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I love being a runner.
I groan every morning when my alarm goes off way too early - I’ve never been able to get up easily. Then I force myself to drink a ton of water because it’s going to be hot and humid, even though it’s early. If I’ll be running for more than an hour, I force myself to eat a little something despite not being hungry yet or even fully awake. The first few miles are usually the hardest because I have to settle in, but then it clicks and everything fades from reality except the moment and I love that. Feeling nothing and everything all at once.
I love hearing my watch beep and knowing I’m one mile closer (or further, as the case may be), even if I can hardly see because I’m sweating so much. I love passing by other runners and nodding or waving in solidarity. I love exploring new roads and trails and noticing things I would never see in a car, in places I would never be if I weren’t running. I love when every worry, stress, or fear I have vanishes because it’s just me and the dirt or the pavement.
The longer I run for the higher the sun gets, the bigger the hills start to look, the more tired my legs get, the more tempting every single sprinkler begins to look. But I love the struggle; I love the fight; I love to get stronger. I love every minute of it.
Getting home and knowing I just ran 6, 8, 10, 12, etc. miles before the rest of the world has made breakfast is a special feeling. The world is infinitely clearer and more beautiful to me after I’ve gotten my run in, even if the rest of the day is full of ice, painful foam rolling, lots of stretching, being ravenous, and already feeling sore.
Running makes me feel strong and confident and capable. Running provides community and structure, which I am even more grateful for now that I am 3,000+ miles away from what used to be home.
I love knowing that no matter what is going on in my life, I have my next run to look forward to.
I love being a runner.

cipherhunt log 15

if you’re just tuning in right now:

there’s not really anyone out looking for Bill, because Alex’s last clue has us stumped. we only need this, and nothing else, to tell us where to go:

but we have no idea where that could be.

there have been so many (so many!) suggestions as to what it could be, but no solid leads and no unified theories. the general feeling among cipher hunters is that it is right in front of our face, but we can’t see it—but when we see it, we’ll know.

look here for a list of things we’ve tried already.

suggest something to me that hasn’t been tried before; i’ll let cipher hunters elsewhere on the net known, with credit to you.

thank you! ∆

[TRANS] KAI - EXO'luXion Photobook Interview

Q: Do you tend to get nervous before standing on stage?

Jongin: When I was younger I really tended to get nervous. Should I call it perfectionism? I really can’t show a performance which is not to my liking to other people. That is why I do not really prefer freestyle [dance]. I am not satisfied with expressing myself through impromptu freestyle. I feel awkward to show other people the things that are not my 100%. During trainee days, I remember that I always got really nervous before evaluation time that I trembled all over my body. Other than this, there are also other times when I felt really nervous. I was trembling during debut showcase and standing on the debut stage. I also trembled on the first Dream Concert, the first time going up on stage for concert. On the first day of our first solo concert, it is not only me but the other members were also nervous. In the waiting room we shouted, took deep breaths, anyway it was chaotic. But then right before we went up on stage, there was a short moment of silence and after that we all smiled. And we started dancing. At some point, we started enjoying the tension before going up on stage. Should I call it thrill? Tension is something that starts from pressure but it includes the feeling of expectancy from standing on the stage to show [performance] for the first time. There is also a thrill of my own image. When the audience see the performance that I myself is satisfied with, what kind of feeling will they have? I enjoy thinking things like that.

Q: Who is the member that you talk with the most in the waiting room?
Jongin: Suho hyung. I tend to talk to Suho hyung about the performance with Suho hyung a lot before the concert. But honestly before going up on stage, rather than talking with other members, there are more times when I check my body condition.

Q: EXO members unanimously praise your performance talent. To be able to feel your sexiness through the various sides of your performance is very impressive. What kind of man do you think as sexy man?
Jongin: I think a man who is covered with sexiness even without taking off [his clothes] is the real sexy man. A man who gives a sexy aura instead of flaunting “I am sexy”.

Q: What do you do when you want to look sexy?
Jongin: When I want to look sexy on stage or when I sing songs with sexy mood, I put emphasis and dance. Or sway my pelvis very hard. Hahaha.

Q: What kind of artist do you want the audience to think of you as, when you stand on the stage?
Jongin: There are a lot of times that I think vaguely about what kind of artist I want to be, but I have never put words into it. Hm, if I have to explain and put it into words, it’s a deep artist. I think it can be expressed as “I want to be an artist that is like a deep ocean whose end is unknown”.

