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So it’s probably already been done but i’m wallowing deep in the Wish hook junkyard and this attacked me out of nowhere. 

So I thought i’d share lol. Tagging @queen-mabs-revenge cos she’s mah Santiago. 

Detective Rogers has a lot of things on his mind that he can’t explain. 

He’s great at zoning out. He’s not sure if it’s something he’s learnt to do with the job or if he’s just always been a patient man, but it certainly comes in handy at times like this.

There’s an irritating fellow in front of him doing his best to order the most complicated of drinks, possibly only to get the satisfaction of making the barista’s life a misery. He seems the type of arrogant man that would sue the poor lad for getting the wrong texture of foam on his drink but… he doesn’t want to assume.

He stands with his arms meeting neatly behind his back, a firm and upright stance that resembles something out of the military. He’s not sure if it was something taught at the academy or if it again is just something that came naturally to him over the years.

As the arse in front who’s most certainly suffering from ‘little man syndrome’ continues to dictate to the young barista, he finds his gaze wandering aimlessly around the establishment.

Light wood chairs with the barest hint of fabric on the seat to make them at least appear comfortable to sit on. Plain walls with a mixture of painted stripes in shades of cream and brown he’s sure have names like ‘cream tea’, ‘hazelnut’ and ‘mocha’.

The display cooler is a mix of bottled sodas and plastic wrapped sandwiches that look both unappetising and stone cold. He’s sure they’ve been sitting there a while.

His eyes then land on the glass display that acts half as the service counter. An array of sweet treats litter the glowing glass container. Walnut cake, brownies, apple tarts, iced buns.

Iced buns.

He hasn’t seen one of those in-

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no i won’t keep my distance 
cos i’m closer than ever before
and i won’t show resistance
i could be everything you want and more

happy birthday @sinfulmarinette​ ~ this is some gabrinette from her beauty and the beast au. i had a lot of fun with this and i hope you like it fdshfdshfjsdhfj //buries self in the earth 8D//

Please be respectful of those who cannot deal with seeing this ship by tagging with #GABRINETTE and #AGE GAP CW! Also, if you are considering getting in an age gap relationship, please be cautious of the unique complications that come with such a relationship and DO NOT, AT ALL, attempt one if you are a minor! Thank you!

ellie-eldridge  asked:

Do you have any fluffy fics of Peter looking after stiles?

Lol more than I can count (or remember off the top of my head). But here’s the fluff tag on my blog, and I can rec a few fics here:

Our Imperfect World by taylorpotato

Not long after his eighteenth birthday, Peter wakes up with a small, white scar on his finger. Most people are born with scars that match their soulmate’s, or get one in their early childhood. Peter thought he just wasn’t meant to have anybody. The sudden arrival of his soulmate (in Beacon Hills, no less) is just the beginning of his life’s complications. After the fire at the Hale House, Peter’s subsequent coma, and death, he comes back to life to find that his mate has developed a crippling case of agoraphobia. Will he learn to be the sort of person a scared young man could love, or will he remain a monster?

Tight Jeans, Leather Boots, Make A Stiles Go Wee Woo by Elpie

Feeling lonely and alienated at a college across the country, Stiles decides to explore his ever-developing sexuality at the closest gay bar.

He just wasn’t expecting quite so many bikers. Or such good food. Or Peter Hale.

Much Ado About Stiles by moonstalker24

Fanfic prompt: Steter. Hurt/comfort. Alternative ending to TW episode where Stiles was kidnapped and beaten by Gerard. Oblivious!Scott sending Stiles mean texts about “abandoning” him after the game …. Or something along those lines :) Add anything else you like. One shot or multi-chapter, your choice :)

Life’s a Ball of Yarn by Triangulum

“He’s so cute!” Erica coos, reaching out to scratch the fluffy calico kitten in front of her.

