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very recently, i realized that i like girls. i still dont have an exact label, but i know i WANT a girlfriend, I WANT to kiss girls, I WANT to hold their hands and go out with them and live with them and even marry one someday. however, whenever i try to see myself with one in my mind, it's never ME that's with them; it's always a skinnier, taller, prettier version of who i am. and i feel like no girl will love me bc im not pretty and that makes me feel like i cant like them/my feelings are fake

It makes me so sad to hear you say that you feel that way about yourself. My hope is that the more you get to know the community of girls who, like you, really want to hold hands and kiss and go out and live together and the whole nine yards, the more you’ll realize that we love all kinds of girls. 

We love tall, skinny, pretty girls, yes. Narrow beauty standards are a problem in our community as they are everywhere.

But we also love short girls. Like really, really love short girls. Ditto for girls who are chubby, thick, or fat. We love girls with wild curls and buzz cuts. We love girls with glasses, girls with piercings, girls in baggy sweatshirts. We even love girls who don’t think they’re pretty. We think they’re wrong. 

Your feelings are real and they are beautiful, and one day someone will return them for you. In the meantime, be gentle with yourself. You deserve it.

“I have this horrific thing where I’m really bad with names and faces. I have an appalling memory. Someone will come up to me in the street and go, ‘Eddie!’, and I’ll try and give myself time by going into overdrive, ‘Hey, hi! Nice to see you!’ and start a whole conversation because I can’t distinguish between who I know and who I don’t.”

Please let me meet him someday because I want to witness this firsthand!! Haha! ❤

i’m back!

Hey everyone! I’m back from my hiatus! It was a much needed break and now I’m feeling better and ready to post again! Just a couple of things first:

  • One reason I took the hiatus was because I was starting to feel overwhelmed and like I had to have things perfect and my queue overflowing all the time
  • That being said, of course I’m going to keep up with what I do, but I might cut back and not post as much a day as I did***.
  • Also one last thing. I have gotten some messages saying that I should have another person help me when this blog.
  • Maybe I will someday, but right now I wish to continue doing it on my own. Thank you all for wanting to help, I hope you can understand 💕

*** The new schedule for posting is three posts a day at the following times: 

  • 1:45pm (eastern) 
  • 3:30 pm (eastern) 
  • 5:15 pm (eastern) 

Just incase anyone wants specifics. Though in between those times I may post other things such as asks or other things like that. 

And! I’ve also come up with this thing I’m calling ‘Positive extras’ and I’ll be posting them as well for extra positivity! 


I just got my new extensions I ordered for my comic book Leia cosplay, and I couldn’t resist trying out the classic buns 😍 I only got two extensions when really, I’d need four for this, so in the two pictures on the left the buns are a bit too small. I wrapped them both on one side in the picture on the right and the size looks a lot better, though I’m going to need a lot of practice getting the coils to look right! Someday soon I’ll make the ANH gown — this reminded me how much I love it!

Rivetra Playlist

I’m a shitty person so I don’t know how to link musics on Tumblr, sorry !

  • Affection - Cigarette after sex

«What does it mean if I tell you to go fuck yourself, or if I say that you’re beautiful to me ? It’s affection, always, you’re gonna see it someday.»

  • Angel - The XX

«You move through the room, like breathing was easy, if someone believed me they would be as in love with you as I am [..] but the end come too soon, like dreaming of angels»

  • Beautiful Crime - Tamer

«Say you’ll still be by my side. If I could take your hand, if you could understand […] we fight every night for something, when the sun set we’re both the same: half in the shadows, half burned in flames»

  • We might be dead - Soko

«So let’s love fully and let’s love loud, let’s love now, ‘cause soon enough we’ll die»

  • Crystalised - The XX

«So don’t think I’m pushing you away, when you’re the one that I’ve kept closest»

  • Truce - Twenty One Pilots

«The sun will rise and we will try again. Stay alive for me. You will die, but now your life is free. Take pride in whar is sure to die»

  • Skinny Love - Birdy

«Now all your love is wasted, then who the hell was I ? […] Who will love you ? Who will fight ? Who will fall, far behind ? Come on skinny love»

  • Too late to say goodbye - Cage the elephant

«Wish we could go back to the start, but oh my God, is this real ? No more time, it’s too late to say goodbye»

  • You - Keaton

«If you must die, sweetheart, die knowing your life was my life’s best part. If you must die, remember your life»

  • Drown - Bring me the horizon

«It comes in wawes I close my eyes hold my breath and let it bury me, I’m not okay and it’s not alright»

  • To be human - Sia

«And oh, you’re so far now. So far, from my arms now. […] Just 'cause I predicted this doesn’t make it any easier to live with. And what’s the point of knowing it if you can’t change it ?»

