this is going to be tragic

Ok, but imagine Alex going to Earth 1 during “Duet”:

- Space dad J’onn carrying space daughter Kara across the portal with his other daughter Alex by their side because of course she would be there.

- Alex and Caitlyn Snow bonding over science while they both work to keep Kara and Barry alive

- any small chance of Alex singing

- Kara and Barry discovering Musical!Alex in a forbidden love affair with Musical!Iris/Millie

- seriously though, paralleling Alex and Iris makes a lot of sense as they both helped their respective superheroes heal and build new families after their very tragic pasts

- Kara can still learn the same lessons about love, which can help her forgive in a more realistic non-rushed way, or help her get over her heartbreak and move on

- Alex saving Kara with true love sister-style, ala Frozen

- Alex teasing Kara about always having to save her from her dream worlds

I see people saying that after everything Flint has done, it would not make sense to give him a happy ending. That he does not deserve it. That the Treasure Island quotes about him dying as a drunk in Savannah means that he will end up miserable for the next thirty-five years, slowly drinking himself to death. 

I don’t see this. Try as I might, I don’t see this. 

By sheer logic alone, I don’t see this. 

For four seasons, Black Sails had James Flint at its center, in a long-stretching arc that focused on his journey - his tragic past, his lost love, his war against England and, lately, civilization as whole - it focused on the purity of his motives and the evilness of his deeds, the inherent selfishness of his actions and his utter self-denial, weighing one thing against the other. It showed us in great detail how deeply unhappy and depressed he is, and how ready is to let go of that war and yet incapable of it because he has literally nothing else. 

How would it makes sense to have this character end up in perpetual misery? Why would anyone come to the conclusion that the writers of something which

  • started as a tragedy, with Flint’s entire life taken from him
  • remained a tragedy throughout - because at the time that Flint had shown his willingness to redeem himself - at the time he had agreed to sacrifice himself for the sake of Nassau, and to answer for his crimes by standing trial in England - all of that was taken from him once more through betrayal, and left him even more bereft than before
  • showed a character being miserable for four seasons with no reprieve whatsoever except from a couple of moments with a flickering of hope, which was then swiftly snuffed out 

would be so cruel and cynical to have that suffering extend over a span of thirty-five years between the end of the show and Flint’s death in Treasure Island? When these same writers have shown us, time and again, their deep understanding and compassion for their messy, flawed, beautiful characters. 

Flint’s tragedy has been the fact that he hasn’t been able to let go of his war. It’s not even any longer about revenge. What Miranda said in season two holds true, now more so than ever. Flint keeps fighting for the sake of fighting, but it’s no longer out of shame but because there is nothing else left for him. 

Now, when the game changing that we know is coming - the game changer that we know will happen in the next two episodes - and makes Flint stop fighting, gives him the strength to walk away, then how would it make any kind of sense to deny him even a hint of something that is worth living for? 

In what world of storytelling would it make sense to cast a character who has just gone through purgatory back into hell?

Wicked the Musical Quotes

“I don’t cause commotions, I am one.”

“Well, we can’t all come and go by bubble!”

“There’s no place like home.”

“I mean, who steals a dead woman’s/man’s shoes?”

“Must’ve been raised in a barn.”

“What could he/she/they get me? I clash with everything.”

“You shouldn’t let statements like that bother you. I mean, I always do, but you shouldn’t.”

“I’m the other sister/brother, __________, I’m beautifully tragic.”

“It’s good to see me, isn’t it? No need to respond! That was rhetorical.”

“It seems like the artichoke is steamed.”

“Do you know who that is? It’s that Winkie Prince/Princess whose reputation’s so scandalacious.”

“I don’t see why you can’t just teach us history, instead of always harping on about the past.”

“He’s/She’s/They’re distant and moodified… and he’s/she’s/they’ve been thinking, which really worries me!”

“Let the little girl/boy go, and that poor _____.”

“I know you don’t want to hear this, but someone has got to say it! You are out of control!”

“Oh, look, it’s tomorrow!”

“Madame, have you ever considered how you’d fare in captivity? Cap-tiv-i-ty. Pri-son. Personally, I don’t think you’ll not hold up very well, you see, my personal opinion is that you do not have ‘what it takes.” I hope you prove me wrong… I doubt you will.”

“Alright, just don’t move… and don’t get mad at me!”

“What did you mean to do? And why was I the only one you didn’t do it too?”

“There’s no pretense here. I happen to be genuinely self-absorbed and deeply shallow.”

“It’s not lying, it’s looking at things another way!”

