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Do you like Dan as much as we do?

Then you’ll have to like his love of crazy glasses

… whether FPV REMOTE CONTROL 3D model airplane type ….

His own glasses…

or just heart eyes…

You have to love his love for his family… 11 years strong

You must LOVE his shoe whore ways…. Dan’s never met a pair of brogues or boots he won’t wear… 

…STOP looking there and look at his shoes!

You have to love his sense of humor….

and his love of doing tricks… 

and wearing hats…

or doing tricks while wearing hats…

in other words just love him as he is for who he is…

He’s our Beast

a suit loving man…

Come and join the fun!! 

tbh i say the f slur a lot jokingly but i only do it because its a word thats been used violently against me because im a gay man, like its not some quirky uwu fun word that i say just because but i feel like thats what some of you seem to think

Okay so I took a nap and both @ask-sadisticdark and @ask-psychoanti were in my dream. I am 50 shades of freaked out right now.

Anti said he needed help with something and I was like okay I’ll help. So we’re doing a bunch of random things but LITTLE DID I KNOW THAT I WAS HELPING HIM SET UP A PRANK FOR DARK. After it all goes down, Dark is pissed as H E L L and Anti just disappears, leaving me with him to die while trying to explain that I had no idea this was going to happen.


Dark….. I’m sorry please don’t kill me.


Relationship Status: Complicated Ch.2 (Biadore) - Drag Unicorn

My Girls Ch.1 (Trixya) - Drag Unicorn

See You in April (Trixya) - New Queen On The Block

Cold Hands Ch.5 (Trixya) - Star

A Series of Unfortunate Events - Detective Max

Dina’s Fun Aunt Holiday Bonus Ch.3 - Ellen Thwoorp

New Man Ch.5 (Biadore) - Fucking Awful

I Can’t Say No To You (Biadore) - Aphrodite

Full of Grace (Shalaska) - Sebald

Beautiful You Ch.10 (Katlaska) - Marble

Can’t Keep A Good Girl Down Ch.5 - Laurie

Stripped Bare (Shalaska) - Squeaky

Wingwomen Ch.3 (Trixya/Shalaska) - lale

Until We Find a Way Ch.1 (Biadore) - City Angel

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A radio celebrity from my area just came out and it's awful. He says there are no more LGBT rights to fight for, that we already won, that in today's world everything is possible for a gay or a lesbian. He says he gets more prejudice from being a man than being gay. (The fun thing is that he says that after waiting decades before coming out.) And he says he's glad to be gay because he doesn't have to wonder if the man he's into gives consent to sex, as he would have with a woman.

He must be white.


Ten Favorites from Ten Series and Tag Ten

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Fun fact:

When I was younger, I used to sleep a lot. Like, I used to just pass out wherever I could.

So, one day, my grandparents are babysitting me and I just find a good spot on the kitchen floor to sleep on.

My uncle, who lived with my grandparents, had to step over me because I ended up sleeping like right in front of the fridge, and apparently I got really mad with him for waking me up that I tried biting his leg.

And, that is the story on how I got the nickname “Bear”

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How would you go about creating a unique rogue's gallery for a legacy character like X-23 or Kamala Khan? As much as I love them, they lack memorable archenemies or in Laura's case, they just recycle the trigger scent.

I mean, I think the cockatoo is pretty memorable…

It’s the same for creating them for any other hero: 

  1. You need a good, memorable concept. Don’t just pick random objects, add the word -Man onto it and call it a day. People make fun of Stilt-Man for a reason.
  2. That concept needs to work with that specific hero. The purpose of the villain is to be an antagonist for that particular hero/protagonist, so the villain should at the bare minimum make sense in terms of power levels, location, and so forth. Beyond the bare minimum, you’re looking for thematic resonance - while “dark mirror” villains are popular, you don’t necessarily need one, you just need the villain to do stuff that would grind that hero’s gears in particular. 
  3. Don’t one-and-done the villain. One of the things that make villains “classic” or “memorable” is that they have a long history with the hero, which builds up tension between the two of them and really gives them a reason to go at each other.  


