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Telling Tom you’re pregnant Final Part

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Author’s Note: Final part guys. Hope you like it. I leave it to your imagination what the gender of the baby is and the name. Next up is another part of “Feelings and Work”.

Part 1 Part 2
The next week you spent with Tom, kissing you every few seconds, smiling like an idiot and calling the whole family over for a dinner. He was so excited about this whole pregnancy, that he couldn’t wait for dinner and told everybody immediately.
The week after that, he was still kissing you every few seconds, that you spent together. While you went back to work, he stayed home, bought thousands of books and stuff and had the whole house baby-safe at the end of the week. You started laughing every time, that he would start to talk and tell you everything he learned and read and did and he would start rambling and you would have to pull him close by his shirt and kiss him to shut him up.
The same tonight.
“Did you know this… And did you saw what I did in the bathroom?… Oh and you know what I saw online today, we have to get it…” he rambles on and on and on.
You smile at him, walk up to him, pull him down to you by his tie and kiss him. He kisses you back and puts his arms around your waist and pulls you even closer to his body.You break the kiss and he rests his forehead on yours.
“I’m rambling again, am I not ?” he asks which makes you smile even more.

“You do my love. I know that you are excited, so am I. But dear god Tom, I just started to show a little tummy and you are nearly ready to deliver the baby yourself. You have to slow down. We have so much time. I have enough time, to read the books you already read. And you know normally it’s the woman’s job to go all crazy and start buying baby clothes without even knowing the gender of the baby.”
You chuckle, looking at the bag of baby clothes laying on the dinner table.He smiles down at you and nuzzles his head in the crook of your neck. You hold him close and close your eyes. He kisses your neck, down to your shoulder and looks back into your eyes.
He caresses your cheek with his thumb and puts a strand of hair behind your ear.
“I love you.” He says, leaning in to kiss you.
You kiss him back and put both of your hands on his cheeks. You pull back and smile at him.
“I love you, too.” You smile.
He kneels down and pushes your shirt up. You chuckle and hold it up for him.
“Hey little baby in there. Your mom and dad are super excited to get to know you and want you to know, that we love you so much already.” He says and start to kiss your stomach.
You giggle, because the scruff he has, tickles your skin.He chuckles, too and purposely rubs his scruff over your stomach. You start to laugh and take a step back from him. But he has this wicked grin on his face, and you know he will not back down from tickling you. So you turn around quickly and run away from him. You both run around the house, laughing while he follows you into the bedroom, making you squeal as he throws the both of you on the bed.
The days go by and you finally tell all your friends, too. They were as excited about the news as your families, but nobody was as excited as Tom. But Ben and Tom were ecstatic together. You knew it would be a very long pregnancy.

Because from that day on, Ben called every day and made sure you ate enough and asked if Tom needed help with something. But it was a few months later that the two of them started to build the nursery together. It was fun to watch and even funnier when the argued about stuff.
Three weeks later the nursery was done and the two of you just needed to wait a little while longer for your baby to arrive.
And that time came soon enough.
You two are out having lunch with Ben and your friends and you need to go to the bathroom. You excuse yourself and waddle over to it. You wash your hands and take another look in the mirror, smiling at the belly when you suddenly feel a wetness between your legs. Your eyes widen and you take a deep breath. You take your purse and waddle back to the table. You sit down and tell the waiter that you would like to pay immediately and that there is no need for the desserts anymore. Everybody looks at you in shock, when the waiter nods and leaves. Even Tom looks at you as if he had seen a ghost. He puts his hand on your forehead and says:
“Are you alright? Why are you denying all of us their desserts?”
You take his hand and kiss it, smiling at him.
“Because my water just broke and we have to leave and get to the hospital as soon as possible.” You said and chuckled at the shocked expressions.
And immediately everybody jumps into action. Tom tossing his keys to Ben, telling him to get the car. He instructs the others to leave and get to the hospital to announce you two. While he handles that, you pay for the lunch and thank the waiter.
You slowly stand up and take Tom’s hand and turn him to look at you. You see a mix of emotions. He is nervous, excited, worried and totally stressed. And when he locks eyes with you he looks confused, too.
“Why are you not freaking out?” he asks.
“You are freaking out for both of us.” You chuckle, making him smile.
He smiles back and gives you a kiss. Just then the first contraction hits you, making you break the kiss and grasp his hand. He whips out the phone and when the contraction is over and he starts to stop the time to keep track of the contractions. Meanwhile Ben arrives and honks outside the restaurant and you two make your way to the car.
A few hours later, the two of you hold your baby in your arms. This is all you ever wanted and needed.
A happy husband, not being able to control his joy, kisses either you or the baby. And the most beautiful and more important healthy baby, you could’ve asked for.

