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I didn't get to see tonight's Supergirl ep and I'll have to wait until tomorrow morning to watch. But I've seen so many posts saying that manhell and Kara's (already bad) relationship is now abusive. I was already really worried that this 'thing' was gonna head in that direction. I was wondering what happened and if you could lay the evidence out for me? Thank you so much!

Manhell ignores Kara’s wishes to not to kill Mxy and says something along the lines of her not having good judgement??? And therefore can’t make decisions on her own??? AND she can’t handle herself??? Sure Jan it’s not like she was her own person before she met you and can handle herself but okay. I hate the stupid “2 men fighting over a woman” trope because in the end they both are treating her like an object. Which they did.

There’s one point where manhell is begging her not to make /a decision/ (i won’t spoil for you) that she has to make because surprise! He didn’t listen to her again. He promises that he’ll listen to her and respect her from now on… so 1) he already told her he would listen to her before. And he still isn’t. 2) so he wasn’t respecting her before and he was aware of it *pretends to be shocked* he’s telling Kara he’s going to listen to her and we know he isn’t because he’s said this before.

Kara mentions his male ego among his other faults that are the opposite of what she believes in on multiple occasions and somehow decides to be with him. He was weird and controlling and got away with the shit he pulled because he’s a straight white male.

also ??? bucky barnes’ willingness to pull a trigger is Not Indicative Of Patriotism that’s the biggest logical fallacy because military-sanctioned Violence =/= Patriotic Duty 

bucky barnes wanted to fight a war so goddamn bad because he didn’t think he was GOOD FOR ANYTHING ELSE, he grew up on a military base as a fucking ORPHAN, his options were literally less than nothing & he shipped out with the Invaders at 16 like

he’s acknowledged in canon before that if the Soviets hadn’t taken his body, it’s Very Likely that he could’ve ended up doing the same things he did as the Winter Soldier for the United States, instead, given the political climate post-WWII, & that is not Patriotism ?

bucky barnes cares less about his COUNTRY than he cares about people & there is very, very little he would not do when convinced that it was for the greater good of good people, he’s there to do the UGLY SHIT so they don’t have to, he’s at peace with that, he was at peace with that at 16 & he was at peace with that when he put the Captain America cowl on the first time, it’s the reason Bucky was the first Cap to carry a gun — bucky has NEVER hesitated to take a life if it meant protecting another one ??? he’s not an Obedient Soldier, far from it, honestly, because REALLY, how often in Marvel canon or like… actual history ever has the motivations of the American military been beneficial for the American people at a whole the answer is not that fucking often y’all


I just want an entire episode of Yuri being happy and spending the day with his Grandpa *cough*OVA*cough*  

please just let the boy be happy. 


…cannot be killed or swept aside. now fill the world with music, love, and pride.

honestly I think my favorite thing about Jasper is that she’s such a fucking drama hoe

So far she has:

-gotten a cape specially made for the sole purpose of wanting to look dramatic and fabulous in front of her enemies.

- put on eyeliner for a fight.

-literally paused what she was doing just so “Rose” could take a menacing picture of her, before disappearing into the unknown.

- made an exit walking backwards into the ocean, and paused to say a one liner before sinking down completely when it was so totally unnecessary of her to do so.

If/ when Jasper gets redeemed all I’m saying is peridot is gonna have good run for her money in terms of the biggest dork in the group

