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26 Reminders for Going to School Like a Badass

1. Your attitude dictates your experience, so start finding things to get psyched about.

2. Stock up on healthy snacks in your house!!! You’ll be glad you did when the study-munchies roll around (and they always do).

3. Invest in a good planner. Especially if you take part in multiple extra-curriculars, I can’t stress how helpful it is having a place to check back on deadlines and big events.

4. Write down all your teachers’ names and emails as soon as you get them, so you’re not searching for them when you’re absent.

5. No one is having as much fun as their snapchat story makes it seem.

6. Don’t believe what your peers tell you about tests they take before you, study how much YOU need to.

7. Be nice to your math teacher. Partial credit on math problems might save your grade.

8. Don’t throw out syllabuses/first day handouts!!!! Theres a good chance they have information on the late policy and a gazillion other helpful things.

9. In fact, try to hold on to as many papers as you can for when finals inevitably attack.

10. No one knows you wore those jeans yesterday.

11. Be conscious of how you smell. Don’t be B.O. kid, but also try not to suffocate your lab partner with the scent of artificial fruit/flowers.

12. That cookie in the cafeteria is probably not worth 95 cents. Pack snacks from home to resist overpriced school treats.

13. If you’re carrying around a travel mug of coffee, people will usually leave you alone. 

14. Don’t spend more time planning your study schedule than actually studying. Just get your books out and do it.

15. Never underestimate the amount of motivation you can get from watching Legally Blonde (movie or musical). 

16. Try to attend at least one school sporting event per season, even if thats not really your scene. Some teachers even offer extra credit for going to big games!

17. Don’t be that kid that asks the teacher when you’re getting your tests back. They have like a gazillion to grade. You’ll get them when they’re done.

18. Have a pump-up playlist for the ride to school and the walk to your first class. Nothing feels more badass than walking through crowded hallways while listening to Halsey’s “New Americana”.

19. Set up a back-up study zone for when you need a change of pace.

20. Don’t put off creative projects because you think they’ll be less time consuming. There’s nothing worse than glitter gluing a scale model of the U.S. Senate at 3 AM because you thought it would be quick and easy.

21. That extra 10 minutes of sleep is not worth the risk of oversleeping completely. Get up, splash your face with some cold water, and get this show on the road.

22. Find a school inspiration, whether it be a really hardworking friend or a studyblr you follow. Check their progress whenever you need motivation.

23. If someone only ever talks to you when they need to copy the homework, they’re using. Don’t indulge them.

24. Doing your own work is so SO important. Plagiarism can destroy careers.

25. Creative outlets can be so refreshing, like a diary, a private tumblr, a sketchbook, whatever floats your boat.

26. When all else fails, remember how lucky you are to be getting an education. School isn’t a punishment, its an opportunity for you to create a kick-ass foundation for the rest of your life. 

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Just the Right Amount of Kinky

So I’ve noticed…There is an extreme lack of kinky middle-ground here, and don’t get me wrong I LOVE this blog. There are plenty of recs that intrigue the hell out of me but I’m more of a…kinky SOB that doesn’t like anything too intense but isn’t a boring vanilla observer. It seems that here there is a lot of widely accepted ‘normal’ fic and then a lot of wtf is going on kink (like fisting…and incest…and watersports for instance.) so as a mildly kinky individual I decided to put together some of my favorite borderline kinky things…with a bit of self advertisement because I write a lot. Note that anything I write is subject to have another chapter added even if it’s finished. (I apologize in advance for the overwhelming amount of bottom/sub Dean) - awkwardarin

Thanks for making us this list! I’ve read and recced some of the fics in this list but as everyone has probably noticed, we don’t shy away from re-reccing fics! The reason why we tend to go for the “kinkier” fics is because you guys keep asking for them and also it’s easier to tag our posts if one rec is only about one kink. So the other “normal” kink fics usually tend to fall under other labels like human AU or Doctor AU or whatever the setting of our rec is. Anyway, thanks for making this list and I hope all of our readers will enjoy it aswell!
Ps. Self recs are awesome! - Admin A

Title: Get To Class

Author: AwkwardArin

Rating: Explicit

Words: 3,894 - Finished

My Notes: This is definitely dom/sub, some light panty!kink, authority!kink, a bit of oral fixation, and there’s a remote control vibrating buttplug involved if that sort of thing tickles your fancy. As a side note, this is NOT about a creepy age difference. Cas is 23 and Dean is 20.

