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Sanctuary - Part 2

Genre: Hybrid! BTS, BTS AU, fluff

Pairing: Hybrid! OT7 x reader

Warnings: nope! 

Summary: The adventures of living with 7 hybrids.

Authors Note:  Back by popular demand, SANCTUARY! But really, a lot of you wanted to see the drabble continued so it has no become a series!

Post Date: 11/20/17

Prev: Part 1

The Thanksgiving holiday was quickly approaching. Over the years you had developed several traditions with the boys. Currently, Jin and you were going over the Thanksgiving feast.

“Namjoon really wants to try and get a turkey himself,” you said.

“Are turkeys even native to this area?” Jin asked.

“He swears he’s seen a few in the woods. I say we let him try and buy a backup turkey… or two.” Jin nodded and wrote on the piece of paper in front of him.

“I found a new recipe for stuffing I’d like to try out,” he said.

“Sounds good. Whatever you make is always delicious.” Smiling you patted his broad shoulder. His plush lips stretched into a bright smile. Jin was always a sucker for compliments.

“I think we have enough potatoes from our vegetable garden to make mashed potatoes,” you said.

“Tae really worked hard on that garden this year.” Hearing his name Tae popped into the kitchen.

“What’re you talking about?” he asked.

“Your potatoes. We’re going to use them for Thanksgiving dinner,” you said.

“Oh yay!” Tae stood behind you and grabbed your hand. He gently bit your palm.

“Ah! Taehyung!” Jin scolded.

“It’s okay it doesn’t hurt. He just bites things he likes,” you assured. Tae grinned and bit down on your pinky finger, wiggling his eyebrows. Finally satisfied, he sat in your lap.

“T-Tae…you’re too heavy,” you gasped.

“Are you calling me fat?!” He stood up and put on an offended face.

“No, you’re just physically larger than me,” you said.

“You’re not a lap dog,” Jin said.

“Ha ha,” Tae said sarcastically. He sat down in the chair next to you and patted his lap. You raised an eyebrow at him skeptically.

“Only if you let Jin and I work,” you said. Tae crossed his heart and put his hand up.

“Boy scouts honor,” he said.

“You’ve never been a-“Jin began but cut himself off. Shaking your head, you sat in his lap. Tae immediately clung onto you, his arms and tail wrapping around your waist. He nuzzled into your shoulder. You heard him chuffing, indicating he was happy. (*authors note: I had to research what happy sounds tigers make…its chuffing lmao)

“So gravy…” you began.

“I want to try out homemade gravy,” Jin said.

“Ohh that sounds good. We’ll need to make a big grocery run the day before.”

 Your meeting with Jin was done just twenty minutes later. Jin went into his room to put away his notes, leaving you alone with Tae. You attempted to stand up but found yourself stuck in his arms. His slow breathing and lack of response told you he fell asleep. Your head dropped in defeat. Tae was one of the hardest to wake up, next to Jungkook.

“Tae…Tae… wake up,” you said. He grunted and tightened his grip on you.

“Tae come on.”

“Five more minutes,” He grumbled. You wriggled a bit to see if his grip had loosened. It had not.

“Tae I have to pee!” you said.

“Liar,” he said. Indeed, you were lying but it was worth a shot.

“If you let me go now you can sleep with me tonight.”



“Okayyyyy.” Tae released his grip on you, allowing you to stand up. You ruffled his hair in thanks.

Later that day you were walking through the woods with Hoseok. As cliché as it sounds, Hobi loved going on walks with you. You two made it a game to find interesting plants or undiscovered areas. Your favorite place was the small meadow just two miles away from the house. You often took a rest there. Hobi liked to make crowns out of the various flowers. You had no idea how he learned such a skill, but it was always a treat to see him wear one.

Seeing as winter was slowly approaching, the woods were less colorful and full of life. Still, the evergreens stood up to their name, their vibrancy never fading. Hoseok always had a lot of energy so you tried to make the walks long. He grasped your hands and intertwined his fingers with yours. This was something he always did while walking with you. Grinning, he began to swing your arms back and forth.

