internet will explode when I say you were Googling childbirth.’’ She laughed and assured me she wasn’t having a child anytime soon; her fear was generalized. We wondered if there was a name for this fear, and Rihanna looked it up for us on her phone.

‘‘ ‘Phobia of a big vagina.’ … ‘Deep.’ … This is awful. I can’t believe I’m typing this in.’’

‘‘Wait,’’ I said. ‘‘Deep’s not an issue. It’s wide.’’

‘‘Deep is an issue, hello!’’

‘‘Huh. Cause I feel like the — I always feel short-vaginaed.’’

Rihanna laughed. ‘‘Trust me, if they can’t feel the end, it’s like, Cannonball!’’

Cannonball meant sailing into space — into something never-ending, like the cosmos. Men like to know that there is an end to the woman they’re with, that she’s finite. It’s an impossible line to walk. You want to be global, but down to earth. In the moment but also one step ahead of it.

I asked her when she first learned about sex.

‘‘Well, there’s always this human instinct about that, even from a very, very young age.’’ I agreed that we are born with a sort of innate sexuality. ‘‘But by like age 11, girls were talking about what they had and hadn’t done. I hadn’t even kissed a boy yet, so it always made me feel insecure, like I was never gonna be good or ready or know what to do — I didn’t even have boobs.’’

Just five years later, after she got boobs, Rihanna left Barbados for New York to record a demo. She shifted in her chair a little when I brought it up. ‘‘That’s something I don’t think I could ever do,’’ she said. ‘‘Send my only girl to another random country to live with people she’d just met. It had to be God that paralyzed Monica Fenty’s emotions so that she’d say, ‘Yes, go.’ To this day, I don’t know how that happened. But thank God it did.’’

It seemed like some part of Rihanna still couldn’t believe she’d gotten away with it. I thought about being 27; at that age my mom was still hoping I might go back to college and get a real job.

‘‘What impresses your mom?’’

‘‘She’s always impressed when she sees me being a little sassy or sharp, when she sees me defending myself. It makes her feel safe, like she doesn’t have to worry about me.’’

I wanted to ask her about being a young black woman with power in America but it seemed somehow wrong to speak of this; maybe she was postracial now. So I directed my question to a younger Rihanna, and asked if she had suddenly felt aware of race in a different way when she moved to New York.

She hesitated, and when I nervously began to apologize, she interrupted.

‘‘You know, when I started to experience the difference — or even have my race be highlighted — it was mostly when I would do business deals.’’ Business deals. Meaning that everyone’s cool with a young black woman singing, dancing, partying and looking hot, but that when it comes time to negotiate, to broker a deal, she is suddenly made aware of her blackness. ‘‘And, you know, that never ends, by the way. It’s still a thing. And it’s the thing that makes me want to prove people wrong. It almost excites me; I know what they’re expecting and I can’t wait to show them that I’m here to exceed those expectations.’’ She sounded like a young black professional trying to make it in the corporate world, and I guessed she was — just on a very different scale.

‘‘But I have to bear in mind,’’ she continued, looking right at the voice recorder, ‘‘that those people are judging you because you’re packaged a certain way — they’ve been programmed to think a black man in a hoodie means grab your purse a little tighter. For me, it comes down to smaller issues, scenarios in which people can assume something of me without knowing me, just by my packaging.’’

While none of us are only our skin or clothes, we do increasingly expect megastars to deploy their whole being through packaging — a tidy and consistent message. If Rihanna has a ‘‘thing’’ it’s that she changes her thing so often. While a performer positioning themselves in relation to the art world might try to make this into a more overt performance, something that would reassure the intelligentsia, Rihanna isn’t meta like that. She hasn’t created a persona around herself like Beyoncé, Lady Gaga, Madonna or so many other stars at her level. She doesn’t have to manufacture dimensionality, because she actually is soulful, and this comes across in every little thing she does.

Souls are funny things. They stay constant even when the outside changes, or when the heart makes mistakes. Souls don’t really care about good or bad, right or wrong — they’re just true. Everlasting. It makes you sound dumb to talk about this stuff, which is why no one could tell me exactly what it was about Rihanna. But millions of fans don’t seem to need it explained to them. A soul just knows a soul. I never told you she was pretty because that’s not what I experienced. My understanding, from the moment she sat down, was that we were in love. We were the most in love any two people had ever been. The sun was finally setting. We’d been talking for almost two hours. I just had one more question.