guys but listen

  • so after the foxes win everyone starts paying attention to them
  • suddenly the press is all over their social media and wants them on talk shows and panels all the time
  • and they do it bc they could use some good publicity tbh and they rly need a bigger team
  • one day allison (her and neil are bffs now dont fight me on this i s2g) is watching tv w neil and he is rly into what’s happening and she pulls out her sc and starts taking a video
  • she holds the camera so both their faces show and goes “hey neil” and and when he starts to look over she kisses him on the cheek (allison reynolds does not give 2 shits about neil’s scars and she’s gonna show every1)
  • the video ends just as neil smiles
  • ppl on the internet lose their shit !! this video is everywhere
  • allison moved on from seth and NEIL JOSTEN is dating a teammate
  • so they go on a lowkey trashy talk show (and everyone warns neil to keep his mouth shut)
  • the lady is like “so neil i hear ur in a relationship with one of ur teammates”
  • all the foxes hold their breath he’s too unpredictable
  • wymack takes a drink
  • andreil arent hiding anything really they just dont do pda so neil is like “oh ya we like to keep our relationship private tho lets talk about exy”
  • and she is like “well it didnt look like you were keeping it private when allison posted this on her sc” and she plays the video
  • all the foxes start laughing except kevin, andrew, and aaron
  • allison is literally losing her shit and matt has trouble breathing for a few seconds
  • and the lady is like “…um did i miss something haha”
  • and nicky takes pity on her “we’re just laughing bc neil and allison are definitely not dating sry”
  • and she is like “???????????? but ur still dating a teammate”
  • kevin quickly redirects the conversation back to exy bc they do not have the time to sit here and talk about andreil’s love life jfc
  • she cant get anything else out of them
  • so ppl are just losing their minds for like a week trying to figure out who neil is dating when renee posts a pic on instagram of them w the caption “neil drove me to lunch and paid for my meal” ((they actually talk about andrew lol))
  • and now every1 is like omg !! this is it!!
  • so the foxes are doing a panel and they get through a decent amount of exy related questions and then
  • “i have a question for neil. would u like to comment on ur relationship w renee walker??”
  • “id like to comment that my relationship w renee is that we r good friends and that id like to talk about exy now”
  • they cant get anything else out of anyone
  • so now ppl rly confused bc neil is a Straight Man and only Dan is left but her and Matt are very publicly dating 
  • what kind of sexual deviancy is this ??????????? is neil josten engaging in some kind of polyamorous relationship with his teammates?????? no one can answer
  • ok so next talk show 
  • this woman barely gets the introductions out before she leaps right in
  • “neil are you currently in a relationship with dan wilds despite the fact that she is dating matt boyd?” 
  • neil has had enough
  • this boy just wants to play exy hes too old for this
  • he just stares at her
  • he cant even speak like who is this woman??
  • he didnt ask to dismantle heteronormativity in america but apparently he has to
  • “i dont have a gf”
  • she stares back
  • “are you no longer in a relationship with one of your teammates as you previously stated?????”
  • the foxes are getting worried neil might kill her
  • it’s getting very hard not to laugh
  • neil stares a little longer
  • “i dont have a gf
  • the host’s eyes widen
  • the audience goes silent
  • “am i to understand that neil josten, breakout exy player of the year, has just come out??”
  • ppl start clapping (some ppl boo and nicky starts to flip them off before kevin grabs his hand)
  • this woman has just gotten one of the best stories of her life on live television
  • she cant stop smiling
  • once again kevin steers the conversation back to exy (even when he isnt insulting ppl why does neil always have to cause problems ??) and doesnt let her go back
  • there’s wild speculation about which boy he’s dating bc it doesnt makes sense ?????/
  • aaron has been seen kissing katelyn after games
  • kevin and thea are now officially dating
  • nicky is v vocal about his bf (like 12 times a day on twitter)
  • matt and dan are definitely still dating
  • andrew is not capable of relationships ????? and him and neil hate each other ???/
  • the answer comes 3 weeks later
  • they are all in the girls’ room for a movie night
  • everyone but renee is slightly drunk
  • allison and renee take a cute pic
  • in the background u can kinda see neil asleep on andrew who in a rare display of affection actually has a hand in his hair
  • allison notices right before she posts it on instagram but andreil have already said that they arent rly trying to hide their relationship they just arent going to go out of their way just for crazy talk show hosts
  • and DAMN
  • the way they are leaning against each other is unmistakable (esp in light of recent news) 
  • neil josten and andrew minyard are in a relationship?????? have been in a relationship?????? the ppl need confirmation
  • neil’s twitter (that he uses to retweet exy players and occasionally start fights w them) is being blown up
  • finally he goes on twitter and makes his first original tweet 
  • “Andrew is my boyfriend.”
  • twitter literally explodes and “andreil” is trending for a week

It’s the second session of an online campaign, using roll20 and Discord voice chat. The party is 6 level 1 characters and they’re fighting fifteen goblins in a dungeon. It’s the goblins’ turn while the players OOCly talk tactics.

DM (muttering under her breath): I’m super tempted…

Sorceror: Guys, I don’t like the way she just said she’s super tempted! Maybe we should talk about that!

DM: *cackles*

Cleric: Yeah, that’s not a good laugh.

DM: Okay, this goblin is gonna come up here…[six goblins now surround the paladin, who is at full health] And they’re all gonna swing at [paladin].

Paladin: *sigh* Okay, bring it on.

Most of them hit, and they roll well for damage.