“Ah!  You’re going to dislocate my shoulder Hobi!” you teased. He laughed and stopped  swinging.

“You have to drive into town for groceries, right?” he asked.

“Yeah I think we’ll head there tomorrow. Do you want to come along?”

“Yes! I hope I can see Mrs. Booth in town.”

“That woman really loves you like you’re her grandchild.”

“She’s very sweet. I hope her health is alright.”

Your car wasn’t big enough to take all the boys with you. They often vied for a seat. Some boys were more excited to go into town than others. You tried to rotate who came to town, so no one was left out.

“It is your turn to come with me.”

“Yay!” Hobi let go of your hand in leu of wrapping you up in a hug and spinning you around. You laughed and held on for dear life, not wanting to be flung into the woods.

As you walked back home, Hobi noticed your red cheeks. The air was quite brisk. Hoseok took off his own scarf and wrapped it high around your neck so half of your face was covered. He patted your head once he was done, smiling.

“We can’t have you being cold,” he said.

“Aren’t you going to be cold without a scarf?”

“Nope! I’m always a little warm.” He booped your nose and took your hand, leading you back home.

When you and Hobi arrived back home, the rest of the gang was waiting in the foyer for you. It took you a moment to peel of your layers before facing them all.
“What’s up?” you asked. A sudden chorus of voices jumped out at you.

“I wanna go into town!”

“But it’s my turn!”

“You went last time.”

“Y/N I really wanna go grocery shopping.”

“I can carry a lot of bags!”

You held back a laugh. Sometimes the boys did not act their age. You waved your hands in the air.
“Whoa, whoa! Slow down. You all really want to go this time?”

“Yes!” they all said in unison.

“My car isn’t big enough to fit you all…maybe…ah.”

“What?” Namjoon said.

“We could get a taxi large enough to fit all of us.”

“Won’t that be expensive?” Jimin asked.

“Mmm not too bad. Taxi’s out here are more generous than in the cities.”

“So, we all get to come?” Jungkook asked.

“Yes, you all get to come.” You were suddenly engulfed in a group hug, several boys nuzzling at you, others squeezing you a bit too hard. Despite that, you couldn’t help but laugh. You loved your odd family.

After a hot shower, you found Tae sitting on your bed in silk pajamas. He was cutely playing with the few plushies you had on your bed. You laughed, still drying your hair with a towel. Tae grinned at you and got up from the bed, following you to your vanity. He sat next to you on the bench, idly chatting with you as you did your nightly routine.

As you picked up your brush Tae suddenly grasped your hand.

“Can I brush your hair? I’ve always wanted to.”

“Really?” you asked. You would have never guessed he had such desires.

“Yeah, you always do it for me.”

“Well, okay.” You handed him the brush. He grinned, exposing his large canines. You were immediately struck with how gentle he was being. He swooped your hair into his hand and began to slowly brush out your tangles. Tae made sure to start at the bottom and work his way up like you did with him. He marveled at how soft your hair was.

Your eyes closed as he worked his way to your scalp. Once he was done he set the brush on your vanity and tucked some strands behind your ears.

“Thank you, Tae that was really relaxing.” You smiled gently at him. He beamed back at you, suddenly picking you up and plopping you down on your bed. The tiger jumped in after you and quickly burrowed under your covers. You did the same, finding a comfortable position.

“Did you brush your teeth?” you asked.

“Mhmm.” Taehyung shuffled over to you in the dark and clung onto you like a koala bear. He was a very cuddly sleeper, never letting you go. It didn’t affect your sleep either way, so you didn’t mind.

“Good night,” you said.


anonymous asked:

do you have any advice on writing a character who has gone crazy?

Define crazy. That could mean a lot of different things which will change how you write the character. Also, as a note worth bearing in mind when writing ‘crazy’ people don’t tend to just ‘go crazy.’

- If you mean because of a mental illness, or a nervous breakdown, or anything like that do your research well on the specific thing you mean and read up on accounts written by those who suffer, symptoms, behaviours, etc.