Q: What do you think are the EXO members’ strength?
Jongin: Baekhyun hyung is really fun. I think there are people who feel that Baehyun hyung looks childish because he always says funny things, makes people laugh and is a cheerful person. But hyung’s greed and passion in music are tremendous. He always worries about EXO and the performances. Before he became EXO, he had never learned dance at all and only done singing, but right now the side of him pulling his weight and dancing well is amazing. It would not be possible without Baekhyun hyung’s passion. D.O hyung really sings well. From the EXO [members], I like D.O hyung’s vocal the best. He deliver emotions but I think he was born with it. I think singers, dancers, people who draw, are the type of occupations that express emotions and hyung is really outstanding in that part. I want to take after that part [from him]. Xiumin hyung is kind, cute and simple and honest. It is really cool to see his attitude in doing his best in everything. I also like that he listens to the younger [members] attentively. Hyung really has a lot of strengths in every side of him that it is hard to pick and say, “This strength of Xiumin hyung is the best.” He is a good person. Suho hyung, more than anyone else, thinks of EXO a lot. He thinks about EXO endlessly, and share his thoughts to me endlessly. Sometimes it seems like he thinks about EXO too severely. I really like his acting and on stage the side of him being devoted is amazing. He has a strong sense of responsibility because he is the leader. Chen hyung is really kind. Should I say he is simple? I really like that strength of Chen hyung. I acknowledge that hyung is good in singing and dancing but if I have to choose one thing that I want to take after from Chen hyung is kind heart. Honestly in daily lives, I tend to get misunderstood a lot. Because my skin is tanned, expression is dark and I have dark circles. So there are people who misunderstand me as a cold person and I receive a lot of stress. To the extent that I practice smiling. But Chen hyung always smiles and is very kind, that he gives the people who see him a good feeling. I really want to take after that side of him. The thing that I want to take after from Chanyeol hyung is his greed in composition. I always get jealous of hyung’s ability when he makes a song and play it for us. Someday I hope I can learn how to compose from Chanyeol hyung and make music myself. I am also learning it by myself but it is hard. Sehun is loyal. He always thinks of the members and his loyalty is strong. I think it is a really big asset. Because as much as Sehun keeps his loyalty in his daily lives, it will all come back to him. I always feel thankful towards Lay hyung. I am thankful that he runs the schedules in China himself and still puts effort to do EXO team activities together too, but I am thankful of his presence. The fact of him being with us is something to be thankful for. Not only the side of him doing both singer and actor activities side by side, but also his passion in music is outstanding. I also want to take after of that passion from Lay hyung. Honestly for me I cannot really do things well unless it is something I like or am interested in.

Q: Tell us your thoughts after completing EXO PLANET #2 The EXO’luXion.
Jongin: If we want to say 44 shows are long, they are long, if we want to say they are short, they are short. EXO PLANET #2 The EXO’luXion has finished but honestly I want to do this performance format longer. Because I want to do it better every time. But only if I brush that feeling, I can prepare for the next performance. I think that the regretful feeling that I feel while doing EXO PLANET #2 The EXO’luXion may be nourishment when I get ready for the next stage. I want to show a better performance to the fans, a performance that I myself do not regret and am satisfied with. That is my dream.

Q: In “Baby, Don’t Cry” stage, there was a spotlight stage for you and Sehun, right? You showed off cool dance and water dance. Is there any part where you would like to add more of your idea?
Jongin: I really like composing performance but when the director, Jaewon hyung, suggested the water performance, I really thought it was a cool idea. I considered it a perfect choreography to the extent where there was not any need to think about “it will be good to add something more here”. I simply thought that I had to complete that performance with my style.

Q: What was “my style” that you talk about?
Jongin: I do not put effort to simply just dance well. A “cool” feeling is important but more than that I think delivering the emotion felt in a song is the most important thing. We feel a certain emotion when we listen to the song lyrics with a lot of people. It will be good if I can express the emotion through my dance and the audience can feel more of my emotion while looking at my performance.

Q: Do you mean that you want to make a stage which the audience can “feel” instead of “see”?
Jongin: Yes. I want to make a stage that is shared with the audience, and a stage that is more open. I mean [a stage] that will leave the audience’s interpretation and feeling open. When I express a sad emotion, it is possible for the audience to feel a happy feeling. It is because even if we see the same thing, the emotion one feels is different. Things like this can be some sort of fun when looking at my stage too, can’t it?

Q: But when the audience look at your performance, they think that it is “beautiful” or “sexy”.
Jongin: I like a beautiful and sexy performance as well. But beyond that, I think that emotion clearly exists. For example when I did “Baby, Don’t Cry”, it was the same choreography and movement but I could show different performance according to my emotion on that particular day. One day I expressed a hopeless story, one day a light emotion. Other day I dressed the stage with a good feeling.

Q: Did your emotion change every day when you performed “Baby, Don’t Cry” for 44 times?
Jongin: Yes, it changed every day. Because every day my mood is different. I dance based on the mood at that time, before I go up on stage. Therefore there was a day when I danced while smiling, other day I added some movements. The details were slightly different, there was also a time when I buried my head [in my hands]. I always did a little differently in those 44 performances. That is the kind of performance I seek to do.

Q: The gesture of you sweeping your head while standing up on “Baby, Don’t Cry” last part is very sexy. Did you aim for it?
Jongin: You can see it that way. I aimed to do “Baby, Don’t Cry” last movement perfectly. Haha, but for the rest I did not aim for it. My hair was long and as I did the performance I sweated so I swept my hair a lot.