  • Small hands - Keaton

«And I, I hope for you life, you can forget about mine […] close my eyelids, hide my eyes»

  • Trees - Twenty One Pilots

«I know where you stand, silent in the trees. And that’s where I am, silent in the trees. Why won’t you speak, where I happen to be ? I can feel your breath, I can feel my death»

  • Skin - Rag'n Bon Man

«When the walls came down I was thinking about you, when my skin grows old, when my breath runs cold I’ll be thinking about you […] It was almost love, it was almost love. Yeah we came so close, it was almost love»

(I didn’t had Call you name and Light of Dual Wings but they obviously are Rivetra songs too)

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Idk if you're still doing anon confessions but here we go: my gf and I are both cis lesbians. Childbirth and pregnancy scare the hell out of me, but she really wants to have a natural child someday, once we've settled into a house and stuff (we're both in our twenties, but not really ~proper adults~ yet). I've decided, very privately, that if I have to carry our baby, I would for her.


That’s really really sweet imo?

Get to know me.

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tagged by @mangojuicee (omg thank you :3 )

name/nickname: I ain’t gonna tell you my real name cuz I don’t want people calling me that on here, but my chosen nickname (that I hope to use irl someday) is Peggy, or just Peg.

gender: Non binary/genderqueer

star sign: Aquarius

height: 5'3 or 4 ish? Pretty damn short XD

sexuality: 🎵 I’m getting bi 🎵

hogwarts house: Hufflepuff :3

favorite animal: urrrrrr I love them all, but probably crows and magpies. Or spiders.

average hours of sleep: 9, but if you let me sleep in I can go for up to 14.

dog or cat person: meow

blankets you sleep with: a large duvet (or ‘comforter’ for you ‘Muricans). Also my baby blanket that I cuddle when I’m sad.

dream trip: Brighton 😍 and maybe just… never leaving.

dream job: Freelance writer (screenplays, scripts and general creative writing)

when I made my blog: 2014 I believe? Didn’t start using it until this year though.

followers: 32

why I made a tumblr: oooooooooh boi XD so I made a YouTube channel in 2014, and decided that I had to go on all the social media websites and get accounts under my channel name before other people took them (because I somehow thought I’d get popular enough that people would try to do that)

reasons for my url: When I actually started using tumblr my whole blog 'aesthetic’ still reflected my long abandoned, much regretted YouTube channel. I had to do a quick 'rebrand’ to stop myself cringing. I am Peg, I like The Legend of Zelda, so I went with that.

tagging: @flamelemental @thecuriositycore @quiensecomioelpie @thatmockingj @i-am-levi-trash @electricbluefox212 @maskedgentleman or just anyone who sees this and wants to do it!

Some people on this site have such a warm and kind presence that it genuinely brightens my entire day every time I see them cause it’s a reminder of all the lovely people that are out there waiting to be met someday… it helps me keep going

i need to find a cute little apartment where i can dedicate a special night once a month to having a bunch of witches come over. and we sit in a circle with candles lit and our hands intertwined and talk about anything on our minds. we can read eachother’s cards and palms and create little good luck jars and write down what we learned about one another at the end of the night. and we could call it “the witching hour,” ugh it would be so cute

its 5 am, i havent slept in 3 days and im bringing back the classics


Diana being precious and supportive with kids remains the Most Important Content, reblog if you agree.

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The very first time I saw you, I knew. 
I knew someday, someday I would make you mine. Someday, I would have that pleasure. Your love. I knew I would reach my destination. 
I knew I would find your heart. 
Something has led me this far, so turning back is not an option.
I knew it was going to happen. 
From the very first time I laid my eyes on you, 
I knew.
—  wordsbyt 

inspired by the time i randomly ran into goro at the subway bread store?? ? they r gay bcuz i said so (anyways im sleep deprived don’t judge me)