this is going to be my favorite pic of her in the history of my favorite pics

SBS 82 | Oda answers!!

From Sandman on AP Forums:

“I’ve just got my Volume 82!”

Oda answering questions / stating facts: 
• Law’s submarine is called “Polar Tang/Tongue”
• about ages: 

Rayleigh (78)

Roger (77)

Garp (78)

Sengoku (79)

Tsuru (76)

Perona is 25 years old now. Her height is 160cm. She considers Moriah as if he is her real parent since she was picked up by Moriah when she was a child. Perona still believes that Moriah is alive.

Happiness Punch is probably stronger than King Punch.

Recently Oda feels like Nami getting more popular. He doesn’t care at all even if his audience watch his female characters with an sexual intention. It is because Oda believes professional people shouldn’t complain no matter how his audience watch his characters since they bothered to pay money to the “merchandises”. Oda’s manga mentor also said the same thing.

Doflamingo’s favorite food is lobster and least-favorite food is barbeque. He has a bad memory about barbeque.

• The reindeer Chopper fell in love is Milky, who is very popular among Gurdians.

• Oda loves middle-aged persons. There are some people who look down on them just because their strength is getting weaker. Oda has hated such young people who can’t respect middle-aged persons. One of the fantasy Oda wants to draw is where middle-aged persons don’t lose their strength much. He strongly believes such a world would be very cool.

Sabo grew his hair to hide his scar of his face. 

• Drawings of Straw Hat Grand Fleet in their childhood!!

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Worst Generation’s hobbies:

Luffy: adventure, party
Zoro: training, liquor
Law: roaming, collecting anniversary coins
Kidd: Listening to music, collecting weapons
Apoo: DJ, surfing
Capone: Watching paintings, board game
Hawkings: Interior designs, taking a bath
Drake: Reptiles enthusiast, Astrophysics
Bonney: food, Jenga
Killer: Drum, cooking
Urouge: Liquors, love affair, climbing mountains
Blackbeard: Gambling, history research!!



Sandman adds:

[EDIT] By the way, the special book called “ONE PIECE Film Gold episode 0” contains the sketches of Vice Admiral Chaton (Brown Pig) and Momousagi (Pink Rabbit), who made an appearance long before in SBS.

Thank you for the pic, ID:3JELlhU on 2ch!

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RomanceDawn: I’m not sure I understand the subject on Nami, can someone explain it to me?

Sandman replies: Sorry for my translation, RomanceDawn.  Probably Oda wants to say, “There are some female character goods that seem like inappropriate for children, but I feel happy if only my audience enjoy reading my manga. As a professional manga artist, I won’t complain no matter how my audience watch my characters with sexual intention.”

Worlds 2016 Recap

I went to the short dance (event and practice) with Madi/@canadianvirtues, free dance, and pairs free program at Worlds in Boston last week and had an absolutely amazing experience. I am going to try and put into words some of the highlights now (:

Meeting Skaters: 

Everyone said the skaters would be super accesible but I didn’t believe it but they really were all right there. 


Madison Chock and Evan Bates: Madi and I met Madi and Evan as they left the ice after practice. They were incredibly nice and like everyone much more gorgeous in person. 

Charlie White: I successfully waved Charlie White over from the commentary area between practice and the SD and he was literally the sweetest ever. My selfie with him is my favorite from the week. He was so nice and funny. 

Tessa Virtue and Scott Moir: It took two SD’s for Madi to pep talk me into getting up to talk to them. I ended up jumping up at the worst time possible because Viktoria and Nikita were skating next so we didn’t have much time with them. I got to tell them my brother absolutely loves them and Scott touched my back so I had to worry he couldn’t feel me shaking. They’re precious. 

Tanith Belbin-White: aka my girl crush. She sat behind us and a few seats over for almost the entire SD so that was quite the experience. It’s not often you watch ice dance with Tessa and Scott over one shoulder and Tanith Belbin over the other. Tanith was sooo sweet and beautiful and spent the time to chat with us and take pictures and sign stuff. 


Meryl Davis: AH!!! Meryl pre-following WeaPo has done the most for me personally so she I was super excited to meet. I spotted her like a hawk and then jumped up and shoved past the people in my row to get out to meet her. She was such a sweetheart. I wish so many people hadn’t gone to meet her then because I didn’t even get to tell her anything other than thank you because she had to go so quickly. 

Laurence Fournier Beaudry and Nikolaj Sorenson: Guys, the are both gorgeous. I spotted them on the concourse while leaving the FD and walked past them and then quickly turned back to go say hello. They were so happy to hear they had fans. It was quite adorable. My program was signed on the front by everyone above so like the past two-Olympic champions, a silver medalist, and Bock, and Nik asked “You want us to sign here? With them?” and so I said “yeah, of course, you guys are some of my favorite skaters. I love your programs this season.” They were just soo happy and honored and I love our pic together.  

Saw Andrew Poje and didn’t say hello (dummy Gretchen): I waited down by where the skaters come out and then saw Andrew and was too nervous to go past the security dude, even though they weren’t stopping anyone, to say hello. I didn’t see Kaitlyn come out but I did see Pasquale, Angelika, and Natalia. 


Andrew Poje and Kaitlyn Weaver:After the pairs LP I found Kaitlyn and Andrew (shoutout to everyone who tweeted about Kaitlyn jumping up and down for Meagan and Eric) but Kaitlyn was talking to her mom so I didn’t want to interrupt but I did get to meet Andrew and tell him how much I love them and think they were amazing and wish them a congratualtions on their season which I asked him to pass on to Kaitlyn, as well. He’s so attractive and yet was the skater I felt most comfortable to talk to and meet. I wish I had gotten to meet Kaitlyn but I can’t complain. Side note: Kaitlyn is a literal goddess. She is the most beautiful human I’ve ever seen in the history of ever. 

