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brighter than fire (m)

Summary: There’s quite possibly nothing you hate more than Min Yoongi and his stupid, stupid face—and the stupid, stupid way he makes you feel.
Pairing: Yoongi | Reader
Genre: Fluff/Smut, Camp Counselor AU
Word Count: 11,371
Author’s Note: What better way to celebrate the summer than to mix Min Yoongi and camp counseling? Also, this is my first time getting to write really sarcastic Yoongi and I was really living. And to @minsvga – hEY thanks for encouraging sarcastic Yoongi in the first place, and lots of sinning; this is all your fault. 


As soon as you step off the bus at the top of the mountain, surrounded by trees and forest and the fresh smell of pine, miles and miles away from your family and the troubles of everyday life—there is without a doubt in your mind that you’re reached your home. The sun is bright, hitting your eyes as soon as you depart from the vehicle, which only serves as a benchmark for what the next few weeks would consist of. And for the most part, you cannot wait to bask in the freedom and the responsibility and the adventure of resuming your counselor position at Camp Bulletproof for the fourth year in a row.

There’s an endearing aspect of being a regular at Camp Bulletproof, one that comes with smiles and waves exchanged with counselors who share the same experience as you, ones you’ve known for many years and have a friendship that can transcend the fact that you all didn’t see each other a lot more than you actually saw each other but that doesn’t stop any of you from spending hours on end supplying backstories for stories or sharing tales from school. It’s a gesture that is done very willingly given that some of these people have plagued your childhood and some of your most fond memories. For the most part, you can’t wait until after hours so the counselors could all have some time to catch up.

For the most part.

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So my comprehensive guide to the triage system is turning out a lot less shouty than I’d expected, because I forgot just how much I LOVE this shit and I’m delighted to have the opportunity to nerd out about it at length

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where can i learn/read more about anti-police politics, the abolishment of police, etc? my major requires me to take a policing course next semester and i want to be well-read so i don't blindly absorb pro-police rhetoric

Our essential reading list has some pretty good books on the subject including

  • The New Jim Crow: Mass Incarceration in the Age of Colorblindness by Michelle Alexander
  • Are Prisons Obsolete? By Angela Y. Davis (read free)
  • Police State: How America’s Cops Get Away with Murder by Gerry Spence
  • Our Enemies in Blue: Police and Power in America by Kristian Williams (PDF - note needs to be zoomed in a lot but it comes out clear)
  • Resistance Behind Bars: The Struggles of Incarcerated Women by Victoria Law
  • Fire the Cops! by Kristian Williams
BTS Reaction To You Getting Jealous

Authors Note: I just want to apologize over the fact that the gifs don’t completely go with the reaction. I wanted to post this before work and I didn’t have time to do a lot of searching.

Requested by: @barbarella900



Rap Monster: Namjoon’s reaction to you getting jealous would most definitely depend on how you handle that jealousy. If you were to act super rude and negative he wouldn’t put up with it for a second. He would immedietely call you out on it and would then continue to wait for you to calm down before he tried to sit down and talk with you. On the other hand, if you were mature and polite about the whole thing, he would be very appreciative and would find himself to be a lot more understanding a lot quicker. 

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Jimin: At first, Jimin would be very concerned. He wouldn’t understand why you had become so negative and rude towards him all of a sudden. But after a good hour of thinking about all the things he may have done to make you mad at him, a light of realization would go off in his head and he would immedietly apologize. He wouldn’t be super sappy and dramatic about it, but he would make it very obvious that he was sorry and that he never intended to make you jealous. 

Originally posted by sugutie

Suga: Like Namjoon, Suga would probably act somewhat negatively towards you becoming jealous. He seems like the type of person to want to talk things out in a calm and sophisticated manner, so if you were to go 0 to 100 without any discussion inbetween, he would probably see that jealousy as possesivness or a lack of trust in him. If you were subtle and sincere about what was going on, on the other hand, he would be very professional about it. He would immedietly sit you down so the two of you could talk about it and would try to do everything in his power to make it up to you. 

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J-Hope: J-Hope would very likely find your jealousy to be super adorable. He would find it extremley cute how you were acting all pouty and trying to get his attention. He also wouldn’t be against your increased amount of affection, either. The only thing that would upset him, on the other hand, is if you were mean or aggressive about it. 

