this is fuckery

pll facebook statuses after the finale:

toby: was about to get out of the hellhole, almost made it… did not make it

spencer: i came out to have a good time and i’m honestly feeling so attacked right now

hanna: caleb’s my bae

caleb: hanna’s my bae

mary: i have another child… it may or may not be spencer hastings… cough. drake. cough.

noel: #decapitated

jenna: i lost my glasses and got kidnapped. may or may not have met A.D. i’m a badass with a gun… wait. what. i meant badass with my stick ;).

sydney: #notjenna #fooledya

marco: did spencer just?

alison: i think i’m gonna be sick. paige must be near.

emily: okay/ not okay/ unsure????? pr… not mine…….what is this fuckery? also may or may not have decapitated noel…………

aria: i don’t know how to feel.

ezra: found nicole. forgot my fiance. yolo

nicole: i’m alive. bet you thought you’d seen the last of me.

fandom: of all the people who made it out of the finale alive, it was nicole???? what is this fuckery.

The U.S. national anthem is literally a celebratory declaration of genocide and enslavement and y'all wonder why Black and brown folx don't wanna honor it??

The third stanza of the U.S. National Anthem is as follows:

“No refuge could save the hireling and slave
From the terror of flight or the gloom of the grave:
And the star-spangled banner in triumph doth wave
O'er the land of the free and the home of the brave." 

So then, the question is, why does the U.S. and the larger mainstream WANT to honor it? Why defend something so blatantly violent, colonialist, and anti-Black? Especially during a time in which Black folx are still being lynched, enslaved, and dehumanized all while being dismissed and gaslit as if these events aren’t plain to see?

 Like I need actual answers bc y'all got me fucked up.

Fuck the national anthem. Fuck Amerikkka. Fuck all of the people who think refusing to standing up during a song that literally celebrates the genocide of an entire group of people and the enslavement of another should be met with marginalizing violence and not solidarity. 

The real irony is that the people who refuse to condemn it, and the same people who are talking shit about Colin Kaepernick are the same ppl who want to insist racism is a thing of the past…but I see y’all. Quick to defend a racist, colonialist, and violent anthem but not as quick as you are to invalidate the lived experiences of Black and brown folx in this country while simultaneously being the main contributors.

Fuck y’all.

The most utterly, painfully sensual thing I’ve ever seen in film/television was in Carol, when Cate Blanchett walks up behind Rooney Mara and undoes her robe while the camera faces the mirror, and we initially can’t see anything that would be considered nudity, but it’s that simple, unceremonious motion, that total lack of conventional sex appeal, the humanity of it. It’s not the male gaze at work, or even voyeuristic in the regular sense. It’s two human beings in a room together, doing what two human beings in a room together sometimes do, and it’s far better than literally any on-screen sex scene I have ever seen.

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Dad!Z tagged me to post my background, a song and a selfie. @zamplifts both the beasties wanted to be in the picture so I hope ya don’t mind two selfies!

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Concerning Ezria...

I hate that they got back together leaving Liam high and dry
I hate that Ezra proposed to Aria
I hate that Aria accepted the proposal
I love that they found Nicole and Ezra kissed her
I never wanted Ezria to get back together especially with all the fuckery that they went through

I used to really like Ezria BUT I CANT PINPOINT WHAT IT WAS THAT MADE ME DESPISE THEIR POISONOUS RELATIONSHIT! Marlene and the rest of the writers got me sooooooo fucked up.

anonymous asked:

I think Tom's fans had not seen a part of the real Tom that has now been revealed to them. You can blame whomever, but the bottom line is he LOVES fame. If he did not have the acting chops, he'd have been a singer; or at worst, a reality star. Even when he is not around his own fans where he is beyond elated (not out of gratefulness,but out of his ego being stroked), but when he is fame-adjacent like when he was surrounded by TS's fans in Nashville, he was still gleeful. He soaks it all in.

I honestly don’t think he needs it as much as she does. She and fame hunters like the Kartrashians need people to be talking about them like they need air, I don’t think he’s that bad. I think he likes the attention and I think he VERY ambitious and would do anything to be successful/famous enough to be able to choose any project he wanted….hence our awful Summer of Fuckery.

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Spider-Man(2016) #2

White creators. When you’ve somehow appealed to legions of poc fans by finally giving a character that offers some representation, and then said fans go hard trying to talk your shit up, don’t turn around and do this. Don’t put a afro-latino face on your age old white-man argument of “why does it even matter?”