- If you mean because of cabin fever/isolation/sleep deprivation. Again, research is great. Read up and you’ll get a more accurate picture to give your story realism. 

- If you mean because of a XYZ fantasy thing, make it coherent within itself. What we call ‘crazy’ mostly still follows rules within itself, even if those rules aren’t what would inform neurotypical or normative behaviour. 

- Either way, crazy tends to happen for a reason. Even if it seems like a sudden snap it’s likely a lot of different things built up over time and then snap, straw that breaks the camel’s back. 

- Also, be aware of the stereotypes and the kind of characters who generally get hand-waved or written as crazy. I’m absolutely not saying limit yourself or don’t write about it, just, you know. Crazy has a long literary history and how you portray it will have weight no matter what story you’re trying to tell. 

jourdyn-artist  asked:

I was curious, a lot of artists say don't repost their art. Does that mean you don't want people to reblog it? or are people downloading/screenshotting other artists stuff and not giving credit?

I wanted people to know the difference between reposting and reblogging that’s why I put the link in my faq about this difference [x] to avoid confusion :) This answer may also help with explanation how I see reposting with credit [x]

If artists didn’t want people to reblog their art they’d simply say “don’t reblog.” Artists want their art to be reblogged, get notes, be noticed, they don’t want other people to take it away from them. It’s the artist who spent hours on those pieces, who devoted a lot of time to learn how to hold a pen :) So I don’t think it’s that weird that the artist wants those notes.

Btw, you think anyone cares to check the artist? And look, there’s even credit…

If the artist don’t want their art to be reblogged there must be a reason, pay attention to what people say and everything will be clear :) Also, some artists don’t mind their art being reposted with creadit, so yeah, it’s always good to ask if you have doubts :)

iamdeadyetilive  asked:

One of the salads we have at the restaurant I work at has beets in it. It's listed as having beets on the menu. The other day, I made one as per usual and not even five minutes later it gets sent back. The server apologizes and tells us the table didn't want it because "they didn't know it had beets in it", "they didn't see beets listed on the menu", and the best part - "they're allergic to beets". Fuck incompetent, illiterate customers.

It amazes me how some people stay alive with food allergies. You’d think they would be more aware to make sure they know their food is safe. I know a lot of people who are by reading the menu thoroughly and even asking the waitress or alerting them to their allergy. On that note, if you are a server make sure you don’t forget about their allergy and even double check with the kitchen before serving it. I recall a few stories in the past where the server did everything they could but the kitchen fucked up. Cover your ass by asking them if they remembered that the customer has an allergy. -Abby

Building an Audience.

Anonymous asked:

For an unpublished author, you seem to have a huge following. How did you build up your audience? Any tips you can share with other budding authors?

First off, I have another list of tips that’s about starting writeblrs, which will overlap with this a bit. Secondly, of you’re looking for tips on how to get 10K followers, this is not that list.

These are tips on how to build an audience of people who will stick with you and also hopefully pay you money in exchange for writing, specifically made for writers like me who are terribly unlucky on social media and need to work like hell for any amount of recognition.

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anonymous asked:

Hey, just wanted to ask some advice: What do you think about deleting comments? Because I've been writing fic for a while but I only recently rejoined the Naruto fandom after taking a long break on it because the fandom wasn't particularly pleasant (to the point that I abandoned a couple of writing sites). And i've been getting quite a few nice comments, but some of them just rub me the wrong way or are upsetting, but somebody told me that it was rude to delete comments?

I think a lot of it is what feels good to you. If the comments are killing your inspiration to write, delete them. Maybe put a note at the beginning saying you’ll be doing that? It might help people realize they’re being rude. Or if you’re on AO3 there’s an option when you publish to moderate comments, which means you can approve them or delete them before anyone else sees them.

