this is goin to be a good one!

Dating Damon Salvatore would include:

• you both walking around shirtless in the salvatore house
• piggyback rides
• day and night drinking
• literally everywhere
• y'all are like bunnies, keep on goin at it
• you guys break the bed at some point
• him trying his best to do selfless good for you
• you being adorably annoying to him
• being best friends with Stefan
• *whistles* “Damn, Y/N, you’re looking so hot today”
• “what? I wasn’t hot yesterday?”
• when he messes up, you give him a long talk about being stupid
• “I literally want to slap you and make love to you at the same time”
• stealing his shirts and wearing them
• cooking together
• when the mystic falls gang catches a bad guy, you convince Damon not to torture them
• “ Damon, you’re like, really ugly”
• “oh really? That’s why you were screaming my name last night”
• him making you blush like 24/7
• comforting each other
• road trips
• solving problems together
• adorable Damon when you guys are alone
• strip teases when y'all are feeling kinky
• cute forehead + temple kisses
• never giving up on each other when things go wrong



this text post by @incorrectnoragamiquotes inspired me!!

but my  style got too serious out of nowhere, i’ll probably clean up the “die?” panel and post it seperately cuz looks pretty good to me??idk here are more noragami comics of mine:

theyy are familyyy Part1///Part2////Part3  

anonymous asked:

Hi! So first off I love your art, I've been following you for a while and I love your style! I recently started drawing orcs myself for a project but I'm having a bit of trouble with making their mouths work, to make them expressive around those tusks? Since you're one of my favourite artists and draw orcs on the regular, I was wondering if you had any pointers in this? Thanks!

thanks man!!! tbh the best way i have to visualize how lips work around tusks is just to stick my fingers in my fucking mouth, touching your lower canines w your thumbs or whatever gives a pretty good idea of how lips respond to big protruding teeth ;0 

otherwise if youre goin about teeth the way i do, i guess the main thing to keep in mind is that the lower lip wraps around the tusks and the upper lip rests on top of them !


Just because someone ships with one version of a character, doesn’t automatically mean they’ll do it with others. 

Some muns enjoy having chemistry between their characters and a good rapport OOC. A natural flowing friendship that isn’t awkward or forced. If someone says they’re not up for shipping with you don’t take it personally. It takes two players to roleplay a relationship.

Do not force ships onto writers, just because they’re your OTP or you adore the roleplayer’s writing. Many muns will only romantically ship with one version of a character. Guess what? That’s okay too.

Respect your partner’s writing preferences or you’ll find yourself without one.

This has been a shipping PSA. Thank you.


Tattoo Removal Was A Success 💉

It only required a few sessions to get it all taken off, but I finally getting more pieces added to my body as well. I’m happy wit how it’s coming out, ya’ll. Also this diet/workout has been goin real good so I’m lw proud of myself haha. Reason why I had to post this thirsty ass pic. Lmao let me flex just one time. As long as no one brings meat lover’s pizza, I think these abs will stay😂



although not as impressive as LucasArts would have me think

Oh, what on earth would make a man decide to do that kind of thing?
Oh, windin’ up twenty-one thousand, one hundred forty pounds of string
What was he trying to prove, who was he trying to impress
Why did he build it, how did he do, it was anybody’s guess
Where did he get the twine, what was goin’ through his mind
Did it just seem like a good idea at the time

Answers from Atlas Obscura:

Question: do non-Americans think this is weird? More than Americans do?

His bitch

I been getting pics from followers, some of you have nice dicks. Also been getting a lot of invites to hook up. But want to say I am currently some one’s exclusive bitch at the moment, maybe a long term thing. He is on tumblr but hasn’t told me if its ok to give him a shout out so goin to keep that private for now.
But I can answer a few questions i was asked about us and about me.
1. Yes my “Him” is white. As if that was optional.
2. Yes he lays it on his bitches like a good daddy should.
3. No we don’t have plans to meet up with other tumblr followers in a 3some or moresome…yet. maybe in the future.
4. There will be real pics posted once in a while. I delete when I start feelin a certain way about it so be quick.
5. I’m 24 years old born and raised in Georgia.
6. 36D-30-44 yea too much for some yall
7. I have 6 tats. Wrist, forearm, upper thigh, above breast, on sholdrblade, ankle. No piercing cept ears and navel tho.
8. Lost it at 14 but had my first white dick at 17. He was huge 8 real inches and thick. I was nutting hard on him by the time he first ran that shit up me balls deep. So yea was hooked but I did “go back” for a while. It was tough for ya girl to meet white men for a few years there.
9. I can do raceplay but you only call me n if you have enough dick and fuck me good enough so I dont care what you say. I need a man to make me respect that shit first.
10. Yea i smoke mj but prbly not as often as the ppl who asked me about it. And i drink maybe only once or twice a month if i have time to go out.