After all of this, you totally forgot to talk with Tom about your secret candy box. But he probably put it away by now, because it wasn’t baby safe.

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hey, if i were to write a jewish character, how should i go about it?


Fair Warning: This is going to be a long post.

Personally, I’m an Orthodox Ashkenazi, so most of my characters are Ashkenazis who are at least Modern Orthodox. HOWEVER, not all Jews are Ashkenazi so…. 



I’m going to use Christianity as an example because I assume the majority of people who will read this are Christian. In Christianity there are different sects that believe different things (Catholic, Lutherans, Irish Catholics, Eastern Orthodox, Mormons, etc). 

In Judaism there are also different sects only most of them don’t believe in something different than the others unless they’re an offshoot of Ashkenz (which I will get into in a moment). Each of these sects is mainly based on where you or your family are from geographically. If you’re from Spain you are most likely a Sephardi or Anusim Jew. If you are North African (Moroccan, Libyan, Tunisian) then its likely you are also Sephardi. (For anyone interested, Sephardi means in English “of Sephard” Sephard is Spain in Hebrew). If you are from Ethiopia, you are most likely an Ethiopian Jew. From Iran you are most likely a Persian Jew. Anywhere else in the Middle East you are most likely a Mizrachi Jew. If from Yemen then you are a Temani Jew. These are just usual rules to live by. 

If you are from anywhere in Europe (Mainly France, Germany, or Russia) besides Spain then you are most likely an Ashkenazi Jew. The reason that Ashkenazi Jews are a little different than other sects though is a simple reason. 


In the 1800s European Jews got Emancipated. This meant that Jews were allowed to leave their gated communities (shtettles, though there were plenty ghettos too) and join in with regular society. Since (and @ jumblr correct me if i’m wrong) this only happened in Europe during modern times (1400s) only the Ashkenazi Jews were really affected. So as Jews began to integrate into society many of them began to lose their religiosity. So the Ashkenazi community freaks out because they have Jews who are suddenly not being religious and they create two communities. Reform and Orthodox. The Reform believed that Emancipation was good and it slowly morphed into what everyone knows as Reform Judaism today. The Orthodox Movement thought that Emancipation was ruining Judaism and they later morphed into what is now called Ultra-Orthodox. Then you had two offshoots of those–Conservative and Neo-Orthodox. I know more about Neo-Orthodoxy so I’ll tell you about that, Neo-Orthodoxy believed that unlike Orthodoxy Emancipation was both good and that mitzvot were good. They ended up becoming the Modern Orthodox Movement (sorta like I am!!). 

The difference between the geographical sects and the Ashkenazi offshoot sects are that the geographical sects don’t necessarily have belief differences (differences in tradition and halacha, sure, but not belief) and the other sects do. Since then there have been other offshoots of Ashkenaz (mainly) that have a slightly different belief system as well (Reconstructionist, Renewal, Hassidic, etc). But each of these are different in tradition and halacha because of their belief not because of their teachers. 

Now, friendly reminder that geography doesn’t always work for identifying a Jew’s denomination. I have friends who are Sephardi and have no relation to Spain. There are Jews who do have Spanish decent and are Ashkenazi. It is a good base, but not a law. 

When creating a character figuring out what denomination of Judaism they are is important, as figuring this out is an added character trait and usually very important to the character themselves. 

After you figure out how religious you want them to be I suggest working on their character and seeing how the religion and the rules or miztvot that they follow merge. Remember, Jews are people too and if you are writing a Jew just write a person only with like… Kosher and Yom Kippur (or not if your character doesn’t keep that… whatever).

Traps Writers Fall Into:

There are two big ones:

  • Christian Influence
    • This one is a lot more prominent if the character is in a non-Jewish majority country–which I assume your characters will be, be it America or Britain. 
      • Why, you ask? Well because Secular countries are actually a lot less secular and a lot more Christian than most Christians think. It’s not necessarily a criticism but it is a thing. 
    • Do not, I repeat, do not write your Jewish character like a wannabe-Christian. We are not Wannabe-Christians. If we were then we wouldn’t be Jewish. Not every Jew grows up wanting a Christmas Tree or dressed up for Halloween. Not every kid secretly wants to eat a cheeseburger or go into a church.
      • Jews complain when they don’t get representation, they may love the twinkle lights during the Holidays but they are annoyed that there are no Hannukah decorations in the stores or that every chocolate in Spring is a bunny. We are not Wannabes.
  • Over using Yiddish
    • And certainly not every Jew speaks the amount of Yiddish that non-Jewish writers use. Most Ashkenazi Jews speak a mixture of Hebrew and Yiddish slang with a base of English. We’ll say “shelp,” “spritz,” and “gavult.” We’ll also say “stam,” “davka,” and “baruch hashem.” But our base language is usually English. We don’t all have Yiddish accents, we aren’t all New Yorkers. 
    • Also, Yiddish is not the only Jewish language!
      • There is another one called Ladino which is a mix of Spanish and Hebrew, and while it is dying out there still are some speakers. If you have a Jew of Hispanic decent you might want to use that instead of Yiddish. 