The only problem is that kitten is Stiles and he doesn’t want Erica’s fingers anywhere near him. He hisses and when her hand keeps on coming, he sinks his teeth into it. Erica howls and shakes her hand, making Stiles fly off and skid across the loft floor.

“I think he might not want to be touched,” Peter drawls.

“He let you hold him,” Erica grumbles.

“I didn’t lunge at an animal the size of a potato with my nails out,” Peter points out, and YEAH.


Another fic where Stiles gets turned into a kitten.

Baby Boy by SushiOwl

What the heck is FetLife?

Stiles is too curious for his own good, and he can’t help himself, so he joins a website advertising to be a good place for “kinksters.” He just wants to be nosy and see what total strangers are up to. Then he meets Peter, who wants to be called Daddy.

Could Stiles be his baby boy?

run away and hide with you by Green

Stiles has been taking care of himself for far too long.

Go To Sleep Little Babe by ladypigswagon

“I’m fine,” Stiles protests, flopping down on the bed. He hears Peter dubious hum down the line.

“I am fine,” Stiles continues, using tilting his head to the side and holding the phone in place with his shoulder. He pulls off his sneakers, chucking them on the floor.

“You sound fine,” Peter drawls, definitely unconvinced.

Carry It With No Regrets by SatanInACroptop

Stiles is having trouble reconciling with the aftermath of the nogitsune. Namely the notion that if Allison were here, Stiles might well not be. Namely the heart stopping fear of what could happen to those still breathing if the next time he wakes up, someone else is opening his eyes for him.

Fortunately, there is at least one soul in Beacon Hills with whom he can relate to.

Sometimes a little bit of help can be found in the most unlikely of places, including the domicile of Peter Hale, and sometimes, a little bit of sanctuary is all it takes.

anonymous asked:

Sorry if youve already answered this before but do you have any klance fic recs? thank u <3

I have not answered this before, but I am delighted to! I’ll try to pick ones that aren’t already Fandom Famous™, but if you’ve already read most of these sorry, lol.

Also, just a heads up that I’m pretty picky with fics, so instead of writing “omg this is SO WELL-WRITTEN” for all these fics, just assume that’s a blanket statement, okay? All the writing is top-notch.

Cores of Diamond by speaks | Words: 25,545 Chapters: 1/1 Rating: M

So this author tag summarizes the fic pretty well: a fic where they get together at the very beginning and THEN things get complicated. The emotions of this fic hit SO hard, all the characters and the reactions are incredibly well thought-out, it all feels so so developed, I’m honestly v impressed. Plus there’s some science-y stuff that at least sounds legit, and to top it all off it’s really funny too.

I’m gonna cherry pick this internal line of Keith’s, thought in Lance’s direction: I’m fucking GAY, you absolute fish! I don’t want her!

No Greater Gift by usernicole | Words: 20,062 Chapters: 1/1 Rating: T

Keith hides a stowaway cat on the ship and learns the meaning of family!!!! I don’t think I need to sell it any more than that. Except also Lance is the first person Keith finally confesses to about the cat, and then they play with the cat in Keith’s room and everyone thinks they’re secretly dating. Honestly this fic is a blessing. And obviously, it’s hilarious.

Cherry picking this line, which is close to the start and when I knew I was gonna love this fic: There’s the time when the ruler of some planet Allura wanted them to make nice with insisted Lance – “And only me, mind you! Fucking pervert.” – take a piss in front of him and the entire court, because he didn’t “understand the concept.”

Keith the Amnesiac by jilliancares | Words: 8,878 Chapters: 1/1 Rating: G

Keith loses some memory, so he doesn’t remember anything since before the Garrison, which includes his and Lance’s “rivalry”, which makes him a lot more friendly and open. So that’s super fun and awkward for Lance, who is living in constant fear of Keith getting his memories back and freaking out about how honest he’d been, and also that they’d been cuddling. Just super cute, v wholesome, an enjoyable read.

