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  • <p> <b>Astoria:</b> Don't mind your father, Scorpius- any metaphors go over his head.<p/><b>Draco:</b> Nothing goes over my head. My reflexes are too fast. I would catch it.<p/></p>

I’m 1000% convinced that Mark Hamill thinks about Sebastian just as much as we do.

Someone tweeted this @ the supergirl writers AND Melissa benoist! The hate-obsession over Mon-El is getting excessive and too cringeworthy tbh.

I love maggie but the only reason to go to this level of over-analysis would be if they cut off time from the LEAD of the show, i.e. Supergirl!! Then it might be slightly justified…. 

Also, questioning the ‘girl power’ motive of the show just because your fav is not as heavily featured as you’d like? Did you forget every single female on this show is a badass woman who could take the toughest men down if they wanted to?  There is hardly any other show that is so heavy on girl power as this show and u bitch about that too?

Also, why tag the actor? smh


Videos like this is one of the main reasons why there is such a divide between Africans and African Americans.

Those who know me know how much I take pride on being Nigerian-American and I’m not afraid to put you in check when you’re wrong. I am here for this woman providing statistics and identiying the gaps between the Blacks and Whites but it was completely unnecessary to bring up Nigerian-American statistics or her upbringing.

At the end of the day, Africans who were born in America or immigrated to America and obtained citizenship/permanent residency are categorized as Black-American a.k.a. Black. Sorry not sorry. *Kanye shrug* To make a video like this only comes across as Africans are better than African Americans because they will become more successful and that is truly not the case. Being Nigerian-American or any African born America, does not automatically give you a ticket on becoming wealthy and successful and being Black-American does not mean you will be poor and not succeed.

Message for today: If you’re going to make a video like this, STOP being biased. You’re only making the tension between Africans and African Americans worse.


I'm getting too old for this...

This website keeps reaching new levels of crazy each and every day. So much that I am contemplating taking a long ass vacation from it. Some of you have complained about a blogger whose user name is reylo-immortal. She’s been dedicating her blog to bashing Joanne Tucker and favoring Daisy Ridley with Joanne’s husband Adam Driver. I discovered last night that this disturbed child has been following me and I have since blocked her. I’m not sure if she is a anti in disguise or what. But my gut feeling is that she has become so emotionally attached to the idea of Reylo that she is mentally confusing the two fictional characters with their portrayers.

It sounds like she may be in her teens, no grown ass woman(at least I hope not) would create this type of blog. I highly recommend that people DO NOT ship entertainers together in real life. I’m guilty of doing this YEARS ago but ONLY because both parties were single and after a while it gets old and you realize that you are wasting all of your time and energy on people you don’t know nor probably will never meet while you could be doing something more productive and efficient. If you choose to ship real life people then I suggest keeping that to yourself regardless if both parties are single. Whatever you do DON’T write fanfiction about them! It’s beyond creepy! I for one would be freaked out within an inch of my life if someone wrote a fanfic about me.

This blogger needs to realize that these are flesh and blood people who are living their own lives, like she should which may be one of her many problems. They are not dolls that you decide to pair up together because they look pretty together. If she likes Reylo then she needs to dedicate her blog to that and not to just pure unadulterated hatred for someone she doesn’t know from Eve.

Moving on from the crazy, I would like to remind fellow bloggers that this is Tumblr, not TMZ. It is not cool to pry into actors personal lives by stalking anyone who has anything remotely to do with them and posting their content on your blog. How would YOU feel if people were stalking your social media accounts and your relatives accounts for sensitive information to post on their blog? I personally don’t need to be alerted whenever my fav actor or actress copulates or drops a deuce thank you very much.

And if anyone sees this type of gossip on their dash, I would think twice before I believe random Susie from Ohio. So yeah, fandom stuff is cool, bashing real life people and stalking them is not boys and girls.

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what did seb like on Instagram? I'm so confused 😂

Seb’s original post said to #memeit, and well, people did. Most poked fun at the fact that his mustache makes him look a certain way. Seb went around and liked a couple of these, as I would have expected him to do. We all know the ‘stache took us by surprise and fans have been poking fun at it since the initial shock subsided. Now people are blowing their tops because Seb liked a couple of memes that joke about how the mustache makes him look porny and/or a bit like a predator. Just because he likes a captioned image does not mean he (or the person who made it) endorses that kind of behaviour. It was supposed to be fun, and he should be able to enjoy it as we do whenever a new image of him from I, Tonya surfaces.