“Let the green girl/boy go!”

“I can’t harbor a fugitive, I’m an unelected official!”

“You’re touching me!”

“… I know I speak for my fellow faculty members when I say we have nothing but the highest hopes for some of you.”

“Careful, dear. You mustn’t get wet.”

“Smile, wave… and shut up.”

“The truth isn’t a thing of fact or reason. It’s simply what everyone agrees on.”

“Where I come from, we believe all sorts of things that aren’t true. We call it history.”

“Where I’m from, the best way to bring people together… is to give them a really good enemy.”

“Since once I had my own day in the sky, I say everyone deserves the chance to fly!”

Laucy Thoughts - start to finish

Knowing Lauren and Lucy has dated and now no longer does is like watching a sad movie. It’s like being satisfied knowing how great it was, how special it was, even if it didn’t end as much as you hope for - because you know it happens to people. Some couples don’t last, but that doesn’t mean what they have wasn’t real.

It was real, romantic even. But It has ended. It’s tragically beautiful.

(rant - a long ass post)

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this PBS defunding thing is just so tragic because I work at a PBS station and I’m just a student volunteer, but all these employees are going to lose their jobs and they’re all worried about what they’re going to do

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I wish you'd write a rumbelle dragon age au

….oh god dude me too.

Belle as the Hero of Ferelden, Human Noble background, rogue class. Idk what weaponry she’d use - probably daggers because they require the most strategic intelligence tbh, and she was armed with that teeny sword in The Outsider. I think she’d probably specialise as a Bard. 

Rumple would fit the archetypal Dragon Age Tricky Mage - he’s the Morrigan/Anders/Solas of the game. Elven mage, mysterious, ambiguous intentions, the whole shebang. Belle romances him, and as a result unlocks his tragic backstory - his son fell through a rift into the Fade. His personal quest - unlocked only via SUPER high approval - is to travel into the Fade and attempt to rescue bb!Bae. However, this is impossible, and all she finds are relics of him. He’s trapped too deep in the Fade to reach him without going there physically, which should be impossible. 

At the end of the game, Rumple betrays Belle and uses a ritual to take on the Archdemon’s powers (thus becoming scaly), so he can blow a hole in the Fade and go find Bae physically. Belle then has the option of either battling and defeating him, or helping. 

He’d end up being a sort of Solas/Corypheus mash-up, and his characterisation would change MASSIVELY depending on whether the PC romanced him/befriended him or not. And the only way to romance him would be to be female, play the game completely lawful good, and give all the Belle-esque responses to his dialogue. So basically you’d have to play as Belle, at least personality-wise.

Couldn’t write it but damn would it be a fun game!

TMI Tuesday Wednesday!


is it worth seeing?? D:  I haven’t seen it yet


I cried

during a fucking wolverine movie

so good. And since it’s rated R, Wolverine finally gets to be Wolverine, with all the bad attitude and bad habits we all know he has but never really got to see through the other movies, all served with a decent side of gore. 

The acting was great, even the children. The new character, the little girl, you’ll love her within the first few minutes of her showing up, they did great with her character and the actress did great with the portrayal. The cinematography was good. The storyline was really fantastic and tragic. It was both something new and nostalgic all rolled into one and parts of it were honestly painful to watch.

If you get the chance, definitely go watch it.

hmmm this one is a tough one… I am going to say x-rays because I once got one when I broke my foot (tragic I know, I couldn’t wear flip flops for almost nine weeks) and it was really cool!!

((well, I am going to say xylophone cause its one of the instruments I play in band, please don’t attack me the xylophone is a very pretty instrument))

put a letter from A-Z in my ask and I’ll tell you 1 thing I love which starts with that letter

theres probably nothing i wanna talk abt at the moment more than the mess that was minkyung and kyungwon when nayoung and pinky were away with ioi nayoung is the only member really suited to be leader and there arent any other members in 95 line and theres not 96 line at all so the younger girls were stuck with the next best thing which tragically is an irresponsible duo of a leo and a scorpio 

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People make a big deal about who tops or bottoms in a fic but for me it's who is best friends/roommates (Zouis, always gotta have Zouis). (And Narry.) (And Ziam should be the side ship.)


zouis friendship is so important to me in fics. like it’s not /necessary/ but i always feel like the dynamic is missing when it’s not there. because no matter what u believe happened, zouis’s dynamic was Iconique. so. i gotta have zouis. AND LILO. narry can go either way for me because the n*rries kind of… tainted it. lol. but lirry is good. and i really like side ziam BUT side ziall is also Tragically Underrated like where is the justice for ziall? lol

highballjordan replied to your post: steve’s suit in the avengers still Haunts me