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V: V would be more confused than anything. He wouldn’t understand what he did to make you so jealous and the fact that you were currently giving him the silent treatment wouldn’t help that issue. He would try his best to get your attention and talk it over with you, and would probably be a bit frustrated from your lack of cooperation, but would overall just keep trying to get your attention until you gave in and told him what was wrong. 

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Jungkook: Depending on what you’re jealous over, Jungkook would more than likely find your jealous attitude incredibly sexy. He would think you looked super attractive whenever you were jealous and would probably purposely find ways to make you that way. He would love knowing that you loved him enough to even get jealous and he wouldn’t hold back from letting that be known. 

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Jin: Jin would be very upfront with you and would immedietly want to know what it is that made you so upset. If you were to ignore him, he’d probably just shrug it off and say that he can’t fix what he doesn’t know about. If you were to be honest with him, on the other hand, he would be extremley apologetic and would immedietly try his best to make it up to you. 

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MCSM Season 2 Tonal Comparisons/Inspirations

Whenever a new writer starts working on MCSM Season 2, this is the viewing list that myself and lead designer Brian Freyermuth give as “homework” to get them in the right mindset for writing on the project.

When I was assigned to lightly reboot the tone of MCSM Season 1 after the Witherstorm story arc, a lot of these served as the inspiration for the new tone, and now as we go into season 2 this is the stuff we continue to aspire towards.

(Please note, none of these are inspiration for specific plot points, storylines, or characters - just the feel and tone.)

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Can you do a Percabeth smut where like Percy teases Annabeth during class and then she has to wait until after class to get back at him

No smut, lots of teasing in class headcanons though.

  • Lots of note passing. Annabeth created a secret code so no one could read their notes if they got caught. 
  • Footsie under the desks all the time. Annabeth using her foot to rub up Percy’s leg always makes him squirms. 
  • They learned morse code to talk to each other during class too. Secretly sending dirty messages to one another. 
  • Make subtle sexual gestures during class so fast that if you blink, you missed the message.

@simpliciaty-cc ’s  Venus Hair clayified

 comes in @pastry-box  ‘s saccharine palette

❀ You will need the mesh for this to show up in game


MESH by simpliciaty

simfileshare: Clayified

Note: This is my first ever made cc for ts4 sooo please don’t judge me. Also I couldn’t figure out how to get a custom thumbnail in cas ( I have imported it a lot of times into s4 studio but it does not work) so if you know how I cloud fix this let me know!

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Sans Are you like capable of traveling to other universes and stuff because i still dont get your powers

The general idea of what he can and can’t do based upon current knowledge. On another note, he is unable to teleport, he lost this ability when his skull was cracked. But it’s been so long since that incident that he’s practically forgotten he ever had that ability. Instead, he’s learned ways to use his threads for mobility. Aside from this, the threads can also act as band-aids or stitches if he receives an injury.

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i hate how people romanticize/glamorize kurt's death and suicide note like it gets me so mad like it's so disrespectful and disgusting. i respect you so much for telling people to stop!!

Thank you anon. But I can’t stop them by myself. Thank god a lot of people are aware of how wrong is it to glamorize suicide. Mental illness is not cool. And doing drugs isn’t either.

Friends, Waffles, Work


“Alright, next item on the agenda…” Bellamy tries not to roll his eyes as Jaha trails off, combing through his near-illegible notes.

Staff meetings usually end up like this, discussing whatever topics Jaha can recall or make up off the top of his head, until Vera inevitably fills the silence with updates on her pet programs nobody else wants that many details about (seriously, Bellamy is as big a fan of trees as the next person, but her Saturday morning wellness group is starting to sound more and more like a cult), and Luna sitting passively by, diligently taking notes and refusing to exchange even the slightest expression of mutual understanding that Bellamy shoots her way.

Don’t get him wrong; Bellamy likes his coworkers. It’s not the tight-knit, found-family feel Leslie Knope had prepared him for when he got hired to his small town’s Parks & Recreation division, but they each care a lot, in their own way. All of his favorite people care way too much about stuff. It’s what he likes in a person.

And he does like parks. Arcadia has some pretty nice ones, clean and well-kept with cool signs about historical things that happened nearby and/or noteworthy plant species. Not to mention that time last year he got to quash a movement for a confederate monument. That was one of his finer moments, if he does say so himself.

Mostly, he took the job to get a foot in the door of local government, but the soft spot he’s always harbored for parks– free, accessible, fairly safe spaces for him and Octavia to hang out in when they didn’t want to be at home, growing up– is what clinched the deal.

