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The Voicemail, Part 3

Title: The Voicemail, Part 3
Author:  @piecesofscully
Rating: PG-13
Timeline: Pre-Revival
A/N: This is an unbeta’d quickie continuation of a series written with @kateyes224 .  Please read parts 1 and 2 listed below, so that you have an idea of what the hell is going on. 

The Voicemail written by me

The Voicemail, Part 2 written by @kateyes224

With each step she takes, shooting pain jolts through the center of her heels as she finally enters her dark apartment.  There’s a staleness to the silence now, a product of entering single-living territory again, a lifestyle of chosen loneliness she hasn’t experienced for many years.  Each minute of her thirty-six hour shift sits heavily in her lumbar region, aching with ferocity as she shrugs off her coat and slings it over the back of a rarely used dining room chair.

Her phone pings loudly, its alert slicing through the quiet to announce a missed call and a voicemail.  She glances at the notification, fully expecting to see another summoning from the hospital, and she grips the chair as her knees buckle.  


Her cheeks flush pink with brewing embarrassment as she thinks back to a few weeks earlier, snippets of a drunkenly induced voicemail she had left him run muddily through her mind.  She had been drinking that night with the sole intention of getting drunk, an impulsion she hadn’t conceded to since her rebellious teenage years, and played his voicemail thirteen times, having memorized each line around the seventh or eighth. Each time she hit ‘replay’ she was another vodka and splash of cranberry juice deeper, soaking in every venomous word he spoke.

She has no memory of thumbing through her contacts and finding his number, or pressing the ‘call’ button.  She doesn’t remember hearing it ring or being directed to voicemail.  The words that had erroneously poured from her liquored mouth, however, come back in hazy fragments.

 “I wanted to abort my son.  You know why?  Because you were gone.”

 “How do you find a way to be everything and nothing to me at the same time?”

 “I hate that I love you.  I hate myself for loving you.  You’re like a disease.”

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Welcome to the madness oficial vídeo!!
Esta grabado desde un teléfono pero es por que aun no lo suben oficialmente, gracias a la persona que lo subió primero:D disfrutenlo

I don’t care on what side of the ship/no ship argument you fall on, Welcome to the Madness is IMPORTANT, and here’s why:

Yurio is 15/16 years old. He has been called a fairy, a prima ballerina, and kitten. His identity is being forced down his throat from every angle. And you know what he isn’t doing? He isn’t accepting it, AT ALL. He is taking his Exhibition Skate and announcing to the world “this is ME! HERE I AM! DEAL WITH IT!” 

You know who didn’t do this? VICTOR. He let himself fall into his role as Russia’s Living Legend, and kept fulfilling that role until it dragged him down to unfathomable depths. I bet Victor watched this skate and was cheering Yurio on, because Yurio was doing something Victor didn’t do. Yurio was fighting back. 

I remember being 15/16. I wore vinyl pants to school (with flames on them) because I was tired of being the smart AP student that had all the right answers. That was the work I performed, not who I was, and I was PISSED. Yurio is PISSED and he has had enough, and instead of sulking over it or accepting it, HE GOT ON THE ICE AND TORE THAT IMAGE APART. 

And Otabek… Otabek is right there, buying into the madness because that’s what friends do. Friends see you for who you are, and accept/support you, even when you spontaneously shove your finger in their mouth. Otabek supported his friend’s right to express himself and that’s AWESOME. 

So before anyone on either side loses their mind, please stop and think about what this program meant for Yurio’s character development. Because Yurio is not going down without a fight, and that raw determination is, quite frankly, inspiring. 

Welcome to the Madness. 

vixliaa  asked:

In PE during my freshmen year in high school, I cut my hand open and told my teacher I had to go to the health office. Well there was a senior goth girl who failed PE so many times that she just stood by the teacher in her normal cloths, so my teacher asked her to escort me to the nurse. Well instead of taking me to the nurse, she took me into the bathroom where she met another goth girl and straight up just started piercing this girls lip with a wire she stole from art class.

me too girl

TalesFromRetail: The day I pretended to be someone's dad

The owner is a family friend and asked me if I could cover because they were short on staff. So, I think this counts on TFR. This takes place in a small convenient store.

There wasn’t much to do so I decided to walk around maybe reorganized misplaced items when suddenly a kid (maybe 3-4 years old) holds my hand. I kind of look around to see if someone lost their kid and then I see a young lady gave me a “go on” gesture. I’m a bit confused as what she wants me to do but whatever I was bored and this kid looked cooler than my friends. So I asked if he liked candy and asked which one he liked. He didn’t say anything and just pointed to some gummy worms.