Here’s a line: “You’re killing me,” Lance groaned, rolling over and shoving his face into the pillow. His voice was muffled when he kept speaking. “All the embarrassing things you’re telling me are just killing Future Lance.”

water in the desert by sublimation | 15,741 Chapters: 3/? Rating: E

LANCE IS A DEMON! I don’t know if that’s as much of a draw for you as it is for me, but I love everything demon-related, so I am incredibly into this. Okay, so basically Keith and Pidge summon a demon in the desert, and they get Lance, who’s an incubus. So he can’t help them with their problems, but he sticks around anyway! Lance and Keith are both so lonely, so as much as Keith doesn’t want a demon living in his shack, they end up becoming friends (and more). Also it’s HILARIOUS. The dialogue in this is sublime.

Proof: “Ugh,” she said, louder, then gave Keith a disappointed look. “You can keep it.”

“I don’t want it. Let’s just put it back.”

“Wow, I am right here,” Lance chimed in.

Warmth of the Air we Breathe by Resamille | Words: 10,814 Chapters: 1/1 Rating: T

Oh my godddd. So good, so good. Post-Voltron, back on Earth, Keith and Lance are visiting the Garrison, which they have super mixed feelings about. Another fic where the emotions hit SO HARD, and every last detail feels so well thought-out. It’s bittersweet, coming back to Earth after saving the universe, after being soldiers, after all the things they’ve seen and done. And this fic touches on all that perfectly. Also they got superpowers from Red and Blue, which made for one steamy kiss (pun wholly intended).

Snippet: Steam erupts in a soft puff in Keith’s mouth, and he has to tilt his head to let it escape between the corners of their parted lips, all soft movement and the slide of tongues and the heat of Lance’s body just under the cooling touch of frost.

Ahhh so I reached 500 followers!! Thank you all so so so much! I appreciate it a whole lot! I can’t believe anyone even follows this mess of a blog!You are all so sweet and kind so I thought I would do a little something! As you can tell I’m going to do drawing requests lol.

PLEASE READ all of the following:

•mbf me: @akilahthegreat

•PLEASE reblog this post so it doesn’t flop

•send an ask of what you want

•it doesn’t have to be dnp related, for ex: an animal, other youtubers, your face, or even your fav artist/movie actor etc….

•PLEASE be very detailed about what you want

•PLEASE nothing to complicate, I don’t want to take years on just one I want to be able to get to everyone (not like I will get a lot, but still)

•my art tag is “my art” if you want to see my other art

Again thank you so much! It means a whole lot to me!! Ily<333

Kimi ni Todoke Chapter 121 Translation

Hey my fellow Kimi ni Todoke fans!

I’m so sorry for the long wait on this translation! Thank you for your patience!

Before we get started, let me put my usual disclaimer out there. I can read Japanese and I study the language in my free time, but I’m not even remotely close to fluent. I sometimes encounter sentence structures / grammar concepts that are beyond my level of comprehension, and I do my best to figure things out with the help of my dictionary and the internet. With this in mind, just know that I do occasionally make mistakes and misinterpret things; I’m not trying to pass this or my other translations off as the work of an experienced or professional translator. I love translating, and the main reason I do it is so that those of you who adore Kimi ni Todoke but can’t read or understand Japanese can follow what’s happening in the latest chapters. I don’t think it would be fair if only those of us who understand Japanese got to keep in the loop, especially when official English translations are so far behind! So even though some things might be wrong, I’d still like to share what I was able to gather from the chapter with you! :)

Without spoiling anything…my Sawako x Kazehaya shipper friends out there, the next couple of weeks are going to be very hard for you. This chapter ends on a cliffhanger, but stay strong! October 13th will be here before you know it!