Still. Staff meetings are the worst.

He’s in the middle of wondering whether anyone is going to eat the last bagel Luna brought in, and also whether it has hemp in it, when Jaha says his name.

He blinks, looking up, and finds everyone staring at him.

“Sorry. I zoned out for a second. What’s up?”

“I was saying I have a special project for you,” says Jaha, and Bellamy groans inwardly.

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Miles Wood - I forget how lucky I am.

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Hi! Can you do a Miles Wood imagine of how he and y/n are not getting along lately because he’s so messy and she’s tired of picking up his mess all the time and they argue about it a lot. So one day while Miles is out with some of his old college friends they all start talking about each other’s relationships and they are terrible compared to his with y/n. And he realizes how lucky he is to be with her so when he gets back home he arrives with flowers and chocolates and also logo as to her.

Author’s Note: I wasn’t sure who all had girlfriends, but I really don’t like using girlfriends real names anyways. Therefor I made up names for the girlfriends. Enjoy! -Julianne 

“Ow, what the fuck! AHHH, MILES! Stop leaving your shoes in the doorway! And is it that hard to throw your clothes in the bin! God, I’m sick of picking up after you.” You nagged.

You began to pick up  up the clothes and other objects off the ground. Placing each on in there right full place. You weren’t sure why it was so hard for your boyfriend to clean up after himself, but it was. It was also the most argued thing between you two. It got annoying. After cleaning your bedroom, you made your way into living room, where Miles was lying on the couch.

“MILES! Come on! I just cleaned our bedroom and now I have to clean the living. Come on dude! You’re 22, clean up after yourself. I’m not your maid.” You huffed as you began to clean up his mess.

Miles, looked up from his phone, watching you race around the living room picking up everything in site that didn’t belong. He knew where this was going and he was not in the mood. He grabbed your hand and pulled you down next to you.

“Babe, relax. I will get to it. Come cuddle.” He smirked.

“You say that every time. Cuddles, sex and whatever else you have in mind isn’t going to help the mess.”

“Fuck! Stop nagging for once and start being my girlfriend!”

“Where are you going!?”

“I’m late to lunch with the boys.”

You heard the door slam loudly.

“Fine, it will give me time to clean up your mess!” You yelled out at no one.

Miles P.O.V.

I was fuming when I left the house and still was when I got to the restaurant. I made my way over to the boys who were already sitting outside with drinks.

“Miles! Bout time you made it .” Steve said

“What the hell took you so long?” Taylor said.

“We ordered you a beer.” Beau said sliding the beer on front of me

I took a big swig of the beer, hoping to numb some of the anger that was bottled up inside me still.

“Whoa, you okay there buddy?” Taylor chuckled.

“I had a fight with Y/N. She keeps nagging to me. Telling me I’m a slop.” I rolled my eyes before taking another sip of my beer.

“Oh man, sorry dude. I’ve been there. Meg is all over me all the time. If I don’t answer my text within a minute she freaks out. One, time I feel asleep, before texting her back and she had called my mom, sister and grandmother. By the time I woke up I had 100 messages. All asking if I was dead.” Beau laughed.

“Oh that’s nothing Cally hates when I wear my shoes in the house. If I don’t take them right off when I get home, she makes me sleep on the couch. I’ve been on the couch three times this week. No joke.” Taylor laughed shaking his head as he took a sip of his beer.

“I got one, I GOT ONE! “ Steve said holding his hands up. If I walking in the door too early Cora will and  I shit you not freak out on me. She wants to know why I came home before the time I said I would. I can’t tell you how many times I have parked at the end of the block just to stop a fight.”

My head was spinning at this point. Here, I have a wonderful, beautiful girl at home who does nothing but love me, feed me, support me, takes care of me, listens to me and only asks one think of me….to clean up after myself. I could have a girl that freaks out on me for being too late or early, or worries that I’m cheating, or controls me.

“I have to go, guys. I’ll see you tomorrow at practice.” I placed a ten down on the table and made my way out of the restaurant. I made three stops before making my way home.  

Your P.O.V.

You had just placed one of Miles hoodies over your small body, when you heard the door open and your name. You didn’t move from your spot in the closet.