OUMAROU DIDN’T ASK. He didn’t have to. I was dying to tell him how incredible Rihanna was. ‘‘I knew it,’’ he whispered, merging on to the freeway. ‘‘I showed her the picture of you two together,’’ I said. ‘‘She couldn’t believe the coincidence. And she said you were very well-dressed.’’


‘‘Yes. And she answered your question.’’

With a shaky finger I rewound the voice recorder a little bit. Somehow this was the most exciting part of the whole day. ‘‘O.K., here it is.’’ Oumarou nodded solemnly and I pressed play: ‘‘You know what? If I ever go to West Africa, it would probably be for a free concert.’’ Rihanna’s slight Barbadian accent was familiar to me now. ‘‘I would want to do something for the people there. Maybe we can make a whole event, the way Bob Marley would have done it. Just for the people. And if they climb over the gate, let them climb over the gate.’’

Night fell as we drove across Los Angeles. It took hours to get to Rihanna, but I was home in half that time — too soon. Oumarou and I agreed to keep in touch and waved goodbye. Before stepping inside my house, I lifted my blouse to my face; her perfume was still there. The problem with this kind of romance is that it all falls apart in the retelling. My husband and 3-year-old son tried but couldn’t really understand how overwhelming and profound my connection with Rihanna was. And I’ll admit that as the days go by, even I am beginning to doubt whether our time together meant quite as much to her as it did to me. It doesn’t matter. My heart still jumps every time I see her face.

Carmilla Week Fifteen!

Well. That was something. There’s a lot going on here.

Danny made a deal with Baron LiarLiarPantsOnFire and I’m like “really? You believe this tool?” At least it’s finally going to be revealed to Laura that her White Knight was actually out to settle a centuries-old grudge.

In which Mattie says what a lot of us were probably thinking.

The BigB goes on a ramble about how life is disappointing and yeah dude we get it, your family didn’t achieve greatness. I’m not the rockstar I used to dream of being, I’m not a superhero, shit happens, get over it.

Was she looking at Carmilla? She was looking at Carmilla, wasn’t she? And her face when he was talking about battles and adventures and excitement? Interesting.

To quote Mattie, “and there it is, kids”. His plan the whole time was to be the big vampire hunting hero and off poor ol’ Lophii. Thing is though, the heroic quest is gonna do a metric fuckton of damage. Danny seems legit put out and upset by his big surprising revelation.

THANK YOU CARMILLA. I have ranted about this before. HOW COULD YOU SERIOUSLY TRUST THIS GUY. I mean, jesus I know Laura was super into her black and white worldview but man when his NAME IS LIAR MCLIARPANTS, CHIEF OF THE LIARS, MAYBE DO NOT TRUST HIM.

So we have proof that LaF and Kirsch are still tied to Lophii after they were taken. Kirsh seems less so, probably ‘cause LaF was taken earlier. (Matt played possessed SO WELL).

What a lovely singing voice Lophii must have. Question: Is Lophii warning them in a “you puny mortals I am the only thing protecting you” way? And if she is aware that she’s a guard or is protecting a gate or whatever is in/behind the gate, would it be worthwhile to try to communicate with her and see what’s up. Just pop down to the crater and say “hey Lophii, you on our side or nah?” or like, Netflix and chill and just get to know her.

Actual footage of Lophii hangouts.

Considering you’ve lost control of EVERYTHING, hey, anything is possible. And really, if the giant angry god is warning you that you fucked up, consider your life choices.

I worked in a grocery store seafood department when I was younger and we lost our entire stock due to a power outage. That is going to be one ferocious smell.

They’re down one Sumerian god but she didn’t do anything reeeeeally bad, unlike whoever killed the Summers and IT IS NOT MATTIE. Danny, I get where you’re coming from, I do but for the love of Voldemort look at this rationally. Mattie is the type to be VERY pleased with whatever damage and carnage and murder she does. If she said she didn’t kill anyone, she didn’t. I believe the person you’re looking for is DeanPerry.