Now Let’s Talk Pet Peeves:

I have many Pet Peeves about Jews in Media so let’s start with the most obvious.

1. Jewish Holidays are ignored when they don’t fall out on Christian Ones

It sucks and it’s true. Most of our holidays when not Hannukah and Rosh Hashana are almost never mentioned. Jews have many more holidays than just those two. Like…

  • Jews have like… six fast days. All of them are important but most Jews ignore some of the shorter ones because they fall out on regular work days and it isn’t good to fast while at work.
    • fasting also means fasting. We do not eat unless necessary for health, we do not drink unless necessary for health. And for two of those fast days we have four other restrictions as well. 
  • We have Purim. Purim is a pretty cool holiday with a backstory like most Jewish holidays, someone tried to kill us, we won, let’s eat. 
    • Which contrary to popular belief is not Halloween only Jews.
  • Sukkot
    • A great holiday in which we eat outside and shake a bunch of leaves and a nice smelling fruit (which the TSA must be informed about every year so they don’t hold Jews in Airport Jail for carrying a bunch of palm leaves. I shit you not, this happens every year and it gets funnier every time). There’s other stuff to but that would take longer to explain. 


2. Jews almost never marry Jews in Media

This actually happens a lot more than in real life. You have a Jewish character, doesn’t matter if they’re religious or not, they almost never marry Jews. I have only ever watched two shows where two Jewish characters married (or were close to it). These are Will & Grace (Grace and Leo), and a show called Saving Hope where the lesbian Jew gets with a lesbian Jew and moves to Tel Aviv (Doctor Katz). 

3. Women and Jewish Marriage

These two topics are treated very badly in media. People tend not to understand what a K’Tuba (Jewish Marriage licence) is, and what it means to Jewish Women. It means we more or less have all power in the relationship. Where Saving Hope is good on the non-intermarriage issue, it sucks on a heterosexual marriage issue. Women are allowed to say no to sex, they are allowed to incite sex, if they do not want sex with their partner their partner cannot have sex with them

Alternatively if either partner wants a get (a Jewish divorce) then the partner must give them one. Something usually ignored is that if the woman wants a get not only does her husband have to give her one the Jewish community is obligated to alienate him from them, personally and business-wise, and treat him as though he has a contagious disease. A Jew is allowed to do almost anything to the unwilling partner to get them to sign the get (the Torah even says that you can stone him. We don’t obviously because killing is wrong and etc. There is a lovely story that I heard about a man who wouldn’t give his wife a get and her angry brother and a matza factory but I won’t get into that). This is exemplified in an episode of a show called In Plain Sight (Episode Aguna Matatala), I really like this episode and the Rabbi character. Personally I believe this is one of the best ‘Jew Episodes’ out there. 

4. Not knowing a character is Jewish until it must come up because of a holiday or a death in the family

If your character is Jewish they are Jewish all the time. Only bringing it up when it’s suddenly Christmas and you want diversity is stupid and quite frankly annoying. You cannot erase our Judaism because it does not benefit your plot. 


An Israeli Jew acts differently than a Diaspora Jew, and a Hollywood Jew acts differently than a New York Jew. We aren’t just stereotypes we are people, and if you are making a character be realistic you must keep that in mind. 

That’s it for now. I may add on more guidelines in the future, and if anyone reading this has a Pet Peeve about Jews in Media I urge you to add yours. But please keep this thread respectful. The ask was respectful and I actually really appreciate you asking. 

Touch: Part 3

Requested by: @nathalieruaudel
(Here are the specifics)

Pairing: Reader x Bucky
Word Count: 1.6K
Warnings: Fluff, swearing, vomiting, pregnancy

A/N: This part picks up right where part 2 left off

Part 1, Part 2

“Wait,” you stop dead in your tracks, pulling Bucky to a stop too, “I’ve got an idea,”

Bucky can hardly keep his laughter at bay, and you have to keep shushing him, as the two of you walk into the gym. Most of the team is training; Steve and Sam are sparring, Clint and Nat are training weapons, and Wanda and Tony are working on her powers.

“Y/N!” Wanda squeals, her attention wavering from keeping Tony suspended in the air. He almost hits the ground, but she catches him at the last second with an embarrassed apology.