“You’re right. I am a slob and I do need to help clean up my stuff. It’s not fair to you and as I at there listening to the guys nag about their girls all I could think was, I have it made. I have a beautiful, smart, kind, loving girl who does nothing but take care of me and love me and it won’t kill me to pick up after myself. I love you Y/N and I’m sorry.” Miles said.

You smiled as your back still faced Miles. You turned around to see a handful of beautiful flowers, chocolates, and a bag full of books. You could help my tear up. Miles smiled as he walked closer towards you. Placing the stuff on the bed, before pulling you into him.

“I love you.” He said placing a kiss to your forehead.

“I love you too. I’m sorry for yelling earlier. Sometimes, I too forget how lucky I am to have a guy like you.” You said placing your head on his chest.


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Whats the point in a whole blog for calling out one person? And two mods for it?

1. sixpenceee is an awful person and her shit needs to be called out. unfortunately, a lot of the callout posts for her get taken down or deleted due to harassment from sixpenceee’s fans. thus, this blog is a permanent archive.

2. we’ve currently got 216 asks in our inbox and have made 304 posts in less than 30 days. it’d be a little crazy if we didn’t have multiple mods

(as a side note, sorry for not being as active lately. this may come as a shock to the anons but the mods do in fact have real lives)

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So I started making edits and even tho I didn't work super hard on them, they barely get any attention, and idk why but it's makes me like really sad, and also I wanna ask for a promo/make a promo for my blog but I feel like tahts selfish of me and that it makes an attention w****, and I don't know why, it just makes me feel bad even tho I want to do it.

Omg sweetheart a lot of people ask for promos from me and it’s never a bother!! I love helping you guys out.

If it wasn’t for @sheisrecovering, who I came to and asked for a promo from when I deleted my blog last year, I probably wouldn’t be where I am today on this blog. Promos can help so much, they’re what helped this blog back on its feet!

And my edits barely got any notes either, you can’t expect to get a lot of notes when you first make your content! Keep going, keep making your content and tag them properly so people can find them!

Here’s whey I’ve gone back and forth so much about whether to go alternate history or full-on second world with future Quiet World stuff. That waffling, BTW, is about 90% of why you haven’t seen any QW stuff for the past couple of years.

(*NOTE: “Second world,” in speculative fiction terms, refers to a world that is not our own. Tolkien’s Middle Earth is a second world setting, for example. Full Metal Alchemist, AtLA, and Korra take place in second world settings, as well. You get the idea.)

A lot of it comes down to representation.

Although it’s not necessarily my JOB to create representation, I feel like it’s my RESPONSIBILITY. Does that make sense?

Some of the questions I ask myself are things like: Does my monster-hunting, sword-wielding, steampunk lesbian marine lose something if instead of being from the Philippines, she’s from somewhere that just kind of REMINDS people of the Philippines? Does my god-hating professional adventurer nephil (who is tragically in love with the ghost of his ex-girlfriend) lose something if I can no longer specify that his ancestors were from various Mesopotamian countries? How about my Bengali shapeshifter, in a world with no India? My half-Japanese Kitsune if there is no Japan?

Of course, one way going full-on second world makes things easier is that if all the regions and countries and religions are from my own head, there’s no way I can screw up the research. It can also be a cop-out, though, especially if I pull the oh-so-common “Ferelden is Great Britain and the Turians are space age Romans” thing. And also, characters (like Analise) entered my head a certain way (in her case, she entered my head as a Filipina).

Mianite Wilderness Chapter One

Plot: the heroes fall from the void, after being sent off by Ianite and defeating Dianite, find themselves in a world covered in nothing but snow. There’s no sign of civilization anywhere but the traps that Tom finds.

shipping: there’s no ship so far but I guess you could say there might be some syndisparklez?

warnings: there may be some blood and a dead animal corpse in this but nothing too bad. Maybe someone cursing.

Extra Notes:

I hope this isn’t too bad? This takes place after the first season, which means they’ve never been in Ruxomar or even heard of other realms existing. Also depending on if a lot of people like this I might actually be motivated to write more since this is just the first chapter.

please tell me how this is, I’d love to hear from you guys and maybe if I get enough notes and comments and stuff I’ll actually continue this.

Chapter one


I woke with a jolt, and was greeted with a sky full of white clouds and cold flakes dropping on my face. I realized that not only was it snowing but I was extremely cold. Did it snow on us after we fell?