YES GO MATTIE. I hope this is true. If she did drink it, I have a theory. It’s given her more powers and now the necklace is irrelevant and she’s absolutely unkillable.

Interesting thing I noticed though and maybe I’m reading too much into this, as I mentioned before but uh,

does Carmilla look pointedly at the necklace? I’m wondering if there’s some sort of plan with it. Carmilla and Mattie would likely have talked about it - they’re not dumb and they’re close. Mattie may have set something up?

Right so I guess that was confirmation that Danny was told how to hurt Mattie.
And I know most of you are gone apeshit about Danny but look, Mattie has been accused of almost everything since she set foot on campus. Danny, while upset and i get that, refuses to actually look at logic and rationality here. She was fine with handing over Carmilla and Mattie (sidenot dUDE do you really think Laura would be ok with that?!) based on very flimsy evidence. Mattie has every right to be mega pissed at someone who’s been gunning for her since she arrived. Danny’s black and white way of seeing this situation is almost as bad as Laura. That being said, she reacted the way pretty much anyone would if they were being crushed by an impressively strong vampire. They’re both basically at their breaking points (no pun intended).

I doubt she’s dead. Carmilla said that the necklace is what makes her invincible, NOT what kills her. Killing one Horcrux didn’t kill Voldemort, it just made him weaker and this is probably a similar situation. Team Duct Tape came up with some theories as you can read in haveearswilltravel‘s recap and yeah, they’re all totally plausible. Maybe it released the Dean and now she’s back to full strength. Maybe it was a total lie, like I said on Tuesday. I feel like Mattie has a bigger hand in all of this than what’s being shown to us. Laura is a terrible narrator and is only showing us what she wants us to see, but maybe there’s something coming. (Regardless I would love for Mattie to come back for S3).

Where’s Perry? Being possessed somewhere and maybe being evil. I cannot wait to see Perry go FullDean (and maybe, just maybe, people will FINALLY stop being in denial about that).
Where’s JP? Hiding with a book. Wondering if they’re setting it up so that DeanPerry kills LaF (and has to suffer those consequences) and JP is the new science nerd for S3.

In between the jokes and angst-train in the squad chat, it was mentioned that if there is indeed a 3-season arc, they might be setting it up for S3 to be a rebuilding season. S1 set it all up - gave us the history, the basis for Laura investigating things, the Hollstein dynamic, everything. S2 took what was already there and built on it. It developed characters and relationships and showed growth. It also showed that within relationships, there are cracks. There were enough to break up Carmilla and Laura. Laura’s very naive way of looking at things in terms of good/bad black/white needs to change, and it is, but slowly. She’s all about Carmilla needing to change but in reality, she’s got to change how she sees things and how she looks at the world. S1 laid a foundation, but it was on shaky ground. S2 built on it, but that shaky ground made so many things fall apart. S3, perhaps, will be the rebuilding arc. Things get repaired and rebuilt and they’re stronger than before.


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anonymous asked:

Mama Smoak is gonna tell Felicity to follow her heart & never settle when it comes to love. Especially if you can have an epic love. Felicity will either break up with Ray in 3.18(or 3.19).. Marc has said that Felicity is feeling conflicted and confused in 3.19. I think that's because she's having a hard time choosing between what her head and heart are telling her. Her head says Ray, her heart says Oliver. Eventually she'll choose her heart and it will lead to whatever "on a jet in 3.20" means

I have like 5 billion messages in my inbox and thank you for all your well wishes and such! I am beyond exhausted and am probably just gonna laze around all night, order pizza and finish out my epic cheat weekend of Gaga-ness. I am waiting on my picture before I write up my entire experience which is going to be long as balls but here are some things I can tell you: 

  • I met Gaga, her mom, her boyfriend/Taylor Kinney and Tara Savelo aka her make-up artist aka the real Fozzi’s mom. 
  • Gaga called me “seashell girl” lol
  • She sang Sire aka the song she wrote about Michael Jackson to me
  • I didn’t get taken on stage but oh well, some other kid did and he deserved it and I’m happy for him!
  • She was beautiful and hugged me when I was crying when I told her I had camped out so long last year and apologized for canceling profusely and I just hugged her and was like “IT’S OK OMG THIS MAKES UP FOR IT”
  • She absolutely loved the Asia necklace I got for her.