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All For The Game

but the all for the game books? why isn’t it more widely known? why isn’t every person i meet talking about it? fuck i’d go to the point to say it’s hands down the best series i’ve read till date. i’m sorry sjm and leigh bardugo ily but nothing broke my heart like neil finding andrew in that room so helpless so uncaring. nothing compares to the complete joy i felt when andreil happened. the amazing amazing consent required for anything and everything. when neil’s team mates accepted him no matter who he was- nathaniel or neil. when neil accepted that he was neil josten- number 10, starting striker, foxhole fucking court. kevin’s strength. dan, matt, renee, allison, nicky and even aaron killed my whole heart. wymack. these characters are so imperfectly broken that i wanted to set everything and anything on fire. these kind of books change people. they are so fricking important i can’t even begin to explain. fucking thank you nora sakavic.

so i guess all i’m saying is just leave whatever you’re doing, go and read the all for the game series. and experience such intense pain that your life becomes literal hell. but it is so worth it.

Scream Season 3

ok so with the amount of people complaining about it I thought I should say something…

they’re rebooting scream- new cast, new story. It sucks for a lot of people, but I think this is purely because of the cast. yes, we’ll miss them, but they are actors, you know, you can still see them in other projects.

in my opinion, they should have made scream an anthology series from the start. the whole point of the original films is that only a small number of people (sidney, dewey, gail) survive each film, so that an audience are introduced to many new characters each time, leaving them to guess who will survive.

imo, i couldn’t realistically see scream do a third series with the same cast. they didn’t have the balls to kill off emma, audrey, noah, or brooke for the length of two seasons, which made the show very predictable (aka, the only characters killed off being ones that appeared in a handful of episodes)

with an anthology series, we’d get a new killer, new characters, and a new story each season. if mtv carried on with this story, the amount of killers going after emma and co. would become so fucking unrealistic

an anthology series would leave you to question the motives of the characters, as well as asking yourself who would be next (which is pretty much the point of scream). i mean, we all knew that emma would never be killed off, since she was the solitary protagonist (remember, the movies always centred around at least three characters, not just one)

you’re allowed to be upset, it’s understandable- but give the third series a chance before hating it and saying you won’t watch it

This chapter was very interesting. There is more shin soukoku and also character development (for dazai).

Just look at akutagawa’s face here. He feels terrible because he wasn’t able to complete the mission dazai gave them. I really feel bad about him, it’s sad to see how dazai’s words still affect him now. Thankfully atsushi was there to do something. I am really proud of him. He still haven’t fully accepted akutagawa and doesn’t really trust him, but he still felt bad for him and decided to help him. Instead of giving up so quickly, like akutagawa did, he came up with an idea to catch up the virus ability user. He is really smart. I really appreciate how we are starting to see more of atsushi and discover different aspects of him. I mean, it was already obvious that he wasn’t stupid, but anyway I really liked how quickly he assessed the situation and came up with an idea.

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oh my god. just… the ONLY time we see todd and ken interact the entire series, these two characters that have so perfectly fucking mirrored each other at so many different points, and it’s when they both share this look and little shrug like ‘welp guess i should go look after my weird holistic buddy’ and that’s that and it’s like this pure moment of understanding. perf

As you guys might’ve caught on, recently I’ve posted a lot of headcanons and speculation about Lotor. Honestly, I can’t help it. Since I feel the need to explain myself a bit – these are some of the reasons why I am super excited to see him next season.

Lotor will have a brand new more compelling and sympathetic personality, being far more multidimensional than his previous counterparts 

To quote some of the hosts of that new Afterbuzz interview with the creators and Bex, in the old show Lotor was, “Exceedingly shallow and had a one note personality. The only things that interested him were  power, so he hated his dad and yelled at Haggar, and Allura, who he wanted to marry or kill her when she said no. That is the literally the only character trait he had.” 

Lotor, in a sense, is a blank slate.   With the show staff pretty much saying almost outright that Lotor won’t be interested in Allura romantically in this version and could possibly be relatives during that same interview, let’s face it – him pursuing Allura like a wannabe Pepé Le Pew was a huge chunk of his character in the old series, the writers and show staff will have to give him a brand new personality and brand new traits to make us care about him more and be a strong threat to the team.

What his new personality will be  – I have no idea, outside of him being a hot shot like Dos Santos said during an interview. But if he’s the person in the Weblum, and if I had to guess, Lotor is a quick and mobile gunman. He is smaller than the other Galra by a long shot. He is very perceptive and better at coming up with plans on the fly, willing to use anything to aid him like a Space MacGyver, while sucking at making long term plans.  He has a cocksure personality, but doesn’t see himself as the automatic victor like Zarkon seems too. He is willing to work with others and has a conscience, but he is still dangerous, cunning and will go to dark ends to make his goals happen. He has his own agenda, being rebellious and having a different attitude than his dad. He is very hands on and direct, being very pragmatic. He will have a strong scientific side and use more scientific inventions to get at the team, using that more than magic like his father. He will be a mixture of mirror! Lance and mirror!Keith.  Over all, he would be a different and dangerous threat to the team in his own right.

