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so not super important but a post i’ve been meaning to make for a while and continuously forgetting about, p much just me briefly explaining I don’t Hate Anyone™

I am used to talking to a grand total of two people per day, this is what it has been for months, with the occasional third conversation that lasts a few hours max and is typically single-subject oriented. As of late I’ve had anywhere from 6 to 10 people attempting to talk with me at any one moment and while I !! am very flattered and genuinely DO want to be friends w/ all of you, I get extremely overwhelmed and wind up dropping the majority of my conversations/not replying at all and then being too anxious to jump back into them. I don’t want anyone to take this as a ‘yeah so don’t talk to me lol’ sort of thing because I mean it when I say that I like you guys and I like that you want to talk to me and I want to talk to you as well !! I mean it, sincerely !! But I felt a need to express that the reason I don’t reply is never because I’m bored of you or don’t like you or anything like that, it’s an entirely me problem and while I understand that problem is annoying as fuck it’s still something I’m working on, and in the meantime I… appreciate the patience lol?? Shout out to people who message me more than once during the day and don’t get angry when I reply super late lmao I’m sorry and I appreciate u a lot,, 

ANYWAY YEAH I’M JUST SUPER SORRY LOL?? I feel bad b/c i’ve added a lot of you to skype and rarely say anything and it’s just my anxiety and avpd acting up and I know it can be rly annoying and anxiety inducing for you guys and I’m sorry again orz


Guess what I just saw on my FB feed??!!

For those who don’t understand Japanese or the somewhat crappy Spanish translation I got from fb…

ZNT’S Stage Play is coming out on DVD on November 29th, 2016!!!

Now, the only link they give us is to this shop:

I don’t know if it ships worldwide or what, I need to figure that out, but I’m really hoping it will be sold on Amazon (Amazon Japan at the very least) at some point, thus making it more accessible to the majority of us.

 What matters though is that the Stage Play IS getting a DVD release AND IT’S COMING SOON.

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horoscopes for the signs!!
  • Capricorn:vaccinate your fucking children
  • Aquarius:vaccinate your fucking children
  • Pisces:vaccinate your fucking children
  • Aries:vaccinate your fucking children
  • Taurus:vaccinate your fucking children
  • Gemini:vaccinate your fucking children
  • Cancer:vaccinate your fucking children
  • Leo:vaccinate your fucking children
  • Virgo:vaccinate your fucking children
  • Libra:vaccinate your fucking children
  • Scorpio:vaccinate your fucking children
  • Sagittarius:vaccinate your fucking children
please don’t start talking to me and make me fall in love with you because I will text you at 2 am telling you how much I miss you and that I want you to love me the same way I love you yet, at the same time I’ll want you to forget it in the morning.
—  I love you so fucking much, love me too.