Me: That’s cool. Me too! I like the sour ones because I can make this face. sour face

This made the kid laugh

Boy: I love you daddy hugs me

TBH I freaked out a bit and thought this kid couldn’t possibly be mine as I looked over to the young lady she started tearing up.

Me: I love you too, son

The boy ran back to the lady

The lady walks up to me and hugs me

Lady: I’m so sorry for that, my husband just passed away 2 days ago. This is the first time I saw him talk since that day.

Me: I’m sorry for your loss

Lady: Thank you

They proceeded to leave. The boy is waving his gummy worms at me and I do the sour face and he does the same.

By: whitethundar

365 Days with Vampire Tokuten CD: Mukami Azusa (Translation)

Request from Ghostbunnies. You’re always so sweet I hope you like this adorable bit of Azusa fluff ♥ c:

Apologies for any mistakes in advance, I still don’t have much confidence in my audio translations (/)u(\)

(Translation under the cut - Do not use/repost without permission)

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anonymous asked:

Hello, you had a break for some time before you went to study art, right? How did you deal with the free time in between? I just finished high school and I'm taking a break before applying for art school because this year was so stressful and I couldn't make it this year to apply. I feel so trapped rn and I dunno how am I going to live for the next few months with parents constantly reminding me what a disappointment I am. Thanks for answer in advance (if this reaches you) :) Your art rules! - R

Yeah, I had a break of 2 years and parents can really be a pain during that time. What helped me, was applying for internships (relativly short ones) and jobs. With my parents it was like “if they see you are trying, they’ll shut up and let you be”. And I also had to go to the doctor pretty often, because that was the time I had a lot of trouble with my hand. 

Even tho I was in pain, I still drew a lot, to get better at art, so I wouldn’t have to be too worried about getting accepted in art school. I literally drew all day, every day. In the end I can say, I really needed the break. I was too insecure about my art 2 years before and wouldn’t be as confident as I am now. And in that business confidence is the most important thing. 

I wish you the best of luck :) And don’t worry too much, you are not a dissapointment. You have a long life in front of you, a little break won’t destroy your future. Actually I am pretty sure, the break will help you in the long run :) 

If you show your parents, you have a plan for the future, I am sure they will understand. They are just worried. 

I mean, my cousin did a break after high school as well, and now she’s studying law ;) Taking breaks is not a failure. It’s healthy.

I really hope this helped you <3 Have a lovely day and don’t worry too much :) Everything will be fine!

Saxxy’s Birthday Bonanza!

So, my 19th birthday will be on June 6th! I’m (most likely) gonna chill with @quiddy-writes and just run around LA, get cake, shitty food, and just come up with naughty ideas for our crack fic series. My parents are going to be planning to go to India on that day (passport/Visa crap), and the past few years of my birthday have had very little to no celebration, so I’m going to be taking some drabble requests to post on the day of and days after my birthday to celebrate!

Pairings allowed (A/B/O is permitted):

- Sam x Reader (you can add an AU job - lawyer, doctor, etc.)
- Megstiel
- Saileen (Sam x Eileen)


Your request does NOT have to be smutty if you don’t want it to be! Give me the fluff! Give me the angst! Give me the crack!
Please come up with your own original prompts and submit them using 2-3 sentences (non-cliché tropes are greatly appreciated!).

DO NOT SUBMIT PROMPTS WITH: sexual abuse, non-con, dub-con, anal penetration, drug abuse, suicide, or depression. Any requests that break my limits will be deleted without explanation.

Submit your request HERE - I will not be writing ALL of the drabbles I get! Please do not get angry if I don’t write yours!

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anonymous asked:

can you do some Jason Damian bonding :) We need more of them together. I know Dami lives Dick but he has a lot more in common with Jason in my opinion. I think Jason is the kind of guy who will give Damian his first beer :p

“Tt Todd I have had alcohol before” Jason sighed heavily “dude, just let me have this one? I’ve always wanted to corrupt a little brother, and I got stuck with you and Tim”

“you have my condolences on Drake” Damian sipped his beer and made a face. “really domestic, did you have to go so lowbrow for this right of passage Todd” 

“you’re killing me, most 17 year olds would be so pumped that their super cool big brother was letting them drink”

“tt I am not most 17 year olds, I am Nightwing, son of Batman, it takes far more than some cheap bottled beer to thrill me” 

Jason rolled his eyes, “yeah usually it takes a skinny kid from Fawcett City to thrill the great and terrible Nightwing son of Batman”

Damian nearly spat out his beer, choking he said “You leave Batson out of this” Jason just laughed. “So how is sparky?” 

“Batson is fine” Damian took another sip of beer. “and how are you and him?”