Now before we jump to the first page of this super cute chapter, I want to encourage everyone to buy Bessatsu Margaret (if you’re financially able to). I know it’s a lot easier (and a little cheaper) to read scans online, but if you’re a fan of Kimi ni Todoke / shoujo manga, you will absolutely love this magazine. The images are large so you can see a lot of detail, and the original printings of these last few chapters will be a very special addition to your collection of Kimi ni Todoke books and merchandise. Plus it supports the author, Karuho Shiina; living outside Japan, it’s not as easy to send encouraging messages, but buying the magazines that feature her work is a great way to offer her support and show our appreciation. Again, only if you have the money and are interested in purchasing - I’m not trying to push or guilt anyone, just spreading the word that the magazine is a really fun thing to own and collect!

Okay, now that that’s done, let’s go help Kazehaya move into his new apartment!

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Inktober prompts

I am thinking of trying to do the Inktober Challenge, because it is the ultimate example of facing my fears: in ink (gulp); sketching every day; putting potentially imperfect, loose sketches out there without noodling and doodling them to death.

If anyone has any prompts they want to send my way, hit me up! It can be fandom-related or completely random, like something from nature. I will be most likely to try stuff that is fairly simple, though, so I probably won’t attempt a really complicated scene. No promises that I’ll draw every prompt, but I’ll try!

I apologize in advance for spamming you all with bad sketches. :-) You can blacklist #el tries inktober and flails wildly #inktober or #inktober2017 if you get sick of them…or search for the tags if you actually want to *see* all my bad sketches, lol.

Anyone else doing this? @scribblecat27? @svenjaliv? @bleebug? @flipperbrain?

Get to know me tag

I was tagged by @sagittaerus a mutual I just love to see on my dash. Tysm babe!

Relationship status:  In a complicated relationship with a girl who doesn’t even know I feel something for her lol (I hate and love crushes man)

Favorite color: black!

Lipstick or chapstick: I don’t really use both, but lipstick!

Last song: CNCO ft Little Mix- Reggeaton Lento. I just love that song.

Last movie: When Marnie Was There. Watched it 5 minutes ago for the first time…I am sobbing.

Top 3 shows: Avatar The Last Airbender, The Legend of Korra and can’t really think of a third yet. My memory sucks.

Top 3 ships: haha don’t have them :p

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Name: Kristina

Nickname: None really (if someone tried, I resisted the nickname lol)

Gender: Female

Star Sign: Scorpio

Height: 5′5"

Sexuality: Straight

Hogwarts house: Ravenclaw!

Favorite Animal: Elephants

Average hours of sleep: 5-6ish if I’m in the newsroom that night, 7-8 if I can sleep in

Dogs or cats: Dogs, cats and I have a complicated relationship

Blankets you sleep with: 1 duvet

Dream trip: Iceland or New Zealand

Dream job: Political journalist

When I made my blog: Ages ago, it was inactive for a while there and I rediscovered it in late 2015

Followers: 134

Why I made my Tumblr: Middle school peer pressure (woohoo!)

Reasons for my url: It’s a saying I’d always grown up hearing, and it sort of stuck

I tag: @morethanwords229@storiesseldomtold , @anonymouslyaddicted@jessi32383@allducksinarow , @queen-bess-mccord , @prettylittlepetalx, @glitter-lace-sophistication and whoever else I forgot/is interested!!

Get to Know Me

I love these tag meme games. Idk why. lol… I was tagged for this by the incredible @threewhiskeylunch, the wonderful @sweet-ree, and the fabulous @estalfaed! Thanks guys!! 

Relationship status: Married with children - 21 years to my bff! :)

Lipstick or chapstick: Okay, so this should be a simple question, but… It’s me, so of course I have to make it complicated. I love lipstick and chapstick equally, but I don’t wear lipstick because I’m allergic to most other types of makeup and it looks weird by itself. I don’t typically wear chapstick because hubby doesn’t like the way it makes my lips feel and refuses to kiss me if I’m wearing it. lol… So my answer is both and neither. :/

Last song: How to Save a Life by The Fray

Last movie: Idk really… I rarely sit down to watch movies anymore. I think it was Innerspace, but that was at least a couple months ago. 