The team stop training and all make their way to crowd around you. It takes everything in you to not verbalise the first thing you think when you see them all for the first time. Luckily, you were sporting your old sunglasses, so they can’t see that you’re staring directly at them.

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#186 - For anonymous & Mel

Filling the prompts “fic about van dating a photographer? it would be cool if the photographer was on tour with Catfish for a magazine article assignment.” and “being Bob’s friend and going out for a night shoot with him where Van tags along by accident” from @kookygranger

Day 1

You got the job because of Bob. He was your only connection to the music industry, but because you’d known him since you were seven, you didn’t feel too bad in exploiting that connection. In reality, he was the one that invited you out on tour. It had been a while since someone properly documented their antics, and he respected you as a photographer. He also was notoriously private. You knew when to not take the shot and you had a sixth sense for when something wonderful was about to go down. So, on a cold morning you boarded the same plane as the guys and sat in your seat between Bob and Van.

“I really don’t mind if you want the window seat,” Van said for the third time.

“Said I’m fine. I’m smaller anyway, so this makes sense,” you replied with a shrug. He nodded, then turned his attention to pulling Larry’s hair between the seats in front of him.

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how many nights does it take to count the stars; taehyung

pairing: alien!fem reader x taehyung  (requested)

words: 2.2k

summary:  “i was sent here to abduct you and have your memory wiped because you’re putting my world in danger, but i just can’t bring myself to do it because the smile on your face when you talk about the stars is so pretty that i couldn’t bear to get rid of it.”

title from: infinity; one direction

warnings: none, to be honest. the astrology is incorrect but please don’t come for me. also, i am willing to use this as proof that i can’t write one shots to save my life cause this is awful okay here we go

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A/N: I’m being cheeky and economical by amalgamating two requests together! However, they’re both fluffy, festive and involve snowballs so please enjoy! xo No warnings apply.

Y/N watched her breath repeatedly fog up the glass of the cable car as it made its way up the mountain. It was well below freezing and even with the bright sun above them, the whole party were dithering.

‘Ready?’ Y/N’s sister asked, nudging at their skis which were spilled out onto the floor of the cable car.

‘No. Not really.’ Y/N replied standoffishly. Her sister was a natural skier, she was not.

Half an hour later and the party were stood at the top of a lethal looking black slope. Y/N elected to go first and the ride was hellish but she was determined to stay firmly on the skies in front of her family. Once safely at the bottom of the slope, Y/N slipped away into the trees. The ride down had been exhilarating and she needed to calm down.

Y/N fumbled with the pocket of her ski jacket, clumsily procuring a packet of cigarettes and a lighter. She quickly glanced around to make sure there were no family members spying nearby and lit the cigarette, taking a hearty drag.

As she exhaled, Y/N swore she heard a rustle in the trees nearby. She froze, the cigarette suspended tightly between her gloved fingers in preparation to be thrown into the snow immediately.

Without warning, Y/N felt the cold sting of packed snow hitting her squarely in the face. She coughed and shook her head, cringing at the feeling of ice cold snow melting and sliding beneath the neck of her jacket. The cigarette made a small hissing sound as her wet hands extinguished the glowing end.

‘What the fuck.’ She swore aloud, brushing the snow roughly from her clothes as a stranger appeared from behind the trees. He had a wickedly cheeky grin on his face, his large grey blue eyes crinkled with glee as he watched her.

‘I don’t mean to be rude but I’m doing you a favour. That shit is bad for you.’

Y/N opened her mouth but failed to provide a comeback as she stared at the stranger in front of her. His handsomeness made her flush and increased her muteness even longer. He began to look embarrassed also, pursing his full lips as he looked at her with concern.

‘Sorry I didn’t mean to piss you off…I thought it would be funnier in my head.’

With that, the mysterious stranger took several steps back – offering only a friendly wave until he was out of sight completely. Y/N didn’t move for several seconds until she heard footsteps approaching again and dropped the cigarette to be covered by snow.

‘Y/N! Why are you all wet?’

‘I fell over.’ Y/N snapped in response, heading off in front towards the small town the family were staying in.

That evening when she was considerably warmer in front of the fireplace, Y/N recalled the earlier events of the day. She wished she’d given him a witty comeback now – like how it was none of his fucking business, but funnier. She hadn’t touched a single cigarette since then either, every time she searched for her pack she was reminded of that icy smack in the face.

‘Cheer up it’s the holidays!’ Her sister interrupted her thoughts with a gentle nudge in the side.

‘I hate the holidays.’ Y/N moaned in response, reclining back further into the comfy seat.

‘You won’t be saying that when you eventually find someone.’

‘Shut up.’

