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Quick announcement: I’m headed out of town for vacation tomorrow. I’ve got asks queued through Sunday but after that the blog will be on hiatus until I get back next Thursday. (Also just fyi, on scans: I ordered the magazine with Idol K but unfortunately it’s not going to make it here before I leave. Hopefully some kind soul will have the scans uploaded before I get back but if not I’ll scan it when I get home.)

Im amazed that there are a bunch of people so desperate to be called an artist, on instagram, that they actually print out photos of people and just do a bad job of colouring over them and post it as their own original art wtf. And they even have “self taught artist” in their bio. Dude what, did you teach yourself how to use a printer or what 😥


played around with floorplanner dot com and came up with Duck’s room (not the canon room layout but the one I envisioned for my fic)

The website is rly cool and a much better one than the floorplan designer i was using before, esp since its free, you can make like.. 12 layouts for free and save them all to your user

lance stans realizing that tyler labine saying hunk won’t be getting all that much character development in the next two ‘seasons’ is most likely because they’ll be focusing on lance’s arc….

You were my first friend

i just finished hxh for the first time
is there a way to keep on living