this is going to turn into an argument about loghain

The Mac Tirs and TWOT2

‘thought i’d regroup all the mac tirs facts here because lbr i’m a mac tir mess also i’m gonna ignore that TWOT called Celia “Maeve” because seriously wtf

  • Celia met Loghain as an acting representative of the people of Gwaren - they were concerned about their new teyrn camping in a tent in the middle of a courtyard and not doing a thing about the state of the Keep of Gwaren (which was basically ruins);
  • Their first meeting did not go well. Reportedly, they “had a word, which turned into an argument, which turned into a shouting match”;
  • In the end he gave in and asked her to supervise the plans to rebuild the Keep. He asked for her hand 2 months later;
  • Loghain left the teyrnir in the hands of his wife, as he was away in Denerim at Maric’s side;
  • At his wife’s request (there was, again, a lot of shouting, and rumors of dragon roosting in the castle), Loghain began taking Anora to Denerim regularly when she turned 7;
  • He braided his daughter’s hair regularly;
  • He told her bedtime stories about his battles and adventures;
  • He would stop in the middle of a meeting to tend to his daughter’s injury (mainly, skinned knees);
  • He sneaked cookies into cabinet meetings;
  • Celia was as stubborn as Loghain, which is saying something considering how freaking stubborn he can be;
  • Anora became queen in 9:25, around ~22 years old;
  • Celia died in 9:28, and Loghain never came back to Gwaren after her passing;
  • Anora defeated an ogre at 20 in circumstances both she and Cailan refuse to discuss;
  • Upon defeating said giant, asked for “a lot of drinks. maybe all the drinks they have”

if you found more feel free to add to the list!!