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Spiritworker's Guide to Crafting an Enchanted Amulet


There is one way of creating a protective amulet. This method involves taking powers and energies and adding them on to a “blank” object. This method works well and I have used it many times before.

However, many of us in spirit work are not really interested in witchcraft-based spellwork. I would like to present a new method of creating a protective amulet, by awaking the spirit within the amulet itself, and getting it to agree to protect whoever wears or holds the amulet.


First, though, a few words on protection.

I generally expect certain nature spirits to be nice guys. Never met a vicious crystal (a few grumpy and mean ones, but never an evil rock). A few plant spirits have attacked me but I stray far from home. I do not think anyone carrying out these exercises of talking to basic, friendly spirits is going to be at risk. There are however a few notes I do have:

  • DO NOT work with any materials that make you feel uncomfortable, nervous, or worried. Such feelings are not indicative that the material has a lot of power; it means the material is WRONG for this project.
  • Stick with my recommended materials list coming up if you really want to focus on spirits that are known to be friendly towards humans.
  • It is up to you to adjust the contents of this post as you see fit, experiment, and try new magic. Once you leave the beaten trail, you need to start working within your own system of protections.


You will be using a rock or crystal, a natural object like a pine cone, or a collection of herbs bound in a sachet. It is vital you choose an object which you believe contains a protective spirit. If you associate bluebirds with flowers and clouds, don’t use a bluebird feather for this project.

Certain materials are more traditional because people have had success with them over and over again. I will list my recommended amulet materials next.

You will “awaken” this spirit, talk to it, get to know it, and secure its service as a protector. You can then empower the spirit and learn how to take care of it, feed it, and cleanse it.

In the end, you should have an awoken and empowered spirit vessel working as a powerful protector on your behalf.


Spirit worker 101: “Protection” doesn’t work the same way with every spirit. An onyx spirit may produce an astral warrior to fight your enemies, while a cinnamon spirit may produce a wall to protect you. Which would better serve you? Choose your allies wisely; talk to many potential allies before you choose the one you really want to work with. Even better, secure several allies who can all work together to help you in powerful ways.

Here are my recommended materials:

Any black crystal or rock, or any crystal or rock known for its powers of protection. Examples are onyx, tourmaline, and hematite. Also, hag stones make excellent natural protective amulets.

A piece of wood from any holy tree (perhaps from a pagan tradition you follow), or a tree with traditional protective properties in your culture. Examples where I live are oak and pine. Dried and preserved leaves/needles, bark, acorns, or pine cones, will also work well.

Rosemary, mullein, cinnamon, cloves, basil, or bay leaf are my top six herbal allies for defense and protection. Put them in a tiny necklace jar or in a small cloth sachet.

FIRST STEPS - tl;dr: Cleanse the vessel and cast a circle.

There is one basic safety measure everyone can take when approaching a potential new spirit. You can thoroughly cleanse and purify the vessel. A harsh cleansing is not necessary; something gentle and thorough will suffice. Choose a method that will not damage the physical material you have chosen.

Incense Take some purifying incense. If you can manage it, burn or singe some bay leaf. Hold your object in the incense smoke and vividly imagine that the smoke goes not only over the object but inside of it! Imagine the gentle cleansing incense purifies the object and takes away every negative energy and ill-intent, leaving it purified and connected to Nature.

Water Place your object underneath running water (the sink or tub will do; natural is great if you can manage it). Imagine that the water streams inside of and through the object, rinsing away every negative and unwanted energy.

Earth Bury the object in natural soil for 24 hours, or three days for a very serious case. Expose the soil to sunlight and moonlight to improve the process.

Light Using your favorite energy work technique, create a ball of purifying and cleansing energies. Immerse your object inside of this sphere of energy and let it be cleansed. Draw the energy inside of your object so it is thoroughly cleansed.

After you cleanse you will want to follow a basic protective measure. This is possibly the simplest thing you can do to protect yourself at this stage. Cast a circle intended to keep spirits out.

When your object is cleansed and ready to become an amulet, go to where you would like to talk to the spirit (I usually choose my bedroom because all my magical stuff is in there). Face east. Point at the ground and envision a blue flame spring from the ground. Turn around in a clockwise motion, repeating this phrase:

“This ground be purified, protected, and blessed, in the name of my highest Powers; this circle keep all spirits out except the one I invite.”

(Alter this to refer to your higher powers by name, or reference your own power).

Once you finish the circle and return to the east, imagine the blue flame springs up in a glorious sphere that completely surrounds you, keeping out all spirits except the one you invite.

Now you are ready to begin!

TALKING TO THE SPIRIT FOR THE FIRST TIME - tl;dr: Focus on the spirit, talk to it. Ask it if it will help you make an amulet; if it says no, move on. If it says yes, continue talking and making friends.

Spirit communication is the easiest thing in the world. Don’t psyche yourself out about it. Hold your object or place it on a nice, clean surface. It should now be purified and you should be inside a protective circle (why a circle? When you call for a spirit and not in a properly warded space, any spirit may arrive. Always ward before you call spirits!).

Focus on the object. Consider what may be inside of it, what spirit may rest there.

Touch the object if you feel like it. Hold it close, put it on your forehead like me if you really get in to it. Do whatever feels comfortable. When you are ready, call to the spirit:

“Spirit of this [object], known for its protective powers, will you come greet me today? I need to speak with you.”

While you make this call, visualize or believe that your words reach the soul of the object you are talking to, igniting it and ‘waking it up’ from its slumber.

For me an action like this typically garners immediate response. If you do not receive a response, a few things may be going on: Either the spirit is not interested in speaking with you, or you don’t know how to hear it, or it didn’t hear you the first time.

Try asking one more time, and see what happens. If the spirit still does not reply, put the object down, feed it some energy, and try again later.

If you actually get a response, DO NOT expect a living fae to rise out of the physical stone, dancing in front of you like so many LSD hallucinations. You are going to receive a response within your mind 9 times out of 10. You will receive input in one form or another. Some people experience external emotions, feelings, and sensations which are not their own. Other people hear words, sounds, songs, or other verbal communication. Other people have visions of spirits within their mind. Some people simply “know”, and “know” when the spirit hears them and “know” what the spirit’s response is, without ever having any kind of tangible input. Everyone’s experience is different.

In my typical experience, I would “see” a spirit in my mind’s eye, as well as feel the spirit’s energies and intent, and hear words they speak. You may have a totally different way of communication!

For first contact, introduce yourself. “Hi, my name is Cranberry. I called you because I would love to work with you, and I think we can be of benefit to each other.” State who you are and clearly state your intentions. There is no need to beat around the bush, spirits aren’t usually offended when people seek out their aid.

Then, you wait for the spirit to respond. If you get “no way”, “not my thing,” sensations or feelings, thank the spirit and put it away and choose something else to be your amulet.

Spiritworker 101: You’re a fucking idiot if you force spirits to be your servants and slaves. They’re only eventually going to turn against you, and you’ll eventually gain a permanent spiritual reputation as an asshole that good guys won’t work with any more. There are SO MANY good and helpful spirits that will willingly work for fair pay, which we owe them. I’ve heard the most stupid, idiotic excuses that novices make to defend abuse and slavery. Fuck you if you enslave spirits.

If you get “go ahead,” “I’m interested,” or, “go on….” vibes, continue.

MAKING THE DEAL – tl;dr Be nice to the spirit and ask it to help you.

There is a difference between wild spirits that can fend for themselves, and spirits taken out of their natural environment to come live in my house. A spirit that lives in my unnatural house may not have access to the food and ability to cleanse and care for itself as it otherwise would. So right away I usually ask a spirit that lives in my house if it would like a nice, small offering. A glass of fresh water is more than enough, sometimes a bit of incense is appreciated. Occasionally a spirit will ask for a specific enchanted formula in my room that will give them a good boost.

In general, continue casting your protective circle every time you talk to this spirit. ESPECIALLY if the space you are working in is not fully warded!! If you are working in a fully warded space and you know how to connect with the spirit inside the object, then I wouldn’t worry too much about protective circles unless you really just want to be extra safe :)

Up to this point, the object has been cleansed and we are inside a protective circle. We are assuming I have just made first contact with the spirit and it has given me signals to continue. So here I will offer it a small offering such as a glass of water.

If the spirit is quiet or is not saying much, or if it asks for more info, fill the spirit in. Simply tell the spirit you seek a protective ally, one that can guard you against malicious spirits and negative energies, and protect against the ill-intent of other humans. Say why you have chosen this spirit – did it come highly recommended? Have you had a personal experience with its protective abilities? And state what you will do to pay the spirit back. Try offering a cleansing twice a month and energy feedings once a week, or both whenever necessary.

Many protective spirits I know are warriors and are proud and boastful about their abilities. They often leap at the chance to protect someone and will gladly do it. Other spirits are more cautious or coy and will not agree right away, instead wanting to talk more and get to know you more. If a spirit is not agreeing to protect you, no need to beg or convince it; thank it, put it away, and try another spirit instead. You may find it is just necessary to actually get to know spirits in general more before they agree to work with you, so in that case it is fine to spend however much time you need getting to know the spirit.