Admin A’s notes: Texting Admin J about this one right now. She’s our official top Cas reader so I’m sure she’s going to love this because even I (as a strictly bottom Cas reader) found this one hot as hell!

Summary: Dean is Cas’ boyfriend. Cas is a new college graduate with his first teaching job as a college professor. Dean just so happens to also become Cas’ student.

(Read Here)

Title: Aesthetics in Autoerotica

Author: relucant

Rating: Explicit

Words: 8,260 - Finished

My Notes: I absolutely love this fic. Cas is a photographer and Dean is what he’s photographing…it’s all completely consensual as well as kinky as hell and It’s just amazing. I suppose it might fall under exhibitionism, even if Cas is the only one watching. There’s certainly some panty!kink as well as another buttplug…but hey what are ya gonna do?

Summary: “What do you think about when you masturbate?”

“I sure don’t think about callin’ it masturbate,” Dean retorted with a small laugh.

“I’m sorry.  What do you think about when you jerk off?”

“Jesus, Cas, you talkin’ dirty like that ain’t gonna help me not come in these panties.”

“Well, I intend for you to,” Cas pointed out. 

“But not just yet.  Now answer the question, please.”

“Jesus,” Dean said again, blush deepening.  “I – um.  Jeez, I dunno.  I mean, there’s all kinds of crap in my spank bank.  Some days, yeah, s'gettin’ thrown against the wall by some hot dude in an alley.  Other days, I dunno, it’s triplets.”

“What are you thinking about right now?“Dean turned an incredulous look on him. 

“Uh, there’s a hot photographer takin’ pictures of my dick in pink panties right now, you think I need any more material?”

(Read Here)

Title: Gym Shorts

Author: AwkwardArin

Rating: Explicit

Words: 1,728 - Finished

My Notes: This is “public sex” per se, because it takes place in a locker room but Cas and Dean are certainly alone. There’s a tie involved and well as oral fixation and Dean coming on Cas’ face.

Admin A’s notes: Why so short?!! I was just getting into this and then it was over… you are killing me with these drabbles :’D

Summary: Cas is done with Dean Winchester and his stupid beautiful face and his tight gym shorts. Absolutely done.

(Read Here)

Title: Me in Honey

Author: LoversAntiquities

Rating: Explicit

Words: 6,520 - Finished

My Notes: This is somewhat a/b/o- what I mean by that is that it’s a universe in which angels are a/b/o but humans are not. Cas is an alpha. I’m not that into a/b/o myself but this was something I enjoyed very much. There’s quite rough sex, multiple orgasms, and some sex toys.

Summary: He’s smelled it on Castiel for the past week, felt it in every room of the bunker, the oncoming scent of sex and sweat, roses and spices, clogging his nose until he chokes on it. The cabin outside Hastings is available for as long as he needs, and he heads up the few hours drive to the river, unpacking his things and the extra duffel at the side of the bed. Enough food to last a few days at minimum, extra sheets if need be, and the softest rope he could find. Because it’s not Castiel getting fucked here, no, as much as Dean thought it would be at the beginning.

Castiel doesn’t crave physical pleasure for himself—it’s for his partner.

(Read here)

Title: It’s an Angel Thing

Author: AwkwardArin

Rating: Explicit

Words: 5,213 - WIP

My Notes: Even though this one is a work in progress it can be read as a stand alone perfectly fine, the next chapter is being written purely because so many people wanted more. This is some pretty shameless wing!kink, Cas’ wings being quite expressive and sensitive. Grace induced orgasms and multiple orgasms included ;)

Admin A’s notes: I’m really starting to feel like admin J should be reading these because A. this is totally her area of expertise. B. I’m tired and can’t get my brain to work enough to write something meaningful about these fics.

Summary: Cas is having a bad…wing day? Dean wants to help but isn’t fully aware of what exactly angel wings can do for the angel that they’re attached to.

(Read Here)

Title: The One Where Dean Loses His Voice

Author: ratherbehere

Rating: Explicit

Words: 2,013

My Notes: There’s some light bondage, rimming, and I guess nipple-play…it isn’t my favorite on this list but it is worth the read nonetheless.

Summary: Dean and Cas never have enough time for sex, but Castiel is going to take his time this time. His goal? Mind-blowing sex that causes Dean to lose his voice.

(Read Here)

Title: The Endverse Is Fucking Weird

Author: AwkwardArin

Rating: Explicit

Words: 4,383 - WIP

My Notes: This is yet another where the first and second chapters could be read as stand alones, but there is a third chapter on the way. This one is one of the most kinky I’d say…I’m a bit ashamed that I wrote it and enjoyed it so much. It’s a threesome, Past!Dean/Future!Cas/Future!Dean so there is some blatant…deancest I suppose. There’s double penetration in the second chapter so just read the first if you aren’t into it.