Q: When you dance, it seems like you season it with ballet feelings. Do you also add ballet movements to “Baby, Don’t Cry” dance?
Jongin: I didn’t insert ballets movement intentionally. But the basis of all dance is ballet and since I was young I have done ballet so naturally in my movements [the ballet feeling] oozes.

Q: What is the most memorable stage in EXO PLANET #2 The EXO’luXion?
Jongin: “El Dorado” is the most memorable. Lyrics and LED sticks, as well as the gold outfit and other things that form “El Dorado” might be very childish if put into text. But the performance was not the least bit childish and very cool [instead]. That was the director’s [Shim Jaewon] strength. For me “El Dorado” performance shows the end of the directing. If we consider it as movies, it can be The Lord of the Rings or Spiderman. If we only think about the story, they might feel like a cartoon but they really are not childish at all, aren’t they?

Q: When do you think you commune with the audience during EXO PLANET #2 The EXO’luXion?
Jongin: Director Shim Jaewon emphasised, “Make eye contact with the audience a lot.” I also agreed with it. During the concert performance, I intended to commune with the audience while looking at them one by one. Different to broadcast performances, at concert performances while communing with the audience the energy is boiling? It’s simply feeling like “You are looking at me too right? I am also looking at you.” I think the real commune is as a singer, boiling up the audience’s energy on stage and communicate together.

Q: During this concert tour, there were times when you felt upset because of the injury. On the other hand, is there a thing that you obtained thanks to the injury?
Jongin: Yes. Before EXO PLANET #2 The EXO’luXion [dot] I injured my leg that I intuitively think “I will not be able to stand on the stage”. It was very hard after that day. Because it was a performance of EXO PLANET #2 The EXO’luXion tour finale that I had waited for, my mental pain was huge too. After EXO PLANET #2 The EXO’luXion Seoul first concert, due to small injury I think I do not have a lot of concerts that I am 100% satisfied with. So I prepared hard to perform a performance that I would be 100% satisfied with in EXO PLANET #2 The EXO’luXion [dot] but in the end I got an injury so I was very dejected. To the extent where I wanted to run away from EXO PLANET #2 The EXO’luXion [dot]. I am very sorry towards the audience and the members. When the concert started, I went up on stage and performed at my part and down after my part was done. It was very awkward and I was embarrassed. When I was up on the stage, I always faced the audience and smiled but below the stage I feel like crying. The thought like “What am I doing right now?” kept whirling in my head, and I was really jealous at the members who danced on stage. Then there were times when I went near to the audience area by lift and communicated with them, in the end I could not hold my tears. The emotions that I supressed, exploded. And at the same time, I received consolation from the audience. From that day, I thought about what kind of performance I could do while sitting on the chair, gradually I got used to the performances that I was given. The lesson that I felt from that time is for me to be satisfied and to show the audience an even better performance, “Let’s take a good care.”

Q: In an interview, you have ever said, “At the time when I do not dance, I gain a lot of things”. If you became the audience and saw EXO’s performance, what would you feel?
Jongin: There was a time when I said, “I also want to see EXO’s concert as an audience.” But because of this injury, I basically have experienced it. There were a lot of feelings that I felt when I looked at EXO stages from below the stage. After looking from outside, at which part the audience went wild, which part I felt lacking, I got to know the strengths and witnesses of EXO stages. I think in the future it will be the foundation of the performances that we will show. Referring to the things I felt, reflecting them on the next concert, I think we will be able to show a better performance and do better.​

Translated by choconini.

More Writing Prompts.

Because, instead of working on the stuff I already have, I thought, “Why not make more prompts?!”

Angst-y Love Prompts:

  • Sometimes lying is the right thing to do, so I lied to you.
  • Pretending like nothing is wrong is only going to make things worse.
  • I loved you, once upon a time.
  • What’ll happen when I wake up, and you’re not there?
  • You say you love me, but all you’ve ever done is hurt me!
  • I thought ignoring the way I feel would make me fall out of love.
  • You can’t do this to me! Not now!
  • I wonder if I’m better off without you.
  • I’ve done bad things, but let me ask you… am I that shitty of a person…?
  • They left me for a reason, you know…

Romantic Prompts:

  • I love you more than anything…
  • I’m so lucky to have you.
  • I love you! I’ve always loved you, and to have you look at me the way I look at you… Well… That’s my dream.
  • I’m never going to let you go, not without a fight.
  • What do you want me to do? Kiss you in the rain? Buy you a dozen roses? As long as you’re happy, I’ll do anything.
  • The way you make me feel is the way I felt when I ate all of the marshmallows out of a Lucky Charms box. Pure joy.
  • I look at you, and I see all of the things I wish I was…
  • I can feel my heart beat faster when I think about you.
  • Are you going to kiss me, or are you just going to stand there?
  • Marry me.