Ultimately most spirits I know will have some questions so spend some time answering anything the spirit wants to know. They may want to know if you have any enemies they must defeat, what kind of ailments you have, what energies you are facing, what kind of cleansing they will receive, what kind of food they will receive, and so on. Hash out the details and take notes as needed so you do not forget any part of the agreement being made.

In general you are making a business deal (even if you guys become great friends and allies) and you need to work out some details:

Will the spirit help you only when it is specifically called? Do you need to be aware of danger before it will kick in? Or will the spirit stay vigilant and watch? Should you tell him when to be vigilant? Do you want him always aware? The more active the spirit is, the more feedings it will require. Everything is an exchange. Do you want to be aware of when you are being protected of negative energies, or not? Do you want the spirit to alert you if it senses something nearby? Will it protect an area it is in, or only a human who specifically holds it? Work out all these details. In general, asking the spirit to give you a sense of security when it is “working” is a great idea. It lets you know within a few moments if your spirit ally is able to help you that day.

If you are making a general protective amulet, skip this step. If you know you have specific enemies, whether they be human or spirit, ask the amulet spirit what it can specifically do to protect against your enemies. Depending on how easily you can work with spirits and make amulets such as this one, it may be worth your while to spend the time finding an ally who can help you the most against specific beings you face.

Sooner or later the spirit is either going to agree or disagree. I’ve never gotten a “let me think about it” from a nature spirit before. They pretty much seem to know what they’re going to do. If the spirit disagrees, thank it and return it to where it belongs. If it agrees, you now have secured the services of a protective spirit!

TESTING YOUR AMULET -tl;drshow me what you gotttt

Now a spirit has agreed to be a protector. But in my way of working you don’t just “finish up”. For anyone interested in above-beginner energy work, spirit work, spell work, and astral travel, you need to figure out how this magic is actually literally realistically going to work on your behalf.

Once I am in communion with the spirit and they have agreed to help me, I ask to see an example of how their protective powers work against a specific enemy. For example, you can ask, “how would your charms help me against another spirit seeking to harm me?” Then wait and see what input you get.

I will get visions of how thinks “work” according to my understanding of the astral. No matter what you should gain at least a slightly better understanding of how your enchantment is going to work, even if you only get a feeling such as “security” or an image of a wall.

In general I ask these three questions:

“Can you show me how you will protect me against malicious spirits?”
“Can you show me how you will protect me against energies or spells?”
“Can you show me how you will protect me against malicious humans?**”

**These amulets are for protection during spiritual encounters, not physical encounters. Do not rely on magic to keep you physically safe.

If I am satisfied that the spirit knows what it is doing (and if you used any of the recommended materials, it should), I thank it for its time. I give it a feeding, a nice offering as thanks for making this deal, and I either “hang up” or spend enjoyable time with this spirit.

MAINTAINING YOUR AMULET AND THE SPIRIT WITHINtl;dr uphold your end of the deal, feed the spirit, be nice to it.

Once your deal has been made, try talking to this spirit regularly. This is especially nice if you have no other companions or limited spirit experience. Remember to cast your circle every time if you are working outside of a fully warded space. Try wearing or touching the amulet as you work with it :)

DON’T forget to cleanse and feed the spirit as you have agreed. If you have to “take a break”, low spoon month, etc. – see if you can’t at least say hello to the spirit and explain the situation. Otherwise, I often find these types of protective spirits to be good-natured and not prone to anger (especially rocks).

Wear or hold your amulet whenever you need it. Activate it by whatever word or signal you agreed to if it does not always remain aware.

Use this amulet as protection while doing other spirit work, astral traveling, or simply when you need it daily. Talk to the spirit within the amulet regularly; it is not a mindless spell, it is a real being. Ask it about things that happen to you and seek greater insight. A spirit that follows you around regularly may have great insight in to your life.

A spirit may be empowered in certain ways. Keeping the vessel very thoroughly cleansed and energetically fed makes a huge difference.

To energetically feed a vessel, choose one of the following methods:

Incense Take some vivifying incense, something bright and enjoyable. If you are unsure of what to choose, ask the spirit within or choose a scent you think that individual would like. If you get an unclear response, go with basil and chamomile or any stick incense. Hold the vessel over the smoke and imagine the smoke is drawn within and turns in to a feast for the spirit to enjoy. Imagine the spirit of the vessel feasting on the smoke and enjoying it immensely. If you get feelings of “no” or “stop”, the spirit does not like the incense presented and you should of course stop immediately.

Flame Light a candle of any type. Hold the vessel over the candle flame and imagine the heat and light from the candle arise and go inside the vessel, warming it and giving the spirit pure energy from which it can heal and rest.  

Offerings Gather foods, beverages, consumables (such as tobacco), and/or alcohol. Place the offerings next to the vessel and encourage the spirit to come out and enjoy all the physical offerings placed before them.

Light Using your favorite energy work technique, create a ball of energizing and healing energies. Put this energy in to the vessel and encourage the spirit to use it and enjoy it according to their greatest needs and desires.

A spirit may also be empowered by giving it various magical waters, potions, and formulas. A spirit vessel adorned with War Water can give the spirit within special abilities, in my experience UPG alert I guess I’ve never heard anyone else talk about this. I find my spirits greatly enjoy the formula Glory Water, which they request regularly. They also like a custom blend of mine called Snake Water, which is actually just a very simple and highly cleansing formula.

Store your vessel somewhere it is comfortable. I hang mine on the wall usually, you may want to keep yours on your altar or in a nice, special space. If you ever lose the need for this vessel, tell the spirit within that you have lost your need for its services and break the contract.


Wherever he left Flint, there’s always going to be a sentimentality there. There’s always going to be guilt. There’s going to be a constant reasoning with himself whether or not he did the right thing. They were closer to one another than any two other people in the world. So I do like the idea that if he came across a parrot that just, you know, HATED him–just hated him. Found him when he’s working as a cook. So Silver starts to feed it. And when the parrot turns around and starts coming to Silver for food, he’ll be like–‘Ah. That’s Flint.’ The point is that he meets a creature that could not have had more disdain for him if it tried, and that very same animal comes to eventually rely on him. That’s when the parrot gets its name. ‘You remind me of my old friend.’ I don’t see it as derogatory or taking the piss, you know? Even in the book, for me, the joke rang of something more profound than that.
—  Luke Arnold, i’m going to dropkick you into the fucking ocean how dare you, Fathoms Deep 
Yes, Oppa

Genre: Smut
Word Count: 3430-ish
When faced with Jung Hoseok, how could you not be a tease? Just a little?

A/N: There might definitely be a second part. Involving that goddam dancer’s body. I’ve been struck and killed by the Hobi train, along with @yoongis-sass, and it is to be war between us. A fic war. Oops.

Originally posted by taekookie-bts

You loved all the boys. They were your closest friends and brothers, and even if you didn’t get to spend as much time with them as you would other friends, they were really the only friends you needed.

Especially Hoseok. But in a different way. You were, without a doubt, 300% in love with Hoseok. His smiles, his laughter, his warm hugs and unfailing kindness. His unintentional and incredible sexiness. Just to begin with.

And when faced with Jung Hoseok, you couldn’t help but be a tease. Just a little.

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Shiksa Goddess - Pietro Maximoff x Reader

Words: 1136
Pairing: Pietro Maximoff x Reader
Featuring: Natasha Romanoff, Clint Barton, Tony Stark
Warnings: there is so much fluff its cliche
Requested by anon
Clint and Nat making fun of reader and Pietro for being too cutesy and for being that annoyingly sweet couple that nobody can stand for free of getting cavities.
Authors Note: So the request did not ask for this to be a song imagine, but when I read annoyingly sweet I thought of this song, Shiksa Goddess from The Last Five Years- you can listen to it here! And I have done my research, Shiksa Goddess is a term used by Jewish people to describe non Jewish people, HOWEVER THIS IMAGINE DOES NOT ACTUALLY USE THE TERM SHIKSA GODDESS OR MAKE ANY REFRENCE TO RELIGION SO IT CAN BE READ BY ANYONE! I did not want to limit anyone or offend anyone so it was best to leave religion out of this, it is meerly just the song name :) (Sorry it has been so long without an imagine out, I’ve been really sick.)

Pietro Masterlist. Masterlist.

“Hey, how’s your leg rash doing?” Natasha asked Clint as they walked around the base.

“Much better. It’s really annoying, though,” He groaned.

Natasha shook her head with a laugh. “If you were more careful and didn’t think you could slide on the grass and not get hurt, then you wouldn’t have gotten the rash.”

“Where’s the fun in that?” Clint shook his head.

Tony almost ran into the pair when he sped around the corner. After almost dropping his coffee all over the place, Natasha noticed how his eyes were bugging out. “Be warned. Do not eat food in the kitchen right now; you will only throw it up if you stay in there. Good luck,” Tony told them, and ran out of the way.

Clint and Natasha gave each other confused looks, unsure of what Tony meant. They figured he could be overreacting, as he usually does, and continued on their way.

It was later at night, so there was no surprise that there had been some drinking by many in the base. Clint and Natasha walked into the kitchen, that was connected to the common room, and found you sitting on the couch next to Pietro. It was obvious that you both had a bit to drink, as there were bottles on the table in front of you.

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Inspired by this text post 

Dean’s heart is restlessly pounding in his chest when he’s startled awake for whatever reason. He immediately kicks away the covers and crawls up until he’s sitting, his back heavily resting against the headboard, his stomach turning in protest. He runs a hand through his sweaty hair, and ouch, even that simple movement hurts.

