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Ravus banter with Cor!

Hm… I like the thought of this. cc: *thumbs up*

If Cor and Ravus Were Party Members… (Banter)

Ignis: “It is indeed a pleasure to have you with us once again, Commander.”
Ravus: “Thank-”
Cor: “-You, Ignis.”
Noctis: “…Wow, that was scary. Don’t do that ever again, you two.”

Ravus: “Cor Leonis, the Immortal Shogun, correct?”
Cor: “As much as I dislike that name, yes.”
Ravus: “I suppose that would mean that a Loqi Tummelt and yourself were familiar? Did he ever ask you for the autograph that he desired?”
Cor: “No. He was too busy trying to kill me.”
Ravus: “That certainly sounds like General Tummelt, for certain…”

Cor: “There’s too many of MTs here. If we get overwhelmed, take Prince Noctis and run.”
Ravus: “You speak as if you had an authority over me. I intend to stay and fight as well.”
Cor: *scoffs* “You’ve got guts, Fleuret. I don’t know whether or not it’s admirable or stupid of you.”

Ignis: “Ravus, have you been collecting flowers again? Noct’s allergies have been acting up again.”
Ravus: “You assume as if I have time to collect such trivial things.”
Cor: “Were they cherry blossoms by chance…?”
Ignis: “Yes. Why do you ask?”
Cor: “…No reason. They probably belong to Ravus.”
Ravus: “…I feel as though I am being set up.”

Ravus: “Did you shout ‘Lion Roar’ during our last battle, Leonis? When you struck down that Iron Giant?”
Cor: “No. You were probably hearing things.”

Gladiolus: “So Cor’s the Commander of the Crownsguard, and Ravus is the Commander of the Nifs, right?”
Cor: “Last time I checked, yeah.”
Prompto: “Hey! That’s something you guys can bond over, right?”
Ravus: “Perhaps, though I commanded far more men than Cor ever has.”
Cor: “At least I have men to command still.”

Cor: “Hey, Ravus. You wouldn’t happen to have a mint on you, would you?”
Ravus: “Are you assuming that I would have something like that on my person? Do you find that amusing?”
Cor: “I’m not assuming. I just saw you steal half of the candies at the last restaurant we went to, so I figured you’d still have some.”
Ravus: “…Touche.” *hands Cor a mint*

Gladiolus: “Yeah! Got some behemoth meat, so we’re gonna have some badass ramen tonight!”
Cor: “Even after spending weeks during the trials and eating ramen, you still want to eat more?”
Ravus: “And to think I am the one with a horrendous diet…”

Cor: “The trick is to having a sharp blade, but to channel your momentum into your strikes. You needn’t apply such brute force when you can make a clean slash without swinging so recklessly.”
Ravus: “I see. So you favor a quicker incapacitation rather than a drawn-out duel. I suppose that is fair. If only Amicitia knew to apply such knowledge to his own combat.”
Cor: “Yes, if only…”
Gladiolus: “I’m standing right here, you know…”

Cor: “Never seen someone that excited about eating cake.”
Ravus: “I could state the same for you, for your obsession with french toast is uncanny.”
Cor: “True. The Crow’s Nest has the best there is. You should try it sometime.”
Ignis: “Hmph… It isn’t anything that extravagant…”

I’m very excited to announce that I’ll be tabling at APop Festival in Torrance CA on the last weekend of July! This is my first artist alley table so I can’t wait to see how it goes! *_* (I chose a small event so I wouldn’t get overwhelmed, haha)

For the occasion I’m making some Festival!Watch OW keychains! Depending on how well they do I might make more batches, but for now they’ll be limited for this event onlyyy.

I kinda wanna draw chibi Eli and Ar’alani, but I don’t know exactly how… *ponders*

Also I woke up this morning displeased with my art lately and also feeling like I have no more ideas, but then I remembered 2 big chibi Thrawn ones I’ve in mind for a while now, and I’m both excite and intimidated to tackle them, gah.  Dunno when I’ll be able to get started as today’s kind of an icky day for me, but hopefully soon.

Also at least 2 chibi Luke ideas from the OT.

Anyway, random art thoughts and woes.  :P  Don’t mind me.

