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On Supergirl...

Honestly what the fuck?
Do they really think it’s a good idea to piss off Supercorp shippers by telling them that their ship will never happen?
And not 10 minutes later we find out that Sanvers won’t be on screen together. Oh but they’ll still keep Alex & Maggie together just for the sake of saying that they have a wlw relationship on the show.

It’s just bullshit that they keep stringing fans along. Their ratings are going to take a nosedive bc who is going to tune in to watch a white guy berate the female lead for an entire hour? They’ve managed to alienate all of the fans of the show and it makes me so mad and sad for all the little girls who could have looked to the show for strong, female representation.

Anyways, go watch Wynonna Earp or The Bold Type for some kick ass women and wlw representation.

Well reading about sdcc has been fun everyone!!!!! Too bad the supergirl cast couldn’t make it!!!!!! So sad there was no panel!!!! Only Katie and David and Odette. So sad!!!!!!!!

DCEU fans should expect a more kid-friendly Shazam movie, since the protagonist is by design just a kid. It is extremely unlikely that that movie would delve into deeper themes.

However, we should NOT be surprised if the movie turned out to be more serious than some people originally gave it credit for. because keep in mind WB is the studio that made the beloved HP series, a world of magic with kid protagonist Harry Potter who happens to be around Billy Batson’s age. and we all know the HP franchise was never afraid to showcase darker story elements when needed. Chances are, the Shazam movie is going to be closer in tone to the earlier installments of the HP franchise, rather than share any similarity with the flippant atrocity that is current disney/mcu.

so like just saying what if lapis doesnt initially aid them in fighting off homeworld bc of what happened and peridot is distraught bc they relied so heavily on each other for emotional support 

and steven convinces peridot that shes not just fighting for her home but now shes also fighting for lapis to drive her to keep going or smthing 

this isnt really coherent its like 4 in the morning but


Good news
I will go to art college after the summer holidays :D
Maybe bad news
My art college in mainland China so……that mean I probably can’t use a lot of social media like Twitter, YouTube, Tumblr and a lot things.
And I will be busy too.

I had to say 2016 year is the hardest year for me. I failed my English exam and it made me cannot go to the art college. And it brought a lot of stress and emotional problem to me. But luckily I fight for it and I am still being strong. I hope everyone can over the bad things in your life too.

And just thinking about how to keep contact with you guys. Because you are the only one amazing thing happened to me in this half years. I am not going now and leaving forever. Just, maybe over the summer holidays I may least come back once for a month. Just MAYBE.

Well, let us enjoy this summer holidays ò0ó.

Cuddle buddies.

Imagine Jimin lying on his bed at night feeling cold and homesick and since Jungkook is from his hometown, he decides to go look for him. He finds Jungkook in his room, playing Overwatch on his bed. Jimin, sneaks in and lies down next to him, cuddling to his side. He puts his head on Jungkook’s shoulder and hums contently, watching him play. They don’t say a word, Jungkook already knows what happens because it has happened before, and he has also gone through that kind of situation. Jungkook keeps looking at the screen of his TV while a small smile starts blooming on his face. Jimin, as if sensing his smile, closes his eyes and lets himself smile, too.
He feels nice here, with his Jungkookie. He feels at home, at last.

wharvsr  asked:

It still doesn't make any sense. Felicity apologised 3 times in 520 for something that wasn't her fault. If the 'I'm sorry' words didn't matter, why couldn't they make Oliver say them too? They made her say them repeatedly. She apologised to the man who betrayed her repeatedly and it's kind of gross.

Okay, so, I’ve answered this question a lot, and I’m going to answer it again because I feel like it’s a really important point that if people don’t grasp, then they’re missing out on the entire point of what was going on in the Olicity relationship this whole time. 

First of all, Oliver did apologise. Multiple times. In his vows. And when it happened and in a hundred other ways. Oliver being sorry and accepting responsibility for his actions was NEVER the issue. And you don’t have to address something that was never an issue. The show never suggested that Felicity was at fault for Oliver’s choices to keep William a secret from her, which is why it confuses me that the takeaway from Felicity’s later apology to Oliver had people assuming that she suddenly was. Felicity knew instantly, before Oliver started his series of apologies, that he was sorry. Oliver being sorry was NOT the issue. It kind of surprises me that people get caught on assigning blame in this breakup and get all tangled up about it. Arrow never did. They were clear Oliver was at fault. To focus on him having to make X amount of apologies in a certain way would fix the issue is completely missing the point. 