As for it being rude, i wouldn’t worry about it. You’re the author. You’re writing for free and on your own time, and people can adapt to however you WANT to write.

anonymous asked:

Why isn't anyone talking about your preview for the yoi mafia zine?!?!? Like... I was shocked when I read it! Is that what I think it is? Those pieces on the floor... were those Yuuri's? 😢😢😢😭😭😭😭😭😭

There were a lot of shocked comments on the post notes.

As to who is in pieces on the floor and who is responsible for it…. You’ll need to get the
@yoimafiazine to see.

Any theories??

anonymous asked:

Any new prostitute AU?? Thank you for all your hard work!!! Love your blog!!!

Hello darling~ thank you! We love our followers, too! ❤ 

Please take note that prostitution itself can be a triggering topic for some people and many works involving it also have a lot of other triggering themes. [i.e. noncon, abuse, ptsd, etc.] Remember to check the warnings for all of these fics!

Here are our older recs for this just in case: click!

Let’s get started:

  • Storm Flower - this is a really lovely story, i truly fell in love with jongin here. also, the author doesn’t sugarcoat kyungsoo’s life or experiences which i appreciate. i loved this.
  • Déjà Vécu - reincarnation!au, multiple lives and non au, this fic has a lot of warnings and personally i’ve avoided reading it because of them but for the less faint hearted than i, here is another for you! it looks excellently written. (sorry to barge in, admin j here, but yes just read it because it’s one of the best 2k17 fics you could ever read if you love angst with happy ending then go ahead!! the prostitution scene is brief btw)
  • Sitting at the bed [with the halo at your head] - i am now accepting applications for team Protect Nini 2k17 ㅠㅠ 
  • give me all your sugar, baby - seriously, Protect Nini 2k17 ㅠㅠ seawitch tho so you know it’s good
  • Appointment - prostitution au is like the au of precious Nini i just gah
  • Smoke and Silence - they’re both prostitutes here and my heart hurts. i change my mind, let’s make it Protect Kaisoo 2k17 [the author only warned for violence but i’m going to add references to noncon, abuse, and illegal substance use. all just referenced but just in case!]
  • Convoluted Desires - “Jongin and Kyungsoo are broken, but that doesn’t stop them from fighting to be fixed.”

- Admin O

the world is yours, starting from now

“I need you to understand. I’m not offering you this opportunity out of pity. I’m offering this out of genuine respect.”

“And because you think I can change the world, somehow.”

“In a way. In your hands, One For All would not only do what it was meant to do, but you would have a greater potential for changing things for the better, should you decide to.”

“…And what if I say no?”

“Then that will be your choice.”

Read it on A03: link

Part 3 in the Take Me As I Am series.


Chapter 2

“Aizawa-sensei, you’re back!”

“Whoa, should you really be out of the infirmary?”

“It’s nothing,” Aizawa says, but even by Katsuki’s standards, the amount of bandages wrapped around him isn’t nothing. And he says this from the perspective of someone who’s got nerve damage in his hands from the amount of firepower he used, as well as the scars to show for it. The bastard’s face is almost completely obscured, save small slits for his eyes, nose and mouth. His arms are also wrapped and held up with slings.

An image comes back to him - the bastard, defiant to the last, jerking his head up, eyes blazing red as he’d desperately tried to save Tsuyu from Shigaraki’s Quirk. He’d had blood streaming down his face and bones broken, but he’d still fought the Noumu’s grip until the creature had smashed his face into the concrete. 

And if rumors are to be believed, the bastard had been pushing himself in those final moments, and as a cost his Quirk is unstable. Whether that means he has to blink more, or his Erasure isn’t as strong, Katsuki doesn’t know. He isn’t about to ask either, because he knows the bastard won’t tell him. 

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Exclusive Interview with Tyno!

So as you may know, Tyno was one contestant on the most recent season of Show Me the Money (SMTM6). I was able to get a quick little interview with him (How EXCITING!) which proved to be very insightful! NOTE: Questions were sent in by followers of the blog.

1) How long have you been rapping?

I have been rapping for about 2 years coming up to 3!

2) Which artists did you like growing up? Do you think any of them still have an influence on you now?