Fluffy Prompts:

  • This is my favorite song!
  • I don’t think that’s considered dancing, it’s more of a flailing action.
  • If you keep eating french fries, you’re going to turn into one.
  • Can I borrow a pillow?
  • So, that’s a no to the roller coaster?
  • You took my jacket like a month ago, can I have it back?
  • I’d split a candy bar with you.
  • Why are you shoes on the stove?
  • What if aliens really do exist? just… Think about it!
  • You set someone’s hair on fire in Chemistry last year.

I’m in love with my Best Friend Prompts:

  • I want to find someone and I want to tell them, “You deserve to be in an art museum because of how beautiful you are.”
  • Can I sleep here with you…? The movie really scared me…
  • I don’t have a date and I don’t want to go alone…
  • H-He’s not my boyfriend(alt: S-She’s not my girlfriend).
  • I remember when we first met…
  • When are you going to tell them that you love them?
  • You look really beau… nice…
  • I keep dating all these other people in hopes that my feelings for you would go away.
  • I never loved them, I love you.
  • I fell in love with my best friend… And i’m not ashamed that I have.

Roommates Prompts:

  • Let’s play a game to get to know each other.
  • It’s cheaper than living on your own, dude.
  • Stop leaving the toilet seat up!
  • What do you mean you ate my last hot pocket?
  • It’s your turn to do dishes tonight.
  • You lost the spare key to the apartment?
  • You’ve been in the bathroom for like, an hour.
  • The girl you brought over last night put a hole in our wall.
  • Give it a rest, I’m trying to sleep over here!

Totally Angst-y/Angry Prompts:

  • I can’t stop the bleeding.
  • They’re… dead…
  • I hate you!
  • I was sent here to kill you.
  • I thought there was good in you, but there’s nothing but disgust and hatred now.
  • I stopped feeling emotions a long time ago.
  • They weren’t strong enough to save you, and because of their foolishness, you’re mine now.
  • Nothing will bring them back! You can’t… turn back time!
  • You tore my heart out and crushed it with your own hands.
  • Fuck you.

anonymous asked:

Do you think Lucaya has any chance after the finale?

Yes and here’s why.

Ski Lodge, for all that it did, didn’t change the fact that Lucas had genuine feelings for Maya. Whatever she may or may not have been feeling, whatever emotions she was dealing with (and I think Texas, C&T, and a host of other episodes make it very clear that what she was feeling was legit), Lucas’ feelings were never reneged on. Right up until the minute where Maya “sends” him to Riley, it’s still stated that he likes them both. He never takes that back and I think that that’s important.

They could have had Lucas and Maya come to some mutual understanding that they don’t have romantic feelings for each other, but what we got was Maya shutting things down and Lucas just sort of rolling with it because there was no other choice. Maya’s “I know you go all crazy about me in the fire light, but can I sit” and Lucas’ “You can take your chances” was hardcore, blatant flirting.

And this is minutes before Maya sends him over to Riley (whom I think he was back to leaning towards at thispoint anyways, but that’s a whole other can of worms).

The point is, there’s clearly still an attraction there and the fact that it doesn’t get shut down 100% before rilucas embarks on their own relationship is something that would concern me if I shipped them.

Don’t get me wrong, once rilucas is together, they’re together and lucaya isn’t a high key thing. They mostly only exist in subtext (though some of it pushes the boundaries of subtext and blatant context). Lucas is a good guy, for the most part. Maya said she didn’t want a nice guy. She shut things down. He likes Riley. Riley’s a nice girl. They like each other and that’s sort of where we’re at. None of them would do anything to jeopardize what they currently have going on because, on a surface level, it works. That said, the outcome of Ski Lodge was a surface level solution to a deep rooted issue.

And I think, in time, those deeper rooted issues will come back to the surface. Only a matter of time.

Not right now, of course. Not any time soon. I’ll be real, I think lucaya shippers will need to be content with the fact that they probably won’t see much in the way of high key until sometime into season 4, if there even is one.

That’s just how it is. Rilucas needs to play out. Josh and Maya need to play out. Hopefully season 3 and a bit of season 4, should we get one, will be enough to do that and then lucaya can come back without the obstacle of other unresolved “what ifs” in the way (unlike rilucas’ current situation, where Lucas and Maya are still very much a what if.)

It’s important to talk about and recognize the fact that PhD students are young professionals in the early stages of their career and not just ~students because by the time you get your PhD you are literally an expert in your field

I’m sick of the “millennials are going to grad school to put off starting their life” thing because like, it makes people not take me seriously when I talk about what I do. I shouldn’t have to explain to literally everyone who isn’t also in grad school that getting a PhD is literally a full time job.

Anyways we should exclusively refer to PhD students as “early career scientists/academics” instead of grad students because until professional students (med/law students etc.) our training consists of actively contributing to our field. And maybe then more than just the STEM folks can get paid a living wage.

Am I ever going to color this? DOUBTFUL. 

It’s an alternate Link design. That shit’s my bread and butter. You might even say the only thing I can draw is alternate Links. 

