this is gonna be an awesome lunch

Biiiig things are happening for me at work which is awesome, stressful, and scary all at once. I’m proud to prove my worth but nervous about the additional workload & higher expectations.

Gonna make me a “WWBD” bracelet and the inside’s gonna say ’buck up & tighten the belt’.

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Quick update:

Pushing drafts and meme replies off a bit today.  I’m in a world of hurt (headache / awful body aches) and have a tornado of due dates in school (presentation tomorrow fml + lab tomorrow + two assignments due Wednesday).  So writing and such is gonna bump until Wednesday at earliest.

Going to take another fat ibuprofen, grab some lunch, and rest as long as I’m able to today.  Skipping my night class.  x.x  And hope all this can clear up by tomorrow.

Appreciate patience, as always.  You all are awesome.  -J))

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thank u i needed this fish i’m gonna take a nap on it!!! happy velentimes!!

So Nickel is fucking adorable and awesome but like, and I know I am gonna be 100% wrong with this

but I know she looks kinda young, but wouldn’t it be cute if she was actually really really old? And had the voice of a grandmother? I just thought about this this morning and now that she’s been revealed, I can’t stop thinking about how adorable a grandma bot would be. 

Grannie DJD. Furiously packing lunch for all the DJD members.

Or is that just me?

The lunch incident...

I made a short comic of @poubelle-squelette party incident ch 24 i apologize for the crappy or non-existent backgrounds i promise i will learn more :’)

Anyways hope you like, cause i made myself cry drawing this, and oh a bonus:

Writer chan i hope you are proud of yourself, cause i am gonna sue for attempted murder

Chronic Illness means sometimes needing things for your health that other people want to judge you for.

i.e. today I asked for pretzels (or any other high salt content snack) because I was testing a theory that my muscle cramps were a lack of sodium. My mom, being awesome, also sent me lunch made out of lunch meats (mmmsodium) and made dinner that included sausage (mmmmoresodium). Now I’m not gonna salt myself to oblivion, but the reason I asked for this is because I noticed a major drop in muscle cramps (the midsection ones that were new) a few min after eating the crumbs at the bottom of the cracker bag.

So tonight I’m skipping the lasix again (but maybe taking the potassium), eating some pretzels and taking the heating pad to bed again (it helped get the last bit of cramps out) before trying the lasix again under controlled circumstances.

Chronic Illness does all sorts of stuff to our bodies and so do the meds. This is why I hate ALL sorts of food policing because you JUST DO NOT KNOW.

In summation: Today, I got pretzels FOR SCIENCE.

So Aubrey has twitter, right? Can you imagine his tweets?

8:00 Starting my day off with nutritious breakfast.

9:30 Snack time!

10:45 More snacks!

11:20 Car’s got to have fuel.

13:30 Time for lunch.

14:45 Another day, another murder. #hungry

16:00 That’s the life *foodpic*

17:30 Is it dinner time yet?

18:00 We caught the killer!

18:01 Can’t wait for dinner

18:10 Whatever, I’m just gonna have dinner now.

19:43 Any ideas for a good breakfast for tomorrow?

19:45 I’m getting #hungry.

20:05 @drBrennan and Booth, your child is adorable. I gotta get myself one.

21:00 Agent Booth was right, these lava chips are heaven.

22:30 Just decided to have scrambled eggs with toast, oatmeal, and blueberry banana smoothie tomorrow morning. #cannotwait #goodnight

The following day

8:00 That’s the dream *foodpic*