My favorite hip hop artists were 50 Cent and Eminem when I was younger and first started listening to hip-hop. Although I started with them I don’t think they have a lot of influences on me at this moment in time. I listen to a variety of artists and they all give me a little influence here and there!

3) What made you audition for Show Me the Money 6 and what was going on the show like?

I wanted to test myself out and also make a name for myself in Korea. It was a good platform to start on.

4)  Did you make any friends on the show?

Yes, I met a lot of new people on the show! It was really an honour! :)

5) Who’s your khiphop role model or mentor?

Role model or mentor..hmm lifestyle-wise I like how Dok2 made it to the top with hard work. I like Jay Park’s style.

6) How do you balance your life as a teacher with your ambitions for rapping?

I try to balance them as much as I can. I work during the weekdays so in the evening I work on my music if I’m not training.  Also, weekends are for music and chilling! :)

7) Any major differences you’ve noticed between London and Seoul besides language?

Seoul is definitely more alive than London, especially the nightlife. and I feel much more confident in terms of getting around/food/shopping. Everything is open until very late, I love it!

8) What are some things on your bucket list?

Collab with some big artists in Korea and also travel around as much as I can. I also wanna try and get my first single out by early next year but I’m so lazy these days so yes..but definitely will try!

9) If you could have 5 free plane tickets, where would you go?

UK, Thailand, Japan, US, China

10) Do you have a favorite girl group?


11) Any plans to return to Show Me the Money next year?

Definitely. I felt that my journey was cut short too early this year. I WILL BE THERE SMTM7.

12) What are you working on now?

I recently released a track called “Mr.Miyagi” It was a very different style to what I previously showed the listeners. I am currently working on a few- all different styles. I don’t know which one will hit the studio first! And I should be working on my single :/

Thanks so much! Tyno x

Me: Thanks so much Tyno! Can’t wait to see you on SMTM7!

Tyno: Thank you for interviewing me!!

So that’s the interview guys! Hop you enjoyed it! PLEASE follow Tyno on Instagram @Tyyyno. Also look up “Mr.Miyagi” as well as his other songs on soundcloud:

Also, follow this blog’s instagram: khiphopdiscussions I have not even a fraction of the followers there as I have here. But if you are more into just having a quick snapshot of new releases and news without all of the extra discussions and discourse then that account might be something you’re interested in!

Also I want to give a VERY special thanks to everyone who sent in questions! You guys really asked some awesome, insightful questions! Until next time!

Tyler Seguin - He is a Seguin

Originally posted by sonnnnygray

Could I get a really sad where you have a child with Tyler Seguin or Sidney Crosby but he doesn’t know because your kid has a life threatening disease and you don’t want him to live with that. Eventually your kid dies (or not) and you find out he knew it all along.

Author’s Note: I had to switch this up a bit, because death of kids is kind of a trigger for me. I have too many bad memories that I wish to not relive. Enjoy! -Julianne

All you remembered was the phone call from Tyler. A phone call you wish you knew had to get, but you did. Drew and I got in a car crash. I need you to come to the hospital, replayed in your head. Over and over all the way until you got the the parking lot.

“My umm my husband and umm god damn it! Seguin, my husband and son were brought in.” You said tear falling. You could feel a nervous breakdown happening.

“You’re husband is in room 304.” The nurse said giving you a weak smile.

“And My son. Drew Seguin?” You asked shaking. You could tell by the nurse’s face that something was wrong. “Where is my son!” You yelled feeling your legs about give out.

“Ma’am I need you to relax.”

“I can not relax my baby is hurt and I don’t even know how bad or where he is. He is only 3.” You cried.

“Mrs. Seguin?” You heard from behind you.

“Yes.” You said to see a doctor behind you.

“I’m Doctor Mcgren, I was just going to talk to your husband about Drew. Why don’t you come with me.” He said giving you a faint smile.

You followed the short doctor into room 304. That’s when you saw how bad the crash had been. Your hands went to your mouth as you saw your husband lying in the white cotton bed. HE had cuts over half of his body and he’s face was badly bruised. He had a cast on his left arm and a brace wrapped around his neck. But he was alive and he was going to be okay, despite his injuries.

