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How did moulin rouge change your life?

Ha! It’s a long and mostly boring story, but the short version is that I went to see it in the theater with a friend the summer it came out (she took me to see it and lured me in in part, and I am not making this up, because “you made me go see Star Wars that one time, and it has Ewan in it OK?”) Through a series of random coincidences stemming in part from that particular showing, I ended up becoming friends with my now-husband. We always ran in similar circles but we may not have ever actually gotten to know each other well if I hadn’t ended up at that movie on that day.

Although I guess another way of looking at this is that if Ewan hadn’t been cast in Star Wars in the first place, my entire life might have turned out differently because my friend might not have been able to make such a compelling argument in favor of Moulin Rouge, hahahaha. Who says Star Wars isn’t life-changing? ;)

Guess Who’s Family! Part 3: Liam Dunbar

So you guys are all going crazy for this imagine so would you want it to become a series? Let me know! (Shoutout to @beaconhills17 for making sure I actually done this!)

Part 1 Part 2

As a person who’s probably the most un-athletic werewolf in the world I totally get the deal with lacrosse. As I watched Liam shoot ball after ball into the goal, getting every one of them in I moved closer, transfixed by him.

The way the ball bounced when Liam picked it up. How it whistled so softly through the air only I could hear it and how the stick made a satisfying whooshing sound, I was completely obsessed.

I was standing at the edge of the field, watching Liam the same way he had watched me playing the cello. He began showing off for me, taking long run ins and flipping over, the ball hitting off the back of the net every time.

I whooped from the side, clapping him as he blushed slightly. He checked his watch before hurriedly jogging over to me. “Gotta go get changed now, class starts in 10.”

I groaned at the idea of sitting in a classroom again but follow him, retrieving my bag from the bleachers as Liam dashes off to get changed.

I wait for him outside of the boys changing room, intrigued by the long scratch marks on the wall. I placed my fingertips over them, lightly tracing over them. I wonder what lie they told the school to cover up a werewolf freak out.

“You ready for English?” Liam suddenly says in my ear and I jump slightly.

I nod, more enthusiastic as I actually enjoyed English. “Let’s go then.” He says, taking my hand again and I smile. I could get used to this.

Something I couldn’t get used to? My English teacher’s voice. She looked like 45 year old woman and she certainly dressed like one. So why does she sound like the Chuckie doll took over her body?

I looked at Liam, a plea for help on my face. “Oh my god!” I mouthed and Liam sniggered adorably. “Feel the pain I’ve had to endure for months!” He breathed, but I heard him perfectly clear.

I huff, watching the clock. Maybe I don’t like English that much anymore.

“Please don’t tell me we have another period.” I beg Liam as we walk out of a horrendous period with an obnoxious science teacher who thought that the whole world revolved around him, but in actual fact had a large yellow mustard stain on his shirt. Which of course, he never noticed.

“No it’s lunch.” Liam laughed, planting a kiss on my cheek which made me laugh and return the favour. Oh I could definitely get used to this.

We hurry down to the cafeteria and Liam bags us a table, nodding a hello to Scott who was on the other side of the room, looking at us with curious concern.

I smile widely at him and he returns the favour, going back to lunch as I focus on Liam.

“So I was thinking.” Liam began and I look up from my sandwiches, still processing how…thoughtfully Derek had made my lunch. He had cut the crusts off my sandwiches, sectioned off my salad so that the cucumber and strawberries weren’t touching and placed a large bar of chocolate in my lunch with a note reading, “You deserve this kid.”

“Sorry, what were you thinking?” I ask smiling up at him. He bit his lip nervously before mumbling, “I don’t’ think we should tell Derek, about you know, us.”

I shake my head, “Dear god no, I’d never do that to you. Derek would, like destroy the universe if he found out.” I said horrified and Liam burst into giggles, something I couldn’t help but join into.

I pick up one of the strawberries Derek had packed and turn round to face Scott’s table.

“You think I could hit Stiles from here?” I ask and Liam turns round to judge the distance. “I have faith in you, babe.” Liam laughs and I grin at the nickname.

I stand up, aiming the strawberry carefully before with one sharp flick I release it. It flies cleanly threw the air before hitting Stiles square on the forehead, the shock of it causing Stiles to yelp in fright.

Immediately Liam and I are in fits of laughter, me clutching to the table for support. Stiles gave us a look that could kill as he wipes away the juice running down his face.

“God, where have you been my whole life.” Liam gasps, after controlling himself. I smile widely before leaning over to high five him.

“Derek!” I called as I walk in through the front door. Nothing. I frown confusedly, tilting my head to the side, straining my werewolf hearing.

I could hear a very loud and fast heart beat coming from upstairs and I followed it curiously. I quietly climbed the stairs, now hearing heavy staggering breaths.