“also fine Todd”

“need any tips and pointers from your big bro? Bruce ever give you the birds and the bees talk? Alfred did for me, horrifying, I think I had my first kiss with a boy just to avoid thinking about it”

“I do not need any advice from you Todd, I am quite proficient” 

“ooooh proficient, hot” 

“tt” Damian slapped his brother’s arm and Jason laughed, leaning back so he was laying down on the hood of his car looking up at the stars. “You know this is where I became Robin?”


“yeah, Bruce caught me taking the wheels off the Batmoblie, which was real shitty back then, rather than turn me in he bought me a meal I think it was the first real food I’d had in like 3 days, and he came up here and we ate together, he and Batman” Damian looked up at the stars “There are worse ways I suppose”


“I broke into the cave, got into a fight with Drake and held a sword to Father’s neck”

“you were the worst tween” Damian laughed which caught Jason off guard, “well neither of us have ever been the modals of good behavior” 

“truth” Jason lifted his beer and they clinked bottles. 

Hi everyone!! I’ll be attending Fanime 2017 on Sat and Sunday as Inko Midoriya (MAMA DEKU!) I haven’t been to a con in awhile so I wanted to give away some leftoer BNHA stickers I had from selling at AX last year! 

San Jose is my home city but I moved recently to LA for college so I rarely get to go home! SO I’M REALLY EXCITED TO BE BACK HOME! I really want to see you BNHA cosplayers so please come take a picture with mama!! If you see me and ask “HOW’S YOUR SON DOING?” I’ll give you a BNHA sticker!!! 

Also if you really want to see me, feel free to message me and I can exchange contacts so we can meet!! I’m also accepting art trades too!! YYIPPIIEEE!!! 

What's Going On With Me

Hi hello, how’s it going guys? Everyone okay? I really hope so. I missed you guys a lot. But unfortunately, my hiatus is going to have to be extended. There are some things going on in my family that I need to deal with right now. Believe me when I say I really don’t want to take this break. Especially when today is Seventeen’s two year anniversary (I had shit planned for it too). But everything just came at once and with my already low mental state, I need to focus on myself and my family. I am deeply sorry to those who enjoy the quotes and the conversations that we have. I want to be here for you guys, but I am just not emotionally capable right now. I honestly don’t know when I’ll be back. Hopefully soon because I miss everyone so damn much. I promise to take care of myself so I ask you not be worried about me and especially don’t worry about the blog. I will comeback for sure. I just need some more time to figure things out. I love you all so much and the support you guys give this terrible terrible blog. Rest easy homies 💕

This might be cheesy,

But I would really love to hear about Even’s dreams and plans for the future. Like at the very last episode, when he is finally done with his 3rd year, I want someone to ask him what his plans are now. I want to hear him talk about what passion and dreams he wants to follow. What’s next in line for him. Will he go to uni? Art school? Film school? Start his own thing? Take a year off?

I would really love to hear that. Because knowing everything he has been through, how he at some point didn’t even want a future. How sometimes even the next day seems like too much to think about. How getting through high school has not been fucking easy. It would just make me so happy to hear him gush about his dreams. To hear him be positive and excited about life and what’s to come.

And while he tells us all this, I want Isak to just look at him with so much pride and admiration. And I will cry.

anonymous asked:

are you going to CS with an adequate background or no? I'm in a similar situation but have very little programming/coding experience and am worried if I'm making a mistake

I have literally no experience. My brother works for google and my boyfriend has a CS degree, so they’ll be able to help me. But I also wonder if I’m making a mistake–it’s not like they can do the classes for me. I haven’t even taken any math in 3 or 4 years, and I was never good at any STEM stuff in high school (which was the last time I tried).

I keep telling myself that I’m going to be taking classes meant for 18 year olds (no offense to 18 year olds–I’ve just been through more schooling and have had more time for my brain to develop) and they all will be new to it as well. I’m choosing to believe in myself and commit to the work, and I keep telling myself that I don’t need to graduate with honors–I just need to graduate. Getting all C’s will mean I have a CS degree, and will be able to get a higher-paying job. And if I end up not feeling confident enough in my coding, I can always just get an IT job instead. And I’ll have a leg up on everyone else, because I’ll have a CS degree instead of IT.

You have to take a gamble on yourself. And just know that no matter how bad it ends up being, it’s at least that bad for me too. We’re in this together.


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Juni nodded leaning forward resting her elbows on her knees and her chin in her hands. Things had been rough between her and Blake lately. He wanted more from her than she was willing to go. He kept throwing the fact they had been dating for two years in Junipers face as it that meant they had to go to the next step. He wanted to take their relationship to the next level not that Juni was opposed to the idea. Not entirely at least she just wanted to be sure she was ready and at fifteen she wasn’t sure she was.

anonymous asked:

would you rather take China on a date or be nice to Hijikata for a day? 👀

it’s not that he doesn’t want to fight him, he just can’t be bothered right now

I got my loan paperwork for my Ducati. The company doens’t even have the means to pay online! In 2017! WTF?