Oliver’s remorse and regret were never in doubt. I need to keep making that point because some people don’t seem to be following the narrative on that. Just like it wasn’t when he pulled this stuff in S3… and S2… and S1. The whole point of it for Felicity was the WHY of it all. Why did Oliver keep doing this kind of behaviour? Why did he revert to island Oliver, calling all the shots, when things got tough? Felicity didn’t need more apologies from Oliver. She knew he was sorry and accepted total blame for what happened. Her issue wasn’t about that, it was about knowing it was going to keep on happening for the rest of their lives and not knowing why. An apology is the last thing Felicity needed. His regret and remorse were a given, and that was shown in action and in deed. Oliver not understanding why he did the things he did was the real issue and what’s the point of apologising for that when neither one of them knew what he was apologising for?

It’s a complete misunderstanding of those scenes with Felicity apologising to Oliver to make it about simply who was right and wrong in the breakup. That’s such a tiny and unimportant way to look at things. And it serves no one to go over what is already understood between them - that Oliver made the wrong choices. What Felicity was apologising for was her part in the breakdown of their relationship, and yes, she did have a part. She ran. She didn’t understand, Oliver couldn’t give her an explanation, so she ran. And closed the door so hard on them that there was this wall between them that hurt them both, deeply. 

Now, I happen to be in the camp that believes that Felicity should have walked away. Staying as they were was proven to not give Oliver any insight into his PTSD and why he isolated himself from people. Ironically it was the big bad who gave him that insight, so it was ultimately hate and not love that shed the light on Oliver’s most internal demons, the ones he kept from those nearest and dearest to him for fear of rejection. As soon as that was exposed and then Oliver could finally give Felicity a why, it all clicked into place. Fear of rejection, of not being worthy - that she understood. She suffered the same fears and the thought that she rejected him because of those fears, even though neither one of them knew that was actually the reason, made her want to apologise to Oliver. For not understanding. And yes, Oliver didn’t understand himself, so how could she but Felicity knew what rejection could do to a person’s psyche and it hurt her to know she’d contributed to that. Just like it crushed Oliver to know that he contributed to Felicity’s abandonment issues. 

And here is the bottom line - in an adult relationship there is a lot of give and take and if you want it to really work, you have to look at where you make mistakes in a relationship. And yes, that includes when you’re working from a position of lack of information. It wasn’t Felicity’s fault that she didn’t know why Oliver did what he did with William but it was her decision to slam that door so completely between them and in the end hurt them both and other people (Billy and Susan). Her actions had consequences, as did Oliver’s. As two adults, both owned those actions. It was mature and nothing so generic as the black and white of ‘you were wrong, say sorry and I was completely perfect with all of my choices’. Some people seem to need that from the Olicity dynamic for things to be ‘equal’ between these two. 

That isn’t Olicity. 

Olicity are made up of two broken people who have their own demons and make a lot of mistakes. They have never maliciously tried to hurt each other but they have hurt each other because they didn’t understand themselves well enough not to. And being in an intimate relationship is always painful. You’ll always make mistakes and all you can hope for in your partner is someone who’ll give you a soft place to fall when you need it and a good hard talking to when you need it and have the grace and wisdom to know when those things are required. And when they screw that balance up, which they will, you’re still committed to each other to give each other the grace to make mistakes and be there, willing to try again. And you have to be that person too. 

We can only own our own mistakes and Felicity did that. She made mistakes with her relationship with Oliver because of her own insecurities and damage and she needed Oliver to know that. That she saw his humanity and wasn’t going to run from it and she did that by exposing her own. It was really beautiful and a full circle moment, which is why I hate it when people misunderstand what was going on between them in that conversation and try and make it about Felicity accepting blame for something that wasn’t the real issue in the first place. You miss out on the whole point of the Olicity relationship if you think that, which is why I repeatedly write big old metas about this dynamic on my blog to try and help people see what was really going on. Because if you think this was the writers having Felicity take the blame for the breakup, then you’re missing out on about 90% of Olicity’s relationship, and that breaks my heart. :/

it’s still hard to understand there’s people who don’t appreciate taemin’s sacrifices. he feels nervous, he gets truly stressed to reach perfection, he practices for hours, days and weeks, he gets deeply focused on every performance, and once he’s done with every stage he’s out of breath and yet even if he feels like he’s going to throw up he wakes up and finishes his work. he goes beyond his own limits to do what he wants: to be an artist and to make us enjoy. and yet he’s still the introvert boy who will smile no matter what happens. he has such a strong spirit, such a beautiful soul full of love, of passion, of kindness. he keeps growing as an artist but i’m so glad he’s becoming an incredible man too. everyone please love him, admire him. taeminnie please be happy, because your happiness it’s my happiness. i love you so much.

Honestly I’d be surprised if Jeremy didn’t get shit from the producers, considering how important queerbaiting is for SG and The CW in general, they want to keep us hoping and guessing.. and him straight up yelling that supercorp isn’t gonna happen could make their strongest fanbase lose interest, and tbh they don’t have much else going on for the show so something like that could be it for them..

A Growing Belly

A Growing Belly

Jack kept his arms folded behind his back as he spoke with Gabriel. This was an official matter that he and Gabriel were talking about, particularly the risk factors of the mission he and a handful of his Blackwatch agents were heading out on. Gabriel was frowning, rubbing slowly at his beard as he nodded in agreement.