It takes Dean a long moment before he realizes that it hurts because he has a headache the size of Canada. And then panic overwhelms him again, because shit, memories of last night are coming back to him all at once. He might have been drunk, but he remembers almost everything.

How they’d gotten back to the bunker after a hunt, tired but relieved. Him and Sam and Cas playing cards and having drinks, deciding to just have some fun for once; they deserved it, damnit. Sam going to bed around midnight, but Dean and Castiel going for one more round of scotch. And another. Which eventually, had ended in them getting closer and closer until Dean was kissing Cas right on the lips and telling him he wanted him.

“Shit!” Dean curses out loud, his blood turning to ice.

He glances around the room in alarm, then spots something on the nightstand that isn’t usually there. Actually, several items. A glass of water, some painkillers to go with it, and a tiny note. He reaches for the note first.

‘dear sober Dean,

don’t be mad, he kissed you back and he wants you too, it was about time you made a move, you idiot.
you’re welcome.

~ drunk Dean’

Holy shit. But before Dean can even begin to wrap his head around any of it, there’s a gentle knock on his door and it opens after a beat. Standing in the doorway is Castiel, carrying two mugs of coffee, the hint of a smile tugging at his lips as he mutters a quiet “Good morning, Dean”.

“Cas…” Dean sputters, clearing his throat. “I… I’m sorry for… You know, what I did last night.”

He goes for the apology, because it’s the only thing that seems to fit here. But the angel smiles and slowly shakes his head, closing the door behind him before calmly making his way to Dean’s bed, sitting down on the edge of it and placing the mugs on Dean’s nightstand.

“Please look at what’s on the back, Dean.” Is all he says.

Dean frowns at him, not yet awake enough to make sense of that order.

“The paper, in your hand.” Cas hints again.

Bewildered but curious, Dean does as he’s told. And indeed, there’s another message on the back, in a handwriting much neater than Dean’s.

'Dear sober Dean,

I want you too, but I won’t take advantage of you while you’re this far gone. If you still want me when you wake up, I’m all yours.

~ Partially drunk Castiel’

A silence stretches between them as Dean attempts to get with the program, until it all suddenly clicks. And the only answer that he gives Cas in return is a whispered “please”, knowing that it’s the right answer when blue eyes visibly light up at his response, Cas’ hand reaching for Dean’s. 

Their coffee goes cold as they properly trade lazy kisses for the first time, now both fully aware of it. Dean has to admit that for once, drunk Dean kinda did a good thing here.

Rain (Stiles Stilinski)

Summary: a best friends to lovers fic based off the prompts, “we always share blankets on the couch, I’m sure sharing the bed for the night is fine too,” and, “your lips are getting really close to mine.”

Warnings: there’s a touch of swearing here and there!

Word count: 3.2k

A/N: clichés are a personal favourite. I hope you like this! :)

Originally posted by deathcabjenny

When you’d left to visit a newly opened diner with your best friend, Stiles, it wasn’t raining. In fact, the sky was such a clear amber colour that you were convinced you’d be able to see the stars when evening broke. By the time you were leaving the diner, however, you were shown to have made a grave assumption.

“It’s pouring, Stiles,” you said dryly, peering out the diner windows. Stiles was beside you, zipping up the front of his hoodie. 

“Well done for stating the obvious, Y/N,” Stiles teased, causing you to groan in frustration. You hadn’t had the sense to bring a hoodie; instead you were wearing a thin shirt and a pair of jeans. One look outside at the sheets of rain cascading from the sky was enough to make you regret your decision completely.

“We’ll need to run,” you murmured, wishing one of you had had the sense to bring a car.

Stiles snorted, shaking his head. “I’d rather not. The rain is fun, Y/N! Loosen up a little,” you gave him an unimpressed look, reaching out to push his shoulder playfully.

“That’s easy for you to say - you have a hood!” Stiles grinned at this, nodding gleefully as he flicked the hood over his head.

“We should leave, I think the waiter’s getting impatient,” Stiles said, gesturing to where your waiter was lingering beside a couple who were clearly after your booth.

Humming in agreement, you followed Stiles towards the bar where you’d been instructed to pay. “How much was it?” You queried, not remembering the sum printed on the receipt.

Stiles waved his hand, digging in his jeans for his wallet. He pulled it out a moment later, nimble fingers pulling out a few notes with a flourish. “Don’t worry about it, I’ll pay.” 

“Stiles-” you tried to interject, only to be on the receiving end from one of his infamous glares.

“Y/N, this was my idea! Let me pay for you. Please,” one glance at the earnest expression on your best friend’s face and you gave in, knowing his stubborn nature to be a force to be reckoned with.

“Fine,” you grumbled, waiting beside him as Stiles settled the tab.

Once the money was exchanged, Stiles linked your arms together and pulled you towards the door. You groaned, the icy rain outside looking the opposite of inviting. Stiles spoke up, giving your arm a squeeze, “we’ve got to face it eventually, may as well do it now. Besides, my house is only a five minute walk away.”

“Let’s do it,” you agreed, figuring it made more sense to get it over with.

To say the rain was heavy was an understatement: the moment you stepped outside, raindrops were splashing all over your body, coating you from head to toe. You shrieked, speeding up considerably. Still attached to Stiles, the both of you began to speed walk in the direction of his house, the rain making the journey slightly difficult.

By the time you stumbled into Stiles’ porch, you were completely soaked through.

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Toad Words

            Frogs fall out of my mouth when I talk. Toads, too.

            It used to be a problem.

            There was an incident when I was young and cross and fed up with parental expectations. My sister, who is the Good One, has gold fall from her lips, and since I could not be her, I had to go a different way.

            So I got frogs. It happens.

            “You’ll grow into it,” the fairy godmother said. “Some curses have cloth-of-gold linings.” She considered this, and her finger drifted to her lower lip, the way it did when she was forgetting things. “Mind you, some curses just grind you down and leave you broken. Some blessings do that too, though. Hmm. What was I saying?”

            I spent a lot of time not talking. I got a slate and wrote things down. It was hard at first, but I hated to drop the frogs in the middle of the road. They got hit by cars, or dried out, miles away from their damp little homes.

            Toads were easier. Toads are tough. After awhile, I learned to feel when a word was a toad and not a frog. I could roll the word around on my tongue and get the flavor before I spoke it. Toad words were drier. Desiccated is a toad word. So is crisp and crisis and obligation. So are elegant and matchstick.

            Frog words were a bit more varied. Murky. Purple. Swinging. Jazz.

I practiced in the field behind the house, speaking words over and over, sending small creatures hopping into the evening.  I learned to speak some words as either toads or frogs. It’s all in the delivery.

            Love is a frog word, if spoken earnestly, and a toad word if spoken sarcastically. Frogs are not good at sarcasm.

            Toads are masters of it.

            I learned one day that the amphibians are going extinct all over the world, that some of them are vanishing. You go to ponds that should be full of frogs and find them silent. There are a hundred things responsible—fungus and pesticides and acid rain.

            When I heard this, I cried “What!?” so loudly that an adult African bullfrog fell from my lips and I had to catch it. It weighed as much as a small cat. I took it to the pet store and spun them a lie in writing about my cousin going off to college and leaving the frog behind.

            I brooded about frogs for weeks after that, and then eventually, I decided to do something about it.

            I cannot fix the things that kill them. It would take an army of fairy godmothers, and mine retired long ago. Now she goes on long cruises and spreads her wings out across the deck chairs.

            But I can make more.

            I had to get a field guide at first. It was a long process. Say a word and catch it, check the field marks. Most words turn to bronze frogs if I am not paying attention.

            Poison arrow frogs make my lips go numb. I can only do a few of those a day. I go through a lot of chapstick.  

            It is a holding action I am fighting, nothing more. I go to vernal pools and whisper sonnets that turn into wood frogs. I say the words squeak and squill and spring peepers skitter away into the trees. They begin singing almost the moment they emerge.

            I read long legal documents to a growing audience of Fowler’s toads, who blink their goggling eyes up at me. (I wish I could do salamanders. I would read Clive Barker novels aloud and seed the streams with efts and hellbenders. I would fly to Mexico and read love poems in another language to restore the axolotl. Alas, it’s frogs and toads and nothing more. We make do.)

            The woods behind my house are full of singing. The neighbors either learn to love it or move away.

            My sister—the one who speaks gold and diamonds—funds my travels. She speaks less than I do, but for me and my amphibian friends, she will vomit rubies and sapphires. I am grateful.

            I am practicing reading modernist revolutionary poetry aloud. My accent is atrocious. Still, a day will come when the Panamanian golden frog will tumble from my lips, and I will catch it and hold it, and whatever word I spoke, I’ll say again and again, until I stand at the center of a sea of yellow skins, and make from my curse at last a cloth of gold.