“Tyler.” You softly said as you placed a kiss to his forehead.

“I’m okay. This car came out of nowhere. Drew and I were parked in the taco bell parking lot and this guy just bam hit us.” Tyler said trying not to cry himself as he saw you.

“The guy was drunk. He hit your husband and son hard, but your husband is going to be okay.” He smiled
“What about Drew? Where is he?” You said taking a seat next to Tyler.

“Drew, got hit hard, and he was the closest to the other car. He has some injuries to his inside, we rushed him into surgery as soon as they got here. He’s still in there. All I can say right now is that it doesn’t seem like a big injury, but we can’t really tell until after the surgery. I’ll let you know more when he get’s out.” The doctor said leaving the room.

You weren’t sure what to do. You had your husband, who looked like he just escaped a horror movie and then you get the news that your son might not make it.    

“Fuck!” Tyler cried.

“Tyler.” You said trying to keep your voice calm.

“This is all my fault. I should have been watching. I shouldn’t have let him come along. Shit, why did I let this happen.” He cried holding your hand tighter.

You felt a cold punch hit you.

“Tyler, this is not your fault. You couldn’t have known that some asshole was going to hit your parked car. You did nothing wrong. Drew is going to be fine, and you are going to be fine. He is a Seguin after all.” You said trying to keep your ownself calm.

Tyler laughed at the last part. But you could tell that he was still hating himself.

“Mr and Mrs. Seguin. I’m the surgeon that was working on your son, Drew.”

“Is he okay!?” You and Tyler both said.

The surgeon smiled, before going on.

“Drew, had some bleeding inside, but we caught it in time. He is going to be fine, he’ll need to stay a couple of days and we’ll need to check up on him in a month or so but he is going to be fine.”

“Can, I see him?” You asked knowing that Tyler won’t be able to move just yet.

“Of course.”

“I told you he was a Seguin.” You smiled to Tyler.


holy fuck ok holy FUCK can i just throw some stuff off my chest rn

im a part of a friend group that, as a joke, have called ourselves “the daddie squad” occasionally. its a joke. its our discord server name. there’s some pretty cool people in that group! some big simblrs, sure. and people get a lot of shit for being big simblrs. and i know they get a lot of shit for ‘hating smaller simblrs’. but - they became friends with me, kind to me, supportive of me, added them to their group when i had about 400 followers. maybe a little more, maybe a little less, not too sure. 400 followers, maybe 20 notes a post. going off numbers, perhaps not a “small simblr” but definitely not a popular simblr, not a big simblr, not a known simblr by any means. i was posting crappy unedited sims 3 gameplay. completely different blog and aesthetic to them. even now i don’t warrant much attention. and they’re the best people i’ve ever met. and they don’t talk shit about people, or laugh about people, behind anyone’s back. i have never ever known them to be mean. none of them have aspirations of befriending bigger simblrs to make themselves bigger, none of them are really that bothered by their follower count. do they not reply to everyone’s messages? sure. but they get a lot of messages. i’ve seen their screen when they’ve had hundreds of unanswered asks, and up to a hundred ims. they can’t physically answer everyone. they have lives. jobs, families, friends outside of tumblr. their lives aren’t their simblr. you can’t get mad at someone for not answering your messages. you can’t get angry at them for having more followers than you. and you certainly can’t accuse them of some kind of petty bullshit when you’ve never even talked to them, or even exchanged a message here or there. they don’t act like queens. they aren’t mean. they aren’t suck ups. and if you’re calling someone ‘local hag’ or a ‘fake bitch’ then really, i think you’re the problem. leave us the hell alone. if you don’t like a blog, stay off it. none of us have sent anons to you.

ok i’ll simmer in quiet now

anonymous asked:

Why do some people not accept asexuality as being a valid sexual orientation? I’ve received backlash from people who know I’m asexual and I want to know why. - An Ace

Maybe its because its a lack of something, and is different from other orientations in that way. With gay people, they like the opposite gender (and for this, sexually) but with being asexual, the attraction isn’t there so I suppose it doesn’t seem as genuine or important. I’ve seen arguments that it’s not valid because all it is, is a lack of hormones and that it can be fixed with pills and therapy. There are a lot of arguments to give a big fuck you to people who say stuff like that but I don’t think this is a time to get into them :P on a happier note, pets are a thing and will always accept you so do away with all the shitty people you can and cuddle a pet!