  With that said, this is just a guess since I can only speculate at this point in time. Hell, I’m still not sure if he is the Weblum Galra yet…

The VLD writing staff already promised to make Lotor to be a more compelling and multidimensional along with better motivation and drive than his previous counterparts in many different interviews. I have no doubt they will keep their word with that.    The VLD writing staff are very talented people, a lot of them working on Avatar and Korra before. They know how to make a great, compelling characters and villains.  They also said many times before that they don’t want to create one dimensional, boring mustache twirler villains like Sincline, but make them sympathetic and complex, having some good in them like how the Mall Cop is a Zarkon fanboy, who wants to protect his mall, or the prison warden doing anything to get his pet back, who he loves to death.  Lotor is not an exception to that rule.

I honestly believe that Lotor has a high possibility of being like some of the YGO villains and will redeem later on in the series. Lotor almost redeemed in DOTU and had Proto-Zuko traits, so it is possible that he could actually become a better person this time around. This will be after a long run of being a great villain, obviously. Like I said before, Lotor being redeemed is only a guess.

Either way, I’m curious to see what personality the show staff will give him next season.

Lotor has the ingredients to be a great character

Lotor in Go Lion was half Altean. With the show staff adding some Go Lion elements to the series like Shiro’s name, I find it highly likely he is half Altean in VLD. If he was the person in the Weblum, he most likely damn well knows that is the case. A lot of the Galra won’t be too happy with their new emperor being half Altean and they most likely won’t take him seriously since he was never brought up in the series once until the last second of season 2. Lotor would have his own way of doing things and would be still be compared back to his father, especially if he fails.

 Both of his home planets blown up whether it be in his life time or before he was born. Because of this, and I cannot see Haggar talking about Altea to him, I can see Lotor struggling with his identity  – big time,  trying to piece together his past and learn more about his Altean heritage much like Keith is with his Galra heritage. I can see Lotor being fascinated with Allura and Keith in a non sexual way because they are Altean and half Galra respectfully. I can also see Lotor throwing this into Keith’s face with his identity issues.

Both of these factors, Lotor being in his father’s shadow and seeking answers about his identity, would be excellent ways to make Lotor  multidimensional without making him super creepy and make him sympathetic. These will add more conflict to his character in a way that might be very relatable to some. This won’t make him a good person automatically, god no, but it would give him more dimension and make him more compelling to watch.

Lotor will push the team more, getting great interaction with the team

During interviews, the creators said that Lotor will be a much different villain than his father, having his way of doing things.

Lotor in the old series had a rivalry with Keith, which I can easily see carrying over into VLD. I always joked around that the series is missing a rival character.   Sure, there is the Lance and Keith one, but that is more playful like Jonouchi and Yami’s from YGO. And, let’s face it –  it is mostly one sided on Lance’s part.  I’m talking about a Yami and Seto style rivalry where they are both powerful and strong opponents, pushing each other to the limit. Lotor could be the answer to that. Someone, if he is the person in the Weblum, who can work well with the team if he needs to, but also sees Keith as an opponent and an obstacle to defeat. With Keith having a lot of Yami’s personality traits, it seems rather fitting for him to face off a Space!Kaiba. (Would that make Lotor/Keith like Prideshipping…? Not the point!)

It’s not just Keith I can see Lotor pushing, but the rest of the paladins too. I can see him facing off against Allura because they are both Altean, having magic duels with her. I can see him pushing Lance as a character. If my Mirror!Lance theory is correct, Lance would see some of his darker traits within Lotor and have to step up in order to battle him. And if he is the person in the Weblum, they would have to face off against one another a lot since they are both gunman, making for a more compelling and far battle. I can see him pushing the rest of the team as well. Over all, he will challenge the team as a whole and make them grow as characters.

Over all, I’m excited to see Lotor next season and I want to see how he will be adapted in VLD.

As a side note, I also wonder who will play Lotor in the new series, too.

[M] Pluvial // BTS’ J-Hope

[A/N] For when you miss those rainy days.

The rain is nice,
you try to convince yourself as you drum your fingers on the edge of the bench. The rain is nice. It smells clean and brings with it a refreshing breeze, filling the bus shelter with the scent of a crisp spring day. Maybe if you take a deep breath, you can pretend that you’re a tulip in the middle of an April shower. Maybe if you close your eyes and let your mind wander, it will feel something like getting hit by a playful ocean spray.