And no, I couldn’t find a way to elegantly incorporate the garden gnome hat. And yes I made the sword really thin. I like to call this Dark Souls chic.

Anyway, I don’t mind if you decide to delete this dumbass diatribe, but feel free to at least credit me dawg.

So I had a few days to think after Monday…I’ll admit, I was disappointed when Roman lost because when you’re so attached to a wrestler, it starts to feel like their loses are your loses, you know? But after really taking the time to think about the bigger picture, Roman losing was probably the best thing that’s happened to him in two years. 

This is the first time that none of us know what’s going to happen with him, and it’s such a welcome fucking feeling. I can’t explain it. He can go anywhere now, and he’s finally getting a break. No more pressure to live up to these outlandish expectations, no more articles about how he’s being pushed to Mt. Olympus, no more worrying about Roman being boo’ed out of the building because we know he’s going to win a match. 

His slate has finally been wiped clean, and it feels so good to say that. I was iffy about Foley at first, but my faith is with him right now because he knows what he’s doing. Roman doesn’t need to fight for a title to remain relevant. The best wrestlers always faltered before becoming all-time greats, and Roman’s star is gonna shine even brighter now that he’s getting some breathing room.

Don’t think of his depush as a punishment. See it as a new beginning. 


First of all, I will be posting this on all my sideblogs and main so yeah.

I do not and will not reblog most things that say “You’re heartless if you don’t reblog”. I say most because I might every once and awhile, depending on it’s content.

This is not because I disagree with its message (maybe it is but most of the time that is not the reason), or because I believe it will “ruin” my blogs general theme. This is because I feel massively uncomfortable with pressure and guilting. By uncomfortable, I mean going into a spiral of /bad/ thoughts which can range from the want to self-harm to suicidal thoughts.

Majority of you will just presume I’m making up excuses, well I will try to care less about your opinion of this post. I am working on minding myself and I’d rather not indirectly harm others through simply reblogging.

You have a bad, mental health? It’s hard to study? Yeah, I got ya’. I’ve suffered from a bad mental health for almost 3 years now. So, I’ll give some tips and tell how I do.

Make sure you feel clean.
I cannot stress this enough. Feeling clean and refreshed helps so much, and I absolutely can’t study if I feel dirty og sweaty.

Get some fresh air.
Mostly I open my windows and go for a short walk to clear my mind. My walk is 20 min and I listen to music. I sit down and relax a bit when I come home, just to get my body temperature down again, since I go for a really fresh walk.

Make something to eat and drink. And go to the toilet.
Let it be a healthy and easy thing. I love making smoothies, and I eat whatever I make before I start studying, so I won’t get hungry and spend time eating when I have to study. But do bring a glass or bottle of water to your study session.
I go to the toilet so I don’t have to quit a good session because I need a pee.

Clean your room and study space.
At least just a bit. I can’t take it when it’s too clean or too messy, so I need to find a balance. This helps me a lot and prepare me to actually sit down and study at my desk. If you’re most comfortable with studying in your bed, please dot it. Do it where it’s the easiest way possible for you. Desk, floor, bed, toilet - don’t care about it.

Find whatever you need for your study session.
For me, it is my computer, a notebook, pen, highlighter and book. Just make sure you have anything you need.

Seems like I do a lot of stupid things and spend too much time before? Probably, but I need it. I even take breaks and go in my phone between I do those things.

The hard part. Studying.
You feel like you want to cry, but you have 10 pages to read. 8 math problems. Everything seems so overwhelming, so now it’s time for you to break it down and set goals.
If I have a really bad day, I will probably cry after reading just two lines. 10 pages seems too much. But hey, it’s okay. Cry if you need it. Then, after, I tell myself to just read one page. Just read it. Don’t take notes, just read the one page. It is one page less to read. You can’t overcome to read one more? Okay, put the book down, take a break. You feel like you can read one more page, or maybe read the page again, and take notes? Yeah, good! Do it! Continue if you feel like.
The important thing here is to push yourself a bit, but also listen to yourself. If you really can’t more after 1 page or 2 two math problems, it is okay. It is perfectly fine because you actually did something. You studied. I am proud of you and you are no failure. Please just don’t do more than you can handle. But be honest to yourself. You shall not just slack off and do nothing because you feel bad. At least give it a try. BUT, sometimes you need to take a day off.

Disclaimer: having a really bad mental health is pretty hard. You don’t have to study 3 hours a day if you can’t do it. Just studying for 15 minutes can be a huge goal for someone to complete. I don’t say you should slack on your school stuff - not at all. I don’t say this will work for everyone either.

Good luck to everyone who has a bad mental health or don’t really feel like studying. Now that all of you can reach out to me. I will listen and talk to you guys with pleasure.

can you feel it right now? (10/?)

summary: When Emma Swan agrees to let her annoying neighbor Killian Jones join her to go to the grocery store, the last thing she could have ever anticipated is becoming his wife over the course of a conversation with some people from his past. (based off of this prompt: you asked me to the store with you and your child, and now my distant relative we met thinks i’m married with a baby)

word count: ~5000

also found on:, ao3

catch up here: one, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight, nine


Killian has been gone for a few hours helping with the big town sidewalk clean up adventure with David and the officer she’d met at Granny’s, who apparently is the sheriff, Graham.