- Mod Raven

anonymous asked:

I don't want to bother but I really enjoyed a willing demons descent and I'm sure you are asked all the time but when do you think A Demonic Obsession will come out or have you already written it? (I really love the way you write your fics they're so immersive!!!❤❤❤)

Awwww, thank you so much for reading and enjoying my darkest darkest fic that is the total opposite of all my other fics. lol. It was a crazy Villain Deku origin story, huh? Thank you so much for the kind words about my writing for that means a lot! 

Anywho, sadly, I have so many fics on the back burner right now due to the fact I am a part of a Zine (art and writing) and a few other fun events happening around December. Right now I’m struggling a bit, but I am determined not to give up on any of my plans. On a happy note, I made a BNHA to-do list so nothing gets forgotten. 

Right now my goal is to update my bnha Vampire fic ‘Bloodstained Heroes of Humanity’. 

I shall post fic updates on tumblr, so keep an eye out here or you can subscribe to my Series titled ‘Loved By Demons Villain Deku’ for when the next series ‘A Demonic Obsession’ pops out. Thank you for the interest and love anon! <3 -Unoutan

Originally posted by southsxde-shibu

I’m about a month into my semester and can I just say that sometimes it really sucks to be disabled.

A lot of people, disabled and non-disabled alike, talk about accommodations for testing and stuff.  But I want to talk about actually learning the material and how much extra work goes into getting accommodations in the first place.

Last fall semester I spent months getting approved for accommodations, and I have an official German government issued disability ID.  If I record my lectures, that’s 90 minutes I’m in class, and then 90 minutes after class, if I just listen straight through, to take notes and transcribe what the professor says.  If I am having vision/print issues, I need to take time to scan the book(s).  If I can’t concentrate, an assignment that will take a NT student an hour will take me sometimes five hours.  I get extensions, but that work doesn’t go away, I just have longer to do it, and my current work gets added to it, so instead of having one paper I end up with double.

I have to plan in time to get lost or distracted when going anywhere.  I get extra times on tests, but that time doesn’t just come from nowhere.  I use a computer, but for some things it would be easier to write by hand, except I can’t, and if I make the exception, I get asked about it – something that takes time away and is a distraction.    

I “get” to take exams out of the classroom, but that means coordinating with the professor ahead of time (which is absolute hell for my ADHD brain), and the possibility that if I have a question, there is no way to ask it.  I had an Old English translation exam where the professor had a typo that completely changed the meaning of the sentence.  Thankfully, we were allowed to use the dictionary at the back of our readers, so I could flip through the meager vocabulary and figure out what I thought she meant.  After the exam, I was able to go to her and ask about it, and she then told the entire class during their exam. 

I’m currently trying out a research organization method, and half the time is spent going “I am resisting this because it’s not what I’m used to and my brain is rebelling or is it a method that just doesn’t work?” 

I also don’t know when to quit.  NT people get a seminar paper assignment, spend a few weeks researching, and then sit down to right.  Me, I spend four months researching, have no idea where the end even is, and never get to writing in the first place.

Abled students wake up in the morning, do their routines, and head to the 10am class, maybe tired but otherwise sure of their ability to do the work.  They can look at an assignment and reasonably guess how long it will take them.  They may not like to cook or clean, but it’s not an insurmountable task, just an unpleasant one.  Me? I have to plan when to take out the trash and walk myself through the steps.  I have to convince myself to brush my teeth, or do work at all.  And not in a “I want to be lazy” but in a “I want to do this, I should do this, but I just cannot” way.