I walked into Derek’s bedroom, finding him sitting cross-legged on the floor, hundreds of photo’s spread out around him, with a massive photobook in the middle.

“Derek?” I asked gently and his head flies round to look at me. There was tears in his big green eyes.

“What’s wrong?” I ask, hurriedly rushing over to him and collapsing to my knees.

“I was looking through some of your baby photos and I found these.” He handed me some creased, dog-eared photos. I look through them, my body deflating with every new photo.

They were of teenage Derek and everyone had the same girl in it, most of which Derek was staring adoringly at. The first one was in a school hall. The very one I had walked down today. The girl was wearing an over-sized hoodie with BEACON HILLS written across the front. She was smiling lovingly back at Derek.

The next was of Derek and the same girl. The girl’s hair was in a messy bun and her face was alive with laughter, her hand covering her mouth as she watched the person behind the camera, the same loving look in her eyes.

And the third was Derek and her. Derek standing behind her with his arms wrapped around her shoulders as she was on a chair. A cello was resting against her legs as she laughed at Derek, who had the bow under his nose like a moustache. Both never looked happier.

I smile painfully through my tears. This was her. This was my mother.

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Last movie you watched: Everyone told me to watch Secret Life of Pets so I did.

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Last song I listened to: “Secret Melody” by DJ Toxic

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Last book I read: Legend of Drizzt series

Last thing I ate: Fish.

If you could be anywhere right now, where would you be: 

Salar de Uyuni (aka: The World’s Mirror)

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Where would I time travel too: I don’t know. Maybe the far future to see what the world has become.

Fictional character you would hang out with for a day: uHH,,,,

UH,,,, oH

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Guess there was no eight question, guess I’ll have to say…If I could fuck any fictional character…:

—wait what.

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Your Sucy pics were fantastic. I'm surprised there's so little LWA fanart out there, it's a super cute show. Your style fits it perfectly :D

Many thanks! :D

Yeah, it’s odd that not more people have jumped on board*. I guess people aren’t aware that it has become an ongoing series yet (if they knew it in the first place).


*Although you can probably find some stuff on pixiv.

Decided to check out Nurse Ratched and my mind is - as usual - spinning with theories. Since they finally decided to tell us her name during the Dark Swan, thereby confirming that she is Nurse Ratched from One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest, I assume she’s going to become important.

My guess is that she may actually be the Black Fairy.

Some interesting quotes from the Wikipedia page that could signify links with Once Upon a Time.

Nurse Ratched was named the fifth-greatest villain in film history (and second-greatest villainess, behind only the Wicked Witch of the West) by the American Film Institute in their series 100 Years… 100 Heroes & Villains.

Seeing how we have Zelena on the show and the previous Season finale was called ‘Heroes & Villains’, this could be rather significant.

She has also become a popular metaphor for the corrupting influence of power and authority in bureaucracies such as the mental institution in which the novel is set.

Considering OUAT is a modern fairy tale, it would make sense to incorporate social criticism. The link I see here is in the episode Dreamy, where fairies and dwarfs seems to be factory workers who are told their only goal in life is to produce and deliver fairy dust. If she is indeed the Black Fairy, she may have been ‘the big boss’ behind this operation we were never introduced to.

One other link I found between her and fairies, is in an article about changelings. There are quite a few myths and legends about them. They were children, believed to be fairy children who were put in the place of the human child. The wikipedia entry is worth the read, but it is pretty gruesome. The belief was actually used to explain the behaviour of sensitive or sick children. It was used as an excuse to abuse or even murder them. 

Now, the link is in the name of the film, One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest. The cuckoo is the only bird in nature that lays its eggs in another bird’s nest, often the cuckoo’s young ends up pushing out the other young while being raised by their parents. Seeing how children, parents and biology are prevalent themes on Once Upon a Time, it’s something to consider.

I have a theory that Hook is the Black Fairy’s changeling child and Regina is the Blue Fairy’s changeling child… BUT it’s just an intuitive thought at this point and I’m not entirely sure where it came from. I’ve found some things in canon that vaguely support Regina being Blue’s biological daughter, like Blue being Mother Superior in Regina’s curse among others, but even those are very, very, very inconclusive. I’m only adding it here, because someone may have seen something I missed and because I’d love it if it would inspire some fanfic. So mostly, I just thought it’d be interesting if we start talking about Nurse Ratched, especially since she’s actually been confirmed to be in every episode in 5A, with 5x11 still pending.

I feel like almost 80% of the complaints people have with Danganronpa 3 Despair can be remedied if people actually played Danganronpa 2 and thought for a moment.