It’s fine by her, because ever since their quick talk about boundaries in regards to their fake relationship, he’d seemed moody and frustrated. It serves him right, to be honest, because he’s the one that pushed too hard.

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I called my ex to get closure from our year and a half relationship. He sent me a text asking me “can this be quick? I’m really tired.” I said yeah and he called me back. The whole time I was telling him my feelings he was burping and making jokes about other things and ended up ending the phone call with me to go to sleep saying we could talk another time.

I blocked him on everything and I try to tell myself I’m ok but there are times where I randomly start crying hysterically. I don’t know if it’s because I allowed myself to fall for someone like that or if it’s just knowing I couldn’t mean less to someone I thought really loved me just a few months ago.

~♡Jungkook’s Dating Timeline♡~

Request: Could you do a BTS dating timeline like you did with Big Bang?

~ This is just my own personal opinion~

How long he takes to ask you out:

I think with Kookie, he’d have to feel very confident that you were going to say yes before even thinking about asking you out. I feel like he’d psych himself out and basically talk himself out of asking you out with “what ifs”. The last thing he’d want to be is rejected, because I feel like that for Jungkook would be extremely embarrassing and it’d take him a long time to recover from it. I can see you most likely having to make the first move and asking him out yourself.

How long he takes to post a picture of you or with you on social media after having your relationship gone public:

Aside from Yoongi, Jungkook I think is the most lowkey out of all the members in terms of posting pictures. It’s already rare for him to post a picture on twitter so I think it’d be even rarer for him to post a picture of you, after having your relationship gone public. For some reason, I see him as the member to value privacy the most. I think he probably wouldn’t ever post pictures of you, not because he’s ashamed of you but simply because he wanted your relationship to at least be the one thing he could keep to himself.

How long he takes to hold your hand:

…Ahh…because jungkook is still young I think he’s still very shy when it comes to any type of skin ship with the opposite sex. I think Jungkook would wait at least a week before even thinking about holding your hand. If you were to hold his sooner though, he wouldn’t mind but I think he’d be very flustered ahaha

How long he takes to kiss you for the first time:

Hm…he would not kiss you on the first date nor the second or third. I think your first kiss wouldn’t even happen for at least a month. Jungkook I think would need to at least sort of comfortable around you enough to kiss you. I think with Jungkook he has to feel I guess safe and accepted around someone before initiating any type of skin ship. I think he’d be really nervous about your first kiss because he wouldn’t want to screw it up in any way and after he kissed you I can see this cutie getting all insecure and shy and asking you if it was good

How long he takes to make out with you:

Once again, this may take awhile. I want to say at least 3 months? Even then, I feel as if you’d have to be the one to initiate it 😂😂😂  or tbh if kookie was just feeling particularly cocky and confident one day…he’d just go for it

How long he takes to have sex with you:

Ok so…I know I’ve probably said this a dozen times but he’d have to be comfortable around you. And when I say comfortable I mean completely. Like he’d want to be comfortable enough to know that even if he didn’t do something right you wouldn’t laugh. It’d probably happen some time near the first time he said “I love you”.  I think during your first time together you’d have to compliment and reassure  him a lot simply to give him the confidence to fully let himself go

How long he takes to propose:

I think how long he’d take to propose depends on how old he is when you guys date. If you guys were to date now, considering the age he’s at, he’d know he was too young to even be thinking about that. I think he’d want to at least be 25 if he were to propose  but that doesn’t mean he wouldn’t fantasize about having you as a wife even at an early age. If you were to date around the time he’s that age (25) he’d probably propose in 2-4 years.


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Jungkook would be such a meme as a boyfriend and I cry bc he’s such a dork i love him…anyways, this is the last one! I hope you all enjoyed this<3

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In your eyes what dose mystic and instinct look like in your eyes ?

Candela’s Team Conclusions

Team Mystic: Their leader is pretty hot, I mean they definitely have that going for them. They are a smart bunch, quick to plan if things go wrong, but are easily caught off-guard due to their massive group numbers. If I were to compare the team to something, it would probably be that stuffy quietness during a test or in a library. They have the most support out of any team, and their cold and quick actions make them hard to fight against when taking gyms. As a team that focuses on the pure mental aspect of pokemon, you can expect them to be collected and coordinated. A threat if all goes according to their plan. I feel that they are our toughest competition, but they (like us) are very quick to attack the other teams if they have had a bad experience with any of its members.

