this is future me basically


because i believe
as we go through time
that all of the best things
haven’t happened yet


the power of Seungcheol’s long eyelashes + Mingyu being amazed and trying to do it too 


Ryder & Lexi Moments 1 / ?

The future - and it is showing us this loud and clear

This episode was amazing. After flailing and basically shouting all day I am so happy and so excited that I joined tumblr - the quality of posts today has been excellent, both humorous and inciteful and I LOVE YOU ALL :)

I hope its ok I’m going to tag a few great posts in this to reference as I don’t want to go over stuff other people have already meta-d about so excellently!

This episode, titled the future, seems to me to be Dabb basically telling us what he wants for the next part of the show, the “better way” that he wants to take it.

So here are my main bullet points that I will expand on a little below and link those excellent posts to where relevant:

A. Sam 

Sam is clearly portrayed again, recurrently as the researcher, the “brains” of the operation (before you say ‘Dean is so clever though!’ I’m just pointing out Sam’s love of the scholarly side of things and how this is where he fits). Sam’s endgame must now be to head up the MoL/hunter network in this respect.

B. Sam and Dean 

They work so well as a team here, Sam putting a tracker in Cas’s phone while he’s distracted by Dean, researching v whatever Dean was doing (maybe making a pining mixtape along the lines of “all by myself” and “I miss you” “please come home”, BUT they are shown as different people, with different interests, skills and relationships - with Cas for example, & not codependent. Again hammering this home in this episode. THANK YOU DABB, GLYNN & BERENS.


This whole episode is one big love fest. We went from one ‘wow I can’t believe they just did that!’ to the next to the next with hardly enough time for us to catch out breath! WHAT WAS THIS EPISODE?!

OK, so we have :

1. My Romeo & Juliet / Gaze up Trope Balcony Meta.

2. The Mixtape Meta, another EXPLICIT romantic trope by @drsilverfish.

3. The Dean “keep it” parallels, the first one that came to my mind was Arwen (another human+ / eternal being who decided to relinquish immortality couple):

Aragon: this belongs to you.
Arwen: keep it, it was a gift… it is mine to give to whom I will, like my heart.

But also all the other ‘gift’ tropes, the standard romantic trope that when a couple breaks up you return the gifts…. I think Cas wasn’t sure he was going to be forgiven, after Dean’s outburst in the war room, so he goes to return the cassette, but Dean does forgive him nearly instantaneously, which actually makes it even worse that he has to steal the colt straight after…

5. The difference between Sastiel and Destiel again emphasised, more and more this season. I don’t think I even have to detail this, just, basically the whole episode shows this.

6. This magnificent gifset by @magnificent-winged-beast which shows the difference between Dean’s angst at actually watching the colt get destroyed and the potential killing of Cas…

Slight aside - Performing!Dean. 

This magnificent gifset that shows Dean’s facade coming down, he doesn’t even attempt to make it sound less ‘gay’ when he tells Sam that Cas came to his room, played him and took the colt from his secret hiding place under his pillow, he even looks down before he says it like he KNOWS how it is going to sound but says it anyway. 

source: @yourfavoritedirector.

And Sam doesn’t even flinch. YES THANK YOU DABB, GLYNN & BERENS!

4. SO…WHY is Dean still doing everything he did for Cas during this episode and still defending him to Sam even though he appeared pissed and Cas repeatedly betrayed him?

Well, in 12x12 Cas said “I love you”, clearly understood by Dean (and Sam to be directed at Dean). There was no real reciprocation though from Dean, other than Dean family-zoning him and Sam’s fantastic “we are doing this for you, Cas”. 

So regarding Dean, Cas is hurt and believes it isn’t reciprocated. Now Dean is pissed and still using the WE card at every turn, so what is a celestial being to do? Cas assumes this is the end, that there is no hope, he returns the mixed tape. BUT Dean says no keep it, this is NOT the end. 

Cas understands that this is therefore not the end, but it is complicated. He explains that he wanted to “come back with a win for you…. for myself”. He wants this for Dean and for himself, this is very important, everything he is doing now and in the future is NOT all about Dean, there is his own agency and morality involved here too.

For Cas, when it comes to it, he wants this reciprocation of his love of course, but right now he has bigger fish to fry and really he wants to protect Sam and Dean and save the world

Now, going back to the “what the hell is wrong with you man?” followed by an awkward silence…. and where Cas then goes to return the gift. Yes, Cas feels that he has said his piece in 12x12 and is rebuffed, but meanwhile Dean is struggling with what Cas has said and everything else that is going on. He has a lot on his plate, not only Cas but his own personal history, his deep seated issues that he is clearly working on this season (see all the performing!Dean facade crumbling meta going around), his issues around his mother, the BMoL, Lucifer, the nephilim…. I mean that is a lot for an emotionally healthy person let a lone DEAN WINCHESTER.