At least the booty looked good

the booty looked good but it alone could not make up for the fact that all of the everything all of it everything else, bad. it was. Bad, it haunts me, who was responsible for this,

the only way I can make peace with it is going off meta that it Wasn’t A Legit Uniform because shield was only really planning to use him for like. publicity, so they gave him this useless bullshit suit with shiny plastic hell boots and a magical transforming hoodie. it looked like it was being held together with velcro and hot glue and a desperate prayer. it looked like the actual uniform was destroyed in a tragic accident and they had to use a captain america halloween costume as the base and hope for the best. the booty looked good and the shoulder to waist ratio was V Good but still i will never know peace 

I just thought of something: Problematic Mochizuki Meiko and the (Equally) Problematic 02 Ending

I read somewhere that the writers of Tri. don’t plan to change the ending of 02. Meaning that particular ending is going to be as canon as Kataang is to the Zutara supporters Avatar fans. But seeing that Mochizuki is not featured in that ending, I wonder if the writers are going to go down one of the following routes:

1) They’re going to make her tragically die. I don’t mean it in a sinister sense. Sure I find Mochizuki annoying more often than not, but I don’t hate her enough that I want her to die in my favourite nostalgia anime. It is rather drastic to have a character death. I’m saying this because it would seem like something the Tri. writers are capable of doing. What with me bathing in Takeru’s tears and not!Gennai’s tongue action and Ophanimon FD on the Kyousei poster and no HD poster and/or confirmed release date after almost a month. Yeah, I’m pretty sure they feel like God now.

2) They’re going to make her fit somehow. Perhaps by having Mochizuki return to Tottori, thus not remaining in contact with the original Chosen as often and not being well informed of the day these kids decided to pose for the 02 ending shooting day.

3) They’re going to make her fit by remaking the ending scene somehow. Mochizuki could appear along with the Chosen Children in the digital world, along with a child of her own. Heck, the writers could be confirming theories about her being married to one of the boys! And maybe, just maybe, only then we can get an itsy bitsy explanation as to why Takeru the unreliable narrator decided to omit having a visual reference to Hikari being his wife a kindergarten teacher. 

my current favorite songs, not in the sense that they are actually my favorites but I am listening to them over and over and over while I do other stuff, are all songs from the Tragic Treasury, written loosely about A Series of Unfortunate Events

A lot of the songs I found to be kinda meh, but I really like Scream and Run Away, In the Reptile Room, and This Abyss. (I also kinda like A Million Mushrooms but think I am not going to listen to it much once my Interest fades more?) Overall, I think my favorite of these is probably In the Reptile Room, but right now it’s really really This Abyss which feels like breathing glitter or sand or something (in a good way). In the Reptile Room and This Abyss are pretty


Day 2.

Our first night freedom camping was a success, yaaas!! 🏕

After the most luxurious toilet experience of our lives we set off to the start of the Kepler track to walk just a wee bit of it. The full 60km seemed a tad too much for a morning stroll..

Te Anau, known for its love of pommel zip wires, was a great starting point on the road to Milford. The directions out of town were top notch, making sure we definitely didn’t go the ‘Wong way’. 🚐

A tragic car/coach accident in Te Anau downs meant that we had a delay of a few hours on our way. Very shocking.

We stopped briefly at the mirror lakes.. silly ducks making ripples destroyed the perfect reflection. Cull them all. Only joking. The Asian population would be distraught. Their fascination with ducks is bizarre. 🦆

Staying the night at Cascade Creek campsite, we put our newly purchased head torches to use before crashing out, grateful for life a little more than at the start of the day. ❤

The fact that Taraji P. Henson didn’t get an Oscar nomination for Hidden Figures is so insulting, unfortunate, and tragic in every aspect.

i can’t stop fucking thinking about my english prof talking about the queer historical significance of the word “sweet” as a deliberate indicator of homosexual love and how that relates to both edward ii and gaveston, as well as hamlet and horatio. so, because shakespeare was likely totally knowledgeable about codes that queer men were using (cos like duh obvs), the inclusion of “sweet prince” at the end of hamlet is in all likelihood a completely deliberate indication that hamlet and horatio were in love

i’m???? so gay for literature and history lmao

This girl is in serious need of more love. In and out of universe. Like she doesn’t even have her own group of friends like a lot of the other characters in the series. I find that so sad.

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