The next day was Christmas Day and the slopes were closed which left Y/N and her family to wander around the sleepy town they were staying in. Despite the freezing cold and lack of local amenities, Y/N was glad to be out of the claustrophobic chalet they had been staying in.

They wandered around for a while until the wind began to pick up, which sent thick flurries of snow up and down the narrow streets until you could barely see your hand in front of your face.

‘Y/N let’s head back we’ll get a fire going.’ Her mother suggested with a cough from a mouthful of snow as they marched back towards their chalet. Y/N rolled her eyes – this meant several more hours of charades, day drinking and mundane conversation.

As they marched on Y/N began to see a figure in the thick haze of snow. He was huddled under the shelter of a shop, his hands clasped protectively around a cigarette as he tried to light it to no avail. Y/N felt the spike of her own nicotine addiction clawing at her insides as she watched him click the lighter in frustration. Upon closer inspection she recognised the dark loose curls on top of the stranger’s head – it was the mystery man who’d snowballed her the other day. Y/N let out a quiet gasp and decided to spring into action – frankly she needed the entertainment and this opportunity was too good to miss.

‘You guys carry on I just need to re-tie my boot.’ Y/N shouted over the wind as she dropped to the ground and pretended to mess with her laces. Her sister raised her eyebrows at her but shrugged and carried on through the show. Once they were out of sight Y/N quickly gathered up the fresh snow in her hands and packed it tightly into her palm. The man still hadn’t noticed her only a few feet away as he groaned in annoyance, the lighter clicking intermittently.

Y/N stood slowly, her feet jittery and ready to take off as soon as she landed the perfect hit. At the moment she drew her arm back to fire the man looked up, his intense grey blue eyes landing straight on her but it was already too late. The snow ball clipped his cheek as he attempted to dodge to the side and he shook the snow out of his hair angrily.

‘What the hell did you do that for?’ He sounded annoyed, but there was a hint of amusement in his voice as he patted himself down.

‘That’s payback…for the other day.’ Y/N knew she’d been caught and lamely tried to hold her ground as the stranger raised his eyebrows at her.

‘What are you talking about?’

‘You snowballed me! You’re a hypocrite.’

‘I have no idea what you’re talking about.’

Y/N bristled at that. She was pissed that this guy couldn’t remember her. Literally nothing happened in this bumfuck town and she was pretty astonished that something like that wouldn’t stand out to him.

‘But you –‘

Before she could finish her sentence, another man had approached – he was almost perfectly identical to the first albeit maybe an inch or two shorter and a little slimmer. Had it not been blowing a blizzard, Y/N may have realised that stranger #1 had not been the culprit of her snowballing from the other day.

‘Oh it’s you! I didn’t realise you know my brother.’ The second man sounded nervous as he watched the two of you apprehensively.

‘I don’t know him.’ Y/N stuttered slightly, going bright red as she watched two sets of identical grey blue eyes stare at her as she floundered for an explanation.

‘I think there might have been a mix up.’ Stranger #1 muttered rolling his eyes. ‘Rami did you snowball this girl yesterday?’

‘Guilty.’ The man – Rami – replied a little sheepishly, an amused grin spreading across his face as he watched you.

‘I am so sorry!’ You blurted out to the other man who was smirking now.

‘Don’t worry it happens all the time. The joys of being a twin with an idiot.’ That made his brother punch his arm not so playfully.

‘To avoid any more confusion – I’m Rami and this is Sami.’ Rami gestured to each of them respectively as Sami finally gave up and tossed his unlit cigarette into the snow.  

‘And I, Sami, am going back.’ His brother huffed, brushing the last few bits of snow off himself. Rami gave him a strained look and Y/N was pretty sure the two of them communicated solely of a telepathic level of a few seconds as they exchanged glances.

‘Well I don’t want to go yet…Do you fancy a walk – uhm?’

‘Y/N.’ Y/N nodded. ‘Are you sure? I think we’re about to have a blizzard…’

‘Well I mean you don’t have to or anything I thought it would just be…’ Rami began to ramble which procured a small smile from her.

His brother made his way around them and threw an arm around her shoulders. ‘Surely you wouldn’t deny a handsome young man like Rami Y/N?’ He asked, his face was very close to hers as he spoke and Rami bristled at him. Stranger danger be damned – Y/N was absolutely certain she could snap this guy like a twig if she needed to. She playfully shrugged Sami off. ‘Fine. I guess I could.’ She teased, warming a little to the bright grin that broke out of Rami’s face.

‘Have a good time!’ Sami shouted over the wind as he took off and Rami offered Y/N his arm which she snorted at and walked in step with him. She remembered to fire off a quick text to her sister – something about some wooden ornaments she was checking out as gifts for their parents which was a complete fucking lie, as always.