Paladin (incredibly indignant and offended): HAVE YOU EVER CONSIDERED

DM: *already laughing her ass off*


The paladin was knocked out.


Who you are is Caitlin Snow. I know firsthand the battle going on inside of you. I know what it feels like. When it happened to me, I lost. I was weak, and I let it win. I did horrible things to a lot of good people. And you don’t have to do that, you’re not gonna do that. You’re stronger than I am, Caitlin. You’re far stronger than I am. You’re one of the strongest people I’ve ever known. You can win this fight.

So.... i'm gonna rant....

noah fence but any1 who thinks exo’s auto tuned piece lotto was better than bts’ entire discography in 2k16 can fight me.
monster was good i will give them that but if exo wins the mf daesang for a 4th year in a row I’m calling bullshit. bts has set records that no else in kpop has in 1 year alone. they also performed at every single kcon this year. with that being said if somehow they dont get Artist of the year I AM CALLING BULLSHIT. I have nothing against exo but yall fans gotta get yall heads out they ass and 🗣🗣 give credit where it’s due📢📢

If Sweet/Vicious gets cancelled I’m gonna blame tumblr like ffs it’s everything tumblr wants in a show??

you got a rape survivor and a bi girl as the two main characters who both became vigilantes to fight rapists on campus, a woc and moc as two more badass characters, awesome fights, great humor (it’s not a heavy show!!) and you got female show writers taking shit seriously and portraying it all accurately for once and showing how the system is messed up, and who also promised a female love interest for the main character in s2 if they get it?? like wyd?? go watch it

some nice headcannons

Lo’, some happy and pleasant McReaper headcannons.

  • McCree is not as adept at hand-to-hand as compared to his weapons proficiency. He can do close range, but is better with some sort of gun in his hand. Whatever it may be, pistol or sawed off shotgun, even crossbows. He CAN fight, decently even, but Reyes or any other combat trained Blackwatch recruit can take McCree down. There’s a saying in Blackwatch about McCree: “If he’s got a gun, run. If not, go for his knees.”
  • As such, Reyes and McCree spar in their free time. It stopped being hot when Reyes ruined McCree’s shoulder on multiple occasions and bruised his face purple. Reyes is quite gentle after these sessions. Teasing, but his touches are much lighter and considerate.
  • McCree had something of a nasty, unrequited crush for the longest time. Reyes did not acknowledge this until McCree became older. Something about a coltish, hotheaded punk kid did not attract Reyes.
  • On that same note: McCree asked what about him changed to make Reyes like him “special” (his words exactly). Well, for one, Reyes had explained, McCree was nothin’ but a kid, and Reyes was too busy trying to make sure McCree didn’t get himself killed to consider any puppy love. And two, McCree had matured. Not only was it a man that Reyes was seeing today, but one with a clear head.
  • “You always looked so desperate and misplaced, Jesse. I wanted you settled right more than anything. You’re a new man, and that is what I’m attracted to.”
  • Reyes is wonderfully smitten with McCree, and in some ways its rather apparent.
  • Out of anyone in Blackwatch and Overwatch alike, McCree is the one Reyes smiles most around. Part of it is McCree’s shitty humor**, but a good deal of it is simply because Reyes enjoys and is comfortable with McCree.
  • **(What Reyes finds funny about it is anyone’s guess; McCree’s humor is crass and blunt as hell, but oddly lighthearted, and everyone had always taken Reyes to not even laugh. But no, recruits have the newfound right of witnessing Reyes burst out laughing from something dumb that McCree said. Nobody can figure out the joke; at that point Reyes has shoved McCree away and told him to fuck off.)
  • While Reyes’s soft spot for McCree is apparent to most, Reyes is shit at romance. He’s more of a “I’ll shove him, THAT will show I like him, ha! Yes, perfect.” He has the charm of a rock.
  • McCree, conversely, is near nauseating with his affection. Reyes nearly chewed his head off when McCree first tried out his dumb petnames, but “sugar” stuck. Sometimes, when Reyes is really tired, he might call McCree “puppydog,” but that’s only happened once or twice and McCree is too unconvinced it even really happened to bring it up.
  • Reyes deeply enjoys imported cigars, which is where McCree picked up the habit.
  • Reyes and McCree mutually love each other. It is incredibly apparent as time goes on.

As promised, the fic update is here! And I swear I uploaded it before 12 so I still kept my promise! It’s over 15k of words, and i hope you guys like it! <3 

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If you want a summary, just know this is Keith’s heart for most of the chapter.