Terri Windling posted recently about the old fairy tale of frogs falling from a girl’s lips, and I started thinking about what I’d do if that happened to me, and…well…


scifi au idea i had while waiting for the xmas special

part 2 here:

-there`s no magic

-kwami are symbiotic and share the bodies of their wielders

-transforming is really painful the first time until they get used to it, for marinette its like her skeleton is shifting to the outside like a bug`s exoskeleton, for adrien it`s like growing super dense fur

-the kwami can take over the bodies if the host lets them or if they`re very tired or something

-the symbols only appear in the right eye when the switch is very sudden like the host falling unconscious. the kwami takes over

-marinette eats cookies like theres no tomorrow and people comment on it like how do you eat so much sugar and still stay fit

-adrien can`t get enough of cheese, but sweet stuff makes him sick

-adrien gets very hairy and has to shave a lot

-plagg is not very friendly at first and the kwami don’t really understand humans

-when tikki takes over while transformed into ladybug, her hair turns red and her skin turns pink, eyes get lighter and the suit gets darker and more exoskeleton-like

-when plagg takes over, his hair just turns black and the suit`s fur gets more bristled (the tail`s always a real cat tail instead of a belt)

-tikki and plagg are a lot stronger but can only maintain control for a few minutes, and every transformation is really exhausting

-eventually marinette and adrien will get stronger too and mutate more powers the longer they are fused with their kwami

-since there’s no magic, the miraculous cure would have to be something like advanced alien tech but it only works on organic life forms so all property damage is permanent. so there’s usually construction going on to repair the damage the villain of the week (or chat) caused

-nooroo is evil and hawkmoth is not or else it wouldn’t really make sense

-and you can’t really separate a person from their kwami except by ripping it out of them which would likely be a mortal wound (unless the kwami wants to leave)

-tikki can heal, plagg can destroy, and nooroo can split off small pieces of himself which he uses to akumatize people

-nooroo wants all the power for himself and wants to assimilate tikki and plagg to become the ultimate lifeform

here’s the story i thought up so far

one day in paris theres a meteor shower and a violent alien shows up. adrien and marinette separately find their miraculouses and are given a choice to help save paris

they gravely wound the alien but nooroo escapes and finds a new host to take over. the alien takes on a smaller human like form to heal itself (its master fu) and he gives them guidance about the kwami

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1 or 74 for andreil?? I love your writing so much!!

Okay fuck me up this is… I don’t think I’ve ever written a fic where they get into a fight???? This was a first, and I thank you for that. Also, I used both prompts, yay me! xD

#1 “If you had asked me to stay, I would’ve.”
#74 “I didn’t mean what I said.”

The hours between three and five in the morning are liminal. It’s a shifting from late night to early morning. It’s as dark as the night will get and the start of the sunrise. On a college campus, it’s the only two hours where everyone save the severely panicked or sleep-troubled are dead to the world.

Neil throws a small rock off of the roof and doesn’t care that it hits a car. A brand new pack of cigarettes sits next to him on the ledge, unopened. It’s been sitting there like a wound for the last thirty minutes. The wound is self-inflicted. Neil bought the pack earlier in the night, after a run didn’t clear his head. Buying the cigarettes was an impulse and a habit, but that doesn’t explain why it hurts so much. 

He might be able to breathe better if he could inhale the acrid smell of cigarette smoke. But the only calming thing his mother ever gave him is not going to fill the gaping crater in the center of his being. He aches, and he doubts it’s something burning tobacco can cure.

The door to the roof opens with the usual ruckus of rusted hinges and a frame caving in on itself. Neil doesn’t turn. Only Andrew would come looking for him here.

Keep reading

we all must admit how hard it is to just sit down and do your work sometimes. the following are a few random tips that i used to study better. here’s a more specific study post but this is just a general set of things i do that really help me out.

set a routine

if you continue to do something, eventually it turns into a habit. try to study at a certain time every day. it’ll turn into a habit and eventually become an instinct to get your books out and sit down at that certain time of day.

create a pleasant study space 

this will definitely help. naturally you would want to go and study if you have a nice atmosphere to go to so open some windows to let in light, invest in a good chair, and keep the space lively with some flowers or plants (i surround myself with greenery. it makes me feel really calm). likewise, keep your space away from distractions such as your laptop (ahem ahem. unless you need it for work and have a website blocker or something), the t.v, and the kitchen (keep a healthy little brain snack on your table so if you feel hungry you don’t need to go to the kitchen to get food then get lost spending too much time making creme brûlée or something when all you really needed was some celery).

remember your future goals

this will keep you from procrastinating by giving you a little jolt of guilt and also keep you sane. i personally wrote down my goals on a post-it and stuck it on the wall. later on, whenever i felt like throwing my textbook out the window (rip louis pasteur and his scientific contributions to biology) i would look up and see the note which would promptly calm me down so i could take a five minute break and get back to work.

give yourself time beforehand

if you give yourself a little bit of time before you start studying, you will feel more refreshed and ready to study. when i come home from school i give myself   a half hour to change, have some fruit, and start getting my materials out. that way i don’t feel rushed from just finishing school to immediately starting all my work. i also stay off of tumblr and the internet during this time because if i got on i would probably spend my half hour there and not have any time to actually relax and unwind a little bit. also if you need more time, take more time, but don’t stretch it out to two hours or something overboard like that, especially if you come home later.

for when you really want to fling your work into a tornado and go on tumblr

nope. sorry. not going to work. i mean, you could probably get on tumblr but you’ll regret it come tomorrow when your teacher asks for your homework or hand out that test and you look at it and realize you don’t know the material. try working in pomodoro time chunks so that you don’t overwork yourself and also get rewarding little breaks in between. sometimes when i’m really unmotivated, i turn the pomodoro method into a little game and try working for just a little bit more and challenge myself to see how many more minutes i can study for. if i end up achieving 25 minutes, i take the 5 minute break. 

you can do this!! ~hana from kageyama-studies

Preference “How they react to getting a boner in public and seeing you noticing them” (NSFW)

(Woooo yay for a preference:3 Sorry it’s only the boys XD but Yay for them being embarrassed and all XD Hope it is as requested and you all like it :3 Gifs not mine/found them on google/ credit to the original owner.)

Negan-Whenever he gets a boner in public, his first instinct is to laugh it off as he scans the room to look for you. He’d instantly lock eyes with you and smirk before he shift his eyes to show you what’s happening, only for you to just stare in complete surprise. In the occasions he isn’t busy, he’d make a move his finger, to indicate you to come closer to him.

Daryl-Whenever he gets a boner in public, he’d act as his usual self and just ignore it as much as he can. He’d do a rather good job at it until he’d notice you looking down at him. Instantly, he’d just get turned on even more and try his best to keep his composure until obviously he couldn’t handle your knowing gaze, making him walk over to just grab your arm.

Rick-Whenever he gets a boner in public and sees you noticing him, he’d find any way possible to conceal and just tell you that he’s alright. Unknowingly, as he’d reassure you, he’d end up making the whole conversation about it as he whispers to you, making the tension between you both rather obvious.

Merle-Whenever he gets a boner in public and sees you noticing him, a smirk would creep up to his lips before he’d quietly mouth out words like “Your fault”, “This is all you”, etc. He’d manage to make you uncomfortable for him, with all his shifting around and looks, only to end up not being able to handle it himself and just tell you openly to come closer to him.

Glenn-Whenever he gets a boner in public and sees you noticing him, he’d be shocked for a moment, only for it to make you burst into laughter. Hearing you, he’d get shier and try to conceal himself as much as he can, only to end up laughing as well. As you’d get closer to tease him about it, he’d end up trying to deny to you that he was feeling that way.

Carl-Whenever he gets a boner in public and sees you noticing him, he’d instantly cover himself up with his hat and just avoid your gaze. He’d shake his head at you to deny your knowing gaze from afar and try to let you know that the more you stare the more people will notice, only to get frustrated and leave himself.

The Governor-Whenever he gets a boner in public and sees you noticing him, he’d instantly change from being composed to being unable to stop smiling. He’d find himself confused as to why it would happen in that moment and try to shrug it off but the more he sees your gaze on him, the more he’d give you that knowing look and just walk over to you to pull you away.

Abraham-Whenever he gets a boner in public and sees you noticing him, he’d make it all about you rather than himself. He’d notice your eyes looking over at him and just chuckle before calling you in a rather loud tone, asking you as to what you were looking at. He’d manage to make everyone pay attention to you rather than him, embarrassing you right on the spot.

Eugene-Whenever he gets a boner in public and sees you noticing him, he’d have nothing to say and wouldn’t know how to handle it. He’d get so nervous that seeing you look at him with a knowing look would cause him to be clumsy at whatever he was doing. He’d end up not be able to handle it anymore and just tell you to stop staring as it isn’t going to make it any better.

Ron-Whenever he gets a boner in public and sees you noticing him, he’d avoid your gaze and just try his best to pretend like he doesn’t realize what is happening. He’d only seem to notice you even more and have a much difficult time than usual, making him just want to hold you and doing so once you are both left alone.

Jesus-Whenever he gets a boner in public and sees you noticing him, he’d always seems genuinely surprised at first before laughing at you. He’d just be thrown off to see you staring at him strangely that he’d at first have the instinct to stare at you first until he sees as to where you’re looking at, only to be taken back for a moment as his lips would curl up into a smile.

Dwight-Whenever he gets a boner in public and sees you noticing him, he’d smile to see you before his gaze would change to be rather lustful. As soon as he realizes you watching him, his intentions would suddenly changes and just feel his need for you grow. He’d walk towards a place he would’ve showed you with his eyes, only to hope that you’d join him.

