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Ten Male Characters

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Obviously, you’re gonna see some Tolkien on here Ha! And I’m not even gonna try and rank these guys XD

-Aragorn, LoTR (quite possibly my first real literary crush)
-Kell Maresh, A Darker Shade of Magic 
-Maedhros, The Silm (yeah so sue me. I loved him from the moment I read “tall” and “red hair” the rest was a bonus)
-Finrod, The Silm 
-Moryo, The Silm
-Steve Rogers, Marvel/MCU
-Duncan the Tall, A Knight of the Seven Kingdoms
-The 9th Doctor, Doctor Who
-Thranduil (Book Thranduil, although I do appreciate Lee Pace’s take on him)
-Mal Reynolds, Firefly

I wanted to keep going. And yes #silmelves took over the list. I’m not even sorry. 

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mist and shadow
cloud and shade
all shall fade

all shall fade


Legolas reports back to his father.

Wherever You Will Go

Pairing: Prince!Thranduil x reader

Summary: King Oropher tries to make his son take an interest in brides he deems suitable to become Queen, but Thranduil only has eyes for you, a soldier in the King’s guard

Warnings: Oropher’s kind of a dick

A/N: I’m always down for a good forbidden romance. This is my first time writing Thranduil, hope you enjoy!

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ladies and gentlemen my autocorrect

i mean sure

(also, German??? wat)

yeah yeah mhm cool cool let’s go on

i mean, do you guys know how many words in polish start with “gło” or “głó” but noo apparently i use glorfindel more often yes I do

okay autocorrect i admit this time you suggested my main character’s name and not Elrond or Elladan or Elrohir okay you got a point

and yet

not even three letters

should i start being concerned or-

ooh sibling combo

yep my tumblr tags….. obviously

autocorrect are you even trying to come up with something else

and to crown it all

*squints eyes at Melkor and Sauron*

follow train

yeaaaa again 


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sigridhr said to dwimmerlaiks: for the palette meme, can i suggest for galadriel in figues? only if it strikes your fancy :) <3

I meant to draw artanis-vacationing-in-alqualonde again, but it turned out kind of weird lol. I’m gonna give this prompt another go but in the meantime, here’s try n1

Moments and Memories- Chapter Twelve

I’ve missed writing so much!!! You have no idea!!! I’m hoping to write more throughout the weekend and next week, but for now I’m finally updating Moments and Memories! Thank you so much for being patient with me through the recent mess- I truly love and appreciate all of you <3 Enjoy!

I swallow as I sit on the bed, legs crossed as I watch Chris move around the bedroom, his suitcase lying in front of me. Dodger is beside me, head in my lap as his tail droops off the bed, whining a little.

Chris pauses, looking at Dodger helplessly as he holds his blue henley in his hands. “Come on, buddy… You know I have to go…”

I scratch the dog’s head gently, unable to look at Chris as I try to keep my breathing steady. I know he doesn’t have a choice, but it doesn’t make it any easier. “He probably thinks you’re going to send him away for a bit again.”

He sets the shirt down and perches on the edge of the bed, gently scratching behind Dodger’s ears. “You’re going to be here, buddy. You’ll be here with (Y/N),”

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anonymous asked:

My Grammy was a teacher, and I would spend part of the summer with her when she had some classes to teach and I didn't. This was in the third grade. Anyways, she installed me in the library for about half the day, and when she came back to get me for lunch I was thumping around chanting about Hobbits. I had found LotR and the Hobbit. I ended up being a Hobbit for Halloween that year.

But did you go to Isengard?

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(All asks without a story are tagged Caffeine Answers. I’m not currently accepting any more book stories! We’ll have to have another day of them :) For now I’ve closed my ask until I can get through all these awesome stories!)

Five Things I Love

@thedaddycomplex tagged me in the five things I love thing and now I feel like I have to make them all “extra awesome.” So. Much. Pressure. Btw, if you aren’t following him, I will forgive you only if you remedy it immediately!!! Don’t even read the rest of this post, click his name *immediately*, then click follow, and then write me a thank you note for making sure you didn’t miss out on such an amazing blog.

1. Movies, movie dates, and talking about movies. I’m a slut for a good movie date. Just in case you were taking notes.

2. Crossfit. I’m sorry about this one, but it is what it is. I love it. Having a community who encourage you to embrace the suck is the only way I will do sucky things like burpees and running.

3. Sleeping in the rain. Can’t have one without the other. Having them together is the most satisfying thing, everrrrrrr. (Look, I already ruined my post by adding too many letters. It’s okay David, you can stop reading now.)

