this is gay af

is there a fic out there where lexa is like xena and clarke is like gabby (but instead of a bard she’s a healer) and they go out into the world and run into trouble and it’s both angsty and hilarous af and they’re just gay warriors together traveling the post-apocalyptic world

if not,


you know

someone get on that

After dragging my mom to see Ghostbusters this evening, she emerged from the theater with a clear favorite.  I then explained to her that her fave is GAY AF.  Se was flabbergasted.  “I never would’ve picked that out!” she said, “You guys must’ve seen stuff on social media after it came out right?”

It took everything in me not to say “No!  But that is because you, a straight white woman, are not starved for healthy representation like all us queer girls who were already salivating over Holtzmann the second her gay ass popped up on screen for the first time goodbye”

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Zhan is the kind of guy who still pretends Jian Yi is annoying even though they're married and have two kids.

Zhan Zhengxi uses up all his gay at night so he becomes tsundere in the morning

Does anyone else think about how one day West, Mason and JJ are going to be old enough to use the Internet. One day they are going to discover that there’s this entire side of the Internet that thinks their dad’s are gay af for eachother. Does anyone think about how they would react to that? Just West casually scrolling through stuff looking for dirt on his dad and then just finds Cockles and just laughs for all of eternity.

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Bitch it was love at first sight for me when Lexa limped her extra ass into the show. And that was even before I knew she was gayer than me asdhfjklfgkl. And then during her first interaction with Clarke. Like her trying to be all intimidating with her baby voice. Like I can't even,,

I didn’t start watching until 2x14 (lol and then I saw all betrayal stuff just a week later) so when I finally got to Lexa I already knew she was a traitor but also that she was gay af, she owned my ass before I knew anything else about her

What if Adrien’s competition is the bee miraculous user?

My fave personal hcs are:

The bee miraculous user is a guy who is totally gay/not interested in ladybug romantically but just wants friends and ladybug is kind so totally she takes him under her wing and chat is jealous

Or Queen Bee is gay af and flirts with ladybug and ladybug flirts back to tease chat noir (whether or not queen bee actually likes ladybug or not is up to y'all)