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Hi, I was wondering if you have any ideas about the best way to introduce enrichment to an axolotl aquarium. I bought mine a bunch of new fake plants, some quite colourful (his tank has been pretty sparse lately) and am unsure if I should add them all at once or stagger it over time?

I don’t know a lot about axolotls specifically, but I do know that for any animal a lot of change over a short period can be very stressful. I would suggest staggering them so that he has time to get used to each new thing and isn’t overwhelmed. 

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So I've been considering transitioning to a vegan lifestyle, but I'm totally overwhelmed. I have no idea where to start. I grew up in a farming family, so meat and dairy were a huge part of my diet so far in life. I was wondering if you had any tips on how to transition to a vegan lifestyle.

I know it can seem very overwhelming at first! Well firstly don’t worry about getting enough protein-there are lots of protein rich sources of foods-get your hands on some beans, lentils, chickpeas, nuts, seeds and some protein rich veggies like broccoli, cauliflower, potatoes etc. daily and you’ll easily meet all your protein targets, make sure to get some form of b12 foods/supplements-you could try fortified cereals, plant milks, nutritional yeast, spirulina, mushrooms, and other than that try to eat an as varied whole-foods plant-based diet as you can with lots of whole grains, starches, fruits, veggies, nuts &seeds to make sure you’re getting everything you need. Buy frozen fruit and veggies to save money, make sure you’re eating enough calories, check out “cheap lazy vegan” a great you tuber who has heaps of cheap and easy vegan recipes/meal prep :) Go at your own pace, maybe you can find a vegetarian/vegan group in your area? Best of luck!! 💪💪

Autistic Todoroki

- Todoroki has trouble with verbal interaction, he doesn’t talk much and gets overwhelmed easily by (auditory) sensory overload
- He’s not very good at understanding social cues and expecting how people will react to social situations, people like Midoriya or Tooru are really extreme in their emotions in his eyes, but it actually kinda helps him because it’s easier to expect how they might react to different situations.
- Ironically enough, he has sensory issues with heat, both too hot and too cold
- He uses his quirk to maintain a constant temperature, so his quirk both helps and hurts with the sensory issues
- He’s very touch sensitive, he has trouble with certain fabrics and his burn is extra sensitive
- It really hurts him if anyone touches his burn scar at all, and it hurts if his hair brushes up against it unexpectedly but he forces himself not to flinch
- On that subject, Endeavor, expectedly, is shitty af about his autism
- Endeavor would call Todoroki’s stim toys “childish” and take them away, discourage his stimming, etcetera etcetera
- Flapping was one of Todoroki’s favorite stims when he was younger, but then he was forced to stop
- He used to use his flames as a visual stim but…well. That was before he didn’t want anything to do with them.
- His ice is actually a stim for him as well, he likes the smoothness but then it feels too cold easily and when it starts to melt it’s an issue because the wetness on his skin is a Very Bad Feeling for him

- 1A first learns about his autism because of Midoriya and Kirishima
- Midoriya is very observant, but Kirishima actually has a younger sister with autism, so he has experience with it and realizes pretty early on that Todoroki might have autism (he isn’t certain though, of course)
- Kirishima ends up talking to Todoroki about it, and finds out that Todoroki has been (secretly) diagnosed (because Endeavor doesn’t want people knowing his son is autistic)
- On Todoroki’s birthday, he walks into the common room of the dorms and everyone is sitting there with a big wrapped up box
- When he opens it, it’s chock full of stim toys, from an (iceberg) slime making set from Mina and Momo, to glitter bottles made by Aoyama, to a chew stim toy given by a strangely quiet Bakugou who won’t meet his eyes
- Todoroki is amazed and touched as Kaminari explains how they all got together and pooled their money to get lots of toys for different kinds of stims, since they don’t know what he would want
- He spends the next week figuring out just what he likes best, and slowly he tells his class more about his autism and how it affects him personally

- The best moment of his entire hero career is when he met a little girl dressed up as him who wouldn’t meet his eyes as she squeezed her own stim toy as she told him that he inspired her and that she was going to be a hero just like him!!
- And so what, he may have teared up, so what? She was a cute kid, and he was allowed to get emotional over kids dressed as him. He definitely didn’t cry.
- (He definitely cried. There’s pictures and they’re incredibly sweet.)

i can get easily overwhelmed by tumblr drama but i try to keep in mind that like…. half of the things people argue about on here aren’t even really relevant in real life

today was my first pride and it was kind of surreal because i’ve never been with so many lgbt people at once irl and i was kind of overcome with emotions at one point like i never thought i would be out and at pride i never thought i would get to have that experience and it was kind of overwhelming but there were just such good vibes all around i had so much fun

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i am afraid to fail. the admission exam is in two weeks but instead of studying i find myself imagining how i will fail. this makes no sense i know. i dont want to waste another year but i dont have any hope.