Admin A’s notes: I should have read your notes about this before starting to read it in a full buss with a lady next to me occasionally letting her eyes wander on the screen of my phone. Most awkward buss ride ever!

(Read Here)

Title: A Room Of One’s Own

Author: NorthernSparrow

Rating: Explicit

Words: 94,113 - Finished

My Notes: This is my favorite fanfiction in the entire world hands down. 6/5 stars. It is very long but worth every minute if you have the time, going through too many kinks and tricks to name. The character development!!!! I love it so much. The kinks aren’t too extreme but just right. Mmmm some good shit.

Summary: All Dean wants is a little privacy. Cas doesn’t understand.

(Read Here)

Title: Bad Boys Get Punished

Author: AwkwardArin

Rating: Explicit

Words: 1,836 - Finished

My Notes: Hmm…pure kinky sex. Bondage, spanking, frottage, rimming, dom!cas, sub!dean, excessive prostate stimulation, y'know, the works. If you want something kinky then here it is.

Admin A’s notes: I love the way you write smut. Seriously you are amazing at describing all the important stuff and as I read these, I feel like I’m literally watching it happen before my eyes. So great job!

(Read Here)

Title: Dean’s Secretary

Author: AwkwardArin

Rating: Explicit

Words: 1,068 - WIP

My Notes: This is pure smut. Dean is the bottom but I’d say that he’s also the Dom…as he’s quite bossy and gives some orders. There’s a buttplug and Dean comes untouched. It’s semi-public, considering the fact that it happens on Dean’s desk.

Admin A’s notes: Everyone who loves office smut is going to love this. I’ve only once worked in an office setting and I’m so fucking glad that back then I was younger and was mainly reading HS fics because otherwise I would have never been able to get any work done… especially since my boss was really cute.

(Read Here)

Well, I hope this is enjoyed by at least a few people…and if you do end up reading any of my work then thank you. Even if this never ends up posted I had fun making it. I thank you for this blog and it’s great recs :)
- awkwardarin 

One direction A/B/O BSM #16 You introduce him to your mate and he gets protective

A/N: I’m really sorry about not posting last week, I just didnt feel up for it at all. On another note, Zayn will not be deleted from my BSM’s or preferences or whatever I’ll write in the future. Poor Zayn girls gotta have some fun.

Request: You introduce him to your mate and he gets protective

LIAM (age 23): “Y/N, you’ll bite your nails off,” Liam warned gently, swatting your butchered nails away from your mouth. “I’m sorry if I’m nervous,” you said sarcastically, “you’ve never liked any of my past boyfriends, and this one I’m spending the rest of my life with.” You absentmindedly ran your fingertips over the mark resting low on your throat and a smile slipped onto your face. Liam opened his mouth to answer just as there was a knock on the door. Liam was quicker than you and you cursed your brother mentally as he flung the door open, revealing a nervous-looking William. “Hey gorgeous,” he said softly over Liam’s shoulder as your eyes connected and you smiled widely back at him. “Yes, okay, hello William, please come in,” Liam said coolly. He opened the door wide so William could step in. He placed a light kiss on your cheek before turning to Liam with an outstretched hand. “It’s nice to meet you,” he said politely. Liam shook the offered hand, and you smacked Liam’s arm. “Don’t hurt him,” you hissed. “How did you even know?!” Liam snapped back as he released William. The slight pinch in your hand disappeared. “Are you actually dumb? We’re mated, I feel what he feels.” Liam’s face scrunched up in anger. “I’m not dumb,” he grumbled under his breath before turning to William. “Now, William, tell me, what are your intentions with my sister?” You dragged out a groan and fell into William’s chest dramatically. “Li, you’re awful.”