Dean is trying to say / show how he feels he’s just rubbish at it, but he’s getting better!

“We?” “Yes dumbass, WE.” This is his forgiveness. And it is betrayed just moments later. But does this stop him trusting Cas again? NO.

THIS IS EXTREMELY IMPORTANT. For their dynamic, to show that they still do ultimately trust each other.


Oh, and I just need to add how desperate I am for Sam to turn to Dean soon and just say “No, Dean, this is between you and Cas, stop bringing me into this”. PLEASE I SWEAR I WILL BE GOOD! I mean, how repeated, consistent and out of place it was (I mean, not only to shippers, I think anyone would think it was out of place the way it was portrayed in their personal conversation in Dean’s room) - this has got to be addressed, no?!

 5. A better way

So. What does this mean moving forwards?

Well, firstly, I have moved from being 85% sure Destiel would be endgame to about 95% sure. Lets be real. This episode cements this. Whether you like it or not, it’s happening.

So, what is the better way?

Overall, it seems that Dabb wants to move things forwards. And his key points all season are Free Will, breaking from past repressions and negative influences, moving forwards with what the characters choose and want for their endgame and for sure now endgame Destiel.

I have in the past speculated about quite a lot of stuff, some right and some… still to be seen and some not right, but the overall arc speculation that I saw foreshadowed since early season 12 is RIGHT ON TRACK.

Now, the question is will Dabb go backwards and go to the old, standard SPN ways where probably Dean and Cas will be separated, Cas will be wrong again in his trust in the nephilim - it WILL be evil (rehash of s6 and s8) and he will need to be ‘broken’ from the mind control by Dean in a stronger crypt scene etc etc etc.

Or will he move forwards, onto a “better way”? Will we get another s11 ‘happy ending’? Where it appears all good but there is still stuff going on behind the scenes for s13… Or maybe a not so happy ending but that ultimately will be resolved happily? 

Maybe the baby has it’s grace removed (so glad this is an option it was driving me insane that they hadn’t mentioned it by now!) OR it’s not evil at all! it’s the ANTI-anti-Christ, it chose Cas because he is Lucifer’s mirror in that he LOVES Humanity. I mean, the whole point of the show is agency, free will and not being forced to follow the result of your parentage / past ….especially this season with Sam and Dean’s arcs….

Maybe human!Cas, potential hunter Daddies, Cas staying at home calling Dean while he’s out on MOTW hunts with Sam being all “Dean there’s poop everywhere, I’m sorry it got on your favourite shirt, but please please come home this is so hard!” “OK babe, don’t worry, we’ll be back tomorrow, the case was a milk run!” when actually Dean nearly died and Sammy saved the day and…. etc because really? what are we supposed to think from that motel scene? With Cas smiling all cute and using the world “righteous” when talking about the kids future guardian?! (and Kelly survives if we are going to be extra nice).

Maybe Lucifer will die / be dealt with and it is the MoL that are the big bad next year…..aiding the overall future arc of TFW as leaders of the MoL/Hunter collaboration (Chuck I hope so).

Or will it be a mix of the two?

Well my money is on that it will be a mix….  


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This is a video of Michael doing an impression of Bob Zemeckis and also casually ruining my life.

because I thought he was a serious, brooding actor, why the heck would I care about some 80s guy, and then I saw this video. and boy. whoo boy

I saw this video and knew I was in big. trouble.

i’m meeting him tomorrow.