I sat up, slowly, trying to ignore the numbness in my body and just… go. Layer after layer of snow on me fell off and allowed me to move again. Seeing so much snow on me kind of scared me a bit. Would I be able to find the others?

“Tom!” I heard Sparklez shout from behind me. I looked over my shoulder to see the rest of the group; Sparklez, Tucker, and Sonja. Sparklez came to me (granted with great difficulty) and grabbed my arm and helped me stand.

“It looks like it snowed a bunch,” Tucker said, staring at the sky, “we’re lucky we found you.”

“Yeah, you would’ve froze to death if you didn’t get up when you did,” Sparklez mumbled.

“Well thank you guys,” I nodded to them and I looked around as well. The whole place is covered in snow that’s around my knees in height and I wouldn’t doubt it were deeper anywhere else. It was just a flat white sheet, but in front of us is a huge forest, also covered in snow. I could tell most of the trees are pine trees as none of them froze to death and are fluffy. The ones that did die and wilt are thin and broken down from so much weight out on them. Off in the distance I could see a tall mountain peeking over the clouds. It was a lone mountain and looked nothing like the mountains at home. “Where are we?” I asked quietly. I only got a shrug from Sonja and a grunt from Tucker. Sparklez stayed silent as he was also looking around.

“It might be a bit of a stretch-” he said, pointing at the forest- “but I think we should explore the forest and find a place to stay before we get snowed in again.”

We all agreed, and Sparklez and I led the other two into the forest. I would say me though because I was ahead of everyone and Sparklez was just behind me, he was probably contemplating where we were knowing he’s probably the smartest of the three and always has something on his mind. He can solve things pretty quickly.

We found a good spot in the forest. A birch tree was tipped over and leaning on a pin tree. So we decided to take shelter there. We set up camp under the fallen tree, digging out the snow underneath and grabbing big fern branches to protect us from anymore snow. We set up a fire (with great difficulty) and camped out for a while. Sooner or later some of us got hungry, so I decided to go out and see if I can find rabbits or berries or something.

I shuffled around the forest, making sure I leave tracks deep enough so they don’t fill up with snow and I get lost. I got over my numbness after we hung out after the fire and I was hoping I’d stay generally warm for a while even without warm clothes.

I doubt that’d be the case.

As I shuffled around I started seeing something. I wasn’t sure if I was dreaming or hallucinating or something… but it actually got me a bit happy. I started seeing things like wires connected to trees and small wooden or bone spikes poking from the snow. This meant there’s someone here.

What was worrying was the blood coating all these traps. Whether or not they were for animals I knew that wherever we are we’re right in someone or something’s hunting grounds and they may not be too happy about that.

Suddenly I heard someone shout my name. “Tom!” They screeched and it almost sounded like Sonja. “Come back! You won’t believe this!”

So I did what I was told and started to run-shuffle my way back to camp, of course following my trail. When I arrived the group had the most excited faces, yet their eyes held some sort of fear? I knew fear when I saw it and that’s what I see. When I saw him was when I knew why they held fear in their eyes.

It was Dianite, yet shorter and stalkier… mainly he looked more masculine, giving him that short yet huge look. He was crouched down by a corpse of a big deer-like animal, a big one. Possibly an elk or caribou? When he looked at me I saw he had some sort of animalistic shine to his eyes which were… actually beautiful– they’re opalescent, shining different colors in vibrant flecks. His hair is dark burgundy and slicked back, but it seemed to stand up a bit in hostility while his tail twitched around in irritation. He wore animal skin, obviously different skins stitched to different skins to create some kind of protection against the snow. There were black strings wrapped around various parts of his body like his arms, legs, waist, and chest. All strings tied around teeth and broken bones of animals, possibly those he’s hunted. Some strings (the ones around his waist) tied around glass bottles and vials filled in some powdery or liquid substances of different colors. There was a pale beige looking powder in one and knew immediately it was some crushed bones made into bonemeal. In his left hand held a big and long blade, also of bone. Whatever animal that blade was made of I wouldn’t want to know. He stood slowly from his crouched position as he continued to stare at me in some wary gaze. I could tell he too is observing me. The way he stood I knew he was watching if I’d attack him. He stood on his toes, his feet dragon-like in nature but also big enough to keep him on the surface of the snow without sinking through… sort of like a lynx or polar bear.

“Hello,” I said quietly, hopefully not startling him and he continued to look at me. I cleared my throat and his ears perked up.