ZAYN (age 24): “Shit babe, I’m sorry, I-I didn’t mean to do that,” Finn stuttered behind you, and when you met his eyes in the mirror, they were widened in fear. “Don’t worry ‘bout it. We already knew we were mates, ‘ight? Had to happen at some point.” You gingerly touched the still angered bite mark on your neck, and you hissed in a mix of pain and pleasure as goosebumps erupted on your arms. “Guess it’s time to tell Zayn now th-“ You were cut off by the door swinging open, and had a second to thank god that both you and Finn had got dressed right away, before Zayn was yelling. “Why do you smell mated?!” He stalked into the room while pointing at you with a shaking finger. As if on instinct, Finn stepped in front of you. “I wont hurt her, jackass,” Zayn growled, but Finn didn’t back down. “Zayn, stop, we can explain-“ you said calmly. You laid a hand on Finn’s forearm and felt the muscles tense under your fingers before relaxing. “I don’t care!” your big brother exploded before rounding on Finn once again; “you did this to her.” You rolled your eyes and reached around Finn to flick Zayn on the arm. “Calm down, John McCain, no one’s going to fight. I’ll go make us tea and then we’ll have an adult chat, sound good?” Zayn scowled at Finn for another moment before nodding tersely. “Good!”

HARRY (age 24): “I thought you’d be happy for me,” you admitted, voice scratchy as tears welled up in your eyes. Jake wrapped himself around your back and let his scent surround you. “For what? For finding a mate behind my back? Why would that make me happy?” Harry snapped, resolutely not glancing at Jake. “Because you know I worried I wouldn’t find someone. You found your mate, and I’ve cried on your shoulders countless times because I thought I would end up alone,” you said and despite the calming presence of your mate wrapped around you, you felt the tears spill from your lower lashes and rush down your cheeks. “I would’ve been happy if you had told me about him sooner. Before you mated,” Harry said angrily. He took a step forward and send Jack a challenging look. You gripped Jack’s wrist tightly, and he stayed put. Harry visibly deflated. “Are-are you afraid of me?” he whispered disbelievingly. When you couldn’t find your voice, Jake spoke up; “can you blame her? I’m worried you’re one step away from using your voice on her. You know I’d attack you if you did.” Jake spoke softly but firm, as if he didn’t want to anger Harry further but still wanted to get his point across. With a sigh, Harry surrendered. “Let’s try this again,” you started. “Harry, this is Jake, my mate, Jake, this is my brother, Harry.”

NIALL (age 27): Niall was sat in the loveseat across from you and Mohammad and stared contemplating at your mate. “Is there a reason I couldn’t know this before you mated?” he asked evenly after minutes of tense silence. “We, uh, it wasn’t really planned. Like, we knew we were mates, but we hadn’t introduced each other to anyone, so we wanted to wait, but then it just, kind of happened,” you explained. Mohammad grabbed your hand and kissed the back of it reassuringly, and Niall’s eyes immediately zoomed in on the motion. “So the reason you mated was a mistake?” Niall continued, but this time the question was directed at Mohammad. “Not a mistake per say, we knew it would happen, it was just a bit earlier than planned,” your mate explained. Niall’s eyes were boring into his, but Mohammad met him dead-on. “Do you love her?” your brother asked. “Niall!” you shushed. “It’s alright, babe,” Mohammed murmured, meant only for you to hear, before speaking up; “yes I do.” Niall nodded and stroked his chin, as if filing that fact away. “Do you love him?” he then asked you. You felt a smile break out on your face on it’s own accord. “Yeah, I really do.” Niall clapped his hands together, and just like that, the blinding smile was back on his face. “That’s settled, then. Now, Mohammad, do you play guitar?” You rolled your eyes jokingly, but your heart was jumping pleasantly in your chest. “A little bit, yeah.” Niall laughed delightedly. “Sick!”

LOUIS (age 17): “Y/N, can I talk to you, alone?” Louis asked tensely, a manic smile twisting his features. “Nope,” you told him calmly, popping the ‘p’. “With all due respect, we know it’s early, but we haven’t actually mated yet. We just wanted to inform you that once Y/N comes home after this weekend, we will be,” your soon-to-be mate, Leo, said, equally calm. “And what, I’m supposed to just accept that?” You and Leo shared a look as Louis seemed to choke on nothing. “Yes,” you said simultaneously, and Louis made a strangled noise. “Oh come off it, Lou. It’s not like you two don’t do that,” you reminded him and jerked your chin in the direction of the picture on the mantle of Louis and his mate. A private smile overtook Louis’s otherwise stormy face but he quickly snapped out of it. “I’m 23. You’re 17.” You shrugged. “We can wait until I’m 18 too, if that makes it any better. Mum already said it’s okay. It’s not like we’re going to change our minds.” You leaned forward in your seat and lowered your voice to a stage whisper. “He smells great.” Leo laughed and smacked a kiss to your temple when you righted yourself, and even Louis let a tiny chuckle slip past his thin lips. “I don’t want you to disappear from my life or anything because of this, Lou,” you admitted softly, and Leo squeezed your shoulders comfortingly. “You won’t. Not now, not ever. That I can promise you.”

