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Warrior trainees asking Reiner is he had/has a girlfriend and Reiner describing Bertolt for the 3 sentence meme?

[this prompt is amazing and I’ve been dying to fulfill it! spoilers up to and including chapter 93]

“Reiner, was there ever anyone special in your life?” Gabi asks, curious and innocent.

Reiner sighs, realising he’s not going to get much further with the book he’s reading; it’s practically impossible to read when the trainees decide to occupy almost half of his bed during their free time before lights out.

“Of course not;” Falco replies on Reiner’s behalf, “do you really think he had time for stuff like that?”

Gabi stops braiding Zofia’s hair to snap at Falco, “I wasn’t talking to you!”

“Hey.” Galliard’s stern voice cuts through the bickering, “Pieck is trying to rest, so keep your voices down or I’ll take you back to your room.”

Gabi apologises, but her curiousity isn’t sated; she turns to Reiner and asks again with pleading eyes, “Come on Reiner, was there anyone?”

The blond looks to his right at Galliard, but he’s still busy making notes at his desk; acting as if he’s not interested in the trainees’ childish conversation.

“Yeah, there was someone.” Reiner says.

Gabi and Zofia exchange excited looks, and even Udo is getting drawn into the conversation, losing interest in his card game with Falco.

“What were they like?” Gabi practically squeals with excitement.

Reiner scratches the stubble on his chin as he considers his response; there is so much he could say about the distant memory of the person he loves. He settles on something simple, “They were reliable; they were always there when I needed them.”

Zofia chimes in now with her own question, “Were you going to bring them home with you?”

“That was always what we wanted. After the mission, we were going to go home and,” Reiner pauses, but then realises that the trainees won’t know who he’s talking about, so he doesn’t need to feel embarrassed, “I was going to ask them to marry me.”

Gabi covers her mouth with both her hands to hold back a high-pitched squeal, while Zofia adds, “That’s so romantic.”

“Would Zofia and I have been bridesmaids for the wedding?” Gabi’s voice gets louder in her excitement.

Reiner can’t help but chuckle at Gabi’s question, “Sure; and Falco could have been the ring bearer.”

Gabi, Zofia and Udo erupt into laughter as Falco blushes, embarrassed by the suggestion.

“T-That’s stupid! Why would you want to get married anyway, knowing how little time you’ve got left?”

Falco’s outburst changes the mood, and suddenly the children aren’t laughing anymore. However, it doesn’t get rid of Reiner’s soft smile, “Sometimes you can’t help falling in love. Maybe you’ll understand when you get older Falco.”

This only causes Falco’s cheeks to grow a deeper shade of red, and he averts his gaze to stare at the floor instead.

“It’s getting late;” Galliard stands from his chair, “it’s time you lot went to bed.”

There are some complaints from Gabi; Zofia and Udo try their luck too, but soon enough Galliard is ushering them out of the room. As he leaves, he makes the quickest glance in Reiner’s direction, but doesn’t say anything. He doesn’t need to use words; Reiner knows what he’s thinking. If he’s truly inherited Ymir’s memories, then Galliard will know exactly who Reiner is talking about; Ymir always knew about how Reiner felt.

Once they’re out of the room, Reiner picks up his book again, only to be interrupted by the only other person left in the room.

“He would have said yes.” Pieck murmurs from her bed. She’s had her eyes closed the entire time the trainees were in the room, so Reiner assumed she was already asleep.

Caught off guard by her statement he says, “What?”

“Bertolt;” she mumbles as she turns in her bed, “he would have said ‘yes’ if you asked him to marry you.”

Reiner’s stomach turns; it’s the same kind of nerves he used to feel as a teenager when he held Bertolt close or thought about kissing him. It’s a feeling he hasn’t felt in so long.

He knows Pieck’s words are meant to comfort him, and they do to some extent; but they also come with a dull ache. With such a short lifespan, he always knew he was only ever going to have one love in his life; and even after spending four years without Bertolt, that love still hadn’t diminished, and Reiner doubted it ever would.

Full Circle

Prompt: “Nipples is not a name!”

Characters: Dean x Reader

Warnings: Fluff, literally just fluff

Word Count: 1375

A/N: This is my entry for Cam’s (@babypieandwhiskey) 200 follower writing challenge. It’s a little late, but thanks for being so sweet and working with me. (: This is also the first thing I’ve written in a while so please bear with me, my creative side has been getting placed on the back burner thanks to engineering stuff. It’s unbeta’d so any mistakes are mine. But yeah, hopefully this isn’t terrible lol. 


“What? That’s totally an option.”