Top 3 shows: Star Trek Voyager, Friends, Orange is the New Black (only because I also rarely watch tv and I’ve been binge watching this lately.)

Top 3 ships: mShenko, Han/Leia, Shakarian (m or f) 

I can’t think of anyone to tag right now. I think most of you have been tagged already. But if you want to play along, feel free! :) 

20 Questions

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Name: Bethia 

Nickname: Beth / Beevia

Zodiac: Saggitarius 

Orientation: Straight

Height: almost 5'3

Nationality: It’s complicated

Favorite fruit: Lychee? 

Favorite season: Fall (coz it’s not as hot lol)

Favorite book: Now that’s just mean… Um… The Selection Series?

Favorite flower: Gerberas

Favorite color: coral 

Favorite scent: hmmm flowers? Foood

Favorite animal: DOGS

Coffee, tea, or hot cocoa: hot cocoa

Average hours of sleep: 7 hours

Cat or dog: dog

Favorite fictional character: KYLE WOODWORK

How many blankets do you sleep with: one

Dream trip: Um… I’d like to go to the States, Uk and Europe again:)

Blog was created: January 2016

Followers: 268 (very little, yes I know)

Tag Thing!

I got tagged by the wonderful @s-ondheim (she’s the best honestly)

Goal: Tag 9 people to get to know them. I tag @huffleheck @sincerlyyme @yikesjaredkleinman @gninrud-anna @polygenderselkie @connormurphyisbab @daveyjacobss @earlyjunes lol I can’t think of a ninth. If you don’t wanna answer, you don’t have to!

Relationship status: Omg it’s complicated, but I’ve talked enough about Zac on here that you guys kinda know about it.

Favourite colour: Either red or purple. I love how bold both those colours are, and they’re just so pretty!

Lipstick or chapstick: Chapstick bc I’m not an avid wearer or lipstick, but I don’t mind wearing it every now and then.

Last song: King Of New York lol. We had a massive bus ride yesterday, and the Newsies cast recording both started and finished it.

Last movie: Um probably Guardians Of The Galaxy Vol. 2. I got a lotta love for Chris Pratt.

Top 3 shows: Rick and Morty, Brooklyn Nine Nine and Sherlock.

Top 3 ships: Jack Kelly and Katherine Pulitzer, Arnold Cunningham and Nabulungi and Alexander Hamilton and a big glass of ‘Calm the fuck down’

Get to know me

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1. nicknames: it’s kinda complicated, it’s pronounced moonty (lol) from my last name:-) but it’s actually munty, so yeah. complicated. my first name is Ana, if anyone comes up with a nickname for that i’ll hug u

2. gender: female

3. star sign: gemini!

4. height: probably 5'5

5. time: 11:10am

6. birthday: 27th of May

7. favourite bands: one direction, 5 seconds of summer, half moon run, the lumineers, fleet foxes, little mix!, i sometimes listen to queen and scorpions. not really a band person:-)

8. favourite solo artists: does this include all the 1d members? haha. well, Aurora, michael jackson, seafret (it’s a duo, but whatever i’ll just put them here), gregory alan isakov, zayn, whitney houston, james blunt, idk these are the ones i listen the most but i certainly have more on my list

9. song stuck in my head: dusk till dawn by zayn

10. last movie i saw: i don’t remember, i mostly watch tv shows oops

11. last show i watched: once upon a time!!

12. when did i create my blog: 12th of July!

13. what do i post: harry potter, mostly marauders, season/books/libraries aesthetics, idk, just what i love

14. last thing i googled: lmao i googled ‘scorpions’ because i wanted to be sure it was a band and i won’t make a fool of myself😂😂

15. do i have any other blogs: yes but i don’t use it anymore:-)

16. do i get asks: sometimes, rarely even. but i get really excited when i do get, though!