But you don’t. Instead you choose to glance at the glass wall on your left. It’s plastered with raindrops, some fat, some minuscule, all of them gliding down the glass in a race to drown the earth. There has always been something calming about the sight of it- raindrops, you discovered early on in your life, have a therapeutic quality to them- but today, you find yourself scowling savagely at the scene because no, the rain is not nice. It is not a spring day and there is no playful ocean. It’s almost winter and it’s fucking freezing. The rain is positively pouring down, your clothes are sticky from the droplets, and yet somehow, despite the miserable situation screaming at you otherwise, you’re still here on the bench after forty-five long minutes of waiting.

Forty. Five. Fucking. Minutes.

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anonymous asked:

If 2 CT is come the true I will burn all my Kuroshitsuji comics and gave up this series. 😒 I really dont want it.

IF the 2CT is true, it means that Yana has prepared this plot twist thoroughly starting from vol.1 and has constantly shown us hints and foreshadowings throughout the story (and btw, it’s not Yana’s fault that some of the verbal hints weren’t conveyed properly in the English translations). The twin plot definitely isn’t something random she came up with just recently. I’d like you to acknowledge that, at least :D 

That said, if this kind of plot twist isn’t your cup of tea, then go ahead, burn the comics and find another manga series that matches your taste better. It’s sad to lose a fellow Kuro fan, but it can’t be helped, people just come and go, I guess. I for one once dropped Kuroshitsuji back in 2008 because I didn’t like the Curry arc (which, surprisingly, has become one of my favourite arcs now), but came back in 2014. So maybe you’ll come back someday, too :)

kirakitten13  asked:

How do i get into astro boy? Your posts amuse me


SO much to explain I mean look at the many series to choose from!

The question is you wanna read the manga or watch a show first? (Or both)

Ok so mangas we got The original manga,2003 series, and pluto 

From Longest To shortest, It’s the original, pluto and 2003 WARNING LOT OF FEELS AND PAIN IN ALL OF THEM DON’T LET THE COVERS MISLEAD YOU!! 

The original manga I believe as 23 volumes!

Pluto has 8 volumes!

And the 2003 series has 3! Though barely anyone can find the first volume and if you do it’s probably not in English!( Side note if anyone has that volume hook a girl up) 

The Pluto manga is honestly amazing and I love looking at the character designs side by side with the original ones!

But let me move away from the mangas before this becomes a super long post!

Honestly in my opinion, if you want to watch the show either start with the 80′s or the 2003 one!

Though both have their little Flaws…For an example, the 80′s dub messed up the Atlas arc by cutting off his part in episode one so it looks like this character just randomly appeared….And in the 2003 series subbed after episode 30 the subtitles became a bit of a mess and it becomes a guessing game of which word were they trying to say. 

The 1960′s one Is LONG Like…

watching the first series of Naruto long. You would finish the 80′s series and 2003 series faster and both are around 50 episodes each.

Now once you’re happy and ready to laugh at stuff because of all the angst go watch Little Astro boy 

 The dub is so bad it’s good 


go read this 

and go watch this 

no offense to anyone who likes the movie!…I mean it’s not bad…but it’s not good…SorrySorRYSorry

I’m literally only on the tip of the iceberg of things/explaining, (Plus I missed a LOT more stuff) but I hope this helped!!!!

Bruh! Also!!!You should follow 

@faunafauna @astroboyart @puniper @theastroboyblog too!!!

Amazing blogs I love them so for Astro boy stuff and just anything to do with Tezuka’s work! (Or just anything really funny/cool)

twenty - four / i.

genre: angst/fluff

length: 1. 1K

summary: in which you’re going to paris to take up an offer to become someone’s private stylist, but in order to leave you would have to say goodbye to everyone in korea.

author’s note: i decided on editing this series since i wasn’t actually proud of it and with the original i guess i didn’t get any inspo to write more.. however i won’t be deleting it since it was my first works on tumblr ^^

chapter one / chapter two / chapter three / 

Originally posted by minpuffs

You stared at the packed suitcases in front of you. You were flying to Paris for five years after accepting some french movie star’s offer to become their private stylist. You weren’t earning enough money by staying here in Korea and after the countless persuasions from your family, you finally gave in,

You were immigrating to Paris for five years and you weren’t even entirely sure if you were returning to Korea after the five years were finished. You were flying to some place where you knew nothing about, sure you researched some stuff and learned the basics of French, but other than that, nothing. You knew nobody there and you weren’t even sure who was going to come pick you up.

This is such a bad idea, you thought, bringing your hand up to massage your temple. You were stressing, you needed to distract yourself. You sighed, as your phone’s ringing diverted your attention. You picked up your phone from the coffee table and answered with a light hello.

“You’re moving to Paris?”

The familiar voice that you recognized as one of your best friend’s spoke from the other side. You could detect the sadness in his voice, as he continued to speak, his voice cracking at some parts. “Why didn’t you tell me? Jin hyung told me that you were leaving today at 3PM. Is it true?”