I can “call in a payment” (and give my credit card over the mobile phone which is easily scanned) or pay via my bank’s check system, which takes a week and change to arrive and I forget and spend the money. So Im going to have to find a landline to pay the first payment due because they took their sweet ass time sending me the info and the first payment is due in a week. Thanks dicks.

Now get that online **** working, this is rediculous. Even podunk places let you make payments online. And I want to pay on the principal separately since I double up to get it done faster.

Took my bank over 2 years to get ApplePay so I figure pigs flying out my arse will happen faster then these guys getting online payments.

Once I got my tag and hospital bill paid, I’m doing 3-4x payments anyway. By thetime its paid, they’ll have online. Stupid.

Here’s the thing about BPD Tumblr, it’s a bunch of teenagers trying to express how they see the world and themselves internally and another bunch of teenagers taking every word they say completely literally and declaring them abusive. Like chill, no one’s glorifying anything we’re just venting a bit.

I’ve been living with this shit for going on 30 years now and I can promise you if it was a simple matter of cleaning up your act it would not be the problem that it is. It seems to me that a lot of NT tumblr and the world in general want me to just not be mentally ill in order to be One Of The Good Ones or whatever. That’s not how this works. When I really get going I genuinely, truly do not know what I’m supposed to do to regulate myself and my emotions. It’s not my fault, I just never learned, and I’m trying to learn now but it comes painfully slow. So what I do is I turn to the people around me for help calming me down, whether that’s reassurance that they still care about me or something more. Now obviously I recognize that it’s not on them to make me feel better, and they’re welcome to say no, but how is it that asking for help from people who ostensibly care about you is abusive?

And yeah, sometimes the pain gets too much and I end up watching myself behaving in ways I know are stupid and irresponsible but check this out: I have an illness. If it was 100% within my control I would not have a problem. And yes it’s hard on the people in my life, just as any other chronic illness would be. I don’t need a reminder of that, I’m already painfully aware. In the end all we can really do is try our best and hopefully, slowly, improve. But some of y’all act like you go from a Legit Professional Diagnosis of BPD to “Ok now I have 100% understanding and control of my illness and will never show symptoms again” in no seconds flat. That’s not how any mental illness works. Quit playing into ableist stereotypes to shit on people with BPD specifically for *gasp* showing symptoms.


Hello, it’s me! Here are some facts about ya girl Abbie:

I’m an Aries (HEYOOO where my fellow April babies at?!).
I’m from America.
Music is my life.
For some strange reason all of my favorite foods start with the letter P (pasta, pizza, potatoes, pancakes idk).
Coffee makes my world go ‘round.
I’ve been singing since I was 3 and playing the drums since I was 7.
I’m 20 years old, but I look like an infant.
I never take myself too seriously. I’m constantly laughing at myself.
Growing up, I was always known as the funny, wild, and sarcastic friend.
I’m allergic to pineapples, which sucks because I LOVE THEM.
I’ve always wanted to ride in a hot air balloon, even though I’m terrified of heights.

Hello everyone! I’m Ryland and this is my boy Kline. This is my first time playing a character older than 18 so I would like to say kudos to me for finally playing a character and using a FC older than 18. This is a milestone, trust me. Haha. Anyway, I should give you a little bit of detail about who he is. Under the read more, I’m going to place as much information about that I’ve sketched out so far. Please feel free to read it. Plotting with me is open as well so please don’t be afraid to message me.

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TalesFromRetail: I know how to read coupons!

I work in a grocery store and have for about a year an a half, now I meet lots of people some nice some not so nice.

One day I met this lady at my checkout, she had over 20 cans of cat food and 3 coupons for them.

I rang everything up with the 3 cat food coupons and gave her the total.

Lady: what’s going on here…why is the total so much..What about my coupons?

Me: I added the coupons, they only take said amount off 1 can per coupon.

Lady: no I’m positive that those coupons get me a certain amount off every can.

Me: I’m sorry miss, but the coupon says 1 coupon per can and you only have 3 coupons so I can only take said amount off 3 cans of cat food.

Lady:I’m sick of this store, you think I’m stupid or something I know how to read coupons… You know can take this cat food back to the shelf and stack em all back up again cause I’m not buying them anymore, since you wanna get smart with me.

I only got to say “I’m sorry miss…” Before she tossed 2 cans of cat food over the cash at me and pushed about 5 to the floor.

By: yettie_master_365