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Dadvid Appreciation Week 01: The Moment Where David Became Dadvid.

Decided to draw up what I can only label as the scene right before the events of SOSO unfold. Also I may have cheated and did the angsty stuff for today rather than on the assigned day, but oh well!

Hey, David, guess who’s your new foster child? Your favorite Camp Campbell camper, with a shit ton more depression and anxiety added~!

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i’m really happy with the article!!!! ;;___;; i’m glad i got this opportunity to address the problem of how people see fanart as a “lower” form of creative work and how fan communities are challenging that very notion by taking digital content to the next level. fandoms are great and reinforce lots of faith in community support. i’m very thankful for each and everyone of you.

Hello lovelies! 

This, as you may have guessed from the lovely banner by @meetevil, is a Halloween collab that will take place during the last days of October. I’m collaborating with six other wonderful writers and I can assure you all that these upcoming fics will be so spooky to give you the best nightmares!

Will you be brave enough to dare and read them? 🎃

🎃 Namjoon ↠ A Story By The Campfire by @lily-blue | 25/10

🎃 Seokjin ↠ The Edge Of Light Where Darkness Begins by @dat-town | 26/10

🎃 Yoongi Magic Of The Night by @spoopyi | 27/10

🎃 Hoseok ↠ Sharpen Your Teeth by @spookyfuchs | 28/10

🎃 Jimin ↠ The Night Of Fears by @restlessmaknae | 29/10

🎃 Taehyung ↠ Candyman by @lthyl | 30/10

🎃 Jungkook ↠ In The Mourning by @meetevil | 31/10

Hi hi I feel kinda nice!! 🤗
About to watch one of my favourite movies, “Birdman”, by the amazing Alejandro Gonzalez Inarritu, for the thousandth time (this movie is a MUST SEE, it’s phenomenal!!!!), and earlier my friend and I went to this get together with someone we hadn’t talked to for ages and it was really really lovely‼️💓💓💓💓


it is cartoon networks 25th birthday today. despite them going down hill the past few years with miller, you at least have to admit they did a really good job on the bumper.

fdkfjslfdja ppl are mad that the female protagonist in The Shape of Water doesn’t speak oh my goD she’s the main character nonetheless and communicates with sign language…her “voice” has not been taken away, she just doesn’t communicate in a way that the average person is used to. the force of her voice isn’t heard by her oppressors for precisely that reason - she is “otherized” for it, much like the creature in the tank is for being what he is - and somehow I doubt he speaks conventionally either. that doesn’t mean either of them have no agency. 


Philosophical Science Fiction films (of this century)

“Science fiction is the most important literature in the history of the world, because it’s the history of ideas, the history of our civilization birthing itself. …Science fiction is central to everything we’ve ever done, and people who make fun of science fiction writers don’t know what they’re talking about.” 

                              ~ Ray Bradbury

“You’ve gotta dance everyday. Everyday, you’ve gotta dance!”

an inktober that went too far off the rails

  • Draco: I wasn't even that drunk last night.
  • Harry: You were flirting with me...
  • Draco: You're my boyfriend.
  • Harry: You asked me if I was single and when I told you I wasn't you started crying.
  • Draco: ... Yeah that sounds like me.