4. Disney World. Can I just go now? Please? No? Okay. Fine. ☹️

5. Any nerdy joke ever. LOTR, Star Wars, even Star Trek, if its nerdy and you make a joke about it, I will laugh far too hard to ever be considered a lady.

I tried to make them a little different, but because I’m such a bitch and only love a few things, there will always be some repeats.

Tagging anyone who hasn’t posted their five things in the past month. Go forth, post, and tag me in it, so I can see it!!!

One of the Fellow Legolas x (human) reader

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Summary as requested by anon:

 Could you pretty please write an imagine where the reader is a human female, and for some reasons, despite not having a talent finds herself accompanying the fellowship. Along the way Legolas has fallen in love with here and he always acts sweet to her, but then he starts becoming super affectionate and he’ll do things like: play with her hair. One evening as the fellowship is setting up camp by a river Legolas goes to scout and check out the area around them. While he’s gone reader and Boromir start discussing his strange affectionate behavior towards reader, and Aragorn casually states something along the lines of “he’s courting you” or “that’s how elves court” as if it were plain as day. Then reader is super awkward around Legolas for the rest of the evening until the rest of the Fellowship is asleep and her and Legolas are by the fire, and she asks him if it’s true? 

Part: ¼

Notes: I love this so far.

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Chris Birthday Drabble! - Whipped Cream

This has no specific plot, and it isn’t necessarily for Moments and Memories (even though I miss it). This is just a little drabble for our one and only Christopher Robert ❤️ May his birthday be amazing.

I bite my lips shyly as I lie back on the bed, toes curled as I watch Chris freeze in the doorway with wide eyes. “Happy Birthday?” I manage shyly, unable to hide my nerves.

Chris laughs hard, hand gripping his peck. “You little meatball,” He smiles, making his way over and watching me try not to cover myself. I have whipped cream over my breasts and mound- just like in his movie. “Is this my present?”

I flush. “Part of it. I figured you’d want a taste,” I tease, smirking.

His eyes darken. “Oh, I do.” He stalks closer, climbing on all fours until he’s hovering above me. “I’m going to lick every inch of you clean before eating my real dessert.” He dives down, licking the whipped cream off and humming. I arch, gasping, and he chuckles and nips my bud before moving to the next breast, ignoring my squirms and moans.

”Now I want dessert,” He growls darkly, scooting down to lap at my mound. I cry out, bucking my hips, but he simply pins them as he continues to work, licking me cleans before slowly working my folds, tongue entering my core. I moan loudly, arching, and he rubs my clit expertly until I cum hard, gasping for breath as he holds me tight in his arms.

”I love you so much,” I whisper against his chest. “Happy Birthday, Christopher,”

Chris kisses me deeply. “I love you more, princess. Go on and get some sleep- this year I intend to make you lose a few hours.”

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5 things you’ll find in my bag: Water Bottle, a few bits of make up, headphones, pencil, sketchbook, 

5 things you’ll find in my room: Books, Cosplay weapons, soft toys, action figures, lotr merchandise

5 things I’ve always wanted to do: Visit Sweden, Go camping with friends in the middle of the countryside, go to Stonehenge on the summer solstice, learn archery, buy a sword.

5 things that make me happy: Tea, Dairy Milk Chocolate, Adam, Lord of the Rings, Metal music.

5 things I’m currently into: Fantasy, History of Ancient Britain, Folk Metal, Painting, Horizon Zero Dawn

5 things on my to do list: Find somewhere to live, Get a job, finish my comic, learn 3d modelling, spend a day with some trees,

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20 questions tag

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Name: Marise

Nickname: Well…. okay so quite a lot. My dad used to shorten Marise to Mies when I was little, that became Miezemuis (muis means mouse in dutch) because it rhymed. My close friends now call me muis sometimes, Miezemuis and Mies remain names only my familymembers call me.

Zodiac sign: gemini, I KNOW people hate that sign! If it makes you feel any better: my ascendant is Libra :)

Height: 180 cm/5′10 - which makes the nickname ‘mouse’ quite strange.

Orientation: heterosexual as far as I know 

Nationality: Dutchieeee

Fav fruit: The fruit that I associate with my birthday month because that’s when I can get them fresh from the little farms around here: strawberries!

Fav season: I love every season but if I had to pick a favorite it would be summer. Generic but it’s the season for free time and making memories.

Fav flower: Poppies

Fav scent: The smell after a big summerstorm, countryroads at 3 am and incense.

Fav color: The green trees turn when the sun hits them and the blue of the atlantic ocean. 