Alexa Scimeca and Chris Knierem: As my friend and I were leaving the garden after the pairs LP I spotted Alexa and Chris on the street and had to stop to get a pic. They were so surprised that people were stopping on the street to get pics with them. They were also super sweet and I’m glad I did stop and say hello. 

Practice Experience

Before I went to Worlds to biggest advice I got was to go to practice so late one night Madi and I found cheap practice tickets and it was completely worth it. We sat 3 rows back from the ice right next to where the skaters come out so we got to see soooo much up close. 

This was also a good time for me to get over what it was like to see the skaters as 3D breathing human beings. I was surprisde by how shocking it was to see them in the flesh lol. Overall, the 5:30am alarm was worth this experience.

It was really interesting to see skaters pop out and warm up and watch the group on the ice. Also, observing the coaches up close was really cool. My love for Marina lives on. 

Favorite line of practice was by Zach Donohue: I saw Madi’s instagram this morning about this being our last time skating this and then I had to try really hard not to cry. 

Short Dance: A Few Snipits 

Anna’s New Dress: Her new SD dress was a sparkly pearl. It really accentuated her lines gorgeously. I loved it. 

Madi and Zach’s Hallelujah: This was too gorgeous for my little heart to handle. The connection they have to this program is something I don’t think we’ll ever see them have again. It was so personal and just stunning. Their hug at the end was a really special moment. I do have to admit it was a little odd to watch this with Tessa and Scott so close because I generally connect this song to them.

WeaPo: It’s definitely very easy to see who is the clear best in the SD. To me, it was very clear that Kaitlyn and Andrew dominated the SD and in a moment of weakness I let out a “why doesn’t anyone love them as much as we do?!” which was probably a bit too loud but yeah, that was underscored. They were elegant, strong, and soo fast through the entire dance. I was blown away. 

Free Dance: A Few Snipits

Moving Freedance: I made a post a few months ago of my favorite FDs of the season and my number 1 was Charlene Guignard and Marco Fabbri’s Schindler’s List. This was evern more stunning and heartbreaking in person. I don’t know how this team isn’t ranked higher or more well known because they are…just wow. 

WeaPo: Right as Kaitlyn and Andrew got into the starting position some fans whose nationality I will keep anonymous as to not create more drama boo-ed quite loudly and it took everything in me not to turn around and yell at them or punch them. Violence is never the answer though so I took a deep breath and focused on enjoying Kaitlyn and Andrew’s program. 

I have been vocal about not being the biggest fan of this program throughout the season but it moved me to tears here despite the mistake. They recovered really well and captured me into a bubble of emotions and their little world. It was amazing, breathtaking, heartbreaking, and gorgeous. After watching that, I knew I couldn’t be upset with any result. They were truly gorgeous. I had never been more proud to be a WeaPo fan then in those moments. I turned to the woman next to me after and said “that’s my team.”

A Surprise Dislike: The Shibutani’s. I was really excited to see this FD live and in action but quite frankly I wasn’t moved by it in any way and found them really slow on the ice. That was the most shocking part. I recognize the Shibutani’s as the fastest team and yet at one point in their partial hold step sequence they were going so slow I thought they were going to just stop. 

A Surprise Like: Papadakia and Cizeron. I cannot explain what happened when their blades touched the ice but it created a magic spell. I was entranced and as they skated I could just feel that they were the winners. They were so fluid and clean and had such a lyric modern style. It was so striking to me that I looked back at Tessa and Scott who both seemed to recognize just the challenge they are up for next season.  

Some Cute Moments

Tanith and Charlie again dancing to Sweet Caroline during a break in the SD.

Kaitlyn fixing Andrew’s bow tie and then booping him on the nose before the SD warm-up. 

Fabian Bourzat. Just him. No special moment. 

Tessa and Scott dancing together during an upbeat song while the ice was resurfaced between groups in the FD.  

Zach kissing both of Madi’s hands before taking the ice for their FD. 

Meryl and Tessa running to each other and hugging then jumping into a deep conversation in the icenetwork/CBC box during the resurfacing of the FD. 

Anna and Luca hugging before their FD. 

MFD and Patch kissing before Gabriella and Guillaume’s FD. 


Umm…wow! That’s about all I can say lol kidding, no. This event was either really disappointing or the best moment of skater’s lives I think.

Underrated Overtakers: Despite a mistake, I found Tarah and Danny to be beautiful skaters, even more so than I previously thought. It takes something special for a pairs team to have such artistry. I can’t wait to see what they bring next year. 

My Diva Queen: My favorite line of Saturday comes from my friend who said “You and Ksenia need to be friends. You’re both such attitude queens.” That totally made my night. Ksenia is the most fierce and gorgeous skater I’ve seen in any discipline. She’s soooo talented. Sorry Tanith, she might have overtaken you as my girl crush. 

Sui/Han: I’m going to have to agree with Max Trankov’s comment of first comes chemistry and then comes marriage to paraphrase. 

Moment of the Week(!!!!): Meagan and Eric’s LP. I cannot even beging to express just how flawless they were. I was crying and screaming. It was insane. I don’t know of a moment ever that compares to the emotions of that moment. It was insane. That was truly the performance of a lifetime.  

Overall, going to Worlds was the experience of a lifetime. It was incredibly moving to be able to meet all these people I admire and tell them that they inspire me. Seeing skating live is an addictive monster. It’s so different. I saw things and movements and lines and edges in ways that are impossible to see on a screen. 

Seeing people live out their dreams is a special kind of inspiration that will last with me forever. On the other hand, seeing dreams not be fully reached gave me a deeper understanding as to why these atheletes do what they do and keep coming back, the passion for their sport and art. That’s what’s the most important.