Team Instinct: The life of the party! It’s satisfying to see such a hard-working group of trainers taking their underdog role proudly. Their leader is a goofball, and a kindhearted kid. Discouraged easily, but they are quick to make friends, even if someone took their gym from under their noses. What they lack in size, they make up for in spirit. They are sporadic and scattered, leaving them to be overwhelmed often. As a team that trusts their guts, you can expect them to appear suddenly and knock their opponents off their feet. Aren’t that much of a threat, but they will serve to be some serious competition, so long as there are more than one in an area. It’s easy to joke around with them, and they are very proud of their team, even though they are very small.

Overall, all three teams are fantastic in their own ways. We all have our flaws, and we all have things we are especially good at. So long as we keep up the friendly and competitive environment that Pokemon GO has to offer us, all teams will succeed and we will definitely all be pokemon masters one day

- Candela

lmao i kind of love the idea that Blue thinks Adam liked Ronan first

hear me out: ronan’s interest in adam was actually not all that obvious bc ronan is good at hiding his feelings (except to adam, who was looking at him/analyzing him a lot) and a lot of it happened when they were alone together. but blue knows what it looks like when adam like someone, bc she was once the object of his affections. secondly, she and ronan have a few things in common and it can actually be difficult to recognize that in another person, so she might not see it from ronan’s pov.

btw this is not to say that blue spends a lot of her time considering ronan and adam’s relationship– she has her own shit going on, obviously– but in bllb it’s her narration that talks about how “ronan and adam kept disappearing places together” and “they looked winsome and brave, trusting of Cabeswater or of each other” in the cave together. so she’s noticed that something has changed between them, esp since when she entered the group they were still kind of antagonistic. and bllb is also when she realizes that ronan isn’t all that bad so it probably becomes more foreseeable to her that someone could like him in a romantic way. (blue also hates to be left out so i can see her being like whAT’S THIS– oh wait. hmm.)

so after it’s clear that adam and ronan are together, like during/after trk, she’s like “i’m so happy for you, adam!! i don’t really know what you see in him but you got the boy!!” and he’s just like “wait– but– you don’t understand, he liked me first and–” and then ultimately he realizes it doesn’t really matter and is like. fine, yes. i got the boy. yes i like him a whole damn lot. yes i have been working up to it for a long time. thank u for your support.

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Is it safe to keep trying to contact your twin flame if they are not responding back to you, although you know that they are in love with you?

Let them go, and move on. If they can’t express and display how they really feel, then they are not ready to truly love at all. Please drop the twin flame label, I am observing that it’s doing more harm than good. Analyze how the person is treating you, that is what matters.

When someone truly loves you, they will be concerned about your well-being - wanting to know if you’re simply ok, and be around you… the (minor things). So if they are refraining from real communication and bonding, let them be. It’s not worth the stress when you can be around souls who truly want to connect. Life is short.

I will not be answering questions in regards to twin flames for a while.

If anyone would like to read more information about twin flames here are some articles that go more in-depth on this topic.

Twin Flames vs Soulmates

Twin Flames… (The Initial Meeting)

Twin Flames… (The Egos)

Twin Flames… (Trust)

Twin Flames… (The Conclusion)

False Twin Flames, Karmic Attachment, A Spiritual & Psychological Fusion


Make me choose: @peytonsluke asked:
→  Phole or Stelena

When you and I were together every atom in my body told me that it was the right thing, that we were the  p e r f e c t  fit. And that kind of love, it can change your whole life. 

Secret Admirer!Bambam

[Secret Admirer!GOT7 6/7]