17. why i chose my url: harry potter, obviously

18. following: 142 lol, i need more blogs to follow

19. followers: 565❤❤

20. average hours of sleep: 9 or 10, depends how tired i am even though im tired 24/7

21. lucky number: 11

22. instruments: piano, flute, ukulele, a bit of guitar and used to play violin:-)

23. what am i wearing: christmas leggings😂, a white shirt, a big ass hoodie and fuzzy socks

24. dream job: writer/actress

25. dream trip: i’ve always wanted to go to England, but just anywhere in the world. i wanna see everything

26. favourite food: probably fries, but i love food. everything except meat and beans

27. nationality: romanian!

28. favourite song right now: hmmmmmm lucky by Aurora

Emergency Commissions

Hey all! My water heater broke and it takes around $200 to fix it, and my bank account is already negative. Bottom line, I really need some $$.

Anyways, I’m taking commissions to pay for it! Here is the price list:

Head+shoulders: b/w- $10, color- $15

Half-body: b/w- $15, color- $20

Full body: b/w- $20, color- $30

I never tried it, but I can also draw simple icons for $5- $10.

Additional character: + $5 - $10, depending on the drawing

Commission me your OCs, your favorite characters, your OTPs or yourself as a manga character! I personally love drawing characters in different clothes/age/gender/AUs, etc. 

I will draw anything but porn, animals, and complicated backgrounds (we can negotiate additional prices tho, if you really want it, that’s how desperate I am).

Reblog this and you’ll get $5 off for any half- or full- body commission!

Just message me, if you’re interested ( ᵕ̤ ‧̫̮ ᵕ̤ ) 

uhhh i was tagged by @meteor-gay on my main but im posting it here kajsdh

Rule: tag 9 people you want to get to know

Relationship status: single, not interested skjdlfh

Favorite colour: its complicated,, green?

Lipstick or chapstick: chapstick but i never wear either lol

Last song: uhhh vienna by billy joel lmao

Last movie: thor

Top 3 shows: idk tbh. some sherlock holmes adaptation and food network. im not a tv person

Top 3 ships: holmes x watson… molly x irene (the only good part of bbc sh/erlock) and yeah thats it im not much of shipper

I tag: @thedragongirl77 @teaselface @the-greencat @bramblewing @ingodwetrust2 (isabel i dont know much about u smh) @emergencybirds @wrenavem

Dean x Reader

A/N: It’s not full out smut, more fluff I guess but it’s all I got lol. I hope you still like it anyways and I apologize again for taking so long on these, my life has gotten complicated. I’m working on 24 I got a lot of request for that one so it’ll be up soon.

23. “I know you want me”

The bar was crowded and smelled like peanuts and whiskey, which wasn’t really you’re thing but Dean wanted to go so you tagged along hoping to get in some quality time with him. You’ve been crushing on him for almost a year now, ever since he saved you and your parents from a nest of vamps.

You don’t get to see him much but you offer your assistance when they call asking you to do some research or when they’re in town or nearby and need you to help with a hunt. It’s not the life you’d always imagine but it’s the only way you get to see Dean and in your mind he’s worth it.

“Want another beer princess?” Dean asked while getting up from the table.

“No, I think it’s time I pack it in.” You don’t want to leave but you have a paper due on Monday and you’re professor is all out of ‘get out of jail free’ cards so you can’t blow this one off.

“Oh come on, we’re celebrating.” Dean responded.

Dean now stood next to you at the table, putting his hand on your shoulder and rubbing his thumb under the strap of your tank top. He knows what he’s doing, you think to yourself as your body tenses up a little under his touch. He does this all the time because he knows you have a crush on him and he knows that all he has to do is show the slightest affection toward you and you turn into jelly.

“Okay one more” you put one finger up and wave it in his face “then I really have to go.” You looked over at Sam who seems pleased that you decided to stay for another round.

“That’s what you always say Y/N but you know you can’t resist my charm” Dean gave your shoulder a gentle squeeze before making his way back to the bar.


