this is fun yay friends

Furry Feets.

The MOTHER/EarthBound series
  • EarthBound Beginnings: A young boy embarks on a journey to discover the secrets of his powers and unravel the mysteries of his great-grandparents' legacy! Wow! Cool!
  • EarthBound: Four kids band together on a wacky and wondrous adventure to save the world from evil aliens, and make all kinds of zany friends along the way! Yay! Fun!
  • Mother 3: A young boy loses his mother and brother within a day of each other, is basically abandoned by his father, can do nothing to prevent his once-tight-knit hometown from being torn apart and devoured from the inside by materialistic capitalism, and his only chance for any sort of happy ending is a crapshoot at best! …Hooray?

Desi superman problems.

Aww yes, time to get Hanzo up to that 8 hours mark next eue

Pretty fun day!

Happy birthday @galaxyscas!!! This Cas sticker was inspired by your super cool derby name, and all the bravery, strength, and resilience that it represents <3 Voila: Derby!Cas with wings in the colors of the asexual flag. 

(pst: click or drag for more hidden surprises!)

Troyler Phandom Meetup

Hello Internet

So it’s time for the Phandom to collide with the Troyler blogs in one big meetup! Its a way of making new friends, and getting loads of new ideas from other creative people.

How to take part:

  • Post Selfies
  • Make gifs
  • Post text posts
  • Share your fan/phan art
  • Post videos

The meetup will take part on the 5th of July at 18:00-21:00 (UK Time).

Remember to use the tag #TroylerPhandomMeetup to join in!

For any inquiries my inbox is always open. I am happy to help with coverting the time for your time zone, and to answer any questions that you may have regarding the meetup! 

Gracie xxxxx


Okay, here is my Illumi Cosplay. Really, this is maybe the only Cosplay I’m feeling really confident in. And LBM was super fun and I met all of my friends again and yay. And it felt like I was drunk 3 days straight (maybe because I WAS) and well, here are some of the ‘better’ Selfies I made with my smartphone. We actually managed to do some decent photos with a real camera, but oh well, I guess this will take some time until they’re ready for the Internet haha.

So, on the upside, my wrist is feeling much better.  Yay!  Also, I’m meeting up with friends in the city today for fun things.  Also, yay!


…been awake since 4 AM, after not falling asleep until after midnight.  NOT YAY AT ALL.


Spirit interviews! Yay!

I thought as a fun way to get to know some of the spirits I work with, I could hold an interview session with them? Here’s a link to all the spirits I know/talk to. (For now I’d prefer if the questions were directed toward the names I have in italics – I’m most comfortable around those guys :)

You guys can send in your questions, along with who you want to ask, and I’ll maybe post an interview a week with the questions for that person? 

I’ll update the question status on the bio part of my blog too :)

I’m so excited for this :D

Add Me On IMVU

I recently sort of came back and honestly, most my close friends 1.) Don’t come on anymore. 2.) Left IMVU and it’s bullshit. 3.) Deleted/Disabled their accounts and lastly 4.) Changed their usernames and now I don’t know who the hell anyone is anymore. I know a lot of people, but no one I truly hang out with or talk to because all those people aren’t around anymore. I was gone over a year, a lot has happened lol.

My IMVU is Irony :) Reblog if you like making new friends ;D