this is full of feels


“this is the most fun i’ve ever had.” 

( thank you @danielhowell and @amazingphil for the laughs, the bants, and everything that you do and have done - over all the years, from behind closed bedroom doors somewhere in england to sold-out arenas across the world. we’re proud of you. )

Happy anniversary to the Sanders Sides!! This is the happiest fandom I’ve been in (probably ever), and I genuinely get so much happiness out of making fanworks for it. Bless Thomas and all his friends for putting so much work into these wonderful videos. This fandom is fun!!! This fandom is amazing!!! And what makes it even better- the creator is a good and kind man that is seriously doing his best to spread positivity. I’m grateful for @thatsthat24, @thejoanglebook, and @tallykat3 and all they do to make Sanders Sides possible. Bless you guys, for real. <333


What’s This Feeling ~ full -  jwave stepone813 171019 (audio)

I’m a recipe for entropy
I’m too overwhelming
Give me your validation
I can taste your apprehension

I made a fan discord server for Arcana if anyone wants to join! Id love to talk and make friends ^^ if you want the invite, message me or reblog or reply to this post asking for it!

Please and thank you.

Was watching the camp camp finale on YouTube when I came across this comment and now I’m 1000% even more sad

ok but imagine the past paladins after a long battle, all scratched and bruised walking into the castle and they feel like Death. then they find a young allura with huge grin and a tray full of messy treats for them to make them feel better and they start to smile.

au where Vicchan is still alive and when Victor is staying in Hasetsu the Katsuki family starts calling him “human Vicchan” (100% inspired by this tweet)

Victor secretly loves it because he loves this nickname and this family and this sense of familiarity (even though he pretends to be offended)

Mari: “has Vicchan eaten yet?” Yuuri: “yeah I fed him an hour ago” Mari: “no I mean human Vicchan”

Yuuri: “I’m taking Vicchan on a walk” Hiroko: “take human Vicchan with you”

It gets to the point that onsen guests only know Victor Nikiforov, five time world champion and figure skating living legend, as human Vicchan at Yu-topia Katsuki

Victor starts introducing himself “hi this is Vicchan and I’m human Vicchan”

Some Alternative Titles

Kingsman: The Golden Circle

Kingsman: How NOT to write a good sequel 

Kingsman: We literally and figuratively blew up everything good in this franchise 

Kingsman: That moment when you forget Eggsy has a family seriously where was his sister even his mom showed up for 5 seconds 

Kingsman: I wish I could have retrograde amnesia after watching this 

Kingsman: At least we got to see some good gadgets 

Kingsman: If those were real dogs we wouldn’t be so happy about their deaths

Kingsman: Roxy deserved better 


Kingsman: Charlie you twat 

Kingsman: If you loved the first movie, don’t worry, this has none of it

Kingsman: Discretion my ass 

Kingsman: Our flashbacks are in no way meant to show how deeply in love Eggsy is with Harry seriously no homo we swear 

Kingsman: It’s perfectly normal to preserve your mentor’s house as if he’s coming back any day now 

Kingsman: Thank goodness for fanfiction because I’m going to ignore everything canon in this movie and keep on reading fix-it fics 

Our Ciel is the complete opposite of a “spare.” Sebastian chose our Ciel. He’s the one who changed all of the servants’ lives, including Sebastian’s. Our Ciel can hold his own against a demon when it comes to wits and cunning. Our Ciel continuously surprises a centuries old demon who pretty much thought he has seen it all. That’s how special he is. Our Ciel is so smart and strong, he mastered all the learning it took to be the head of an earldom before he even turned 12. Our Ciel was the one who came to truly love Lizzie and tried to be the best fiancé he could be. He was the one indulging her cute fancies while still appreciating how badass she is. Our Ciel took on the work of the Watchdog and has slain so many dirty rats for the Queen. 

He might have stolen it all, but don’t you dare tell me he doesn’t own it.