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If Voltron Were a Romance Movie || VLD Recut Trailer Preview 

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this is still a rough WIP btw 

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top five draco malfoy headcanons ok go :*

  1. gay as a maypole.
  2. he LOVES Crabbe and Goyle with all his little heart. do you honestly think Draco Malfoy would spend all his time with people he didn’t like? absolutely bloody not. which is why he doesn’t hang out with Blaise.
  3. he did, however, sow his wild and youthful oats with Blaise QUITE OFTEN when they were at Hogwarts, which is part of the reason why Draco can’t stand him: he’s utterly mortified.
  4. one of the prerequisites of his returning to Hogwarts for 8th year is that he takes Muggle Studies. he doesn’t complain, acts like he’s completely above it for the first half term, and then has to actively hide how completely smitten he is with muggle technology for the rest of the year, because:
  5. he is INCREDIBLY transparent in all things. every single one of Draco’s mates knew he had a huge crush on Potter from the off, because he wouldn’t stop fucking talking about him for like four fucking years and then, when that wasn’t enough, he made badges.

make me choose: the monsters or the upperclassmen

where are the monsters?

probably razing fox tower to the ground as we speak.

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groupchat between lotor, lance, and allura: Lotor creates it, they attack him at first but then he's like "no guys i just want to talk beauty products" or something XD

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Lullabies, Ashton Irwin

Pairing: Ashton & Y/N

Summary: It’s easier to sleep when Ashton sings to her.

Warnings: Fluff tw

803 words (sorry it’s so short, I’m tired and couldn’t think of anything bc it’s bad)

A/N: This has been a scenario that has been in my head since I joined the 5sos fam so I figured I should finally write it down. Beware, it’s literally all just fluff.

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