Don’t get me wrong, accommodations are valuable.  But they’re not the end of the disabled student experience. Instead, accommodations make us seem abled on paper but there is so much work that goes into getting them and using them that often gets ignored.

An Unexpected Guest

The last thing he expected in the middle of a stormy night was a distressed young woman at his door. Lady Odile Marchand was the last of those young women he would have thought of as well. He had tea brought up with some sandwiches, which he noted she didn’t eat. A towel for her hair and also to wrap up in to keep somewhat decent.

She did not offer a lot of information but he could guess enough of it. Lord Blackmoore was, it seemed was far more a pox upon society than he had initially thought. The trouble was he doubted Lord Marchand would come forward about anything and there was only Lady Odile’s word against Lord Blackmoore’s.

He wished he could do more about it. The only way he could think of was to use Fouracaba to get the information but he was loathe to ask her to put any more time with the man than she already was. His blood still boiled at the thought. There was Miss Brandon’s report of boorishness but that hardly amounted to much in the scheme of things.

Either way, Lady Odile was welcome to stay at his family home for as long as she wished, his mother and cousin were in attendance to keep propriety and he assigned her a lady’s maid to use.

The problem of Lord Blackmoore would likely be a difficult puzzle to solve. He only hoped he could out maneuver the man. Until then, he would pray the man was not interested in trying to tarnish Lady Odile’s reputation.

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Your #1 Priority (M)

Mingyu gets very jealous when I talk to my best male friend from another group so he decides to restructure my priorities….with his body

Genre Smutty smut + Super Fluff?

Note: This is a repost. I deleted it but regretted it. So it’s back! Enjoy

“Bye! Drive safely!” I called out into the night, waving at the large throng of boys leaving my home, getting into their cars and driving away.

My housewarming party had been a lot of fun. I hung out with my friends from Seventeen and the members of my own girl group, FairyLite. We all played games and ate food, and I got some pretty nice presents, too.

My group members kept teasing me all night, saying they were jealous since I was the first one of us to move out of the dorms, but I just really needed to have my own space.

It took ages for me to get our manager to agree to let me live on my own but I had finally worn him down. Now I had my own spacious upscale pad in a swanky neighborhood where I could do whatever I wanted. 

Of course, if I misbehaved it would all be taken away and I’d be shipped back to the cramped dorms so all my members could continue to wear my clothes and slather on my lipsticks without asking, but I was choosing to look at the situation optimistically.

With a happy little sigh I shut the door and turned around to see Mingyu still sitting on my sofa and he didn’t look like he was going to be going anywhere anytime soon.

“You’re not going home?” I asked.

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Idk who you ship Miu with but plz something related to her ?

I don’t ship Miu with anyone but her with Kaede has a certain appeal ! 

  • Who said “I love you” first ? Kaede definitely.
  • Who would have the other’s picture as their phone background Miu. She would not admit it but she might have her phone’s gallery completely full of Kaede pictures.
  • Who leaves notes written in fog on the bathroom mirror ? Probably Kaede. Miu probably changes every place she steps in in a pigsty and Kaede would nag her every chance she gets.
  • Who buys the other cheesy gifts ? Kaede would.
  • Who initiated the first kiss ? Maybe Miu would. But with A LOT of courage.
  • Who kisses the other awake in the morning ? Kaede.
  • Who starts tickle fights ? Kaede once again.
  • Who asks who if they can join the other in the shower ? Kaede would barge in the shower and Miu would panic, stutter & blush hardcore but enjoy it.
  • Who surprises the other in the middle of the day at work with lunch ? I’d say Kaede would !
  • Who was nervous and shy on the first date ? Iruma would’ve been completely nervous and sweaty on their first date. Eventually she’d even curse herself for ruining it (yet Kaede would not see it that way)
  • Who kills/takes out the spiders ? Iruma would invent a machine to kill the spiders for them.
  • Who loudly proclaims their love when they’re drunk ? Miu would be sappy, sobbing in Kaede’s chest that she loves her so much.