You closed your eyes, croaking out a yes. You didn’t want him to know about it this way, you didn’t want to tell him until you were about to board the plane because you knew if you saw his face or even tried to say goodbye, you would change your mind. You knew it would be harder to say goodbye to him that it was to the rest of your best friends.

“Were you ever planning on telling me?” Jimin asked. His voice was weak and hoarse, breaking your heart.

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since ive been complaining about shit already tonight i might aswell just mention random crap that i’ve been thinking about, but ill spare your dash, feel free to read me rambling about absolutely random shit if you want

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ssjumi  asked:

You just mentioned that you're not allowed to interact with fanfic of your works. Why is that? (just curious since there are a lot of posts on tumblr by ppl who dream of doing exactly that, if there'd ever be a fandom to their works)

There are a lot of reasons that authors–even authors who are 100% pro-fanfic, as I am–do not choose to interact with fanfic.  What it comes down to, mostly, is legality.

Let’s say you decide to write an InCryptid story wherein the family fights vampires.  Drama!  Angst!  Big excitement!  During the story, a vase is broken, a banana tree is involved, Antimony becomes a vampire, and the mice do a conga line.  Now, you have written this story independent of access to my notes; you do not know that I’m already planning to write Accountability Sucks as book eleven, and that during that book, a vase will be broken, a banana tree will be involved, and Antimony will become a vampire.

(Not as far-fetched as it might sound.  Many fans are very, very good at guessing at least some of where a beloved series may go.  I know I am.)

If, when Accountability Sucks comes out, I have maintained my “I do not read fanfic of my works” stance, what we have is a coincidence.  If, on the other hand, I have read and commented on your vampire adventure, there are going to be some questions raised.  Did I steal your ideas?  Really, did I?  Even if I insist I didn’t, even if it doesn’t go to a real legal challenge, I’m going to get tried and probably convicted in a court of public opinion.  Honestly, I love fandom too much for that.  I would be SHATTERED to be accused of plagiarizing a fan.  So if I read fanfic of my own worlds, my choices become…

1. Change my own story–the canon story, for which I am paid–any time I encounter an element that mirrors what I am planning to do.

2. Barrel onward, knowing that the other shoe is going to one day drop.

Now, I believe very firmly in the Organization for Transformative Works ( and the work that they do; I think fanfic is awesome, and I think that the first time a fan sues an author for “stealing” their ideas, that fan will lose and fanfic will wind up with a much better legal footing.  But I do not want to be the test case.  I do not want to be called a thief for writing the things I already planned to write–and how do I prove that, anyway?  My notes are often incomprehensible to anyone who isn’t me.  People aren’t going to believe that the bleeding orange I drew in the margins means “Antimony becomes a vampire,” not “comet kills the dinosaurs.”

Basically, if you are a creator, even if you are a vigorously pro-fanfic creator, it is a bad idea to interact with fanfic of your own worlds until those worlds are closed and over with.  It is an intrusion of authorial authority on fannish space, which makes it mean; it sets you up to potentially be attacked, which makes it dangerous.

(No, there are no plans for vampires in InCryptid.  They don’t exist in that world.)

10 Star Trek Episodes To Help Get Us Through Election 2016

As I, like so many of us, continue to reel from the shockwave caused by the results of our 2016 presidential election, I find myself reflecting a lot on my favorite television franchise of all time: Star Trek. Through its many incarnations, the show has greatly impacted my life. I was 5 years old when The Next Generation premiered, and I have fond memories of watching it with my father, humming along to the theme song together every week. I’m so grateful that it became a part of my life well before I was old enough to know or care that it was a show for “nerds.” (It’s more widely embraced now, but when I was 13, I wasn’t exactly bragging about my extensive VHS collection of episodes I’d taped off the TV.)

Star Trek taught me about justice, equality, and the importance of having tolerance and respect for all people. (It also taught me that we’re all going to get to wear our pajamas to work in the future, but that’s beside the point.) There’s been much conversation and debate regarding show creator Gene Roddenberry’s vision, but one thing that’s certain is that he had a vision of hope for humanity. And I think it’s thanks in part to Star Trek that I’m now conditioned to hold on to that hope - for better or for worse.

But there is no hope without education and awareness. That’s why I wish I could make some of these episodes required viewing. They may be works of fiction, but the lessons are very real and relevant.

And so I present to you, “10 Star Trek Episodes to Help Us Get Through Election 2016.” Episodes that serve to teach, instill hope, and generally remind us how not to suck.

*I’ve certainly left a number of great and relevant episodes off this list. That’s bound to happen when you have six television series that add up to 726 episodes spanning 30 seasons. Feel free to chime in and add your favorites in the comment section.