Fav animals: matching with my girl Britte here ‘cause guineapigs all the way

Coffee, tea or hot cocoa: tea and hot cocoa

Average hours of sleep: 6-7 

Fav fictional character: Oef difficult… Probably, since I’ve been obsessed with the marauders recently, Sirius Black. I will always love Hermoine but also Cassian from the A Court Of.. series by Sara J. Maas!

Number of blankets you sleep with: 2, a normal one and a fleece one, even in summer because I need to sleep with some weight on me. 

Dream trip: Gosh… I’ve still seen so little of the world… I do love Rome and would love to go back there but also New Zealand because hello? LOTR!

blog created: I’m pretty sure I have this one for about 4 to 5 years? @vriendenverliefdheid is just a few weeks old. 

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I hope I didn’t forget anyone, some of you are my mutuals even though we have never talked soooo HIII! 

I had a long shift today that had some bad points (a customer wanting a void after he’d already paid for part of the order), some good points (realizing that I know where more things are now that I’ve been there for a bit), some funny ones (a customer buying all the fake hair we had in stock minutes after I put it out), and a few nice ones (complimenting a woman on her beautiful hijab and seeing her face light up at the compliment after seeming a bit down when she had first come up to the register), and so I wanted to do something to relax. Since I have a few days off, I decided that I’m going to re-read Sansukh and try live-blogging my re-read like I’ve seen some people do.

If you don’t want to see it, I’ll be tagging each post with ‘my liveblog’ ‘sansukh liveblog’ and ‘sansukh reread’. To try to keep from flooding anyone with too many posts, I’ll keep it to one post per chapter, just collecting my thoughts as I read and then posting them at the end of each chapter.

Also, if you are in the LOTR/Hobbit fandom and somehow don’t know what I’m talking about, it’s @determamfidd‘s amazing fic Sansukh. It has Bagginshield, Gigolas, Kili/Tauriel, and so many other amazing pairings. Starting with the summary, since that was what drew me in in the first place:

The battle was over, and Thorin Oakenshield awoke, naked and shivering, in the Halls of his Ancestors.

The novelty of being dead fades quickly, and watching over his companions soon fills him with grief and guilt. Oddly, a faint flicker of hope arises in the form of his youngest kinsman, a Dwarf of Durin’s line with bright red hair.

(Follows the story of the War of the Ring).

 (Bagginshield, Gimli/Legolas) In which recovery takes time, the dead members of the Company take to watching Gimli as though he’s a soap opera, the living struggle with being left behind, Legolas is confused, Khuzdul is abused, and Thorin is four feet and ten inches of guilt and anger.

Now, onto chapter 1 :)

Moments and Memories- Chapter Eleven

Yes, I edited this gif myself. Be nice to me, I know it isn’t that great. And a bit older than this fic is set. Anyway, I’ve missed this story so much! Thank you for being so patient, I really appreciate it <3 

I stir as the sunlight fills the room, turning in Chris’ arms to nose my face in the crook of his neck, humming as I melt into his warmth. Chris has been amazingly patient with me, understanding that I want to be a bit slow when it comes to sex, and I can’t be more grateful. He understands that I want to wait.

“Mmm,” Chris tugs me closer against him, making me gasp. I feel him smirk against my ear, nipping the lobe and laughing when I squeal. “Morning, gorgeous,”

I flush, hiding in his neck. “Morning, handsome,” I murmur shyly, loving his strong arms around me.

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10 favourite characters

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okay so I’ve done this meme a crapload of times and I don’t like listing always the same people so it’ll be characters that *weren’t* here, here, here, here, here and here which will… uhm automatically turn into REALLY NEW OR OBSCURE SHIT but anyway here we go, in no particular order

  1. jean valjean (les miserables)
  2. k (blade runner 2049)
  3. jimmy mcnulty (the wire)
  4. calamity jane (deadwod)
  5. brenda chenowith (sfu)
  6. faramir (lotr)
  7. major major major major (catch 22)
  8. sam vimes (discworld)
  9. richard harrow (boardwalk empire)
  10. marcus kane (the 100)

aaand tagging @lunavagantt @robb-greyjoy @feanoriel @ilgattopatata @erodiadeofasshai @sarah1281 @blueagia and whoever else wants to :D

LOTR/The Hobbit Human!Actors AU

So I’ve been thinking about this ask submitted by an Anon to cargsdoodles, and I really really want to expand on it!

So, I’m gonna. Original credit goes to Anon (whoever you are, wherever you are, I hope you don’t mind!).

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