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simple rose water spells 🌹

easy spells where only rose water is needed

🌹 a drop of rose water on each eyelid to enhance clarity

🌹 a touch of rose water on each cheek to appear lovely

🌹 immerse a charm in it to enchant it with positive feelings

🌹 pour some out in the dirt and step on it to break a heart

🌹 brush some over the corners of a door and knock to keep negativity away

🌹 a drop brushed over your lips to say only kind and soothing words

🌹 flick droplets over a page to divine from what words they land on

How to Shapeshift

In the astral world, you may wish to disguise yourself as an animal to act as a form of protection, as well as staying unidentified. It can also help you connect to your spirit animal, or to take on characteristics of a chosen animal. 

However, in order to be able to shapeshift into the animal of your choice, you must first tap into experiencing it physically - this will allow you to mimic the behaviour of the animal astrally in a more accurate manner. 

Shapeshifting works more effectively when performed on the full moon, or when combined to your personal incense corresponding to your chosen animal. 

For example, my wolf shapeshifting incense recipe includes:

  • Pine.
  • Cedar.
  • Mugwort.
  • Patchouli.
  • Musk (optional, can be synthetic). 


  1. Go to a private room or your sacred space.
  2. Play suitable drumming music (preferably one which will aid you in entering an altered state of consciousness).
  3. Begin to dance or rock your body back and forth while closing your eyes - allow yourself to move freely and effortlessly. 
  4. Now begin to visualise yourself slowly transforming into your chosen animal.
  5. After you see yourself as the animal in your mind’s eye, begin to act like the animal - e.g. if you are a wolf, you will howl and crawl on all fours, bearing your teeth and growling.
  6. Take on the symbolic characteristics and personality of the animal - e.g. for the wolf, you will feel protective, quick-witted, and wise. 
  7. Once you have finished practising this, you may wish to immediately enter an astral meditation session as the chosen animal or practice this technique a few more times over a span of several days.
  8. Once you have mastered this technique, you can enter astral meditation normally and transform yourself as the animal there, since you will already know how it feels like to be, act, and move like the animal.