10. “Remember” Voyager

While Voyager is transporting some Enaran passengers back to their homeworld, chief engineer B’Elanna Torres starts to have vivid dreams of herself as a young Enaran woman wrapped up in a forbidden love affair with an Enaran man who is a member of the “Regressives.” The Regressives were a group who rejected technology and were eventually exterminated. B’Elanna realizes these are not dreams but actual memories being shared with her by one of the Enaran passengers. It turns out the Enarans have covered up the truth of this horrific holocaust for decades. This cautionary tale reminds us that when we do not know our own history, we are often doomed to repeat it.

I also like this episode because I’m a big B’Elanna Torres fan. Half human, half Klingon, B’Elanna was often torn between her two cultures and struggled to accept and find peace with all parts of herself. (Totally relatable to an angsty teenager.) But she could also kick ass and was super smart. She and Captain Janeway were proud Nasty Women.

9. “Demons”/“Terra Prime” Enterprise

Enterprise often fell short of its potential, but these two episodes live up to it. Captain Archer has gathered a group of all-star aliens for a summit to work out an alliance, but an isolationist group wants to put a stop to it by diverting some comets and aiming them towards Earth. This episode does a nice job calling out the awfulness of bigotry. There’s an interesting line from the Andorian Ambassador, “Earth men talk about uniting worlds, but your own planet is deeply divided. Perhaps you’re not ready to host this conference.” With our own society currently being so fragmented, it can feel all too easy to give up. But we have to continue to strive to bridge the gap.

8. “The Outcast” TNG

This episode supporting LGBTQ rights takes place while the Enterprise is on a mission helping an androgynous race called the J’naii. Commander Riker works closely with a J’naii named Soren. The two become close, discussing life without gender distinctions, and Soren eventually confesses to Riker that she identifies as female. But specific gender identification is considered sexual perversion in the J’naii culture. The two become intimate and once discovered, Soren is arrested for it and sentenced to “psychotectic” conversion therapy.

I was ten years old when this episode premiered, and I remember it making an impression on me. I guess I hadn’t really considered the ideas of androgyny, gender fluidity or homosexuality much up to that point, so the episode both raised my awareness and taught me the importance of tolerance.

7. “Past Tense Part 1 & 2” DS9

I’m going to confess right now that Deep Space Nine is my favorite of all the series, and this list definitely favors the show. You’ve been warned.

In this two-parter, Sisko and part of his crew are transported back in time to Earth in the year 2024. In this not-at-all-distant future, the United States has rounded up the poor and homeless and forced them to live in the “sanctuary districts.” While trying to get back to their time, the crew must preserve the timeline. They’ve arrived right at a pivotal moment, the eve of a revolution that finally makes the United States deal with all the social issues it’s been sweeping under the rug for a century. This revolution must happen, even if it means one of the crew must die.

When this episode first premiered over 20 years ago, this future seemed unimaginable to me. Sadly, it seems frighteningly plausible today. It can be far too easy to ignore things that don’t touch us directly. This episode reminds us to stay vigilant and step up to help those less fortunate.

6. “The Drumhead” TNG

When a Klingon traitor is arrested for spying on the Enterprise, it sets off a witch hunt for other feared saboteurs. Eventually even Captain Picard finds himself under investigation by Admiral Satie, a woman driven by paranoia. But the biggest victim of this investigation is a young crewman named Simon Tarses. Through manipulation, he’s tricked into confessing that he lied about his ancestry. His grandfather is actually a Romulan, not a Vulcan. Gasp. This episode taught me more about McCarthyism than any history class I ever took. Power and paranoia are a dangerous combination, even when we start out with good intentions.

5. “Homefront”/“Paradise Lost” DS9

When a bombing at a Federation conference on Earth kills 27, it is revealed that a Changeling is responsible. The Changelings are a race of shapeshifters who can take any form, which is terrifying for obvious reasons. Fear about a potential invasion of Earth causes Starfleet to call in Sisko and his crew as security experts since Odo, the chief of security on Deep Space Nine, is himself a Changeling. Odo expresses concern over how he will be received by the humans of Earth given the current situation. Chief O’Brien tries to make him feel better by telling him nobody could blame him for the actions of his people. And Odo is basically like, “Wanna bet?”

Eventually, Martial Law is declared, but when there’s no invasion, Sisko starts to suspect there’s more going on here. It turns out Starfleet’s Admiral Leyton has been planning a coup to remove the Federation president.

This episode came out in 1996, more than 5 years before 9/11, but it is eerily prescient in predicting how humanity often responds to terrorist threats. Once again, we are given a cautionary tale about letting fear and paranoia control us, lest we destroy paradise all by ourselves.

4. “Far Beyond the Stars” DS9

I love that Star Trek deals with an issue head-on in this episode. It’s not a metaphor for our own culture, it’s a reflection on our actual history. Captain Sisko finds himself having visions where he lives another life as Benny Russell, an African-American science fiction writer in 1950’s New York City. In this reality, he finds himself interacting with human versions of the DS9 crew. Kira plays a fellow writer who has to use a fake name so that readers won’t know she’s a woman, and Dax plays a ditzy secretary who’s smarter than she lets on. These characterizations add some small side commentary on women’s rights to the episode as well.