Morgan-Whenever he gets a boner in public and sees you noticing him, he’d avoid your gaze and just somehow hide himself. He’d want you to stop staring at him so he’d look at you just to shake his head. As he sees you walking over to him, he’d instantly quietly mouth out “no”, only to end up getting back in the house, making you tease him with your words as you follow behind him.

Shane-Whenever he gets a boner in public and sees you noticing him, he’d get oddly playful and his gaze would just make you want to give him what he wants. He’d at first try to distract himself but as soon as he feels you looking at him, he’d start to smirk at you. He’d end up teasing you more than anything with his behavior, only for you to walk over to him and just pull him into your room.

Milton-Whenever he gets a boner in public and sees you noticing him, he’d instantly get nervous and flustered from it. He’d feel like you were paying extra attention to him and oddly it would only seem to turn him on even more, making him just have to avoid you completely in order to control himself. He’d even go as far as to leaving the place, making you follow him to relieve him.

Aaron-Whenever he gets a boner in public and sees you noticing him, he’d just shrug and wouldn’t have much to explain or anything. He’d get shy and would do anything to conceal from the others but when it came to you, he’d feel like giving up and admit honestly as to what was happening to him, making you laugh and just tell him that it’s alright to wait it out.

Gabriel-Whenever he gets a boner in public and sees you noticing him, he’d act in denial of it and just try to ignore as to what was bothering you. He’d have the courage to look back you in the eyes and just whisper as to what you’re looking at so much, making you subconscious about your action and even getting an apology from you, all while still keeping his bible close to conceal himself from anyone else.

The Wolf-Whenever he gets a boner in public and sees you noticing him, he’d just smirk and call you right on the spot for being a pervert. He wouldn’t really care for anyone else that sees him but for you he’d just have his own fun teasing you about it, that in the end you’re the one embarrassed in the situation.

Noah-Whenever he gets a boner in public and sees you noticing him, he’d hide himself behind anything or even anyone to disappear from your line of view. He’d just be so embarrassed about you seeing him that he’d feel as if he got caught for doing something strange or shady that his first instinct would be to hide himself.

Simon-Whenever he gets a boner in public and sees you noticing him, he’d want to make you uncomfortable and just look back at you. He’d stare at you as if asking as to what you’re looking at and just make faces that would end up making you laugh more than anything, distracting you completely by his “problem”. He’d eventually give up on it and storm his way over to you to ask you a favor.

Ezekiel-Whenever he gets a boner in public and sees you noticing him, he’d instantly find himself taking a seat and try to get people’s attention on you rather than himself. He’d ask you thousands of questions and just press on until he can calm himself down or really until you’d stop staring at him as is he had just done something wrong.

Benjamin-Whenever he gets a boner in public and sees you noticing him, he’d look at you apologetically before just walking away to go to his room. He’d feel somewhat bad you had to witness that and from your reaction, he’d think it was even worst. So he’d end up just blaming himself over it before you could even have the chance to say anything.

Caesar-Whenever he gets a boner in public and sees you noticing him, he’d lean in closer to ask you teasingly what was bothering you, before grabbing a hold of your hand to make you feel him. Catching you look at him, turned him on even more and he just had to take the opportunity to start something that would eventually lead you into wanting him.

Heath-Whenever he gets a boner in public and sees you noticing him, he’d pretend to not have seen you looking at him and just try his best to quietly walk away. He’d be embarrassed about the whole situation and would feel that looking back at you would make it worst, so he’d resolve to just not say anything and leave unseen.

Spencer-Whenever he gets a boner in public and sees you noticing him, he’d surprise you with how flustered and embarrassed he can get before deciding to leave. He’d just be stunned to see you realized what was going on with him that despite you and him being together, he’d still get embarrassed by your gaze and just shift around as he takes his time deciding if he should really leave.

Richard-Whenever he gets a boner in public and sees you noticing him, he’d get embarrassed but would gradually look at you lustfully. He’d feel nervous for feeling that way as everyone is around so when your eyes meet it would startle him at first. However, the more you’d both look at each other, the more he wanted you, making him just get closer to you and quietly ask you if you’re free.

Nicholas-Whenever he gets a boner in public and sees you noticing him, he’d act as his usual self only to get closer to you before doing anything else. He wouldn’t want the others to notice so instead of putting on a strange face he’d simply walk over to you and just distract you by grabbing your hand to walk away.

Gareth-Whenever he gets a boner in public and sees you noticing him, he’d chuckle and just openly tell you that he needs you for a moment. He wouldn’t feel embarrassed about the situation and simply think of it as a way of at least getting a little something from you, making him just asking you if you have the time.

Tobin-Whenever he gets a boner in public and sees you noticing him, he’d chuckle out of embarrassment before taking a few steps back to leave for a moment, making you follow him. He’d reassure you that he’d be fine alone, only to actually want you close to him and making sure that his words will make you stay.

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46, 93, 98 Yoongi pleaseeeeeee

I Will Follow You Into The Dark (Yoongi x Reader Fluff)

Prompt request: “If they find out, I’ll kill you then myself.” + “You’re crazy! You’re out of your mind!” + "Where are your pants?”

Summary: Every time you go to work, you look out the window and see your classmate, Yoongi, jumping a fence and disappearing into the darkness. One day, you decide to follow him. To put it simply: shit hits the fan.

Word count: 1.3k words

Originally posted by rapnamu

You leaned over the counter, the used bookstore almost completely empty. The clock near the cash was a few minutes behind, but it was nearly seven o’clock. You knew that soon, if you looked to your left, you would see your mysterious classmate, Yoongi, leap over the fences across the street.

Every time you went to work, which was three times a week, you would see Yoongi appear and disappear into a shroud of darkness in nearly seconds.

At school, Yoongi had a bit of a dangerous reputation. No one actually knew if the rumours were true, but Yoongi’s standoffish behaviour and dark appearance didn’t help to dispel them. During your uneventful shifts, you often imagined what Yoongi could be doing.

You wondered if you were overthinking things, and this was just a shortcut for Yoongi to get home. But sometimes your mind wandered, and guiltily, you questioned if Yoongi was up to something dangerous. Drug deals? Vandalism? Gang stuff?

“Hey, Y/N,” your supervisor called, snapping you out of your reverie. “Suzy wants to go home early, so can you take your break now?”

“Yeah, sure,” you responded immediately, not really caring. You stepped out from behind the cash register to make way for your co-worker and made your way to the employee room in the back of the store.

Once you were in the small room, you reached for your locker and retrieved your hoodie. Throwing it over your uniform shirt, you quickly made up your mind. You were going to follow Yoongi to figure out what was really going on.

Quickly, you made your way out of the story. Taking the back exit, you found yourself in an alleyway shared with a few other nearby stores. The sun was beginning to set already, casting dark shadows in between the buildings.

As you approached the main street, you stuck close to the wall in case Yoongi was near. Just as you reached the front of your building, you caught a glimpse of a small-framed boy with bleach blond hair swinging his body over the tall, chain link fence across the street. He landed gently on his feet and continued quickly, soon becoming lost in the darkness in front of you.

Gulping, you stood rooted in place for a few moments while you considered if following Yoongi was really a good idea. But eventually, your curiosity got the better of you, and you ran across the street to where Yoongi had slipped away.

The closer you got to the fence, the more daunting it looked. It was higher than you anticipated, and you wondered if you’d be able to climb it at all.

Inhaling deeply, you grabbed onto some chain links and jammed your right foot into another. With a mighty heave, you managed to lift yourself up. Foot by foot, you slowly ascended the fence, the metal links clanging loudly against the poles supporting it as you moved. Yoongi made scaling the fence look much easier than it actually was.

Eventually, when you reached the top of the fence, you were coated in a sheen sweat. Straddling the top, you glanced down at the ground, which seemed miles away. Unsure of how to disembark, you recalled Yoongi’s effortless jump over the fence.

The drop was far enough to look like it hurt, but not enough to break any bones.

Awkwardly, you repositioned your body so that your legs were dangling over the edge. With a muffled scream, you let yourself fall. Something snagged your right leg, and you heard a loud rip as you tumbled to the ground.

You landed unsteadily on your feet, quickly losing your balance and falling to the pavement. Groaning in pain, you pulled yourself back up.

A cool breeze tickled at your thigh.

Looking down, you realized that your jeans had been torn from the knee through the waistband, the denim dangling uselessly around your leg. Cursing underneath your breath, you grabbed the torn ends and pulled them together to salvage your decency.

Lifting your gaze, you realized you were standing in a dark alleyway leading in many other directions. You had no way of knowing what was waiting in the obscurity, but you had come this far, so you weren’t going to turn back. Plus, you weren’t ready to tackle that fence again.

Quietly, you began walking, the sound of your footsteps loud in the silence around you.

As you progressed, you could hear something faintly in the distance. Increasing your pace, you followed the sound. Eventually, it became louder, and the high pitched noise resembled something of the cries of an animal.

Concerned, you broke into a light jog and followed the source, which led to a narrower alleyway. The meows of what sounded like kittens was nearly deafening now, but the sight that greeted you was even more surprising.

Yoongi sat in the middle of the alley, his bodies covered in kittens, and a bowl of milk beside him. He gazed down at the small animals around him, smiling softly as the stray kittens nuzzled against him.

You couldn’t help it–you burst out laughing.