Half an hour later and the two of them were deep in the snowy wilderness. The wind and snow were whipping all around them now as the two hunched slightly for warmth. Y/N could see that the tips of Rami’s ears were going blue.

‘Shall we go back? I’m not trying to get rid of you I’m just freezing.’ Y/N yelled over the wind.

Yeah – okay you win. I think it’s this way…’ Rami whirled around but everything looked the same. Everything was white.

‘I thought you knew the way?’

‘I do – well I did. It’s confusing.’

‘You got us lost? You know people die of hypothermia up here all the time, right?’ Y/N could feel her paranoia climbing rapidly as she spoke. Rami bit his lip which were chapped from the cold as he looked around.

‘I didn’t bring you out here to die on a mountain, I just wanted to talk to you.’

‘Wow you’re a real sweetheart.’ Y/N snorted as she climbed for higher ground, looking for the direction of the sun in the overcast sky.

‘What are you doing?’

‘Looking for the sun. It gets dark early and I know that we’re staying West of here so it will tell us which way to go.’

‘That’s amazing.’

‘Didn’t you do orienteering at school?’

‘My parents sent me to drama school.’

‘Of course they did.’

Rami didn’t reply this time and Y/N could hear his teeth chattering as she began to map a route in her head back through the trees and down the mountain.

‘You cold?’

‘I’m fine.’ Rami’s teeth were clamped down on his lip as he shook all over. Y/N shook her head and undid her jacket slightly to remove her scarf. She noted the icy sting of the cold which replaced where the scarf had been but Rami really looked like he needed it.

‘What? No way.’ Rami shook his head as she tried to hand him the scarf.

‘Just take it. You need it more than me.’

‘But you’ll be freezing.’

‘Clearly my body is enduring this better than you are and if you collapse now I can’t carry you and then we’ll both be fucked.’

That shut him up immediately and Rami put the scarf on without a word. The two of them slowly made their way back lead by Y/N. It was tricky and they were on the verge of calling mountain rescue when they finally stumbled out of the pitch blackness and onto a road.

Eventually they were holed up in some dive bar, the only place open on Christmas Day. Y/N’s phone was blowing up and even she felt slightly guilty for leaving her parents without a word for several hours.

‘I should actually be going back soon. My parents are going nuts.’

‘I’ll walk you in case you get lost.’ Rami grinned and Y/N smirked at his still blue lips.

‘You mean in case you do?’


The two of them walked quietly back to Y/N’s chalet. Rami had managed to secure her number on the journey and Y/N could practically feel the excitement radiating from him as he walked next to her.

‘Thank you for saving my ass back there. I probably would have frozen to death and been eaten by wolverines.’

Y/N laughed hard, the sound bouncing off the compacted snow beneath them. ‘They don’t have wolverines here but you’re welcome.’

Y/N felt her heart start to palpitate a little as her front door came into sight. This was always the difficult part for her, she hated it when assholes lunged at her with their slimy inexperienced lips – although Rami was kind of sweet, she wouldn’t actually mind kissing him.

Rami was dithering back and forth on the doorstep as Y/N watched him with amusement.

‘Oh your scarf…’

‘It’s fine you can keep it. Who doesn’t bring a scarf with them to the alps?’

‘I know I’m an idiot.’

‘No you’re not.’ Y/N nudged his arm fondly and the two of them locked eyes. His really were captivating and Y/N had to look away after a second or two.

‘My lips are still pretty cold…’ Rami began and Y/N snorted.

‘I take that back you are an idiot.’

Rami went to scoff but Y/N swooped forward and gave his lips a gentle peck. He was right they were freezing and kind of chapped but still wonderfully full. She heard the sound of Rami’s breath catching in his throat which made her chest bloom with warmth as he kissed her back firmly. He tasted faintly of the hot chocolate they’d been drinking when they’d finally returned and he gently brushed her cheek with his fingertips which made her melt.

When they finally parted Rami’s lips were pink and slightly shiny which made her smirk.

‘I’d bring you in but unfortunately I have a full house.’

‘How very indecent.’

‘You don’t know nothing yet.’

Rami scoffed in disbelief and Y/N laughed, socking him one again playfully as she made her way indoors.

‘Text me idiot I’m here for another week.’

anonymous asked:

i'm so proud of you for completing such a masterpiece :) but i really hope you enjoyed writing it and didn't feel trapped/obligated :/ you should be really proud of yourself. you have a lot of happy fans. you're going to be an amazing, successful writer one day and i'm gonna buy all your books :)

Why thank you! 

