this is gonna be a great show i can tell already

What I really love about this whole thing is that the Shadowhunters team is actually keeping us in the loop with whatever is going on. With the movie, Cassie had to announce everything, or we found out through Google. But the SHS team is telling us when people are gonna be announced and participating in the fandom’s excitement. They tweet/interact with fans, as does the cast. We get photos of the set before they even start filming, whereas with the movie we had to wait until people could take candids of the set and Cassie was only allowed to show us HANDS (that’s still so dumb to me). They follow fan accounts and tweet TMI source when there’s news. They retweet/like fan art and compliment the artists. 

I just think it’s really cool that there’s a team behind this project that actually cares about the fandom and isn’t looking to make a quick buck with complete disregard for the existing fandom like the movie already did with us. 

hey tswift my name is drew and I’m going to the 1989 tour in Des Moines on October 8th, it’s gonna be great i can already tell. the only thing that would make it better is if you played teardrops on my guitar because if you haven’t already connected the dots my name is in that song and it is my child. love you 💜

Quickly gonna mention something that isn’t PPG…

…but I am in LOVE with this preview pic for the new Ducktales, and let me tell you why.

Ducktales is an adventure show, and I can already see that the design looks like it’s inspired by vintage travel posters and by Carl Barks’ comics artwork. It has a palette that looks awesome and it makes great use of modern animation software by designing the characters in a way that pays homage to their original designs but freshens them up at the same time and actually improves on them.

At least you can see that the artists are putting some thought into the show right off the bat with this image. With the PPG it looks like minimal effort is involved but, unlike the Dance Pantsed special, there’s no clear rhyme or reason for why things are designed the way they are other than, “It’s modern and new and it’ll make money!”

When things look great and you can clearly see where the artists have gotten their inspiration, that’s when you know love is being put into something and research has been done.