“Now that everyone is here–” his voice is deep, like rolling thunder, but he spoke quietly, “– I want to know who you are and why you want me to… help you.” I could tell he’s sort of animalistic with that voice of his. He spoke slightly choppy but he’s still understandable. What scared me was he still was staring at me.

“Well…” Tucker started slowly, a bit nervous, “I’m Tucker Jericho.”

“Captain Jordan Sparklez.”

“Sonja Firefoxx.”

“Tom Syndicate.”

We told him we didn’t know where we were and had recently woke up outside of the forest, and of course added that we almost froze to death before even waking up. Or at least I almost did. We said that we came from a place called Mianite and well… as I suspected that didn’t go too well.

“Excuse me?” He made a noise that I recognized, a deep rumbling in his throat and chest that meant he was infuriated. His hair seemed to stand even more on its end and his scales on the back of his neck down to his shoulder blades I could see started to ruffle, making a low shuttering noise when they moved in any way. This was the defensive system of his species… whatever he is. The Dianite I knew, definitely different from this one, had the same thing with his own scales but it was all around his neck to make him look larger. Obviously this is some sort of different breed that their back-scales are large and plated and shutter when in distress to scare their prey by both intense noise, vibration, and overall size. This Dianite is big and scary enough, I’d probably cry if he were to be angry with me in such a manner.

“W-what’s wrong?” Sonja asked.

“That bastard is throwing this whole world off balance,” he growled dangerously, his brows furrowed, “it’s been snowing like this for over three hundred years and it hasn’t stopped one bit. He also has a village atop the mountain over there–” he nodded off towards the tall mountain– “s'full of sick people. He spread some sort of disease and well… it isn’t going too well.”

“Mianite did this?” Tucker asked, his face contorted with some kind of disgust and unbelief.

Dianite looked at him oddly. “Yes.” He snorted and crouched back down by the caribou. “I smell you aren’t from this world. You don’t smell like them–” he placed his hand on the corpse and took his bone knife and started cutting into it, it started to bleed where he cut and Sonja and Tucker gagged. “Then again I haven’t smelled any kind of life since it started to freeze over.” he continued to cut off parts of the caribou, of course first it’s pelt and flesh. He set the layer of pelt and flesh down on the snow next to him after ripping the last remaining inches off the body. Blood started to coat the snow, giving it that pinkish-red coloring.

“If it’s been frozen for over a century than how are some of these trees still getting their nutrients?” Jordan asked while he stared at the skinless caribou with a glint of disgust in his eyes.

“It’s not. They’re all completely frozen,” Dianite said, standing up and walking over to one of the pine trees. He rested his hand on the trunk and spoke again, “it may sound stupid to you four, but the forest speaks its own. It always had something to say, you could just feel it. If you ever went into the forest and you felt watched, it’s the spirits in these trees. Each tree has a story, each blade of grass has a past… but ever since Mianite came into rule they never spoke again. It used to feel full of life here, but now it’s just… cold and dry.” I frowned as he didn’t look away from the tree, his tail hanging low and his ears hung back. “It’s been so long that I’m afraid this world will never be the way it used to.”

He turned around and looked at us, I could see determination and confidence thinking In his opalescent eyes. “If your were sent here from another world, then i imagine you were sent her for a reason. I think you’re hear to save this world.”

“Why do you think that?” Jordan asked, he too had gone up to a tree and felt it. He held his hand, probably trying to warm it up, when he walked over to us.

Dianite looked at him, “It’s not everyday you see four strangers fall from the sky with a scent as strange as yours.”

Thank you guys so much for reading this! I know I’m a bit late but I’ve been thinking about this au for a really long time. If I get enough comments and notes I’ll continue this here as well as start posting Starlight.

I hope y'all enjoyed!

Title // Bittersweet Wishes (Alex Standall x Reader)

Title: Bittersweet Wishes

Pairing: Alex x Reader

Request: i wanted something like: alex and the reader are ex, but still love each other and bryce start hitting on her and she doesnt want it so he blackmail her and she has to start to act like she wants to be with him, and he starts hurting her physically and alex notices it, and in the middle of the drama she finds out she is pregnant from alex and they start getting fluffy

Word Count: 1626

Reader Gender: Female

Summary: Can he save her when she can’t save herself?