Your eyebrows scrunched together as you glared at the older Winchester boy. He had been your next door neighbor since you were toddlers, but as years passed and melded into the grandeur of being a teen, one thing had never changed – Dean was still a pain in your ass.

Shaking your head softly, you watched him shrug his shoulders. “I mean the thing has twenty of ‘em already,” Dean nudged the playground sand with the front of his boot, a puff of dust covering the weathered material, “Don’t see the big deal in giving it an accurate name.”

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can i ask why do you still have sympathy for reiner and the other warriors? i used to feel bad for them cause it really seemed like they have a good reason but now it turned out they don't, they just want to please marley. i'm so disappointed with them. (I hope you'll reply to this cause i really feel like i missed something since alot of people still love them)


For starters, sympathy isn’t synonymous with any faction mooching the SL’s ass. Many opposite factions each believed traits you could find in the protagonists as well, without serving the SL’s best interests. Rod, Kenny and Sannes are good examples.

Considering what I wrote earlier, it isn’t hard to understand they’ve been conditioned to think negotiations with Paradis weren’t possible, that they had no choice but to fight. What do you want them to do? Rebel? Someone else tried that already, you know:

Grisha joining the Revolutionary forces - Ch. 86

And well, we all know how it ended.

Grisha being tortured - Ch. 87

Oh yeah, and being sent on Paradis as pure titans for the rest of their lives soon after. 

Oh and another thing: people doesn’t equate government. They have to fight for Marley but they aren’t taking any pleasure in doing this either. Besides, what good would it serve to defect and fight for people susceptible to destroy the world because the titan power they hold is the strongest of them all?

I’ve explained myself quite well in the ask I linked in this post and I suggest you take the time to read this. My point is they’ve been shaped and conditioned to think they were remnants of an evil race, who mostly fear for their world reputation and afraid of being sentenced. The warrior cadet batch in particular is condemned to fight wars for Marley till their early to mid twenties due to the shifter lifespan, so all their families could gain honors inside Marley once Paradis is under control. 

That’s such a shitty way to live, especially when some warriors have been enslaved from the beginning (Zeke) or had to watch the only family members they have getting plucked one by one (Reiner). In the meantime, Galliard has to live without his (twin) brother by his side, Bertolt died in the most gruesome way, when he preferred to stay friends with others and Annie is trapped in a crystal, never having a chance to see her father back. I’m not sure where Pieck goes in that or what Marcel wanted in the end, but dying for Reiner against Ymir’s titan looks like a rushed way for probably an optimistic young boy. The cadet batch is young enough to not face that and neither Reiner or Zeke are very happy about Colt, Gabi or Falco inheriting what’s akin to a life of sins. 

Also when you say “so many people”, what people are you talking about exactly? The proportion from @momtaku‘s poll?

Fandom’s favorite faction - SnK 93 poll results [Source]

Looks like it’s pretty minor to me compared to the vast majority who likes the 104th (Eren, Mikasa, Armin, Jean, etc…). Thing is, many people who feel sorry for them don’t have them as favorites, while in my case, and probably the others’ who ticked “Warriors”, we had them in our top list for months, years even. It’s really easy to say they had shitty lives, but the moment they harm their faves they’re suddenly the worst unsympathetic pieces of shit ever. Even Ymir who was the Titan Mary of the story got shit because it turns out she didn’t have any super secret plan to help the SL.

Also, many people who are sympathetic to their fate still hope they “open their eyes” and side with Paradis, because again, they’d help their faves. They love their betrayal scenario so badly they even forget why would push Reiner to side with people who killed Bertolt and held Annie captive, or why Annie would suddenly cooperate with the SL of her own will when she crystallized herself because she had to keep it quiet.

Thing is, warriors are so underappreciated only a fraction of the fandom takes the time to fully read the last three chapters, because we’re out of focus from Paradis. And even then, last chapter only generated reactions from them because of Eren and Armin sinking ships and the Ackerman clan being a failed product of titan science. Oh yeah and the biggest noise coming from Ymir’s confirmed death. And these two scenes only had half a page each while generating more noise than meeting Pieck and Galliard (and learning where Reiner’s “soldier”-self came from), Reiner being the cadets’ favorite babysitter or Falco wanting to compete for the Armor (see: @momtaku‘s recent poll).  

So no, you’re not really missing anything. Though the tables are slowly turning because focus is on them and let’s be frank, I’m not in an hurry to return to Paradis yet.

the gang was actually so sweet to each other during this episode! dennis assuring dee that there’s nothing wrong with her hands, dee and charlie being smoking buddies, the gang encouraging mac to come out, the gang not telling mac that he was going to lose virtually all the money he just won because they wanted him to have his moment, charlie and frank literally saving mac’s life… I’M FUCKING CRYING