[BoTW] Prince Sidon is voiced by the same actor who voices Brock from Pokemon

Bill Rogers IMDb:

This is the 2006-2017 voice of Brock, not the original, but still really interesting! I never would have realized it just by hearing it.

Another fun fact: He also voices the King of Hyrule/old man from the beginning of BOTW.

One more interesting fact: A few of the voice actors played more than one main character that I never would have guessed, like Daruk and Yunobo. IMDb link:

Legend of Zelda Patches, Pocketwatches, and other Crafts on Amazon!

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I'm not even really into Mass Effect, but I've been following this whole thing thru you, and even I'm like, "Wow, wtf." LET THE BOYS HAVE THEIR SQUISHY PINK ALIEN MAN YOU COWARDS.

fun fact: theres only one actual male/male romance in whole game, it has apparently like 1/3 of the content of other romances. if i remember correctly, theres like 5 f/m options and 3 f/f options

bioware! why! you! hate! mlm!

The upside of Rip no longer being the captain is him getting to be part of the missions instead of staying behind on the ship. A LOT more screentime and things to do than just talking to the team via the com. Now he only needs to go back to being the pilot of the ship (pilot, not captain, because I will NEVER believe that Sara is a better pilot than him after 13 years of flying the ship, but I know it’s bc the captain’s chair is also the pilot chair and so we need Sara in it - but still). I don’t need him to be in charge of the Legendary Idiots, let the man have some FUN with jelly beans and being part of the team during missions! <3


Ami was strolling along the hallways, making sure everything looked just right. The floors were clean, there were no cobwebs, and he was making sure no one was running to the next class. Safety first. With a happy sigh, the lanky male decided now maybe was time for a break. Walking into the courtyard and taking a seat on the grass, Ami looked over at the person to his right, giving them a small smile. This could go one of two ways for him. He knew it was a risk talking to people, but it was a risk he had to always make. “Nice day, huh?” He nodded, trying to strike up a normal conversation. Years of only talking to House-Elves was bound to make the man a little socially awkward. “You uhh…having fun doing what you’re doing?”

I was tagged by @androgynoustyles to answer the 10 Harrie questions. You gotta answer them all and tag 10 Harries💕💕

 Favorite Look: His shoulders was so fucking broad I wanted to dIE

Favorite Tweet: “She’s sweet like tupelo honey, she’s alright.”
Favorite Interview: Every mitam interview 
Favorite Stage Moment: When him and Liam were speaking french
Favorite Hair Style:

Favorite Family Member: Anne she’s sweet❤
Favorite 1D Bromance: Big dick squad!! (Lirry)
Favorite Celebrity + Harry: Ed and Harold 
Favorite Tattoo: Butterfly 😍
Favorite Quote: “One day I’d like to meet your mouth”
Favorite Instagram Post: “Sometimes the King Is a woman.”
Favorite Music Video: SMG (they all had a lot of fun except zayn)
Favorite Another Man pic: 

Now answer:
Your name: Yarrie 💋 
Your Age:16 (almost 17)
Where you live: Detroit 
Have you ever saw Harry live? Any special moment?: Yes he told everyone to hug and say we love each other.
What’s your favorite thing on Harry?: Shoulders yall know this💦
What is your favorite line/lyric of Harry’s on 1D album?: You expect me to pick??
What is the song that reminds you the most of Harry?: You’re the reason by Victoria justice shshssh
What is the movie that reminds you the most of Harry?: I don’t warch tv that often :/ 
For how long you’ve been a Harrie?: It’ll be 5 years this year :))
Where you were when Dunkirk first trailer came out?: in the bathroom nsjsjsj
What do you expect for HS1?: Hoping some collabs from my baby Bruno I heard he was working with him. Also a “little black dress” type of vibe bc of the screams and guitar and also “70’S british rock” I’ll love whatever he puts out though bc I wov him.
What are your tags for Harry on tumblr?: Daddy Lessons 😩
Who is your favorite Harry blog?

If Harry could read this now, what would you say?: Your hair is very fluffy and I love you sir ❤❤

I tag @harrydaze @harryandlana @legendharrystyles @legend-waitforit-harry @wholeheartedlylove @lilacjules @highlightstyles @harrystylesgotmefuckedup and all my other Harrie babies 💕💕