Trigger Warning: Abusive relationship

Author’s Note: I took a small break from writing these sorts of imagines because of school and finals! But now I’m finally on break and happy to do any sort of request that you might have. I’m not super happy with how this came out because I feel like I had to fit a lot into it so it might seem like things move too quickly, but hopefully it’s still okay

           Alex gently slid down the sleeve of your shirt, sucking in his breath when he saw the blossoming bruise spreading across your arm, which was reaching its pique of ugliness in an array of dark blues and blacks.

           “Who did this to you?” He asked quietly. You didn’t answer, chewing on the inside of your cheek instead, afraid that speaking the words out loud might somehow cause Bryce’s awareness to your confession, and that he would merely punish you more for revealing your little secret.

           You weren’t quite sure how you had ended up in this situation – Everything had moved so quickly, but you could trace the start of everything back to one particular event: When you and Alex had broken up. It couldn’t have been more than a month ago, but the pain of it still hurt whenever the memory of what the two of you had been crossed your mind. Truth be told, you still loved him, and you didn’t know where everything had gone. You desperately wished that it hadn’t. Then, maybe the two of you would be kissing, his hand resting on your thigh, your head in the clouds, instead of being stuck here like this.

           “Was it Bryce?” He asked, his guess right on point. You nodded, a single tear making its way down your cheek.      

           “I’ll fucking kill him,” He growled, and you watched as he curled his hands into fists. “That little motherfucker,” He mumbled, getting off of the bed and beginning to pace around the room, clearly trying to devise a plan to get back at the cocky asshole.

           “Please, don’t,” you whimpered. It was less of a desire for him to leave Bryce alone, and more of a cry of fear of how your tormentor would react.

           “Why? Do you actually like him?” Alex spit out, as if the mere suggestion of such a thing was a crime. He rolled his shoulders backwards as if releasing tension from them. “Whatever. It doesn’t matter either way. Anyone who loved you wouldn’t treat you like that, and he needs to learn a lesson. He can’t keep going around ruining lives with no consequences.”

           “I don’t like him,” you said, keeping out what you really wanted to add – That you loved Alex. You had always loved Alex. You’d been trying to heal your broken heart with a dosage of the best drug on the market for such a thing – ice cream – when Bryce had first walked up to you. Stuck in your head, you hadn’t even noticed that he was there until he was already sitting across from you, an arrogant smirk perched on your face.

           He’d offered to be your rebound date, saying that it would certainly make Alex jealous, but you’d turned him down, feeling disgusted at the mere thought of going out with a guy like him. Even though he was one of the most popular guys in the school, you’d heard some of the rumors, and none of them were anything good.

           Unfortunately for you, he hadn’t taken no for an answer, threatening to blackmail you if you didn’t go out with him. You weren’t even sure how he had found out your biggest secret, but it didn’t matter either way – Now that he knew it, he dangled it over your head, and both it and him had been casting a shadow on you and your life ever since. But your fear of the secret getting out had overpowered any desire to try and make an escape from the toxic relationship, and you had simply accepted that you would have to be his – or at least pretend to be – until he was done with you.

           “I’ll be okay, I promise,” you said meekly, knowing that it wasn’t a promise you were sure that you could keep. Alex stopped his pacing, instead crossing the room and sitting back down next to you.

           “You don’t understand,” He said, trying to swallow the passion in his words. “This -” He gestured to your arm. “This isn’t okay. Not in any way. And even if I can’t be the one to hold you anymore, I need to know that the next guy that gets to call you his treats you right.” You swallowed back the urge to kiss him right then and there, instead choosing to lift your sleeve back up to where it belonged.

           “Just pretend that never happened, okay? I shouldn’t have told you. I’m sorry.” You began to get up, but he grabbed your wrist and pulled you back down.

           “Let me help you,” he pleaded. You looked into his eyes, seeing the desperation pooling up in them.

           “I don’t think there’s anything you can do,” you replied, curling your legs up close to your stomach, reassessing once again what was really at stake here – Sure, Alex could possibly help you get out you out of an abusive relationship, but you also knew, with absolute certainty, that Bryce wouldn’t hesitate to tell him that you were pregnant…And the baby was Alex’s.

           Alex was the one that you loved, but Bryce was rich enough to support the child, and you didn’t know if Alex felt anything at all for you anymore, or how he would take the news. A wave of nausea gripped you as you considered a future spent alone and struggling to provide for your baby on your own.

           “I can kick his ass and make sure he never lays a hand on you again, that’s what I can do,” Alex said, cracking his knuckles.