One of the biggest mistakes we will have is being afraid to fail. I’m sorry you are going through this at the moment. Let me tell you this, take a minute and really figure out how much you want to succeed on this exam. Learn to change your perspective on your situation right now. I know studying can get incredibly overwhelming to the point of feeling hopeless.. Take it day by day, page by page, minute by minute and do as much as you can prior to the exam. Calm yourself down as you tell yourself you are going to be alright. Pass the exam or not, just know that you did try and it won’t be the end of the world (who the fuck cares what anyone thinks, this is your own journey). There are so many more opportunities out there that we have yet to discover. But as of right now, prepare at your own pace for this exam. The pressure you are experiencing now will develop you into a stronger and resilient person. 

Keep on going my dear. 
Keep going ever forward xx

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What if d turned evil? Would there be anyone capable of stopping or returning him back to the way he was?

Weeeeeeell…teeeeechnically D went a bit evil in Twin-Shadowed Knight when he was overwhelmed by his bloodlust, and it took Lefty getting himself cut off and working on his own to hold D back until he was alright again.

That aside, if we leave out the bloodlust and D just went full on evil, nobody save the Sacred Ancestor himself would have a chance to stop D.

I had college freshmen orientation today and gurl it all sounds very overwhelming with the big ass campus Ima get lost n shit n all these things I can do on campus like 5 libraries a gym a food court 36 frat/sorority houses to pick, the millions of clubs n shit which is great bc so many options but damn bitch I get overwhelmed every time I had to pick a color for my penguin on club penguin

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Can I get a cute scenario on the following sword boys (Kashuu, Yasusada, Mikazuki & Tsurumaru) reacting to hearing their child say their very first word which is "daddy" please? Kashuu and Yasusada have daughters while Mikazuki and Tsurumaru have sons by the way!(:

Okay! Thanks for specifying the baby’s sex btw. Sorry they’re only short reactions!

• He gets totally overwhelmed and probably tears up a little. He’s always trying to get her to say it again.

• He’s probably just repeating “oh my god” and hugging her. He’s just so happy. Tells everyone he can get his hand on. He’s so proud.

• Drops literally everything. He was so suprised but happy. Picks up his son and asks him to say it again and again.

• He’s a little emotionally overwhelmed, he says it’s one of the greatest surprises he could ever receive as he dotes.

❀ overwhelmed by life ❀ //

“I get so overwhelmed by the fact that if I wanted to I could change (nearly) every aspect of my life. Everything in life is so temporary and transformable… all I have to do is get up.“

Diese Aussage habe ich gerade beim Scrollen durch meine Timeline gefunden und auch wenn sie total offensichtlich erscheint, hat sie mich trotzdem erwischt wie ein Truck, als ich sie gelesen habe. Man muss sich das mal auf der Zunge zergehen lassen. Diese Kontrolle, die man eigentlich hat, obwohl man immer davon überzeugt zu sein scheint, dass man sie nicht hat. Aber sie ist da. Irgendwo. Irgendwie. Wir können vom einen auf den anderen Tag ein neues Hobby lernen, uns von Menschen trennen, die uns runterziehen und anderen sagen, dass wir sie lieben. Können unsere Ernährung und unser Konsumverhalten ändern, um diesen Planeten vielleicht ein kleines bisschen besser zu machen. Dinge konsumieren, die uns erfüllen. Kreieren. Leben. Warum tun wir das nicht? Warum tu ich das nicht?




Random icon starter call

(ooc: I just know I’m going to regret this since I have over 5000 icons for Garnet/Ruby/Sapphire, but like up this post if you want a starter based on a random icon. Said icon will be selected at random based on what chooses. You could get Ruby, Sapphire, or Garnet. Roleplay blogs only, please. I’ll likely cap this if it gets to a number of notes that’s too overwhelming to handle.)