Hello Tumblr. My name is Alex. I identify as FTM Transgender and I survived EX gay conversion therapy. I’m here to tell my story- A while back in 2011 for my 11th grade year of high school, my mother sent me to a Christian private school called Calvary Chapel. That was bad enough on its own with the constant states and remarks, being accused and disciplined for acts I didn’t do, and rebelling against the uniform code to wear pants instead of a skirt. Calvary Chapel was a bad enough place on its own but I also soon came to find out they held ex gay conversion therapy there courtesy of Exodus International, a cult which luckily closed its doors a couple years back because the main man admitted he still likes dudes. Let me put it out there that I like women and was out as lesbian at the time, but secretly I identified as Trans because If I had come out as Trans to my family I would probably be DEAD. So my mother literally tricks me, tells me we’re going out to eat and then instead takes me to my school. I knew what was up so I started to run. She chased after me grabbed me, held me down and dragged me into the conference room, and said “you better change your disgusting sinner ways” and left me there with this older blonde woman staring at me. I had no idea what the hell was happening so I said “where am I!?” The women said “you’re going to be converted to being straight by me, your mentor. Your mother thought it would be best to put you in gay conversion therapy” immediately I rose up and screamed “I was FORCED to go here you can’t make me!” The women said “your parents have every right to bring you here and there is no law stating they can’t they’re doing what’s best for you and your soul.” By that time I was about freaked out and ready to go, but instead I broke down crying my eyes out for the rest of the session basically staying silent otherwise. Future appointments consisted of me going straight to therapy after Christian school. Hiding my face incase anyone knew where I was going. Therapy was starting to shame me. Normal every day therapy would be starting out reading a verse from the bible, reciting it three times and asking God for my forgiveness. Then we would go over my conversion homework (which I will get into later), then she would make me lay down on a table while she prayed over me. She would ask me things like “have you had any lesbian urges?” “What do you think God thinks of those?” “What will happen if you act on those urges?” Afterwards she would sit me down in front of a computer and make me watch some type of hypnotism therapy. Daily, it was over and over “you will go to hell if you are gay” “why would you want to live the gay lifestyle” it also literally looked like hypnotism on the screen, not only that but the women would hypnotize me herself, which is partially why I’m having trouble recollecting my memories of this. A lot of it I blacked out during. Onto the homework. The homework consisted of huge pamphlets that I would have to read every day. All of stories of gay people who fell to their sin, or people who successfully “became straight”. After every story I would have to answer a page of questions such as, “what should John have done to control his homosexual urges” and “what would you have done in his situation” “WHY is homosexuality a sin and what will happen if you act on it” being as scared as I was at the time it actually started getting to me. For a while I rebelled and wrote “nothing nothing nothing” or “homosexuality isn’t a sin” but eventually I became afraid, the “therapy” started “working” and I wrote things like “I will go hell” “that character died and became a drug addict because they were gay” “that character went to college and got married because they were straight” and so on. One time I asked the woman who was counseling me, “have you ever been gay?” She gave me a long look and said, “never tell anyone.” “I used to be a lesbian but now I’m married.” I said, “have you ever even kissed a girl?” She said “no”. Right then she lost credibility to me that and it was sad. After every session she would make me read from the bible the verse where it says something like “nor the murderers, adulterers, or homosexuals, ect will enter the kingdom of heaven.” Don’t you like my word for word quote? Lol But seriously halfway through the year I hauled my ass out of there and stopped going because it started to have effects on me negatively. I became more suicidal, and the effects still last on me to this day. Sometimes I wake up in the middle of the night crying to my girlfriend asking her if I’m going to go to hell. I’m tied down by religion because I’m afraid of going to hell. This stuff did some serious damage to me, and although it might not be as bad as some of the stories out there I wanted to give people a look into what leelah alcorns life may have been like. When I heard of her passing I thought “that was me”. That’s why I want to put an end to conversion therapy! I need leelahs law to be passed! Please share my story. I want as many people to know the horrors and dangers of conversion therapy as possible.


the faithful and the faithless

for @jynappreciationweek day one: faith

how does jyn, cynic extraordinaire, go from being self-serving to the champion of the rebellion, even after galen’s death destroys her? how does cassian go from telling jyn about hope to “her faith carried him with her”? 

(aka: the missing keystone of rogue one ft. chirrut) 

After years of feeling nothing, she now feels too much. Too much, too deeply, too quickly. It fills her being, too much for mere blood and sinew and muscle and bone to contain. And so, she shatters. 

She shatters like the glass under her fist. Into frigid, jagged, burning, bloody pieces. 

It’s all Galen’s fault. For leaving her with Saw. For loving so deeply. For sending that message. For dying in her arms.

It’s all Cassian’s fault. For dragging her back into this mess. For taking that order. For disobeying that order. For caring too deeply. For clashing with her. 

She thought feeling was something she neatly packed away in a box and kicked into the recesses of her brain. 

Apparently, she was wrong.

She burns with anger, she burns with hatred, she burns with despair.

And then she is empty, the only sensation she feels is the stinging of glass shards and the suffocating sogginess of her rain-soaked jacket.

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Hello Lovely!

My name is Carly (like the model except not) and I am an 18 year old girl living in the United States. Having just graduated from high school my plans for the future include me attending a small university near home to obtain my basics before transferring to a state university in order to study film

I have quite a few interests so let’s just jump right in, shall we?