Three beers and 2 shots of whiskey later and you and Dean have now made your way to a booth in the back corner of the bar. Sam was getting tired and pretty wasted so he stumbled back to their motel room about an hour before Dean started ordering shots.

You should have realized this was going to happen, it always does. Dean just has some type of power over you. A touch from him and you find yourself begging for more. You try and sit a certain way so that he might brush against you or accidently touch you. And it hasn’t gone unnoticed to Dean either. He knows what you’re doing but he has too much fun teasing you.

“I think I should really call it a night Dean.” You turned you head and body so that you were facing him and your back was against the wall that was previously beside you. Dean turned his upper body toward you and took another shot.

“Well it looks to me like you’re trapped sweetheart” he chuckled as he placed the shot glass upside down on the table “besides you’re too drunk to drive.”

You weren’t completely trapped, you’re small enough that you could always just crawl under that table but you weren’t sure what was on the floor of the bar and you aren’t drunk enough to want to find out. He was right though you couldn’t drive home either; you’re not stupid enough to get behind the wheel.

“You could stay with me” Dean leaned in to you and whispered in your ear. It was clear he was drunk and you wouldn’t feel right about taking advantage of him while he’s not in his right mind. But you still couldn’t drive home.

“I can sleep in the impala.” You countered while pushing lightly against his chest to try and prevent him from getting any closer to your body. Not because you didn’t want what was happening to happen but you wouldn’t be able to stop yourself if you allow it to go any further and you want Dean to want you because he wants you not because he’s drunk.

“Please, you’ve had a lady boner for me since the day we met” Dean started sliding his hand up your thigh. Good thing I wore jeans, you thought to yourself or he’d know just how right he is “I know you want me” he finishes.

He started kissing your neck as his left hand continued to rub up and down your thigh and his right hand snaked around your neck and into your hair. You couldn’t help yourself and your hands, which were once pressed against his chest in defense, are now gripping the collar of his shirt and pulling him closer. His mouth left a burning trail of kisses along your jaw until they found your lips. You could taste the whiskey he just downed minutes earlier. He squeezed your thigh, your mouth fell open as a moan escaped into his and he took the opportunity to ease his tongue in and deepen the kiss.

You were starting to feel dizzy and out of breath. Your body was starting to give in and you were becoming weak. The smell of Dean’s cologne, the feel of his hands on the back of your neck, wrapped in your hair and the way he was biting your bottom lip it was all sending you over the edge.

“Dean, wait” you tug on his hair gently to pull his mouth away from yours but your faces were still close enough that you could feel his warm breath on your lips.

“What?” Dean asked trying to catch his breath, fully preparing himself for another session.

“We can’t, not tonight.” You regret the words as soon as they come out of your mouth “If you still feel this way in the morning” you breath in through your nose and let out a deep sigh “I’m all in but tonight you” you correct yourself “we are too drunk”

“You’re right” Dean looks down at your swollen lips, licking his own lips before pealing himself off of you and sitting up “But you’re not sleeping in the car Y/N. You can take my bed and I’ll sleep on the coach.”

“You sure?” you asked.

“Well you’re gonna have to actually be here in the morning so we can finish what you started” he flashed a smile at you and waved to the waitress for the bill.

“What I started” you raised your eyebrows at him and returned the smile.


So, after recently meeting a lot of trans* people, I realized the biggest thing that seems to keep them down is them lacking the ability to gain a binder. So, after seeing a post about these amazing $10 binders, I decided I wanted to give away 6!!! of them in total. You can see them here.

  • How will I know these will fit me?
  • I will contact the seller with your measurements (height and weight) or bra size and I will have them choose the best one.


  • No cisgendered people (this is not for cosplay)

  • Go ahead and follow me if you want <3

  • Worldwide shipping

  • Like or reblog, I don’t care, I think it only counts one note tho I’m sure.

  • Ends: EXTENDED: APRIL 15th

  • Any questions, please ask. I’m not sure what else to add.

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