I will answer more another time.

Hamburr Songs™
  • miss missing you by fall out boy (the person that you’d take a bullet for is behind the trigger)
  • bulletproof love by pierce the veil (my love for you was bulletproof but you’re the one who shot me)
  • you give love a bad name by bon jovi (shot through the heart and you’re to blame, you give love a bad name)
  • sugar we’re goin down by fall out boy (i’ll be your number one with a bullet)
  • doubt by twenty one pilots (even when i doubt you i’m no good without you)
  • i bet my life by imagine dragons (i know i took the path that you would never want for me, i gave you hell through all the years)
Overwatch Bullshit: The Date.

Tracer: I don’t know why you’re makin’ such a big fuss ‘bout goin’ on a date with McCree. He’s just a grungy cowboy.

Mei: I think he’s cute…

Pharah: I’m with Tracer on this one. I could see him being attractive if he trimmed that unruly beard of his, and maybe cut his hair.

Mercy: Oh come on, Jesse can be very smooth when he wants to.  

Tracer: Pffft yeah right.

(McCree walks in wearing his Mystery Man suit)

McCree: Good evening ladies. I’ve come to pick Mei up for our date

Tracer: (shit  (⁄ ⁄•⁄_⁄•⁄ ⁄) ) 

Pharah: (oh my gods   (⁄ ⁄•⁄_⁄•⁄ ⁄) ) (whispers to Mercy) Forget what I said. He cleans up well.

Mercy: Told you so. 

McCree: Ready to go Mei? 

Mei: Y-Yeah. You look really nice.

McCree: Me? I look downright shabby since I’m standing next to someone as beautiful as you.

Mei: You…You think I’m beautiful?

McCree: Of course I do. Now come on, snowflake let’s go get dinner.

Mei: (I thought I was ready for this  (⁄ ⁄•⁄_⁄•⁄ ⁄) )

lordani-forever  asked:

But i know nothing is goin to happen, you are in other league, and you will never fell the same, sorry for bother you Nekomaru

Don’t say that !!

Listen ! Saying excuse like “you are way out of my league” is something only weak people too afraid of taking risk say.

No one is ever out of someone’s league. It’s not how it works. It’s not how love works.

It’s true that I can’t answer your feelings like you want me to but this have nothing with me being too good for you or anything like that. Don’t let anyone make you thing that you deserve less than everything you want, even if it’s yourself.

The signs when they’re 40

Aries: having a midlife crisis

Taurus: single with like 5 kids 

Gemini: married and livin’ in the suburbs

Cancer: still goes to highschool parties

Leo: has about 8 cats and is married with another crazy cat person


Libra: single as a pringle but not ready to mingle

Scorpio: A-list famous (whatever you’re good at is why you’re famous)

Sagittarius: livin’ like Larry

Capricorn: a recovering alchoholic with a great spouse

Aquarius: telling their kids about “the good ol’ days”

Pisces: goin’ on for one last try



ok i was thinkin about this for a while, it was pretty funny in my head soo– (super cliche) Tattoo artists AU in which all the seniors (+tanaka) work as artists at a studio owned by Daichi, they’re pretty popular and stuff I guess?? They’re a little older in this AU (and the age difference between Noya and Asahi is abt 3-4 years hoho). So Noya being the meme he is, gets a stupid tattoo ( which he regrets like 2 weeks later) and confronts his friend tanaka for help bc he works at the studio to get it redone.

Still haven’t quite developed this but, basically Asahi is gonna do some good coverup work for Noya and they get v friendly heh. 


all the requests from last night  👌