Horoscopes by Gil Hizon - Week of October 4 - 10, 2016


LIBRA (September 23 – October 22)

This week, you’ll slowly realize that you’ve been transported into an alternate universe. Every queen, ho and glory hole will look the same, except for a few minor things that will seem very off. The trick with alternate universes is, once you discover you’re in one, you must act like everything is still hunky dory, until you find a way out. Once that happens, get the fuck out.


SCORPIO (October 23 – November 21)

If you can’t get your own thoughts right in that cute li’l noggin, you’re better off not sharing that shit in front of your constituents. Sometimes, these things take time. Conversely, it’s not prudent to completely keep mum, or else bitches will get suspicious of yo ass. It’s in your best interest to give these hos just enough to chew on, until you’re ready to provide the entire enchilada.


SAGITTARIUS (November 22 – December 21)

Get ready for every bitch and ho to trip yo ass as you try to maintain a positive attitude this week. Not only are these queens jealous, they also have nothing better to do than to keep a good diva like you down. As long as you are aware of what these negative Nancys are up to, rest assured that the powers that be will be there to back you the fuck up.


CAPRICORN (December 22 – January 19)

Girl, I know you’re dying to tell us your future plans, but there is such a thing as waiting another week. Sometimes, there’s too much excitement bubbling up within you, and when this is the case, you run the risk of fucking up the delivery of your great news. Maybe it’s best that you write that shit down in a notepad so you’ll have a reliable guide to look at when you’re telling us what the hell is up.


AQUARIUS (January 20 – February 18)

You are gonna need a translating device in order to figure out what the powers that be are trying to tell yo ass. Usually, it’s my job to do the translating, but this piece of news from the stars is top fucking secret – even I am not privy to it (bitches). It will take some ingenuity on your part to come up with a unique thingamajiggy to help transmit the message, but you already know what pieces to use.


PISCES (February 19 – March 20)

Gurl, I know you have a lot of opinions, but unleashing all your shit on social media this week is simply ill-advised. Sometimes, all it takes is a long deep breath to make you realize that gathering all the facts and information pertaining to your concerns will help you build a stronger case. So that when you present your shit to the world, you don’t sound like an angry, crazy person.


ARIES (March 21 – April 19)

Restraint. You could use some. Actually, you could use a helluvafuckinglot. Hey, personally, I don’t care. I think it’s great when you’re all attack-y and charged up. But other queens are not so keen on all that bluster. Just between us gurls, maybe it’s time that you brainstorm other ways to express your strong feelings and opinions, because the old way just ain’t working this week.


TAURUS (April 20 – May 20)

I know it may seem like it’s all clear skies from where you’re standing, but you’re not on the other side just yet. You must prepare for one more shitshow to arise before you reach your plush destination. And when it comes to allies, one of them may have a few tricks up his sleeve. In this final leg of your journey, I advise you to choose your final team wisely.


GEMINI (May 21 – June 21)

Playing it safe just isn’t your style, GEM. The reason that major complications give you thrills is that you get off on the idea of splitting into two beings and then teaming up on whatever huge clusterfuck rises before yo asses. But this week, you just don’t have the stamina to clone yourself. I suggest you lay low and recharge; next week you can go all willy nilly on that shitshow.


CANCER (June 22 – July 22)

It’s time to speak up, gurl. Whatever inner trauma you’ve been harboring, it’s time to either unleash on whoever’s involved, whether it’s your shrink, your deli guy or your cleaning lady, OR let that shit go. But either way, you can’t keep all that shit to yourself noh moh. Because no matter how much physical constipation you can handle, emotional constipation is whole ‘nother story.


LEO (July 23 – August 22)

There is an inner battle brewing within you. On one corner, a queen stands, currently collecting dark mystical energy, ready to attack. On another corner, another bitch sits, relying on sensibility and utility to weather the upcoming storm. The important thing to note is that these two hos are parts of you. Making them battle each other can only result to damaging key parts of yourself. Team them up instead.


VIRGO (August 23 – September 22)

This wait-and-see attitude has got to fucking go. Isn’t it time for you to take these massive opportunities by the balls and not take no for an answer? Don’t you feel like you have sat idly by long enough? Whatever reservations you may have, you’ve had them for awhile. It’s time to get those restraints off and finally strut down the runway of life, this time with harnessed conviction and a stronger sense of purpose.


(DISCLAIMER for all entries: This is all a shitshow!)

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