When Benny’s magazine editor refuses to publish his stories about Captain Sisko, a black commanding officer of a space station, passionate arguments break out. Eventually they reach an agreement, only to have the company pull the entire issue, preferring to take the financial loss that month rather than publish Benny’s story. Throughout the episode, Sisko’s son, Jake, appears as Benny’s friend Jimmy. Jimmy is shot and killed by two cops because he was supposedly caught breaking into a car. Benny is then savagely beaten by those cops for protesting the injustice.  

This episode is set in the 1950s. It aired in 1998. I write this in 2016. How beyond awful is it that Jimmy’s story, specifically, reads like a headline from today’s newspaper? And while discrimination in the workplace today may not always be as blatant as what Benny experienced, we’re lying to ourselves if we think it isn’t still happening. We still have a whole lotta work to do in this department.

3. “Duet” DS9

So, quick background here. Deep Space Nine is a space station that was built by a race of aliens called the Cardassians. It’s positioned near a planet called Bajor. The Cardassians built the station during their occupation of Bajor, where they basically turned the Bajoran people into their slaves and made them live and work in labor camps. When the series begins, the occupation has just ended and Bajor is getting back on its feet with some help from the Federation, who takes over the station.

In this episode, a Cardassian named Marritza arrives on the station suffering from a disease that indicates he worked at one specific Bajoran labor camp. Major Kira, a former member of the Bajoran resistance, is determined to convict the man of war crimes.  She helped liberate this particular labor camp and knows the kinds of atrocities the Cardassians committed there. First Marritza denies having the disease. Then he says he was just a filing clerk at the camp. Eventually a photo is discovered that shows this man is not Marritza but Gul Darhe'el, the leader of the camp who was also known as the “Butcher of Gallitep.” Marritza finally admits he is actually the Gul, but inconsistencies in his stories and those of others lead Kira to discover he is NOT the Gul. I know, confusing, but also very exciting twists and turns.

In the end, the man is Marritza, just a lowly file clerk with a super guilty conscience. Desperate to make amends for the atrocities he allowed the Bajorans to suffer, he wanted to be discovered and punished as the Gul.

In this episode, Kira must confront her own racism. She has every right to be mad, but she realizes that lumping all Cardassians into the same group is completely unfair. For an episode that’s over 20 years old, it’s still a pretty compelling and relevant hour of television.

2. “Let That Be Your Last Battlefield” TOS

In one of the most famous episodes of the Original Series, Captain Kirk and the Enterprise encounter two vessels. Aboard one vessel is Lokai who is a fugitive being hunted by commissioner Bele in the other vessel. The two aliens are from the same planet, but Lokai is from a slave race with one half of his body being black and the other half white. Bele is from the master race, and his skin is half white and half black - the reverse of Lokai’s skin. The two groups have been engaged in a race war for years, and thanks to their extraordinary powers, Bele has been chasing Lokai for 50,000 years. Eventually the aliens force the Enterprise to take them back to their homeworld. Once they arrive, they discover that their people have been totally wiped out. They destroyed themselves due to their crazy racial hatred. When Bele and Lokai realize they’re the only ones left, they start to blame each other for what happened. The two continue to fight, presumably to their own demise.

So, yeah, let’s not let it come to that for us, shall we?

1. “Darmok” TNG

“Darmok and Jalad at Tanagra.” It’s one of the most famous lines from The Next Generation. It also sounds like total gibberish. It is. And that’s kind of the point.  

When a group of Tamarians basically kidnap Captain Picard and forcibly strand him on a planet with their captain named Dathon, the two have a heck of a time communicating. The universal translator is pretty much useless because, although it can translate the literal words being said, the Tamarians speak entirely in allegory. Without the necessary cultural background knowledge, Dathon’s phrases initially confuse Picard. When Dathon says, “Darmok and Jalad at Tanagra” and throws Picard a knife, Picard misinterprets and thinks it’s a challenge to fight. Later, the two men realize a beast of some sort is stalking them. As they work together to defeat it, Picard starts to understand the meaning of Dathon’s phrase. It’s a reference to a story of two warriors working together to defeat an enemy - a story of cooperation. Sadly, Dathon is critically wounded in their fight against the beast. He was willing to sacrifice himself in order to build a bridge of communication between the two cultures.

As individuals and as groups, we yearn to be understood. It’s what helps pave the way to cooperation, acceptance, and even friendship. Goodness knows communication and understanding don’t always come easy, but they can literally mean the difference between war and peace, life and death. Gene Roddenberry and I think peace is worth the effort.