  • MUSIC - My taste in music is quite difficult to explain, often ranging from today’s pop hits (such as Taylor Swift and Ed Sheeran) to alternative bands (such as Coldplay and Arctic Monkeys) to musicals (Hamilton- need I say more?) to soundtrack music (Hans Zimmer and Zack Hemsey man), with the Gorillaz being perhaps my all time favorite band. 
  • WRITING - I absolutely love writing though I often have a hard time doing so. I have so many ideas that I often have trouble focusing on just one of them for an extended period of time and often find myself coming back to them time and time again in an attempt to finally sit down and write them. I’m much more interested in screenwriting than anything else, perhaps due to the fact that it is my dream to become a director. 
  • READING - I absolutely love reading though, in a similar fashion to how I am about writing, I often have a hard time doing so. You’d think with how much time I spend traveling that I would fly through books like I fly through a box of chocolate but unfortunately that is not the case. As I’ve gotten older I’ve found that I’m more interested in reading about real life events and people than I am about reading about fake ones. My all time favorites, however, include the Millennium series, The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy, The Word Exchange, and the Harry Potter series.
  • MOVIES - Another thing that I absolutely adore are movies, whether it be watching them or (attempting to anyways) writing them. I am totally the kind-of person who comments on the beautiful cinematography and the outstanding soundtrack when watching a movie- again probably due to the fact that it is my dream to become a director. So, here’s a tip- if you hate people who talk during movies then you’ll hate me cause let me tell you its all I do.

Perfect Pen Pal: I’d prefer someone who was closer to my age, as I am about to go through a new chapter in my life (university) and would enjoy talking to someone going through the same thing though its not an absolute necessity. I’m open to all kinds of communication- whether it be snail mail, email, or sending vlogs back and forth (though I’ll admit, I find myself leaning towards a preference for vlogs as I hope to one day start a youtube channel and this could be a way for me to become more comfortable in front of a camera). 

Various Ways You Can Contact Me:

  • EMAIL:
  • INSTAGRAM: carly.crockett

Hope to chat with ya soon!



anonymous asked:

I bet all of the dads of the dragons lovers would agree that war is so much easier than raising a dragon child. Like Takumi has two little horrors, he knows. Eliwood would have spent most of it alone with Roy leading to lots of weird dragon moments. Robin has to deal with magic and dragon transformation. I bet they would all stare if Fred said he wanted 7 more kids like ur hc. Fred would be considered the most badass, not the most wary.

fkjsbfjsdf its like a mini competition for the dads

eliwood: i lost my wife early so raising lil roy was A LOT of surprises. i can never forget the first time seeing him absent in his cradle only to realize hes sitting on top of the chandelier

robin: oh man thats rough buddy. as for me i had to MEET my future daughter who was basically nagas granddaughter. imagine trying to talk to your mom in law and explain stuff to her

takumi: oh man you too???? my kids came from the future too! and man as if one dragon kid was shocking enough I ALMOST PASSED OUT WHEN I LEARNED I HAVE TWO OF THEM!!! IMAGINE MY HORROR WHEN THE OLDER ONE POUNCED ON ME WITH WINGS ON HIS BACK OUT OF THE BLUE THE MOMENT WE FIRST MET

frederick: you have 2 already??? oh how i envy you!!! i and nowi are planning to have 7 more. i love nah so much and i remembered when her infant version learned fire breathing for the first time and lit the whole room

eliwood robin takumi: wait what did u say

frederick: the room was on fire-

eliwood robin takumi: no about 7 more kids

frederick, a happy man: oh yes we’re planning to have a huge family! :D

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In answer to that previous anon ask, you spoke of stories you'll never write, and that made me curious about basically any of your future projects. Beside the crazy-brilliant AUs floating around here, what ideas would you like to write/do you have in mind but won't write?

So my next long-fic idea that I’ll tackle after Allegiance is a “Luke raised by Vader since infancy” deal, with him starting somewhat on the Dark Side, but more in name than action. It’ll start at the beginning of ANH and go from there, with our lovely Imperial Prince and his Rebel sympathies deciding that he doesn’t really want to have Princess Leia in his brig. And he’s also aware of Pilots Darklighter and Antilles’s Rebel sympathies and desires to jump ship. This is a perfect combination for an inside job rescue, and all the shenanigans that follow. :) Sort of Dark!Luke redemption (except he wasn’t that Dark to begin with), and also definitely Vader redemption, because I’m a sap.