Yoongi’s head whipped up, his mouth growing slack as he saw you.

“Y/N, w-what the fuck are you doing here?” he spluttered, plucking the kittens off of him. Yoongi jumped to his feet and approached you, but he no longer seemed intimidating. You wiped away tears from your eyes. “Did you follow me? The fuck?”

“I can’t believe this,” you cried, falling into another fit of laughter. “This is so weird. I thought you’d be doing drugs or something, not nursing kittens. Man, everyone at school is so wrong. You’re a huge softie, this is hilarious!”

“If they find out, I’ll kill you then myself,” Yoongi growled, staring down at you with a menacing expression. He was still coming closer, and you backed up instinctively.

“Shit, Yoongi, I’m just joking!” you gasped. “You’re crazy! You’re out of your mind!”

A soft meow interrupted you, and you looked down at your feet. One of the kittens had approached you curiously and was sitting beside your shoe, looking up at you. Your heart melted at the pink-nosed kitten, and you couldn’t help but smile.

“Where are your pants?” Yoongi asked, his voice tight. When you looked down again, you noticed that your ripped pants had slipped down, and your pants were circling around your ankles.

“Oh my god!” you screamed, reaching for your pants. The kitten scampered away, startled by your shouting. “Look away! Close your eyes!”

Even in the dim lighting, you could see Yoongi’s cheeks turn red. It was futile, but you held your ripped jeans up, trying to keep the torn fabric together to hide your underwear. Faintly, you could hear Yoongi snickering.

“Shut up,” you snapped, your cheeks heating up. “We’re even now. Everything that happened here stays here. Deal?”

“Deal,” Yoongi agreed. “Can I open my eyes now?”

“Whatever,” you sighed. Kneeling down, you reached your hand toward the kittens that were slowly crowding you and Yoongi. “These kittens are so small. How long have you been taking care of them?”

A few weeks later, Yoongi approached you at school and quietly disclosed that the kittens were old enough to adopt. He offered you one, and you accepted eagerly. Later, he explained that he couldn’t keep any of them because his parents were allergic.

The other kids at school were shocked to see you and Yoongi talking, but you paid them no mind. You became much closer as time went on, bonding over your shared parenthood over Yoongi’s favourite kitten.

And if Yoongi used the cat as an excuse to start talking to you, well, no one needed to know.

- Girl in Luv

The fence thing sort of happened to me before. I jumped off a truck and my pants got stuck on something and ripped ALL THE WAY DOWN. I also grabbed onto a broken chain link once and gashed my palm open. Moral of the story: don’t jump fences or other things. Anyway, hope you enjoyed! This request was so much fun and I’m sorry I wasn’t creative enough to think of a weirder scenario :( As always, thanks for reading!

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What’s your opinon on Sarah Wilson (I Quit Sugar lady)? She seems to know something, she’s very popular and claims to have helped a lot of people. But she’s totally not vegan. How come her diet works?

What do you mean by “it works”?

Keeps her slim? yes (for now)
Keeps her healthy? No
Keeps her alive and running? Yes with the help of stimulants…

Ive answer this many of times, but simply put, the low carb, low sugar, paleo people all follow a similar diet that requires the body to go into ketosis.

Ever since Sarah said that eating a mars bar is the same as eating a punnet of blue berries I couldnt take anything she said seriously…. 😑

For those that don’t know or haven’t seen me rant about this many times, here it is again. Carbohydrates are the bodies primary fuel source, it’s super easy for our body to turn carbs into glucose and every cell in our body runs off glucose.

If you remove the carbs and only eat high fat/protein foods then your body has no choice but to use fat instead, it breaks down the fat and converts it into ketone bodies which can then be used to fuel the body. Obviously a much harder and less efficient way of getting glucose.

This state of the body is called ketosis. In other words “starvation mode” putting stress onto the body, making it use fat as fuel rather then feeding it what it needs. Long term, the build up of ketone bodies can be dangerous and lead to organ failure and other problems in the body. Not the mention the amount of saturated fat, cholesterol, animal protein and other nasties which are directly linked to heart disease, diabetes, cancers, auto immune diseases and more.

Now if you are on a paleo/low carb diet like Sarah recommends, you are going to lose weight but only if you are eating under a certain amount of calories. Because when you aren’t getting enough calories from food your body will turn to the body fat you have and eat away at that to use for fuel. NOT a healthy or sustainable way to lose weight.

This way of eating isn’t sustainable because you are depriving your body of something it NEEDS, carbs, and eventually you will hit a wall and fall off and binge like crazy. (People call this “ lack of self control” and then begin the diet over again)…. Any diet that evolves calorie restriction will fail long term. Low carb diets often rely on coffees every day because they need stimulants to get through the day 👎🏼

Why do all that to your body when you can thrive on a vegan diet, with the carbs, without calorie restricting, without stimulants, with NO side effects. A diet you can do forever and only get healthier!

Paleo is a trend that will die, veganism is the future for the people, the plant and the animals ✌🏼

76 Kiss Prompts
1. Good Morning Kiss
A/N: Forgive me I’m rusty on fanfics 

Sunlight poured in from the cracks of her curtains. Bleary brown eyes opened to peer around the room with a small frown. She needed to get black out shades someday. Not that, that would help her sleep. She had never been one to sleep a lot or even sleep in and she couldn’t see that changing in the foreseeable future.

However, it would be nice to be able to keep laying there and relaxing. So that’s what Lucy tried to do. Key word being tried. A warm exhale on the back of her neck made her eyes snap open, wide and aware of her surroundings. Aware of the weight on her stomach and aware of being tugged closer to someone. And that someone let out a disgruntled huff.

She should be used to this by now, the fact that he tended to sleep in her bed at any chance he got. And she had tried to get an explanation out of him many times. But his replies always came back to the fact that her bed was just so comfortable. The bed had came with the apartment so…there really wasn’t anything special about it.

A low groan slipped past her lips as she shifted around, eventually turning to face him after a moment of struggle. Natsu had an iron grip and was even more stubborn in his sleep. Which was hard to believe considering he was well…Natsu. But it was true. He never let go of her until she managed to make him wake up which took forever. For someone so happy and cheerful he sure as hell wasn’t a morning person.

“Natsu, wake up,” she mumbled out trying to push herself further away from him. He mumbled something that sounded like a no before tugging her closer. Close enough their noses brushed causing heat to rise to her cheeks. It wasn’t good for her to be so close to him. It wasn’t good at all.

Lucy’s brow pinched together before moving a hand from his chest to trail her finger over his face. He always looked so peaceful sleeping, so relaxed and soft as opposed to his normal rougher look. Her finger trailed over his jaw as her eyes swooped over his face, only pausing when his nose would scrunch up.

A tired sigh left her before carefully moving her hand to run through his hair. It was soft, which was odd. Considering she didn’t see him as one to take that much care of himself. Though she knew he had some weird thing about clothes…Who knew with him really, he was just really complex.

Her hand moved from his hair back down to cup his cheek. Brown hues glancing over all of his face but seemed to get stuck on his lips. Rough and cracked but still looked so…No, don’t think like that Lucy, that wasn’t right to think of a friend like that.

But it was tempting. Tempting enough that she moved closer until she could feel his warm breath against her lips. Her lips brushed against his in a feather light kiss against the corner of his mouth. Brown eyes closing until she heard him clear his throat.

“What’re ya doin’, Weirdo?”

Her eyes widened at the sound of his sleep roughened voice but she couldn’t pull further away from him. She watched as his lips turned up into a lazy smirk so she directed her attention back to his eyes. Eyes that were full of amusement and mirth as he stared back at her.

“How long have you been awake?” she asked softly, trying to subtly move further away but his grip was unrelenting. She didn’t bother to move her hand and couldn’t help the blush that coated over her neck and ears and face. Caught red handed.

“I dunno…a while,” he replied softly in a teasing tone. She watched as his eyes trailed over her face. Seeming to be in the same trance as her and got stuck on her lips. Which only served to make her face heat up more, if that was possible. “You kissed me.”

“We should get up, I’ll make breakfast!” she chirped out completely ignoring what he said. His brows pinched together as if he were deep in thought and his mouth opened to say something but paused. Seeming to try and think further over what he wanted to say.

Natsu moved closer to her, till their noses brushed for the umpteenth time that day. Dark eyes fleeting from her eyes to her lips then back to her eyes, “Can I…” a pause as he licked his lips, “try that again?” She could swear her heart was beating loud enough for her to hear and considering she could feel his heart under the hand that wasn’t on his cheek.

She stared for a moment before swallowing audibly. Her reply died on her lips when she tried to speak so she simply nodded her head as best as she could being as she was laying on her side. His lips smiled for a moment before hesitantly moving the arm that had been draped over her waist so that his hand was cupping her face.

Closer and closer the two of them got but neither of them could make the first move it seemed. Her breathing was coming out uneven and his eyes kept staring into hers as if asking a silent question. Her response was to lean a little closer but couldn’t bring herself to make that final move.

Gently he brushed his lips against hers, so light she barely felt it. He pulled back away from her and his trained eyes studied over her face. She could feel her heart in her throat before whispering out, “Again.”