“Choose Me” (ft. BTS’ Suga)

Genre: Angst/Fluff/Drama/Romance/CollegeAU

Summary: It’s the number one rule: you should never fall in love with your best friend or worse, Min Yoongi. With love in the equation, it becomes much difficult to find the right answer. Is it really true that you can’t choose who you fall in love with?

One Two Three Four Five Six Seven Eight Nine Ten Eleven Twelve Thirteen Fourteen Fifteen Sixteen Seventeen Eighteen Nineteen Twenty Twenty One (Tentative END) Epilogue

a/n: guys I don’t even know what’s up with mah boy AGUST D. Should we go for someone else? I published it a little earlier than promised just because.  OH, btw I almost forgot. This series is based on two shoujo mangas and if you can guess both, I will give you the chance to decide an important factor in this series!

Some theory/meta about The Bronze Key and the Magisterium series as a whole, and lgbt death. Spoilers for TBK, specifically the last 3 chapters.

So here’s the deal with that ending that has everyone worried. Obviously the most well liked ship in the fandom is Calron, and they way they’re written in the books shows that Cassie and Holly are aware of this. This would, of course, mean that (SPOILER) Aaron’s death is a use of 2016′s most popular trope, Bury Your Gays.

Here’s what I think:

Aaron was always going to die, that’s beyond question. According to the first law of narrative irony, Call’s vow to never become Constantine meant the the plot would carry him through the same series of events that turned Constantine into the Enemy.

I’d like to reference this post about how each of the main Harry Potter characters were reiterations of people from the Marauder’s era, except these guys did right where the marauders did wrong. Because guess what? That’s what this is down to a tee.

Constantine/Call becomes a Makar, and chooses Jericho/Aaron as his counterweight. Except Jericho/Aaron died because of Constantine/Call, and now Constantine/Call will go on a quest and risk god knows what to get  Jericho/Aaron back. (Say what you will about the difference between the dynamics of the Madden twins and that of Call and Aaron, they still fill the same roll in the narrative. Making Aaron a Makar before Call was a fun twist, but as far as I can see it doesn’t do much to change things up narrative-wise.)

Now this comes back to the romantic stuff, because this is a middle-grade marketed adventure series so obviously the plot was planned before the endgame ships. If Aaron and Call are meant to be endgame (and I do say if because I have been let down way too many times so I’m sticking to caution), then Cassie and Holly just made the smartest move they could have.

Like I said before, this is where Constantine and Call are going to split. Constantine was willing to do absoluetly anything to get Jericho back, including making millions of chaos ridden, but in the end got nowhere and lost everything. Call is going to the opposite, do good and hold himself up to a higher standard, save the day, and his hero’s reward will be a happy relatioship with Aaron. (I’d like to point out that C&H have been writing LGBT characters for almost as long as they’ve been publishing and probably longer, and neither of them have touched the BYG trope with a ten-foot pole.) (Which is far, far more than I can say for many writers.)

Evidence of this:

1. “One of you will fail, one of you will die, and one of you is already dead.” This is the prophecy that’s been around since book one, and has now been fullfilled. Prophecies are promises about the plot, but anything outside of the reach of a prophecy is up for grabs. Call is Constantine, Aaron died, and Tamara failed to save Aaron (and probably her family in general), meaning anything happening beyond this point would not go againt the prophecy. (Plus, we’ve all read enough books with prophecies to know how annoyingly loopholish those things can be.)

2. Call attitude towards chaos ridden. While Constantine shared most everyone else’s belief that the chaos ridden were just midless salves or cannon fodder, Call disagrees. Loudly and at every given opportunity. This is obvious in his kindness towards chaos ridden animals, but more prevalently in his absolute horror at accidentally creating a chaos ridden human.

3. Mentors. Constantine became the Enemy because post-Jericho’s death, he had no one who trusted him beyond Master Joseph, a man who the characters in TBK ruminate about how he was manipulative, obessed with his and Constantine’s research, and probably did all this because he wanted Constantine’s power. 

Now Call has his own adult confidant post-arrest: Constantine’s and Jericho’s own mother, who knows who Call is and swore to prevent her family’s tragedy from repeating itself. In addition, Call still has Tamara and Jasper. Tamara we know for a fact still supports him—which probably means she’s under a lockdown of her own—and Jasper has voluntarily kept too many of Call’s secrets to abandon him now.

4. A main character died in the middle of a series about overcoming death. Were points 1-3 even necessary. 

TL;DR, Either Aaron’s death makes sense or Cassie and Holly never wrote a book before.

A Weak Charade

Summary: Dan and Phil are still trying to keep their relationship secret from most people but they fail horribly at acting in front of Jim and Alfie.

Word Count: 1k

Warnings: None

Dan and Phil were at a party for something. Neither of them were quite sure what and didn’t really have any desire to be there.They both much rather be at home, cuddling and making out, than in uncomfortable dress shoes and making small talk.

