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Hi! If you had to define the more dominant and submissive in bagginshield (not necessarily sex, more relationship-wise), who would be what and for what reason?

well I mean those are two VASTLY different topics, I think we have to remember. dynamics in the bedroom don’t necessarily translate into everyday relationship dynamics. I’m firmly on board the SS sub!thorin when it comes to bedroom shenanigans, though I believe they enjoy switching every now and then, and when it comes to their relationship, I think it’s as balanced as it can be. they support one another fiercely, and bicker and butt heads, and know how to make one another relax, cheer one another up when it’s most needed, bilbo’s calm presence and occasional mollycoddling making thorin braver and setting his mind at ease, while thorin’s propensity for effusive declarations of adoration make bilbo blush and sputter and call him ridiculous, but also remind him that he’s loved, and much braver and more important than he tends to give himself credit for. in a relationship like that, balance is way more important than submitting to one another or dominating over one another. that’s not how it works.

do I think bilbo has a hundred different ways of wrapping thorin around his finger, and forcing him to relax when needed, and confirming his decisions in court with just the slightest nod of his head? hell yea. do I think thorin does everything in his power to show his love to bilbo every single day, be it by building him gardens or crafting him rings or bringing his hand to his mouth to kiss his knuckles, dozen different foreign dignitaries be damned? do I think sometimes bilbo gets all fussy and angry and scolds thorin who ends up looking like an ashamed puppy? do I think thorin sometimes like to just fall asleep with his arms wrapped around bilbo’s middle after a particularly difficult, his head resting on his tummy as bilbo reads and strokes his hair absentmindedly? yea yea hell yea, but they’re still in a balanced relationship :’)

People are sending Liz Hemmings hate all because they thought she was tweeting about being happy that Zayn had left 1d, when she was actually talking about how many days she has till she goes on holidays. DO NOT tell anyone’s mum to go kill themselves. DO NOT tell any one to go kill themselves. DO NOT attack someone without knowing the full story. Lastly, DO NOT attack someone who is twice, maybe three times your age. Everyone understands that people are upset about Zayn but don’t attack innocent people. 

i saw that post that was like “what would your Dragon Age ocs blog abt if they had tumblr” and all i can think abt is the majority of my elves getting mad abt elf rights and having a variety of colorful activist blogs

theyre all part of a network and mutual each other

horoscopes for the signs!!
  • Capricorn:vaccinate your fucking children
  • Aquarius:vaccinate your fucking children
  • Pisces:vaccinate your fucking children
  • Aries:vaccinate your fucking children
  • Taurus:vaccinate your fucking children
  • Gemini:vaccinate your fucking children
  • Cancer:vaccinate your fucking children
  • Leo:vaccinate your fucking children
  • Virgo:vaccinate your fucking children
  • Libra:vaccinate your fucking children
  • Scorpio:vaccinate your fucking children
  • Sagittarius:vaccinate your fucking children

it’s sunday morning and i still don’t have anything to do so more german aus!!

part 1 part 1 mit erweiterung

  • erstehilfekurs au
  • even better erstehilfekurs with immature teenagers au
  • i hurt my ankle during the bundesjugendspiele and now i’m dieing no i’m not being dramatic pls bring me to the sekretäriat i wanna go home au
  • we both hurt got hurt during the bundesjugendspiele so now we have to assist the teachers au
  • turnbeutel vergessen au
  • hello i’m here as an exchange student and speak like 3 words of german please rescue me au
  • more bahnstreik aus
  • it’s like 45 degrees in this train and i’m slowly turning into a raising can i have a sip from your waterbottle au
  • ditsch au
  • fighting over the last sanktmartinsbretzel/weckmännchen au
  • help i’m new in this tiny kaff and i don’t speak the local dialects please come to the bakery with me and help buy some brötchen au
  • mittelaltermarkt au