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Hello, yes, did you say OT4??? Gimmie that ShinTodoBakuDeku with 18. Surprised Kiss!!! XD

How about some ot4 getting together? :3 

18. Surprise Kiss

Katsuki he will vehemently tell anyone to shut their fucking mouths if they asked why he did it.  He knows why he did it -fucking Deku and his fucking eyes-  but no one else really needs to know, so they can shove their noses up someone else’s ass. And that includes his stupid fucing boyfriends. 

“I’m not complaining, Katsuki,” half and half starts after it has been said and done, when it’s apparent that neither eyebags or Deku will say anything. “But, why?”

“If you haven’t figured it out then you don’t need to know, do you?” Katsuki finds himself snapping as he straightens up from where he had been bent over at the waist near the purple haired teen, who had yet to so much as blink or blush. Shouto stares at him blankly, but Katsuki knows his boyfriend well enough to know he is thinking about why he kissed eyebags. Really, it was Deku’s fault. 

For weeks the little fuck walked around and talked about nothing but the asshole. “Shinsou-kun” this, and “Shinsou-kun” that, and then one day, “H-Hitochan told me i could call him ‘Hitochan’ if i wanted to today!’ It was equal parts disgustingly cute and infuriating. The walking pair of eyebags starting hanging around all three of them more often than not after that, not a moment away from him, Katsuki swears. Lunch, recreational training, in between classes in the hallway! Every time he showed up, Katsuki watched as Deku smiled that smile that he only showed to half and half and Katsuki himself to the purple haired teen. Deku had it for eyebags bad, and for some unknown fucking reason, that knowledge didn’t bother Katsuki at all - not having eyebags around was as weird as not having Deku or halfie around - and didn’t that fact just serve to piss him off. 

Deku wouldn’t have done anything with eyebags, not until he brought it up to him and halfie at least, but Katsuki knows that would have taken too long. So instead of waiting for fucking Deku to do anything,  Katsuki let his impatience get the best of him and kissed eyebags the first chance he got - which happened to be now, so Katsuki took his chance and punched it in its fucking face. 

Deku, just as stunned as Shinsou, finally looked up at him, and after a moment of that silent communication they seem to be getting better at, a glimmer of understanding light up Deku’s eyes and then he all but tackled eyebags into another kiss. 

“Oh.” Is all halfie says, and the scene of both Deku and eyebags blushing - fucker will blush if Deku kisses him but not if Katsuki kisses him - is too much for Katsuki to handle, so he pulls his boyfriend into a kiss of their for a distraction.