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Okay, so like, I know Whiskey has been kind of Problematic™ so far, but the boy has such a #look, ya know?

Anyway, I guess this is a companion to this piece I did before I even had a side blog of Tango wearing a flamenco tango outfit.

This is slowly becoming a series……

(Edit: Added a vignette for the #aesthetic)

: Something Left Behind (another!)
Who: Goro Akechi, Akira Kurusu (P5 Protag) 
Spoiler Warnings: Massive, endgame spoilers.
Other: Yet another in this series. Sinsurostro wanted a certain someone’s tears, so hey!

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anonymous asked:

As a fellow Katsuki-enthusiast, I want to know what you like about him the most and why you like the ship BakuDeku this much. I mean, I love Katsuki, but I like the thought of him together with Kirishima or Todoroki more. That's not supposed to sound rude or something, I'm just very curious.

Hey ho Anon :) 

Don’t worry, that wasn’t rude at all! I’m always happy, if someone really wants to know what’s going on inside my head hahaha. 

So, I’m gonna keep the answer for the first question short. Why I  like Katsuki the most?! It’s a habit. It has started when I watched Dragonball Z when I was younger. I loved Vegeta, then came Sasuke and the list goes on and on and on. I always like the ‘rude’ and ‘problematic’ people best. I made a post about it. 

And nooooow, the second question. I already answered this in another (a really loooong) post, but now, I’m gonna clarify it with some panels from the manga. 

But first: I’ve got a habit (yeah, I have a lot of habits). I’m gonna call it my ‘First-Ship-Syndrome’. Whenever I start watching a new anime or reading a new manga, there’s this one, simple sentence, that I’ll most likely say. It goes: “Oh my god, I ship this” and once I found this certain ‘First-Ship’, I CAN’T go back. I’ll always like this ship more than any other pairing. 
To be honest, I also like Bakushima and TodoDeku (I’m starting to like the thought of it and I don’t know why) and some other (Shinsou and Deku, Uraraka and Iida, Mineta and Yaoyorozu etc.), but man. KatsuDeku has a special place in my heart. My weakness are these slow built fics. There’s a high chance I’m gonna cry, even though it isn’t sad. 

I hope I’m not the only one with the ‘First-Ship-Syndrome’ hahaha.

Now I’m gonna talk a little about this canon-thingy. I know, that KatsuDeku would most likely never become canon and I’m totally okay with it. Dekuraka makes more sense, since Uraraka seems to have a crush on Izuku and vice versa. BUT you know. I’ve started to ship them, when our lovely Blasty McSplode got captured by the Slug-Villain in (I’m going with the TV series now) episode two. Dekus’ will to save Kacchan, and Kacchans’ expression. That was my ‘oh my god, I ship this’-moment. 

And I guess, they’re slowly, very slowly, going to become great friends again. When they fought against All Might together, Katsuki almost CRIED, because Deku said, that he should use him, instead of saying, he would rather lose. Here I have some pictures to explain, what I mean by this:

He punched him, because he was talking nonsense “I would rather lose than getting help from him” or something like that. (yeah, right Deku. Finally acting up. I’m proud)

So, here you have an angry Blasty McSplode. Yes, he’s angry, but he also listens to Deku. He’s angry but listens.

And here I proudly present you the origin of this little scene. They were Toddlers (Okay, no, little kids, but I love the word Toddlers, I’m sorry) and Izuku watched him, defending upper-classmen. He watched him saying that over years and remembers it. Keeping it in mind, to watch him achieving his goal, HELP him achieving his goal. You know, that they both imagined this scene from the past, when Deku said this.

Here you can see a wild Kacchan on the verge of tears. Why he’s crying, is easy to say. So, He said he would rather lose, than let Deku help. Deku remembers what Katsuki has said YEARS ago and pushes it back in his pride-filled head. He finally gets that he can’t win against All Might on his own, uses Dekus’ help. All because of a quote he’s always babbling about. A quote that only exists because of All Might. Most people will say, that he’s almost crying, because his ego normally wouldn’t allow him to get help, yet alone Dekus’ help. 

But I guess, it’s not only because of this. Of course, his pride got a few more tear stains now, but I think he’s finally realizing, that Izuku STILL knows him best and tries to help him at any cost. He’s still his friend, after all.


Their relationship is special, and I like that,

Like I said, they’re getting there slowly. And that’s exactly why I love this ship. Everything’s on it’s way and it takes time, but the destination will be great (All Might also says/thinks this at the end of their fight.) It’s gonna take a while, but I hope to see some development in their friendship soon, because I’m sensitive when it comes to friendship-issues. That why I am on the verge of tears almost everytime I’m watching/reading Boku no Hero Academia.

I guess this is all a bit incoherent and stuff, I’m so sorry. I’m currently at work, working the night shift and I’m high on painkillers, because I got a horrible toothache. 


They’re fighting like an old married couple, I love this.