Eh, I don’t know about trapped, maybe a wee bit restricted…

…but in all seriousness, this was something I felt I had to do as an artist, for myself. Committing to SoaD was a deliberate choice I made, hoping it would teach me what it really meant to complete a full-length novel. I miiight’ve gotten a bit carried away (I always do), and I am annoyed at myself for how flippin’ long I took, but I have zero regrets for the work itself.

I had so much fun doing this and meeting the phandom and pushing my boundaries as a person and an artist. It was worth it. <3

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*goes to sakamakis* Hey you guys I heard Mukami say bad things about you. *goes to mukamis* I heard Sakamaki say bad things about you *now lets start the fighting grins* (I love your blog!)

(Mun: Thank you~!)

Shuu & Yuma:

Yuma: Oi, NEET! The hell do you mean I have a carrot dick?!

Shuu: *opens one eye and glances at him before sneering* Well, they do say that you are what you eat.

Yuma: That’s it, get off your ass and fight me.

Shuu: I’ll have to pass. Weren’t you the one who stated that I’m as good as dead with the way I am?


Kanato & Azusa:

Kanato: Azusa!! How dare you insult my size?!

Azusa: But it’s true… that Kanato-san is smaller… than me down there. Heh.

Kanato: How would you know?! At least I’m not a weak excuse of a vampire like you!!

Azusa: Ah… I am not… weak. *pouts and pulls out his knife* Ne, I’ll prove it on Teddy…


Laito, Subaru & Kou:

Kou: I had no idea that you two would be jealous enough to call my voice “squeaky trash”.

Subaru: Shut up, your voice in general makes me wanna punch the living shit out of you.

Laito: Nfu, it does get quite girly rather often ♪

Kou: Hmph, see? Jealousy, jealousy all over! Well I sure would be if I were you, since Subaru-kun is destined to be a loner forever and Laito-kun just… *eyes him up and down and wrinkles his nose* … exists.


Laito: Ahh, that’s very cruel… Ne, Subaru-kun, I’ll help you~

Ayato, Reiji & Ruki:

Reiji: *sighs deeply and pushes up his glasses* I cannot describe the shame I am feeling at the very moment.

Ruki: I hate to admit that we seem to be on the same wavelength here.

Ayato: Why the hell am I stuck with these nerds? C’mon, let Ore-sama fight too!

Reiji: There is a very good reason not to let you of all people go on rampage.

Ayato: Fucking killjoy. I don’t wanna watch the oncoming “gentlemen’s” dispute! *stomps away to join everyone else*

Ruki: Honestly, you can’t control even a single one of them. At least I am capable of making my brothers heed my words.

Reiji: Excuse me, I did not ask for your opinion on the matter.

Ruki: I do believe I don’t have to ask a permission when voicing out facts.

*they go on like this longer than the rest of them fight*

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i want to get into boys republic pls help me where do i start

omg welcome 2 my…terrible domain……ive had a post in my drafts just for this occasion 

The members of boys republic are:

  • OneJunn (Jo Wonjun) He’s the leader hes so nice hes like a supporting dad type he also sings so nice... hes also got a cute dog he takes a lot of pictures of and can like..go into serious mean mode very quicky!! hes been in the army too!!! hes pretty old.
  • Sunwoo (Choi Sunwoo, he legally changed his name to Sunwoo and his name used to be Dabin but its Sunwoo now, Dabin is not his name) The most important thing abt sunwoo is that he’s an angel from heaven he knitted hats for babies….. he’s also the tallest member…hes so cute
  • Sungjun (Park Sungjun) He’s like the good rapper u kno what i mean if u listen 2 a boysrep track theres too rappers and one has personality and the other sounds like a robot. Sungjun also super loud when he talks normally!!!! he YELLS  a lot too just like..let’s it out…the shortest!!! People have been calling him a nugget
  • Minsu (Kim Minsu) The other robotic rapper. Someone who specializes in weird talents like magic and making music videos in windows movie maker. Hes got like..huge flairing nostrils like bigger than everyone else hes easy 2 spot in the group.
  • Suwoong ( Lee Suwoong) A nice guy hes the youngest hes got giant eyes. He’s full of self praise and likes 2 take lots of pictures of himself!! hes very cute!!

Music Videos

(*Please note that even though they have six music videos they only have two mini albums, Identity and Real Talk which these songs are pulled from)

Official Social Media

(minsu sunwoo and onejunn all post more frequently on the official twitter these days…like their personals are dead they all post on the shared acc lmfao)


As of now, Not many videos have subtitles but there are a few videos i reccomend that I’ve seen.

Interveiws: some radom interviews to check out!!!!