           “He’ll kill you,” you stated, instead of voicing your real concern.

           “You don’t have to worry about me,” he said, moving as if to touch you again, but second-guessed the action and kept to himself again. You wished that he would – that he would come back and hold you, and you could close your eyes and pretend that the whole fiasco had never happened.

Instead, he began to make his way to the door saying, “Stay where you are, okay? I won’t be too long, I promise.” You swallowed, hard, knowing that you couldn’t let him continue on. It seemed that there would be no way of stopping him once he had made up his mind, and you couldn’t let him hear the news from Bryce.

           “Alex!” You yelled out, causing him to pause and look back at you.

           “What?” He questioned. You slipped out of his bed, going over to him and wrapping your arms around him, holding him close. His arms naturally wrapped around you, and you sucked in the moment, making up for the lost time when you had been missing him. His arms were where you felt safest, but you knew that you were merely procrastinating for more time.

           “There’s something that I need to tell you,” you whispered once the two of you had parted. You took one deep breath before telling him the truth – Quickly, in a burst of courage, so you couldn’t change your mind.

           “Y/N,” he breathed out. Tears edged out of the side of his eyes. “That’s amazing. Why didn’t you tell me?” He crouched down so that he was eye level with your stomach. He rested a hand on it, even though the baby wasn’t yet developed enough to kick.

           “We weren’t together anymore, and, I…I feared that you wouldn’t be supportive of it.” You voiced your fears out loud.

           “I give you my word that you’ll never have to go another day thinking that. I love you, Y/N. And I love our child that you are carrying, and I will support both you and him or her until the end of time. I promise you this.” He cupped your face as silent tears crept down and kissed you. His touch was ever so soft. He treated you like you were fragile, like you were precious, like he really meant it when he said that you mattered to him.

           “But,” he spoke when the two of you came for air. “That just makes it all the more important that I get you away from Bryce. I need to take care of not only you, but also our little one, okay? Whatever it takes, I’ll do it.” He kissed you one more time before making the move to leave again, and this time, you didn’t stop him. He paused briefly at the doorway, turning around to give you a bittersweet smile, and then he was gone.

           You looked around Alex’s room, drinking in how everything in it reminded you of him, and of all of your memories together. It suddenly seemed stupid to you that you had ever believed that he wouldn’t be accepting of it, or that he had ever stopped caring for you. Looking back, it was apparent in everything that he did that the feelings were still there for him, too – How quickly he had noticed that something was up with you, that you weren’t acting as you normally did, and had made you come over his house and practically interrogated you until he had found out the truth.

           He had initially broken things off with you during the fallout from Hannah’s death, cutting you off as he had with everyone else, and, although you had initially pushed to find the root of the matter, he hadn’t cracked, and you had given up. You now wished that you hadn’t given up so easily, realizing that maybe none of this would’ve happened if you did…But there was no undoing the past.

           You didn’t know what would happen from here. You could only hope and pray that things would end up being okay – But, for the first time in a long time, you had the feeling that, maybe they could be.

Preacher Review: Mumbai Sky Tower

AKA “If you say Gandalf I’m gonna hit you.”  

Two hours of Preacher in as many days. Will we ever again be so blessed? 

We start right where we ended, with the Saint strolling menacingly through the street lights towards Jesse, his gun perfectly aimed. How in the world will our protagonist get out of this one? Why, with one of my favorite Preacher plot devices! Unlike a lot of other shows that rely on contrived resolutions (or worse: retcon their previous problem entirely), Preacher has set up this world’s abundance of coincidences right from the start of Season 1. Preacher highlights those strange, quirky, fateful moments where everything somehow just falls in your favor. This time it’s a poor guy driving an axle grease truck who gets in the line of the Saint’s bullet at the just the right second, thus saving Jesse. Adding fuel to this “OMG” fire, he swerves to hit the Saint dead-on. 

As a side note, what a wonderful way to re-work Cass originally plowing into the Saint at full speed with his truck. 

In case you missed it last night, the motel the trio is staying at is packed full of gun aficionados and they come out in force when they hear the crash—totting a full armory, of course. I love the one girly-girl in a pink robe with a freaking bazooka or some such to finish things off. I love the happy cry of “What can’t guns do!” And I love how the Saint literally just shrugs all those bullets off. Welp. Apparently guns can’t kill him. Noted. 

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