  • Awww this idiot as a secret admirer it would be cute and so awkward
  • Like can you imagine this idiot doing something cute but having it go completely wrong?
  • But making it a big deal and completely embarrass himself?
  • He’s such an idiot I love him.
  • Okay lets begin
  • Bambam would fall in love with his close personal friend after so long
  • I mean he seems like that type to date around but get his heart broken constantly
  • Picture it as a high school type of drama thing
  • He would date all the problematic people in class
  • He wasn’t a fuckboy he was the sweetheart but time and time again he got his heart broken
  • But you were his best friend so you did two things 1. talked mad shit every single time about his decisions and 2. comfort him
  • Sure you liked him but you weren’t going to ruin a friendship over you having a crush on him.
  • Plus you thought he would never have any feelings for you.
  • Well you were wrong on that way wrong on that.
  • You see Bambam has always had a thing for you but he never thought you would say yes when he confessed to you.
  • All the girls he dated resembled you in some sort of way. Like some had the same hobbies of you stuff like that
  • But he got tired of waiting around hoping you would show some type of affection for him so he took matters in his own hands.
  • He always had a thought of how he would confess for you but he was too chicken
  • BUT he finally decided to do it.
  • He knew you had this one weird obsession that he thought was super cute. So let his plan activate
  • You and Bambam shared a few classes together but the one the two of you both loved was astronomy. 
  • The study of stars, space, and the possibility of aliens. 
  • One day you wanted to be a complete nerd and have a star named after you.
  • That was a far fetched idea but you really wanted ti.
  • Everyday for two weeks when you walked right into your astronomy class there was a picture of the night sky that has a bunch of stars, constellations, and planets.
  • At first you thought it was a group thing or project but no one else had it and the teacher played dumb.
  • You were getting stares every single day in class
  • During the second the week the pictures were being zoomed in on a specific area.
  • You remember when you gave Bambam shit for his exs? Well he was giving shit over this
  • he would say things like “this has the be the world’s lousiest stalker because wtf is this?”
  • You were getting annoyed by the whole thing because you couldn’t figure out what it meant. 
  • Friday you were staying late at school because of some after school activity and when you had to go to your locker to grab your books 
  • but when you opened your locker door about 40 pictures of that was the same one that was left at your class.
  • At the back of your locker there was a message saying “meet me in the middle of the football field in 30 minutes. love your secret admirer.
  • You were like wtf cause how was this a secret admirer.
  • this is the worlds shittest secret admirer” kept going through your mind over and over.
  • When you walked to the football field you didn’t see the bright lights on, you say tiny little lights in the center.
  • When you got to the middle of the field you say a telescope and a guy that was your suppose to be your secret admirer.
  • He, this guy, turned around and you see that its Bambam.
  • Before you can say anything he spoke first.
  • “Look okay this was the worst way of me of confessing but when you find out what that picture means it’ll be a awesome way of confessing. You always wanted a star named after you so that’s what I got you. Come look.”
  • Literally you were dying on the inside but as you were about to look rain happened..
  • A lot of it.
  • And a lot of screams happened as well.
  • You see Bambam’s friends were screaming loud. Especially this blonde kid and he went running to his car and slipped into a a pile of mud. stupid ass jackson
  • You went running towards the bleachers with Bambam.
  • You made an agreement that tomorrow night the both of you were going to go on a date and see the star tomorrow.
Bucky, boyfriend material?

Sometimes when I’m bored I start imagining how Bucky would be as a boyfriend. Like I’m pretty sure there would be lots of snuggling and him being tender torwards his gf. He would watch her while she sleeps beacuse why would he want to go back to his nightmares when he has the most amazingly soft and sweet and caring person in real life? And he would often wonder about that, how could a someone so pure love him so much? He didn’t deserve that.

I think he would often get really insecure because everyone knew the things he had done and he wasn’t even 100% human because of his stupid arm and he would never be able to give his girl the life she deserved, with a nice house, even a couple of dogs and a family. She deserved a really big family and Bucky didn’t even know if he wanted one. I mean, children? They would never feel good around him and they would never be proud of him because he had only done bad things and in the end they would only be known as the kids whose dad was an assassin.

He would have those days, though, more often than not, when he wouldn’t want to leave the house, wanting only to stay on the couch with his baby snuggled against his chest, half a sleep and dishiveled, with their favorite tv show playing softly in the background, and she would softly sponge kisses on his colarbone and on that spot where metal meets warm skin because she knew he still got uncomfortable and afraid he’d lose control over his bionic arm and hurt her. She always wanted him to know, though, that she fully trusted him with her life and loved that arm as much as she loved the rest of him, because in her eyes he was perfect and it didn’t really matter what he had done in the past because it hadn’t even been his fault and he needed to understand that once and for all.

When Bucky was having a bad day or feeling extra bad about himself, his girlfriend would always try to cheer him up, by making him pancakes with extra syrup and extra whipped cream and orange juice. If that didn’t work then she would search for every single one of his favorite old movies she had stored for days like this and let him lay his head on her lap under a thick fluffy blanket while she would pet his hair just above his neck, where he liked it the most.

I can imagine Bucky being really possessive and jealous too, never wanting to leave his girl alone when they went out with their friends, afraid she would meet someone better and leave him. He would always have an arm around her waist or her back against his chest, pulling her closer whenever he thought he had seen a guy staring at her. Tony would always pick on him whenever he got jealous making Bucky blush adorably, a smal pout on his lips and his arms crossed over his chest like a little boy.

When it came to intimacy, Bucky would try his hardest to be gentle, always afraid of hurting his baby and savoring every second of tenderness she showed torwards him, because with all he had seen and went through he craved softness and caresses although he would never admit it. There were times though, maybe when a mission didn’t went as smoothly, when he would just get home and frantically make love to his girl as if it was the last time he would ever be with her. He would beg for her touch and bury his nose on her neck trying to get lost in her scent, while his hands memorized every inch of her flawless, soft, warm skin.

One of the things he loved the most though was when his girl would pull his shoulder lenght hair into a bun and shave his beard. She would make him sit still and carefully apply some shaving cream on his face, gently shaving everything after. It made him feel special and cared for, a warm fuzzy feeling taking place on his stomach while he would watch her focused expression, a little wrinkle on that smooth space between her eyebrows he loved to kiss, trying her hardest not to hurt him and not to miss any spot. And when they made eye contact he couldn’t help but to softly smile at her, with his big round blue eyes full of love because god, he loved her so much and if all the crap he had been through had to happen in order for him to be with his perfect baby then it had all been so worth it and he would go through it all again in a heart beat.