Pops in Seoul (Party Rock Era)

Pops in Seoul (Video Game Era)

Rising Star (Dress Up Era)

Onkpopz (Video Game Era)

Vids on their Channel: some of my personal faves..they have a lot but none of these are subbed :( but there still pretty funny

Costume party?


a funny version of the real one




SNOW RACE (they fight 2 the death)

there are so many more just on their youtube like…there short or longer (if its an episode of boys rep tv) and even w/o subtitiles its like…still hilarious

my last peice of advice...Rookie King  (eng sub playlist link) you have 2 watch rookie king all eight episodes i admit i didn’t get on with this until later….i just kinda watched funnier vids on their main channel but rookie king changed my whole entire life

i really love boys republic and have been trying to write this post for a while…i hope this helps!!! if you’ve got questions I’ll try to help you out!!


the longer you watch, the funnier it gets ; #supernatural #supernaturaledits #gagreel #samwinchester #deanwinchester

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But like misha got stuck in his tiny shirt... and like he needed someone to help him take it off.... so like Jensen totally came to his rescue and valiantly removed the shirt for him.... and then maybe some other things.... hmmmm

At first … I had no idea what the hell you were talking about, Nonny … and then I saw the video.

“Mish? Mish, you in there?”

“Yes! Just … just a minute!”

But Jensen doesn’t wait—bounding up the steps and into Misha’s trailer without as much as a thought. “What’s taking you so long? We were supposed to start filming fifteen minutes a—” Jensen stops mid-sentence the moment he sees Misha: flailing around in front of the living room of his trailer—arms stiff above his head, trapped inside the confines of dark, blue cotton. “Oh now, what the hell?”

“I’m stuck” Misha grumbles, unable to see his co-star because the tiny shirt he somehow wriggled into, suctioned itself inside out onto his face as he was trying to pull it over his head.

“I can see that” Jensen deadpans, not bothering to step any closer—just watching and wondering how this man always ends up in these situations.

Misha struggles a second longer before slumping down onto the couch and wheezing like he just ran a marathon. “You could help me out, you know!”

“I could … but this is funnier.”

“God damnit, Jensen! Just get me out of this thing! I’m starting to lose consciousness!”

Jensen chuckles a moment more before finally walking up to the other man—trying not to lose it completely when he sees that Misha’s hands are turning a beautiful shade of purple. “What exactly were you thinking when you put this on?” Jensen asks eventually, reaching out to work his fingers under the hem of the tight, tight fabric.

Misha only grunts at first and begins moving from side to side, trying to help him slip the shirt over his head. “Obviously—I wasn’t thinking.”


“Are you pulling?”

“I’m trying, but … “

“Pull harder!”

“I am! Jesus … you’re moody!”

“I’m trapped in my daughter’s clothing and Trump’s face is all I can see! It’s a nightmare in here!”

Now, Jensen can’t help but laugh out loud— but he still places his foot on the edge of the couch so he can get better leverage. “Okay … okay! I think—yep! Here … we … go!” With one, final tug, the tiny garment rips off of Misha’s head—sending Jensen stumbling backwards until he crashes into the wall. “Fuck! That was really on ya!”

Misha is gasping, and a bright red—and beads of sweat have plastered his hair to his forehead; but overall, he looks relieved. “Thank you! I thought I was gonna die in there!”

With another laugh, Jensen rights himself and walks back in front of the ridiculous man on the couch, handing over Maison’s shirt—which is now horribly misshapen and ripped in several places.

Misha takes the thing and promptly tosses it into the corner of the trailer, on top of a pile of other random crap that he hasn’t bothered to deal with yet. With a huff, he then turns back to look at Jensen—feeling slightly embarrassed and fairly ill. He’s just about to tell the guy that he may still need a minute before he goes to set—but the curious look in Jensen’s eye makes him pause. “What?” Misha asks, tilting back so he can really look his friend over.

Jensen only smiles and shakes his head, eventually closing his eyes like it is all just too much.

Misha attempts to focus, still kind of woozy from Shirtageddon ’16. “What?” he asks again, now—getting kind of frustrated too.

Only you” Jensen mutters, opening his eyes once more so that he can coat the other man in fondness.

“Only me?”

“Only you would care so much about something, you’d risk suffocating on Donald Trump’s face just to see it happen.”

It takes him a moment—but soon, Misha is laughing. He’s laughing so hard, it starts to make him dizzy all over again. “What a way to go!”

Jensen grins, bending down a second later and kissing Misha on the top of his sweaty, swaying head. “I’m just glad I could rescue you.”

Misha grins too, peeking up just as Jensen pulls away— quickly, pulling him back before he can get too far. “My hero” he whispers, kissing Jensen’s lips just after; knowing that no matter how much nope he finds himself stuck in—Jensen would always be there to pull him out.

It would still be another twenty minutes before the two got to set— and by that time, they’d both be sweaty and light headed.

Go Figure.