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Your opinion on: vegetables (apart from onions! :p) , what Shiro & Keith's ~mysterious~ past could possibly be.

sneaking in with the big question behind the little one, I see what you did there

vegetables: I actually really enjoy most of them! I love red/yellow/orange peppers. carrots are good too. or cucumbers. I don’t enjoy most green vegetables except for kale and broccoli and spinach. and lettuce. I’m not a cauliflower or a beets sort of person. Any vegetable can be made 50000% times better by roasting it in the oven. I don’t really care for potatoes. :|

shiro and keith: I think they met while at the Garrison and grew exceptionally close to one another, in whatever way everyone’s heart chooses to interpret :’) i am here for all of it. I think Keith was so smart he bumped up a year, or at least was in advanced classes beyond his age group. Shiro tutored him, maybe offhand at first, but at least enough that “patience yields focus” came into play. I think Shiro was there for Keith at a time when no one else was, maybe when something Specific happened - or maybe just in general, through thick and thin. Shiro stuck with him. They stuck, and kept sticking, and….now we are history. :)

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if that’s not a confession of love idk what is


💓😍 150327 was so good to me 😍💓