A smug grin had worked its way across Natsu’s face and he leaned back in. Lightly pressing his lips to hers once more. This time not pulling away fast but rather pressing more firmly. Neither of them had experience with this and that was evident in the fact that their noses kept hitting awkwardly and how they both would try to stifle back their laughter.

Her laughter died in her throat when he flipped her onto her back. Lips moving against hers with more and more confidence with each passing second. Her hands moved to tangle in the hair at the base of his neck and his braced himself above her. Her head was spinning and her lung screamed for oxygen. But anytime he pulled away from her she chased his lips until they were back on hers.

Their noses hit again and this time he couldn’t hold back his laughter. His forehead rested against hers as bright onyx eyes stared into similarly bright brown ones. Her smile seemed locked on her face as she bit her lip. He grinned wide before brushing his nose against hers gently and whispering out.

“Good morning to you too.”

Flirty Winks

Flirty Winks

Quicksilver x reader

Warnings: none

 prompt: Hi can you do a quicksilver image where he is really cocky and always making slightly sexual jokes and when you act on those jokes for a bit of fun he gets all nervous and shy because he has never done it before and he runs away and when you find him his mind runs away and he thinks  some naughty things and gets a hard on and you both  kinda laugh it off.

Requested by: @quicksilverstilinski01

 hope you enjoy


The fastest man alive could run and run and always find himself next to (y/n). No matter what the occasion he was always near her flirting. So this was no different than every other time, except the fact that one sentence could mess with his mind.

“Hey beautiful are you the sun because damn…You get hotter every time I look at you.” Peter winks to his friend.

“Hmmm…are you trying to say you can’t ever look at me because the sun is so bright it burns your eyes?” (y/n) says to peter without even looking up from the homework she was doing.”

Peter blushes wrong choice in a pickup line. So he speeds off in search for someone who could figure out a better pickup line than the one he just used. So he runs off to find Scott.

“Hey scott got any really good pickup lines I could use, on (y/n) she kinda just busted the one I just used.” Peter says from behind the couch where Scott and Jean were sitting at, causing Scott to jump almost spilling his drink on his beloved girlfriend.

“Uh..Yeah sure.. How about…” Scott whispers the line in peter’s ear so jean can’t hear it.

Peter rushes back to the mutant whom he had become besties with. “Hey I’ve got a quarter wanna give me a kiss?” Peter leans in to give a kiss on her cheek only to have a hand on his face shoving him back.

Without skipping a beat (y/n) says, “Give me seventy-five more cents and I will give you a kiss.” A giant smirk plays on her lips.

Again peter’s face turns the shade of a tomato, ‘not only did she say something back she was flirting as well.’

In the eyes of everyone else it seems amusing that she was finally starting to flirt back, and it was driving him insane.

For (y/n) she just couldn’t get enough of it, it took her months to learn peters flirting pattern and some more to make up comebacks to go along with whatever he thought up. Now she was his equal.

When peter did eventually come by he was walking and held up a dollar in his hand. “So do I get that kiss now?”

“Give me the dollar and you will see.” she winks at him.

‘This is definitely worth the risk.’ “same time exchange.”

(y/n) leans in and kisses him passionately while also stealing the dollar from his hand. She turns and walks away, after she pulls back, leaving a speechless and slightly hard, speedster.

Okay, so one of Sarah Shepard’s biggest fears is that her helmet comms hadn’t gone out over Alchera and that the rest of the crew had listened to her die. Her gasps for air as her suit depressurized, her struggles as she tried in vain to plug the leaks in the hoses, her little sounds of fear before it finally went quiet. I was just thinking of how the team would react to hearing that, and her receiver had been damaged, so they could hear her, but she couldn’t hear them.

Kaidan: Doesn’t understand what he’s hearing at first, he saw the pod in the cockpit deploy, she had have been on board. Fear and panic grips his chest when he finally understands. He tries calling to her, but there’s no answer, just her choking gasps for air, tears run down his face as he tries to comfort her, but she can’t hear him. He’s listening to his friend (or lover) die and there’s nothing he can do about it. He shouldn’t have left her, should have gone with her to get Joker, maybe then she would have made it. He calls her name into the silence a long time after the noises stop until he can’t bring himself to say it again.

Liara: Just sits in her seat and sobs, head down. She’s haunted by the sounds for weeks afterwards, can hear them when it’s quiet. She’s never listened to someone die before and it kills something inside of her to know that the first time she has, it was a friend.

Garrus: Grips the harness so hard his hands hurt, his jaw clenched so hard his mandibles ache. She’s his mentor, his guide, he’s learned more travelling with her than he ever did at C-Sec. He starts shaking in his seat, wanting to go to her, wanting to help her, but he can’t, all he can do is sit there until there’s empty air. Turian’s can’t cry, not really, but eventually there’s low mournful keening that doesn’t need translating.

Tali: Turns her modulator off so no one can hear her cry as she listens to her friend die, the one who helped her on her Pilgrimage, introduced her to so many wonderful things. Her hands press to her face plate, her shoulders shaking unmistakably and when she gets back to the Flotilla, she can’t sleep because of how loud it is.

Wrex: Doesn’t do anything, doesn’t move, just stares straight ahead. Eventually he starts rocking back and forth slightly. He’s heard people die, that wasn’t something new, but they had always been enemies, those trying to kill him, and it had always been quick. It was never a friend, a member of this strange krannt he had come to be in, and it was never by a slow suffocation.

and finally

Joker: Alliance finds his escape pod shortly after they find the others. He’s alone, curled up in his seat so hard he had broken bones. Wide eyed and not moving because he saw her die, he watched her as she was blown out into space. In his mind, it was his fault. He killed her, as surely as if he had held a gun to her head and pulled the trigger. He’s treated for shock and doesn’t speak for almost a solid month.

Dirty looks.

Pairing : Past!JaredxReader, Jensen, Genevieve
Word count : 2,193
Author :Mel
A/N : More parts for @bigdaddymongoose. Only one more part!

Part 16 of ‘My son, Bringer of Storms.’

You were sitting on a plane, River was excitedly looking out the window. “Are we in Texas yet?”

“No, River. Probably not for a few more hours. We’ve only been in the air about an hour, and it’s a 4 ½ hour flight.”

“Aww.” He pouted. “Do we have to stop somewhere?”

“Nop. You got spoiled with a non-stop flight.”

“Uncle Jensen is my favorite uncle.” River grinned.

“You’ve never had any other uncle.” You pointed out. “Maybe one day you’ll meet your fathers siblings. You actually have an uncle and an aunt.”

“Yeah!? Will they be at this Barbecue too?” You shrugged and he looked back out the window.

You let out a sigh, wondering how you’d ended up on a flight to fucking Texas. But you knew how. Jensen had fucked you over. And by fucked you over, he’d played it smart. Made it so you couldn’t say no. “Asshole” You mumbled, looking down at your phone.

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Fighting With Bruce

Requested by an anon

Summary: Headcannons of during and after a fight between Batmom and Bruce.

Warning(s): None

-You two rarely fight anymore because you’ve come to an understanding that he is what he is.

-Basically you learned it’s pointless to chastise him over every little thing he does that a normal person would not do because he is not normal.

-”Oh, you got a kid of ours killed? Again? God damn it.”

-When you do fight it’s absolutely horrible and over the worst things.

-Top #2 was when he admitted to being drugged by Talia and sleeping with her, but this was expunged because Damian resulted from it.

-#1 was when he admitted to sleeping with Selina.

-You can scream all you want but his voice will just get deeper and gruffer as he gets angrier.

-During your worst fight(about Selina) you went as far as moving out.

-His mind and crime fighting abilities might belong to Gotham but his body is yours and if he couldn’t understand that and keep it in his spandex then you didn’t couldn’t be with him.

-Each and every one of the batkids showed up at the apartment you were now living in to try and show you how horrible Bruce was doing without you and persuade you to come back.

-Each one seeming to decide that breaking in through your window and broodingly standing in the shadows of your apartment was a good way to start a conversation. Like father like kids.

-”I have a door you know?!”

-Even Damian came to implore you to forgive his father. Going as far to admit he missed your presence in the mansion and without you it felt odd to him.

-Bruce relapsed into the Batman he was right after Jason died and it made quite a bit of the family nervous.

-Robin could be replaced(and has been), but even if Bruce decided to become serious with Selina and she moved in she could never replace you.

-Fights usually end with Bruce sulking away(more like storming out of the room) or you bursting into tears.

-If it’s the latter he’ll sigh and say something insightful before pulling you in for a hug. But if he deems it appropriate(like he has to go out on a case) he’ll just leave you crying.

-He will apologize when he comes back home though.

-When he leaves like that it’s worse because you always scold him again. You never know if he’s going to die that night and you don’t want him dying angry at you or vice versa.

-After more than half a year into your big fight Bruce finally showed up in your apartment, the same way everyone else did(god damn it.)

-A sincere, apologizing Bruce is the most out of character Bruce you’ll ever experience.

-He was an absolute mess, even under his cowl it was obvious.

-But cheating is something you just can’t ignore so you turned him away, shattering his heart even further.

-Eventually, well, you didn’t necessarily forgive him, but to know you were desperately needed by him - mentally, emotionally, and physically - it was heartwarming and of course it took a while to mend the trust between you two.

-During fights the kids usually run and hide, but not too far away that they can’t listen to every word said(or yelled.)

-On occasion one of them will step in(mainly Jason, Cass, or Damian.)