Like ‘Chiaki is way too important’ is a common complaint… but SHE’S ONE OF THE MOST IMPORTANT CHARACTERS IN THE SERIES. She is literally Hajime’s hope. She is the reason DR2 ended the way it did. Without her, I’m going to guess that Kirigiri, Togami, and Naegi will be trapped in the Neo World Program, and the DR2 cast would be controlled by Junko. Even before that in DR2, she is the reason the 77-B class become friends. Sure, Chisa forced them to come to class together, but it’s Chiaki and her games who brings them together as friends.

And like the whole brainwashing thing… did you actually read half of the final chapter of DR2? The fact that they were brainwashed was explicitly stated numerous times over the course of the investigation and case. Sure, it was a little lazy, but at the same time it seems like the only way Class 77-B would become Ultimate Despair. The only time it is said that Junko manipulated them one-by-one came from Monokuma - aka Junko herself - and almost every line he says in the series is either a lie, or a fraction of a truth.

And the lack of 77-B? Junko directly tells them, the three DR1 characters, and the player that they aren’t important and never really have been. In DR3, she basically just used them as guinea pigs to test her video, and after that… they were useless to her.

The only thing you can really complain about is the lack of DR0 stuff… but DR0 was already a manga and I feel like they didn’t want to re-tread old ground. Even Twilight Syndrome got like half an episode, and the whole point of that was really to introduce Natsumi Kuzuryu and say “hey, she taught Hajime some important stuff because they were in the same class”. Speaking of DR0…

People complaining about continuity errors. Like that they kept saying it was Izuru who was behind the Tragedy of Hope’s Peak (aka School Council murders) but in reality it was Junko. In DR3, it’s shown that she pins the whole thing on Izuru by sending the end of the game ((where Izuru indirectly kills the one guy by pushing him over)) to the reserve course students.

So like… before you want to complain about things like continuity errors or contradictions in previously-established < canon > materials, maybe go back and fact check yourself first. Or think about what we’ve learned.

Thanksgiving 2019 - 5

“Are you sure you don’t want my help? I am excellent in peeling sweet potatoes.“ Taylor says eager, as the family comes back into the house. She takes off her coat and looks at Alison and Andrea, who will now start to prepare the big Thanksgiving dinner for tonight. 

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Na na na na na I’m gonna start a fight.

You know I thought that since this was booklr and all, I figured people knew how to read and understand what they read. But I guess not.

When did tagging people in posts become associated with calling people out? I got two separate anons telling me I shouldn’t “call people out” because I tagged them in a post. Even though I explicitly stated that I’m not calling anyone out, but in fact tagging people who I know love the series so that we can have a discussion. I also don’t remember twisting anyone’s arm to answer.

Since I’m not allowed to “call people out”, I’m going to be all passive aggressive about this just like they are (because this is high school) and say: Some people are very quick to reblog posts that support diversity and calls for justice because of all the news. Yet, when it comes to actually reading diverse books and supporting POC authors, AND owning up to that kind of bullshit in our own community, suddenly no one wants to talk or be put “on the spot”.  Well, I’m calling bullshit,  and if you not going to call problematic things out in the books that you read or worse – ignore it and still hail the book as end all and be all – then well  ain’t that fucking hypocritical?

Worse of all, whenever someone gets called out their posse instantly jumps in and starts defending them and  telling people to be nice. You know what? People don’t need to be nice to you when calling out your bullshit. Especially POC bloggers who are tired of white bloggers silencing them and policing their tone. I also remember that some of you pride yourself on being bitches? And saying how you don’t have to be nice to haters?

Also, a little advice: if you don’t know what you’re talking about when it comes to issues, it okay not to respond. It’s completely and totally okay. It’s also really easy to ignore haters to avoid “drama”. But don’t excuse yourself later saying you shouldn’t be held accountable because you didn’t know what you were talking about. 

This passive aggressive note brought to you by someone who’s tired of hypocrisy. I’m also at work, so I shouldn’t be doing this, but please allow me a couple of hours to answer your hate. Thank you.

Knock Knock: Part 2

Request: Is there going to be a second part to knock knock or is that just a one shot? – kayla-gauthier 

AN: So as I was writing this, I started becoming more attached… So I’m thinking maybe a series? What do y’all think?

Words: 1416

Written By: Samantha

Pairing: Dean x Reader

Read Part One here

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Knock. Knock.

“Guess who, bitches!” A familiar voice called through the bunker. Dean shot up out of his seat, his hands clammy as he tried not to rush to the front door. He had been waiting to see you ever since you had left a couple months before. It had been left on a good note, however, and he was excited to hear that you were returning with Charlie again.

“Charlie!” Sam replied with a grin, somehow managing to get there before Dean. He had embraced her in his strong arms, towering over her like she was no taller than a dwarf. Dean came up behind him, scratching the back of his neck as his eyes flickered at you. But it was quickly broken as Charlie threw herself at him, hugging him tight.

“Good to see you,” Dean said, returning the hug before letting her go again, clearing his throat.

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