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Sera is inconsolable after what happened. Archer seems to be fine, and he and AJ are keeping themselves occupied.

Miley: [whispers] The poor thing, she must be terrified.

Austin: She’s going to be okay. So is Cayden

Miley: [sighs] We should probably take the kids back to the house soon. They shouldn’t stay here all day. It’s Christmas Eve, they should still be able to have fun if they can.

Austin: Yeah, yeah you’re right.

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AARGGH I was thinking about when they were in council before gathering men for BotB and they talk about how Jon doesn't have the Stark name and Sansa goes "No, but I do." I took that just at face value, like of course, they should support them because Sansa is a Stark. BUT what if it's ALSO a foreshadowing for Jonsa. Jon still doesn't have the Stark name and they'll find out why soon enough, but would Sansa also go "No, but I do" when that happens?! Keep in mind they would still need support!!!

Hi Anonny!!!!

Oh my god… oh my god AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!! Yes Yes yes to everything you’ve said.

I wrote a post about this exact same thing just last month about how, Edd who acts like a casual viewer throughout Jon/Sansa, Tormund/Brienne’s interactions is already shipping Jonsa. It was a fun post and I am liking it below.

Edd Ships Jonsa 

It was a tinfoily post obviously, but this was what was in my mind when I made this post. I hope you enjoy reading it.

Thank you so very much for this ask!!

It’s happening my dudes! Safevoltron is a go!
Some simple rules:
- please don’t post shalading
- or nsfw content
- this tag is for antis, and people who are sickened/triggered by shalading. If you’re a shalading, please don’t post here.
- try to keep this discourse free?

Don’t tag as ‘safe voltron,’ it won’t show up.
The tags can also be characters of ships, such as;
• safehance
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• safeklance
Or whatever else. Stay safe, my friends!

Hit absolute bottom this week. Mostly money issues as usual, but also just life in general. Standing in line to buy a few groceries, put my debit card in the slot, and was declined. This has never happened to me, and it was depressing to say the least. I checked my account at the ATM, and found that the bank had pulled most of my money to pay car loans that they had neglected to pull when they were supposed to over the last two months. They took it all at once. I had 71 cents left in my account. Rock bottom.
Driving home attempting to find reasons to keep going- wondering how much more I can stand. Grabbed my mail on the way into the house- took a shower- went to bed.
This morning I got up at 3am because I couldn’t sleep and went through the mail.
Found my tax return check in there. God or luck… I don’t know which, but all is well again for a while at least. Thinking about extreme ways to make money again. Not a good line of thinking for me. May go back to making shine again to make a few extra bucks. Probably not a good idea, but I am up against the wall people.
Keep me and my wife in your prayers and thoughts.

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Omg the last chapter of CAM????? It was so good??? I'm so feeling with Dan... torn between his love to Phil and his life as the panther. And there was so much happening in this chapter! The fights were intense. And the revelation of the villain? I honestly wasn't thinking of him now but when Dan took his voice it had to have consequences... And ofc it wouldn't be Jillian if there wasn't a cliffhanger at the end... But at least they have to sort everything out now, these dorks. I can't wait!

ahhh!!! i love hearing all your thoughts oh man!! honestly i was like this has to be a cliffhanger bc so much has already happened i can’t keep going haha! ahh i’m glad you’re liking it man!! :D

I have a 6th sense for ships.


It’s like my subconscious KNOWS when shit is about to hit the fan. 

Just hear me out. 

Back in 2011 I was a hardcore tiva shipper (ncis).

Right around the time I started watching ouat and shipping swan queen seriously, tiva ended.

Last year, I was kinda letting go of SQ after 5 years of constant “fandom battles” to keep them afloat, and sanvers arrives… while SQ ends with Jen leaving the show. 





What am I!? A ship-sinking detector!? 

Is my brain subconsciously protecting itself from disasters BEFORE they even happen!? I DONT EVEN. 

Daddy’s Little Girl, Part 2

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Because of the great response, I received on part one I decided to make a part two! I hope you guys like it!

SUMMARY: After a blow up with your dad, Mark tries to keep his distance from you. But he just can’t stay away from you. ANGST. SMUT. FLUFF.

TAGS: @fluffyhales @racheo91 @blondekel77 @rebelfleur22 @trishamyst @monsteramongmen-tamer @wildandfreepinkv0dka @hardcorewwetrash @imagineall-the-fandoms @alexispoo @nickysmum1909 @mandazord @panda-girl1999 @alexahood21 @66psychotic99 @jboofanpage @irish-newzealand-idian-dutch @pittiemommy22 @unabashedwwesmut @spine-buster @wallflowerfangirl-life @birthday-prinxess @tinyelfperson @nickie-amore @randomandompenguin

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