-At least one of them will ask if you’re breaking up after a fight(especially after you two did break up, they were super paranoid after that.)

-That night after you make up is full of cuddles(and maybe some other X-rated stuff…)

feverfetish  asked:

Maybe hunk taking care of really sick Keith? If you'd rather do shiro I'm all for that too but Keith and hunk is a favorite friend combo for me (love your stuff as always!!!)

There’s a weight crushing his chest, hot and thick and cloying like smog. He struggles to breathe past it, oxygen clogging in his lungs with every choked inhale.

His throbbing head lolls against the chilly floor, too woozy to try and lift it up. A tingling shiver starts at the base of his spine and travels up in one convulsive, rolling shudder. His stomach squirms, protesting the jarring movement as he wraps his arms a little tighter around himself, curling his limbs into a ball. His body feels like it’s been turned into a gigantic block of solid ice.

He needs to get up. Needs to get dressed and go outside. They’ll wonder where he is, soon. Probably come looking for him. Won’t they? Will they care?

He doesn’t know how long he’s been lying on the bathroom floor, doesn’t even remember stumbling out of bed. An hour, maybe? At any rate, he’s wallowed long enough. If he can’t accomplish the simple task of getting his body under control how the hell is he supposed to be the leader of jack-shit?

There’s that word again. It’s been tumbling around the recesses of his mind for weeks now. Always present, taunting him with its inevitability. He needs Shiro. Needs to ask him what to do.

But of course that’s impossible, isn’t it?

Three goddamn weeks and he’s still struggling to wrap his mind around their new reality. This nightmare he can’t seem to wake from.

He slams his fist against the tile, frustrated tears trickling down his cheeks as he hauls his uncooperative limbs into a sitting position. He sways as the floor tilts beneath him, but he refuses to fall. He blinks away the tears and inhales a deep, shuddering breath. Good. Making progress.

Then his lungs sputter, choking on the oxygen and he clutches at his throat, coughing and wheezing and hacking up a mouthful of something that makes him gag. He groans aloud, swiping the back of his hand beneath his leaking nose. He doesn’t have time for this bullshit.

Gritting his teeth, he reaches up to grip the edge of the metal sink; forcing his legs underneath him takes far more effort than it ought to. It’s slow going but eventually he’s hovering over the basin, weak but finally upright.

His fingers tremble as he cups a handful of water; the droplets turn lukewarm the moment they touch his skin. His reflection wavers in the small mirror, gray and distorted; fleeting because he ducks his head and shuts his eyes tight so he doesn’t have to look.

The anger resurfaces; coiling low in the pit of his stomach and working its way up until his vision flickers blood-red. It’s familiar; comforting in a twisted way. He needs the rage. Needs it to push himself forward like he needs the air in his lungs. He braces his weight against the wall, panting through another surge of dizziness.

He’s thirsty. He wants to go back to the faucet for a drink but the claustrophobia is waiting for him. The kitchen, then. No mirrors in there.

He’s standing in the middle of the mess-hall, uncertain of how he made it downstairs. He can feel a bruise forming just below his kneecap but can’t remember when he fell. He doesn’t bother trying to find a cup. Instead, he staggers over to the sink, fumbling blindly with the handle and dipping his head to gulp down mouthfuls of the icy water. The liquid splashes all over his face, down his chest and onto the floor. He doesn’t care, just keeps lapping at the stream until he can’t hold anymore.


He jumps at the unexpected voice, wincing as a light switches on. He spins around and straightens, ignoring the nauseating shimmer of the walls surrounding him, making it difficult to keep his balance. He’d been freezing only moments ago; now his clothes feel damp and clammy with sweat.

“What are you doing up so early?” Hunk is still in his pajama pants and robe; hair disheveled and sticking up in all the wrong directions. He gives Keith an odd look, reaching up to rub his eye with the heel of his hand.

“Couldn’t sleep,” Keith rasps, feeling an uncomfortable tickle crawl up the back of his throat. He coughs in his mouth a few times, as quietly as possible.

“You too, huh?” Hunk offers a sympathetic smile and starts digging through a cabinet, producing a tin can. “I was gonna make some tea.”

It’s an obvious invitation but Keith is barely paying attention. It’s a little difficult to hear through the high-pitched buzzing in his ears and the gurgling in his stomach. The water isn’t settling; in hindsight, maybe he should have gulped a little slower.  

“Why don’t you sit down,” Hunk suggests, eyes narrowing with obvious concern. He’s frowning, now. 

“We’re scheduled for training in an hour,” Keith murmurs, throat bobbing with a few convulsive swallows. “I don’…don’t have time for tea.” For some reason that strikes him as funny and he lets out a snort of laughter.

Keith doesn’t think he can even make it to the chair. The room’s spinning too fast to move away from the sink, anyway. He feels himself tilting forward, watches as the floor rushes up to meet him and then a pair of strong arms hauling him back up just before he smashes his face open.

“Keith,” Hunk says right next to his ear; his voice is low and gentle. “Come sit down.”

And he really doesn’t have a choice in the matter.

Hunk helps him over to one of the chairs and Keith immediately slumps over the table, pillowing his head in his arms.

“I don’t think training’s on the agenda for you this morning. You look like hell.”

“Jus’ a cold,” Keith slurs, wiping his nose on the sleeve of his sweatshirt. “I’ll be fine.” He means it, too. He has every intention of powering through what promises to be a grueling morning. 

Hunk crouches down beside his chair. Keith watches with vague curiosity as Hunk rests one hand on his back and the other brushes underneath Keith’s bangs. Hunk’s large hand feels cool against his forehead. Even so, Keith feels the need to shrug Hunk off before he gets too comfortable up there.

“Hate to break it to you, but that’s definitely more than a cold,” Hunk obligingly pulls his hand away from his forehead but lets the other hover over Keith’s back. Keith coughs into his crossed arms and feels Hunk’s hand stroke up and down a few times. He doesn’t have the energy to do anything about it.

“So this is why you didn’t show up at dinner, huh? You’ve been feeling lousy since last night?”

“I was tired,” Keith insists. It’s harder to focus.

“You’re sick. I mean, you’re practically cooking in your own skin, dude,” Hunk rises from his crouch and crosses his arms.

“Jus’ need to sleep it off,” Keith insists, pushing up from the table. His stomach lurches with the unexpected movement and he muffles a wet hiccup into his fist. “You can’t tell the others.”

“Keith,” Hunk sits down beside him. He runs a hand through his messy hair and sighs. When he glances back, his eyes are unnervingly intense; full of a profound sadness that Keith recognizes as buried grief. “It’s okay. No one’s going to think any less of you because you need to take a day off. You don’t have to prove anything to us. You know that, right?”

The gentle sincerity, the goddamn earnestness makes Keith want to scream. He raises his head, swallows hard and glares back, fists vibrating against the table.

“I have everything to prove,” he growls, gripping the edges of the metal, trying to hold on to his reeling world.

Hunk shakes his head, resting his chin in his hands. He’s quiet for a long moment.

“You know who you sound like,” he says quietly, a fond smile forming at the corners of his lips. 

“Don’t,” Keith spits, shaking with fury. But the damage has been done. “Don’t talk about him like he’s…like -” 

Keith slaps a hand over his mouth, shoving away from the table and tripping over his own feet in his haste to make it to the sink. His shoulders roll with a deep gag and all at once the water comes gushing back up, splattering violently into the metallic basin. He retches a few more times but there isn’t anything left to throw up. He must’ve emptied out his stomach when he first woke up. He doesn’t remember doing that, either.

Keith coughs and spits, resenting the tears that manage to slip free. Suddenly, he realizes he’s no longer holding his own weight. Hunk has one arm wrapped around his waist, the other supports Keith’s back as his body shudders through the aftershock and he struggles to catch his breath.

“I’m sorry,” Hunk whispers when Keith’s calmed down a bit. He sounds devastated. “I didn’t mean for -“

“Don’t. Please,” Keith pants, slumping against the broad chest. “It’s not your fault. ‘M just…really fucked up right now. Everything’s so f-fucked up.”

He doesn’t mean for his words to get tangled in a choked sob but Hunk immediately pulls him close, hugging him from behind and holding him steady. He doesn’t say anything. He doesn’t have to.

After a few minutes, Keith wipes viciously at his bleary eyes and hangs his head. Hunk peers down, rubbing his thumb in gentle circles against Keith’s shoulder, silently asking if he’s all right; if he’s ready.

“Don’t tell Lance,” Keith hiccups, finally glancing up. “I think I’d have to abandon ship.”

Hunk smiles softly, readjusting his grip around Keith’s waist and easing the sick boy’s arm over his own shoulders.

“Yeah, you’re definitely getting funnier.”

“Not kidding,” Keith slurs, feeling himself being lifted up as if he weighs nothing at all. That’s strange because his head feels so heavy he’s afraid it might just roll right off his shoulders. He thinks maybe he passed out since one minute they’re in the kitchen and the next Hunk’s easing him down into bed, tucking his aching body into the warm blankets.

“You don’t need to prove anything right now, Keith,” Hunk’s voice is surprisingly soothing, fingers brushing lightly through the damp strands of Keith’s hair. “Just sleep. We can handle things for a while.”

Once again, Keith doesn’t have a choice in the matter.