As for one-shots or shorter multi-chaptered fics, *consults long list of fic ideas*, here’s a few highlights at the top of my To Write list. I have an assortment of Intrepid Hero-style one-shots, with Vader showing up early or out of the blue at various points in canon to grab Luke, including two variants on “Luke doesn’t get off Hoth in time.” A probably multi-chaptered “what if Luke surrendered during the duel on Cloud City,” a “Luke’s X-wing is disabled during a dogfight, and Vader flies between him and a shot that would have finished him, and they both crash to a Death Planet™ and have to work together to survive” (probably pre-ESB because then there’s the always-fun “what the heck, why he is acting so protective?” bit), a fic where Luke is captured by slavers and Vader flips when he can’t feel Luke anymore thanks to a Force-suppressant and tracks him down to rescue him, and a more humorous piece where Han walks into a trap Vader had set for Luke (probably because Luke got sick or something and couldn’t go himself) and then it’s awkward Han-and-Vader time while they wait for Luke to show up and exchange himself for Han (probably post-ESB, and they had rescued Han from Boba Fett/Jabba earlier, or he had gotten away at Bespin or something).

Fic ideas that I probably won’t write? Um, one where Vader tracks down baby Luke and finds out he didn’t get any of his Force-sensitivity, so Vader raising a Force-blind Luke. It would just be very weird to write Luke without the Force. I was also trying to work out a situation where Vader and Anakin were two different people and it went down like Obi-Wan said it did (or so he thought, but Anakin was alive and in hiding). Anakin was the one who fought Vader on Mustafar, and he still injured Vader, so it’s still suited Vader, but Anakin was also injured and wasn’t able to meet Padmé and Obi-Wan at a rendezvous point they had set up, so they thought he was dead, and he thinks they’re dead (Padmé is dead), etc. etc. but I was having a hard time working out how it would go down, and I wasn’t super interested in writing it anyways, since the complicated father-son relationship between Luke and Vader is what I’m interested in.

Future Mrs. Stark - 30 Day Challenge - Day 2

Word Count:828
Prompt: Arranged Marriage AU
Tony Stark x Reader 

 I was going to do Bruce Wayne for this one, but changed my mind to Tony afterwards because he’s a lot less broody. I loved this idea and will definitely be adding more parts to “Future Mrs. Stark” later on! 

“So basically you’re telling me that for my sixteenth birthday, you’re giving me an arranged marriage?” You exclaimed. You glared down at the offensive documents your parents had just presented you. A gold string was tied around them and they’d been encased in an impeccably wrapped shirt box. It clearly wasn’t what you had expected.

“Don’t be so dramatic.” You looked up at your mother just in time to see her roll her eyes. “The term ‘arranged marriage’ is antique! You make it sound as if we’ve traded you off for a cow and a life time supply of grain!” She wasn’t wrong that the idea sounded antiquated, nor were you wrong for calling out the situation as it was. “We just want to make sure that when you’re old enough, you have a husband who can provide for you the way we have.”

“Frankly I don’t see why you’re so upset.” Your father growled, his arms now folded angrily over his chest. He puffed at the cigar in his mouth when he spoke. “You and the Stark boy are always off gallivanting together! At least now there will be some honesty to it.”

“Because he is my friend not my…” You couldn’t even choke out the word “husband”.

“Howard and Maria didn’t have any trouble getting Anthony to sign them.” Your mother reached over and plucked the documents from their box. She then untied the gold chord they were wrapped in and handed them back to you. Sure enough your best friend’s signature was scrawled across the bottom.

“Mom, Dad, I’m sorry.” You smiled, giving them your best fake apology. Inside you were fuming. You expected this type of nonsense from your parents by now but Tony was suppose to be different. “I’m going to the Stark’s now to talk over the formal arrangements.” With the contract gripped tightly between your fingers you headed outside three spacious mansions down to the Stark residence.

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Warrior Culture : Hegemony (Part ½)

Warrior Culture : Hegemony

After being invaded by the Fornacs(Buggers) an interstellar ant like civilization, the world united under a dictorial Hegemony to prepare the earth for another invasion and of course the fated Pre-emptive strike of its own. It was decided at some point that children are more intuitive than thier adult contemporaries and that they have fewer ba habits to unlearn. So much like the Spartans, or Janissarries of the old world young children were selected and trained to be tacticians and warriors. They are sent to a type of basic training, military academy, strateguim, officer school, all mixed into one and trained until they advance to command school. Students are graded on thier fitness, school work, and thier battle training performance, and are in heated compatition with each other for the top spots. Their battle training emphasizes teamwork and strategy, with advanced technology imobalizing damaged limbs to simulate casualties/injures, etc…